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Happy Carvanha Day! Now let's all just stay out of the pool while Fizz goes wild on his gifts!

Level Up! Carvanha grew from Lv. 8 to Lv. 11!
New Move! Carvanha learned Aqua Jet!
New Move! Carvanha learned Scary Face!
New Move! Carvanha learned Ancient Power! (Egg)
New Move! Carvanha learned Thief! (TM)
Birthday Poffin Used! Carvanha's contest stats grew from Beauty 20/Cool 20/Cute 20/Smart 20/Tough 20 to Beauty 30/Cool 30/Cute 30/Smart 30/Tough 30!
Birthday Gummi Used! Carvanha's Bond has been raised from 3 to 5!
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Happy belated Kangaskhan Day!
Kangaskhan grew from Lv. 4 to Lv. 7
Kangaskhan learned TM Blizzard
Kangaskhan learned EM Trump Card
Kangaskhan skips the rest
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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Pokémon Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Birthday Candy Cake: What's a birthday without a cake? Gives 3 levels.
  • x1 Birthday Berry Milkshake: A nice refreshing shake so good, it can make a Pokémon feel a totally new experience, or remind them of young, blissful times. Teaches either an Egg Move or a Move Tutor move.
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Birthday Poffin: Amazingly crafted by dedicated bakers, all Pokémon love it! Raises all contest stats by 10.
  • x1 Birthday Gummi: That rare treat can't be found anywhere but here! Raises Bond by 2.
It was a relaxing day at Sludge Wave Coast, and while it was bright and sunny out, it was also fairly cold, the autumn weather well and truly upon them. The problem here was, Keith had promised some of his Pokémon a day of swimming, before coming to realize that the weatherman had been woefully wrong in reporting today's temperature. The solution, however, was simple, considering among the numerous rooms of the Poisonous Palace was an indoor pool.

The door to the pool room opened up, and in walked Willa Carnet, dressed in a purple swimsuit, an Ultra Ball in her hand. She looked into the pool- various Pokémon of Keith's were swimming inside, such as his Tentacruel, his Qwilfish, and his Wishiwashi. What Willa didn't see, however, was her boyfriend. "Keith?" she inquired.

"Over here," came Keith's voice. Willa turned to her right to see Keith sitting in a chair beside the pool. He smiled as he saw Willa, to say nothing of what she was wearing. "Ooh, that looks good on you," he grinned.

Willa gave the slightest of smiles. "Thank you," she responded. "Why aren't you in the pool as well, though? I thought we could swim together."

"Ehh..." sighed Keith. "The thing is, I actually can't swim."

"...You what," Willa said flatly.

"I never learned how," Keith shrugged. "I never found the time to learn."

Willa stared at her boyfriend for a moment. "...do you have a bathing suit?" she asked.

"Well, yeah, but why-" began Keith.

"Because I am teaching you how to swim," Willa stated.

"THANK you!" came a different voice, the source of which quickly becoming apparent as a Banette floated in through the wall. "It has been fuc-king YEARS since Meat Sack pro-mised me he would take swim-ming les-sons, and he's de-vel-oped so much am-ne-si-a a-bout this I could prac-tic-ally FEEL his Spe-cial De-fense ri-sing!"

"Oh, Myrtle, it's no big deal," Keith groaned. "I keep saying I'll learn when I have time, and I don't have that kind of time today, I gotta take Chromium to the birthday venue-"

"Myrtle has a point," Willa stated. "You've nearly drowned at least three times in your life, by your own admission. It would be stupid to continue putting off learning such an essential skill, and I know good and well you aren't stupid."

"Could have fooled me," muttered Myrtle.

"And you will ease up on my boyfriend," Willa added to Myrtle, before turning back to Keith, her expression softening somewhat. "Besides, you taught me everything you know about fishing. It's only fair that I return the favor."

Keith gave a sigh, though smiled as he did so. "I get the feeling I'm going to end up saying this a lot, but... Willa, you're absolutely right." He got up and left the pool room to get changed.

Myrtle turned and glanced at Willa as she sent out her Lapras into the large indoor pool, then expertly jumped in herself. "I like her," the Banette murmured in her native language. "I certainly hope Meat Sack's not so stupid as to not realize he has a keeper this time."

Soon, Keith had returned, in a pair of swim trunks, and Willa was teaching him how to swim. He still expressed concern about missing his Smeargle's birthday, but Cotton had volunteered to escort her there instead. Keith relented, agreeing to this.


"Heheheheheheh," chuckled Chromium, the Smeargle floating in midair by way of her new Magnet Rise technique, and using her equally new Telekinesis move to levitate numerous canvases around her, blasting various colors of tail paint at each one.

"Cool new moves, Chrome," the Slurpuff below called up. "You think those'll help your art?"

"Well, obviously," the haughty Smeargle responded. "I do thank you, Jack- Keith generally has me learn various attacking moves, and they're good for what they are, but moves that can help further my artistic potential... now that's more like it. Someday, I will hone my talents, create a masterpiece far beyond what mere mortals have ever done before!"

"I'm looking forward to seeing it," grinned Cotton. "I know what you mean, too- I'm always trying to get better and better with my cooking, and Hermione's always giving me pointers, helpful tips, trying to teach me more and more. I baked that cake, y'know."

"You did?" Chromium responded in tones of surprise. "...I was not aware of this, Cotton. It was delicious."

"Heh, yeah, you implied as much the way you just dug in," smirked the Slurpuff. Chromium blushed at this. "Ah, don't sweat it, I took it as a compliment," continued Cotton. "I gather you don't want me to mention this, yeah?"

"I would greatly prefer it," Chromium responded. "Cotton, I... would you like to come up here and get a better look at what I'm painting?" she inquired.

The Slurpuff smiled. "Bring me up," he replied, just before Chromium extended the effects of Telekinesis to levitate the Fairy-type up there as well, the two hovering side by side as Chromium blasted the canvasses with paint, Cotton occasionally giving suggestions for what colors might work. Chromium didn't even shoot down all of his suggestions.


Birthday presents for Chromium, my level 56 Smeargle!

*Chromium grew to level 57!*

*Chromium grew to level 58!*

*Chromium grew to level 59!*

*Chromium learned the MT move Magnet Rise!*

*Chromium learned the TM move Telekinesis!*

*Chromium ate the Birthday Poffin!*

*Whoops! Chromium's Smart stat is already maxed out!*

*Chromium's other four Contest stats each rose from 60 to 70!*

*Whoops! Chromium's IQ is already maxed out, so she foregoes the Birthday Gummi!*

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Happy Smeargle Day to my Smeargle, Buru!

Buru has grown from lv.24 -> lv.27.
Buru has learned MT Gravity.
Buru has learned TM Will-O-Wisp.
Buru has increased All Contest Stats from 20 -> 30, Smart remains maxed.
Buru's Bond remains maxed.

Thank you!
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