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Kawaii squealed over the tiny duskull "oh my goodness, so cute!"
Tengu nodded [i] "Would you mind hearing my story?"
Gersemy nodded she had been struggling for moves anyway. Frieghya ran over and protected her daughter. Stay with me
Rumpleteaser smirked and dodged the ice shard before quick attacking at his feet

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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"After them! Don't let it get away!


It was an amusing sight for some. A teenager and a trio of pokemon were in pursuit of another one which was flitting around the trees near the coastline, having filched the food supply of the human. Chasing the Farfetch'd were a purple toadlike creature with a pumpkin on its back from first glance, a many-legged bug scuttling at great speed beneath it, and some sort of hovering insect in the air dancing around in a quivering manner. It was a simple case of punishment and survival: the duck ruined their provisions for the next couple of days, and Farfetch'd were renowned to be rather delicious, so the group had unanimously decided that revenge would be sweet, literally.

As the avian flapped above them, the Wimpod grabbed a mouthful of dirt and scampered up a tree ahead before spitting the sandy substance in an attack on the eyesight, hoping to make the stupid duck fly into a tree. However, the keen eyes of the bird did little to blind it, and the retaliatory peck that knocked him off the tree was rather painful. The bug plummeted and landed on top of the teen, the pair tangled in a mess as the duck quackled in laughter, before the Bulbasaur took aim.

Launching a seed seeking to leech its energy, the bird blew it away with a gust of wind, mocking the grass type for being unable to reach him, and was ready to fly away when an odd aroma filled the air, rather sweet in nature. Turning to the source, the bird faced a blue insect with some unnerving eyespots glaring at it. Taking a couple of threatening flaps, the duck rushed forth only for the Masquerain to deftly flit to the side with great speed before spitting a number of bubbles into its feathers, weighing it down as the Farfetch'd began to flap harder to stay aloft.

"Spriggan, get ready!" the boy cried, and as the duck tried to flee, the winged insect utilised its greatly enhanced speed to strike from above, before the Wimpod jetted it into the tree trunk with aquatic force. Dazed, the Farfetch'd was a literal sitting duck for the vines that wrapped around the wings, holding it in place. The boy approached the duck, taking the head of the stunned bird in his hands, pausing to utter some sort of prayer in a language few in the region understood, before twisting suddenly, snapping the Farfetch'd's neck. Taking a breather, the group gathered as he pulled a small ball of twine from his shorts and bound the bird's feet together.

"Looks like we'll be eating tonight, team," he beamed, with each pokemon reacting differently. The Wimpod raised his front limbs and wiggled them enthusiastically, the pumpkin Bulbasaur nodded in approval while the Masquerain's small black eyes merely looked at him initially in disapproval, then reluctant acceptance. In nature, it was often a case of eat or be eaten, but there was also what she saw in sight just over the treeline. Giving a small buzz, the Masquerain motioned forth. "Hm? There something just through there, 'celly?"

With dinner bound and slung over shoulder - he'd do the messy stuff nearer a stream or natural pit - the teen wandered with his entourage towards the clearing the Masquerain had hinted towards, as belly grumbled in protest. He was so looking forward to those Kebia kebabs...
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Drake checked his digimap again, and said
" Welp, this is Sludge Wave Coast alright, shall we knock? "
Drake turns to his Growlithe, Wolfie, and asks him. In which the dog replies telepathically to Drake
"No we should just stand here like a bunch of statues here and hope he notices "
"Nice sarcasim Wolfie, been taking lessons from Queenie I bet?"
" Touche "
Smirking Drake and Wolfie cross the yard to knock on the huge doors.

( Making a new storyline ( I hope you don't mind ) and sorry for a small rp, don't have much to go on about just yet )
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(I don't mind at all. I will be posting for this storyline in DarkOrange to keep it separate from the ongoing storyline involving ES, Kawaii, and Raves, as I do intend for that one to continue.)

The weather wasn't too shabby, but as Drake and Wolfie made their way across Sludge Wave Coast, there weren't much in the way of Pokémon hanging around. If either of them were to glance under the pickup truck parked near the water, they would see a Ditto snoozing underneath, but that was about it.

As they approached the Poisonous Palace, however, there was much to be heard going on inside, and as Drake knocked, he could soon hear a pair of voices approaching.

"...could be another PokéGear salesman for all youse knows-"

"After what Ginny did to the last one? Nobody's fool enough to risk it," came the second voice, after which the doors swung open, revealing a man with a Meowth on his shoulder. On the man's head sat a cowboy hat with a Key Stone set into it, and on his left wrist he wore a Z-Ring. "Oh, hello," the man greeted Drake. "Who might you be?"

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