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Originally Posted by Raves View Post

Raid Boss Sableye

Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: KO

Raid Challengers

Slash, Sylveon: 192 HP (Def -1)
Gary, Togetic: 141 HP (Sp. Def -1)
King Ghidorah, Kangaskhan: 300 HP (Fully Recovered)
Missingno. Master, Pangoro: 178 HP (Def -1)
SpinyShell, Kecleon: 122 HP (Def -1, Sp. Def -1)
Emp, Shiinotic: 300 HP
lilboocorsola, Carbink: 400 HP (@AoF, Def +2)
ChrisClark13, Absol: 0 HP (Must wait 1 round to recover)

KO Count: 6

On the ropes, it isn't much effort at all for the raiders to go all out, assaulting the Sableye with super effective moves and the Shiinotic's Dazzling Gleam is the straw that confines the Camerupt to a wheelchair. Screeching, the gremlin collapses as the gathering storm evaporates, leaving nought in its wake but...nothing.

As if by some unknown powers, the Sableye appears to have disappeared completely. Had the attacks vaporized it? Nobody knows, for the follow-up rumble in the sky above forewarned a natural storm was rolling in, and after a quick hand-out of goodies as defined by a basket with items within, the job at the loch was done, another dynamaxed opponent defeated.

For their part in defeating the Raid Boss Sableye, the raiders are awarded the following:

  • - 30 Watts
  • TR Foul Play
  • x2 Colbur Berries
  • x1 Kasib Berry
  • +4 levels to participating pokemon.
Willa exhaled a sigh of relief as the Sableye went down. And out, for that matter- nothing was left after the Dynamaxing wore off, no sign of the Sableye. Then, upon hearing approaching footsteps behind her, Willa allowed herself a small smile, for sure enough, as she turned around, it was to see her husband and daughter approaching with proud smiles. "Mom, you and Pangoro were awesome!" Maribel grinned.

"It was wonderful to watch, dear," Keith smiled. "I hope you don't mind, we kinda hung around back there and watched."

"Honestly, I'd have been surprised if you hadn't," smirked Willa. "I still remember the first time I was in a raid, and you watched from the Banette's Revenge with a pair of binoculars," she said to Keith, her smile widening at the memory.

"Eheheh, yeah, well, how could I pass up an opportunity to see you in action?" Keith responded, continuing to smile in turn.

"Dad's right- you're awesome, Mom," Maribel chimed in, and without any further discussion, a heartwarming family hug ensued then and there, while Pangoro strode over to the Carbink who had most memorably nearly gotten eaten by the Sableye. In surprisingly gentle growls for something so large and ferocious-looking, the Daunting Pokémon asked the Carbink if it was OK after what had happened, and apologized for not being able to prevent whatever much had happened in that regard. It wasn't long after that that the Masters family, with Pangoro in tow, would head on home for the day, pleased with the day's events.

*Obtained 30 Watts!*

*Willa obtained a TR81 Foul Play!*

*Obtained 2 Colbur Berries!*

*Obtained the Kasib Berry!*

*Pangoro was elevated to level 39!*

Using this TR on my Mawile.

*Mawile learned Foul Play!*
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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
  • - 30 Watts
  • TR Foul Play
  • x2 Colbur Berries
  • x1 Kasib Berry
  • +4 levels to participating pokemon.
Claiming the above items, thanks.

Teaching TR Foul Play to my Smeargle.

Togetic has grown from lv.54 -> lv.58.
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