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Blaziken FB Mod Election - Phase 3 - Candidate Discussion (Emi)

With our candidates (Marion Ette, Ex-Admiral Insane and Emi) now chosen from the nominees, we will move on to the final phase - the community vote. Each candidate will have an individual thread, which will be used to discuss the merits of each potential mod. There will also be a poll accompanying each thread, in which members will cast their vote. If any one member does not get a 50% yes vote, we will return to Phase 2 to select another trio of candidates.

This thread is for discussion of Emi's candidacy for modship.

  1. Please discuss only the candidate whose thread you are posting in. You can discuss them in relationship with other members/candidates, but please focus on the thread's candidate.
  2. Only members of FB are allowed to vote/comment - outsider votes will not be counted.
  3. You do not have to comment to vote or vice versa.
  4. Be civil.

This poll will be open for 7 days, after which the results will be finalized. Please be sure to vote in advance.
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remilia drank the blood that would have voted no out of me

I will admit that I was among the group of people that was initially against Emi becoming a mod as I recognized how volatile she had been in the past. However, I am also a part of the group that has seen how much she has matured since then. I will also add that we do need at least one mod that is not afraid to voice a strong opinion as that is something that will help FB get back on its feet and stay standing, and out of the group of three being presented Emi is the one that fits the bill for sure.
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I'm not what you would call an informed voter. I actually forgot to register IRL this year. Politics is heated and involves a lot of debate. Now, the only real difference between a debate and an argument is largely tone, and over the internet, tone is lost. The reader has to infer. Me? My shrink says I'm a catastrophizer. If I don't know what's going on around me, I assume the worst. So a lot of toneless, heated back-and-forth has been flying around for nearly a month and a lot of it has gone through the filter of my cognition and come out the other side flecked in spittle and rage.

Whose fault is this? No one's. Maybe my personality disorder's. Why am I bringing it up in Emi's thread? Because herein lies one of what I feel is one of her untold strengths, that I think -- given the chance to nurture -- she could really bring to bloom as a mod.

People keep saying she's volatile, and maybe she is. I don't know her that well, and I've certainly seen her be a firecracker a time or two. But I've also seen her step in and help difuse situations, and as someone with real anxiety, who has had actual reactions to some of the turmoil in the game right now, that's refreshing.

Now, sure, EAI or Marion might be the more obvious choice for 'level-headed moderator' over the slightly more wildcard Emi, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. According to others, she has matured quite a bit over time; well in a similar vein, I want to put forth that she is a better mediating hand than perhaps might be expected from the more energetic third of this triumvirate. I've really appreciated seeing her work and strive to keep the little man involved; during discussions she always made me feel heard and that's valuable to me.

My vote is of course self serving, but I want a game where I feel at home to play, so I want a modship that makes me feel every ounce as important as anyone else -- no more and no less -- and I want a modship that will keep conflict to a minimum. Emi I feel would be a part of that mod team.

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Even though she's become a consensus favorite since Rue and MM were sidelined as candidates, I don't think Emi's gotten enough credit. "Volatility" is probably a non-factor. I wouldn't have considered it one a year+ ago when I dropped out, and I doubt it's an issue now. She has a proven track record of excellent self-improvement, particularly since identifying as transgender (unsurprisingly), and the past she's transcended shouldn't be kept as a ball and chain around her ankle. It can be tough to separate what who people were from what they actually are now in our heads, but Emi's a great example of needing to do that.

She had a good response to EAI (who came across as a bit melodramatic to me) about the Discord chat thing. Showed clear communication, maturity, and level-headedness. My only concern is how much thicker her skin's got, so to speak. Not as an "in the moment" thing, because I don't think that's much of a concern anymore, but as an ability to shrug off the long-term accumulating bullshit. But even then... well screening for that is hard af. I've seen people cool as a cucumber get too damn frustrated by the job in the long term. There are some where it's like "yeah you'll probably crack in some fashion", but often I've found that you can't really know what'll burn somebody out.

Emi's a good choice, and easily the best out of the "innovating" category y'all made. Excellent partner for Marion.
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