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Guys oh my gosh I don't know what was wrong with me but last night I had a dream and Professor Kukui and Lillie were having an affair *_*

Maybe I ship them. You never know.....^_^

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Lil' Bluey

I had a dream last night that involved me going around as Wally from YJ/Robin trying to save people who were melting into piles of goo after eating ice cream from a cursed truck or something. (No doubt inspired by this Junji Ito story.) Eventually a bunch of alt!universe heroes showed up to help put a stop to the perpertrators, but there was no saving the affected people. ;; There was even a scared little girl whom I watched melt and it was sad... (Possibly an Annie reference?)

...Afterward there was water skiing with the Super Friends Justice League.


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Mekakucity Actors Discussion Thread

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I had a dream that my dad walked into my room and yelled "Up and at em! It's 8:30! Get up get up get up!" and I ignored him and went back to sleep.

...Then my dad woke me up with EXACTLY THAT at 8:30. (I ignored him and went back to sleep of course).

It was spooky ngl I felt a chill down my back when it happened.

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I have wierd dreams.
last night I had a dream where I was going to see a boy band (actually it was twenty one pilots but hotter) and they spotted me and just SHOWERED me with gifts and stuff.
two band jackets and they sang about me
I woke up blushing cus they said i was sexy

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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Last night I went to bed wearing my Pikachu onesie. And in my dream I was wearing it. All I remember is that my cousins and I were at my house and we were eating turkey like it was Thanksgiving.


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Well I had dreams with my Boyfriend all through out the night and the rest is private ^^

Here is a Link to my FB post.
And A link to my FB profile Here
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I had a dream in which I was playing in a casual SunMoon tournament with a randomly-generated team. Was losing to opponent. Saw a strangely-named move I had never seen before and decided to go for a Hail Mary with it. It was named something like "6-Pokémon Item PokéPalooza". Its info text merely said something like (in much fewer words), "For the next few minutes, you can use your backpack." The words were so few that I was quite unsure of what the message meant. But I wondered if it meant that I could use items from my backpack to heal my Pokémon. And I wondered how much I could get away with.

Turns out I was able to take six not-KOed-but-all-of-them-damaged Pokémon and heal them back up to full health through the use of (in practice) unlimited potions.

I apologized to my opponent, explaining I had never before seen this move and was curious to see if it would let me do what it had in fact just let me do. He was stonily pissed. I got up to go to a dental appointment (because dream). When I came back with bags of food from Outback Steakhouse, the tournament had concluded and while most were still there, all refused to play me and in fact quickly departed, leaving the area deserted save for me and the party tables.

Weird dream. But yeah -- can you imagine if they ever invented this move? "Losing fair and square to your older brother? Don't panic! With 6PPP, you can heal your entire team in a jiffy! All you need is to win the speed war and to have purchased lots of heal items ahead of time. That's all!"
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