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Lady Kuno
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Netflix Sucks

I'm not the only one that can't find any movies I want to see on here anymore, right?
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Has something changed recently? My default position is "streaming sucks" in general but Netflix is usually good about allowing access to new releases. They just raised their prices so they better.
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big bad birtha
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I canceled my Netflix a while back. Every time they added a movie or show I really liked, they always made sure to remove it. Kinda like when Dorito's makes a flavor I really like.

Them removing Good Eats was the final straw.
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TV series dominate Netflix now. Their movie selection is hit or miss. The rate or rotation makes it hard to keep track of. The way media has been chopped up between all the services really makes customers have to subscribe to all the services to get a good selection sadly.
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Netflix movie selection is pretty garbage. There are some good Netflix original tv shows worth watching, but beyond that it's a bit pointless.

I've ditched it and got Now TV's cinema pass instead because I can pretty much always find a movie to watch each week which works out at ~ Ł1/hour of entertainment for me. Plus I've got less inclined to get invested into long tv series these days. I might pick up the entertainment pass occassionally for a really good new boxset (Westworld S2 when that comes on for example) but beyond that I mostly watch movies and Now TV does the best for new releases as they come out on dvd.
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