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Lucario The Adventures of Jake Celeste

Here are some stories about Jake Celeste and his Pokémon. In this collection, you can find backstories, adventures, and even stories detailing the everyday life that Jake and his Pokémon go through! For now, it is still being developed, but soon, more stories will be added. Enjoy!

Note: Please do not post in this thread.
  • An Encounter in the Spectral Forest
    A chance encounter in Jake's own Spectral Forest resulted in Jake adding two Ghost-types to his team.
  • Small But Big
    An encounter with two huge, or not-so-huge, Water-types, turns out to be much more than that. Jake encounters a new, fearsome organization in the process.
  • Ego Inflation Problems
    Jealousy flares up when Charmander bests Lucario in a training battle, whereas Buizel was unable to. The two have to settle their differences once and for all when an invasion is attempted on Jake's Secret Base.
  • Buizel
    When Jake gets a call from another Trainer demanding that he trade Buizel away, he refuses. The ensuing battle lets Buizel know that he needs some more move type variety.
  • Gengar's Ghosts (Coming Soon)
    If Gengar wants to gain the ability of human speech, she must accept and embrace her past life—if she can remember it.

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Phantump An Encounter in the Spectral Forest

It was a clear day, nearing dusk, in the Campus of the Tech and Psychic. That was where Jake Celeste and his family lived. Jake himself was training with his Buizel at another battlefield that was not the Palossand Stadium. This generic battlefield was the one closest to the edge on the property, in particular, near the spooky Spectral Forest.

"Buizel, try out your Icy Darts technique!" commanded Jake. He and his Pokémon partner, the Water-type Buizel, stood on one side of the battlefield. On the other side was a giant target. "Icy Darts" was another name for the special way that Jake had Buizel use Razor Snow.

"Bui...zel!" grunted the Sea Weasel Pokémon as he spun his tail, releasing razor-sharp snowflakes at the target. They flew at the circle and stuck into the sturdy cardboard-hay combination.

Jake clapped. "Good job, Buizel. You still might need to work on your accuracy, though...not one of those projectiles hit the bull's eye."

"Buizel," Buizel sighed, tired. He was training to utilize Ice-type moves as well as he used Water-type moves.

"Now, how about you try a Quick Freeze?" added Jake. "Quick Freeze" was when Buizel combined his Quick Attack with his Ice Punch.

Buizel nodded, concentrating intensely. His fists glowed white with super-cold energy, and he leaped into the air, executing a fast, icy, straightforward attack. To Jake's and Buizel's delight, Buizel hit the smack center of the target, smashing a huge hole in it.

"Nice!" commented Jake.

Suddenly, a rustle came from the trees nearby. Buizel abruptly sat up and raced toward the Spectral Forest. He pried open the bushes.

"Wait!" Jake called. He ran, breathing hard, after the Sea Weasel Pokémon. What the both of them saw was an incredibly lucky sight.


"Haunt, Haunt!" said one of the figures, a Ghost- and Poison-type that floated above the ground.

"Ha, take that!" said another Pokémon that was playing with the first one. It looked like a Pikachu, only severely deformed. The mysterious figure's wooden tail glowed green and it swung it at the Ghost Pokémon.

"Hee hee!" laughed the Ghost Pokémon, catching the tail in its floating hands and dangling the "Pikachu" upside down. Both of the Pokémon seemed to be enjoying it. Intrigued, Jake scanned the two with his Pokédex.

Haunter, the Gas Pokémon. A Ghost- and Poison-type. If you get the feeling of being watched in darkness when nobody is around, Haunter is there.

Spooky, Jake thought to himself. This one is friendly, though.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon. A Ghost- and Fairy-type. It wears a rag fashioned into a Pikachu costume in an effort to look less scary. Unfortunately, the costume only makes it creepier.

Oh, Jake thought. This one seems happy enough. It's actually capable of human speech! Perhaps I should say hi. He slinked into the clearing.

"Hi," said Jake, waving feebly. "I'm Jake Celeste! How do you do?"

The two Pokémon turned to look at him. Haunter dropped Mimikyu, but the Disguise Pokémon was the first one to speak.

"H-hey there," replied Mimikyu. "I'm Mimikyu, and this is my friend, Haunter. Haunter's been like a big sister to me. We're looking for a place to call home. This forest is too lonely."

"Oh," said Jake, as Buizel quietly came up behind him. "Here's my partner, Buizel. We're like best friends. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Wanna come with me?"

"Bui?" Buizel commented. He pointed out that unlike most Pokémon, Mimikyu could speak human language.

Jake nodded at Buizel, and then the two Ghosts. "We'll help be you guys' friends."

"Haunta!" Haunter smiled.

"We would love to join you," Mimikyu translated. "Haunter wants to join your party. However, I'd like a different home."

"No problem," answered Jake. "I can take you and Haunter with me, and we'll help find you a new home. How's that?"

"Thanks, Jake!" Mimikyu said gratefully.

Jake pulled out a Pokéball and tossed it at Mimikyu, who entered it without hesitation. After no shakes, Mimikyu was caught! The Ghost- and Fairy-type promptly reappeared out of the Ball in excitement.

The Aura Guardian-in-training did the same with Haunter, who was also caught with no shakes. Afterwards, she popped out of the ball...and began to glow.
What?  Haunter is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Haunter evolved into Gengar!

*Gengar learned Perish Song!*

*Gengar learned Reflect Type!*

*Gengar learned Lick!*

*Gengar learned Hex!*
Jake took time to register the new sight in front of him. Haunter had evolved into Gengar!

"All right!" Jake ran and hugged Gengar. "I have just caught a newly-evolved Gengar...and a talking Mimikyu!"
Buizel and Mimikyu jumped up in celebration, and Gengar gave a toothy smile.

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Sharpedo Small But Big

"Woohoo!" Jake shouted. "Yeah!" He was on his surfboard, waterboarding along the Sea of Fizzytopia a ways off from his Secret Base. With the help of his Staravia, who was flying in front and pulling a rope that Jake held, Jake skimmed the surface on top of his surfboard.

Staravia was unlike others of his kind. His plumage was Swellow blue where there should be brown, because of his Trainer's strong aura. The bird Pokémon was fine with it; he thought it made him extra special.

Of course, sea spray wet Jake the whole time, but he had his wet suit on, should there be an accident. Jake truly enjoyed the freedom that being on the sea gave him. "Alright, Staravia, veer a little to the left, will ya? I'm gonna try out my whirlpool technique!"

"Staravia!" cawed the Normal- and Flying-type, ready to comply. He started flying in a circle, taking Jake along with him. Soon, the two were spinning in a spiral, and Jake's surfboard made the surface like a whirlpool.

"This is great!" Jake exclaimed. "Keep it up—whoa!"

Something giant reared up right below Jake, sending him and Staravia tumbling into the surf. Jake acted fast and recalled the Starling Pokémon to protect his delicate feathers from getting wet. He grasped his surfboard and pressed a button, shrinking it and the rope into a keychain that he slipped inside one of his watertight wet suit pockets. Then, he pulled on his swimming mask and dove underwater.

Though there was a lot of life underwater, Jake set his sights on one Pokémon only: a massive Wailord that was chasing a large school of Wishiwashi.

"I'll save you, Wishiwashi!" Jake cried, swimming as fast as he could after them. Fortunately, Wailord was slow and Wishiwashi even slower, so he was able to catch up. He pulled out a Cherish Ball and called out his Buizel.

Buizel looked up at him with a questioning look, as he couldn't speak underwater. Jake could, because his mask had a layer of air that allowed his words to be heard.

"Buizel, I need you to stop Wailord from swallowing that school of Wishiwashi!" Jake explained, pointing.

Buizel nodded in understanding. His tail spun like a propeller as he zoomed toward the Wishiwashi. He took his place between the Small Fries and the giant whale. Just before the Wailord moved in to swallow the school whole, Buizel fired a bright green Energy Ball into the Float Whale Pokémon's open mouth. The Water Pokémon roared in pain, allowing Buizel and the Wishiwashi to make their getaway.

When the Wailord was out of sight, the school of Wishiwashi dispersed. The individual fish swam excitedly around Jake and Buizel and carried them to the surface as thanks.

"You're welcome," Jake replied.

"Bui, Buizel," Buizel added, spitting out a bit of water.

"Wishiii!" cried the fish Pokémon. "Washiii!" They swam urgently around Jake and Buizel. It seemed as if they were trying to tell them something.

"What is it?" Jake asked.

The school of Wishiwashi formed an arrow in the direction of a boat far away from shore. Jake could hardly make it out.

I don't see any danger, Buizel thought, squinting.

"Wait..." Jake squinted some more as the boat came closer. "They're carrying something in a net! It's the Wailord!" The Trainer was right. The larger-than-average fishing boat was towing a net just under the water—the Wailord from before.
"Why in the world are they trying to capture a Wailord?" Jake wondered. "Guys, we have to stop them!"
"Buizel!" Buizel agreed.
"Help us, Wishiwashi!" Jake pleaded.
"Wishiwaaash!" replied the group, speeding towards the boat with Jake and Buizel sitting on top, thanks to the current they generated. They came to a stop right in front of the boat.
As the Small Fry Pokémon swirled underneath him, Jake shouted, "Stop right there! What do you think you're doing!?"

There were three men on board. Each of them wore an outfit that was blackish-gray, with a blue R in the middle. "None of your business!" snapped the one in the middle.

"Scram, kid! We don't need you," added the one on the left.

"Actually, you do," Jake answered slyly, keeping his cool, though not for long. "You need my help to tell you that it's a stupid decision to try and capture a Wailord for no reason. Let the Pokémon go!"

"Never!" yelled the man on the right. "Our boss needs it! He'll make a big grand boat with it, and we'll be the ones to run it!"

"And I say absolutely not!" Jake screamed. He was mad now. "Buizel, hit 'em with Sonic Boom!"

"Bui...zel!" cried the Water-type. He jumped up in the air and spun his tail, releasing a powerful shockwave towards the criminals. The force of the move knocked them over, but when they got up, they were furious. And so was Jake.

"You wanna battle?" the man on the left snarled. "Fine! We'll blast you off at the speed of light!" He held a Pokéball in his right hand.

"Team Aqua Rocket, that's who we are!" yelled the man in the middle, pulling out a Pokéball of his own.

"We're grunts!" shouted the one on the right, brandishing a Pokéball as well. "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"No way!" shouted Jake. "You wanna fight? We'll fight too!"

"Wishiwashi!" hissed the school of fish underneath Jake and Buizel. They swam out from under Jake and Buizel and rose out of the water, now in School form. The big jaws of the monstrosity clamped down on the rope holding the net to the boat, snapping it and freeing the Wailord. The angry whale rose out of the water and spewed out a Water Spout, dousing the Aqua Rocket grunts.

"Arrgh!" complained the grunt on the left. "I've had enough! Gyarados, go!" He threw out his Pokéball, and out emerged a draconic, serpentine Water Pokémon.

"Seaking, you too!" called the grunt in the middle, throwing his Pokéball. A horned fish Pokémon came out and landed in the water next to the Gyarados.

"You guys have such strong Pokémon," fumed the last grunt, "and I've tried to evolve mine for a week with no success! Don't fail me, you stupid thing!" He slammed his Pokéball on the deck of the boat, and a Seel burst out. It landed in the water, angry as its Trainer.

Jake opened his mouth to give an order to Buizel, but before he could, Staravia burst out of a Pokéball in his pocket. With all his might, he flapped his wings hard, whipping up a Whirlwind at Team Aqua Rocket. The fierce winds caught the boat and the grunts' Pokémon, blowing them all away and high into the sky, far away from Wailord.

Once Jake could comprehend what happened, he turned to Staravia. "I can't believe it, you learned Whirlwind!" he exclaimed.

"Avia!" Staravia celebrated.

The Wishiwashi and Wailord slapped fins, thanking each other for their great deeds. It seemed that they were now friends! With that, both disappeared into the water. Right before it left, Wishiwashi winked at Jake. They had formed a bond, as well, but it was time for them to go on their way.

"Alright, guys," said Jake to Staravia and Buizel. "It was a long day. Ready to head home?"

The two Pokémon gave their approval.

"Okay! Then let's get going!" exclaimed Jake, pulling out his keychain and activating surfboard mode. He and Buizel hopped on, and Staravia grabbed the rope. Together, they zoomed back towards shore.


A hundred meters away, a school of Small Fry Pokémon poked its head out of the water, looking at Jake and his Pokémon. The huge mouth curled into a smile, and as Jake went out of sight, the Water-type school sunk into the depths. They would find that Trainer again, they promised to each other.

(OOC: Using 6 Rare Candies on my Staravia, raising him from level 17 to level 23!

Staravia learned Endeavor!
Staravia learned Whirlwind!

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Charizard Ego Inflation Problems

"Have fun, you guys!" Jake sat back in a lawn chair on the side of the battlefield, next to his Buizel, who was standing beside him. Jake's Charmander and Lucario battled it out on the battlefield. It was unanimous that everyone decided to train in the Palossand Stadium today. It was a bright, sunny day too—why not enjoy the fresh air in a grand battling stadium?

"You'd better beware—I have the type advantage!" snickered Charmander.

I'm not dumb, Lucario replied with telepathy. I know types. I'm just a lot more skilled than you, is all.

"We'll see about that," Charmander said confidently.

And with that, the two Pokémon began their training battle. Charmander began strong with a Dragon Dance, while Lucario countered with Nasty Plot. The Fire-type used his increased attack power and speed to rush forward with Bite, while Lucario knocked him back with a boosted Aura Sphere.

"Arrgh," Charmander grunted. "You're pretty strong, but not strong enough! Yaaa!" And with that, he blew forth a razing Flamethrower. Lucario once again tried to counter with Aura Sphere, but the Flamethrower reflected back at Charmander, powering him up with extra fiery fuel. He ran at Lucario with Flare Blitz, slamming into him at full force before he could react. He then blasted Lucario with a close-range Flamethrower, knocking Lucario onto the ground. Charmander looked at his opponent with a smug smile.

Instead of continuing to battle, Lucario sat up and smiled back. You've definitely improved, Charmander. Beating me—who does that? But next time, try not to rely on super effective moves alone.

"I didn't," Charmander grumbled. "That Bite—didn't you see that?"

Ha, Lucario grinned. Of course. Just testing ya.

Charmander stuck his tongue out at Buizel. "You didn't beat Lucario, did ya?"

"I sure didn't," Buizel snapped at Charmander. "But don't you worry, I'll just beat him next time."

"There is no next time," Charmander taunted. "You lost, I won, end of conversation."

"That's what you think." Buizel crossed his arms and turned away.

"Hey, no hard feelings," Jake protested, patting Buizel on the back. "In fact, why don't you and Charmander have a battle?" he suggested to Buizel. "You guys need to get along better. Maybe next time, though," he added, giving Charmander the side-eye. "Let's get healed up first."

"Char, Charmander," nodded the Fire-type, who was worn out.

After recalling everyone into their Pokéballs (ironically, none of the Pokémon Jake used were in regular Pokéballs; Buizel was in a Cherish Ball and Lucario and Charmander were in Luxury Balls), Jake folded up his lawn chair and stored it in one of the stadium's storage compartments. Then, he headed for the Laba Dome. After arriving, he went inside the lobby, a Pokémon Center if its looks were any indicator, and walked to the counter.

"Doing a good job, Ditto!" Jake told the "Nurse Joy" at the counter. "All you need to do as of now is supervise the place, but you definitely make it look more natural."

"Heh, thanks," replied Jake's Ditto, who had Transformed into a Nurse Joy. "This is pretty new to me, though if I need to, I can fend off any intruders."

"In any case, let's see you heal up my Pokémon," said Jake.

Ditto-as-Nurse Joy nodded and placed the three Balls on the Pokéball slots. Jake sat in a nearby chair as he waited for his Pokémon to be healed.

After a while, the machine dinged, signaling that his Pokémon were fully healed, and Ditto gave the Balls back to Jake. Jake went and deposited Lucario's Luxury Ball in the nearby PC; the Aura Pokémon deserved some rest. As for Buizel and Charmander, the Trainer put their Pokéballs in his pocket and walked out of the Laba Dome. Time for another training battle!

Jake pushed open the heavy gates to the Palossand Stadium and walked to the referee's box, where he sent out Buizel and Charmander. "Come out, you guys!" he exclaimed.

"Buizel!" exclaimed the Sea Weasel Pokémon as he appeared.

"Mander!" announced the Lizard Pokémon, landing on the battlefield. He immediately focused on winning this battle against Buizel. Oh, what's the deal with type disadvantages anyway?

"Ready?" Jake held his hands up like a referee. "Battle begin!"

Buizel made the first move, going after Charmander with Quick Attack. Charmander swiftly dodged with Dragon Dance, and turned around around to blast the Water-type with a Smokescreen, clouding Buizel's vision. The Fire-type took the opportunity to charge in with Scratch, only to be hit with a whiplike stream of water!

"Char!?" the Lizard Pokémon exclaimed in surprise.

"Buizel, Buizel, Bui!" Buizel answered deftly. The smoke had cleared, revealing Buizel, who was spinning on his back, releasing his Water Gun in spirals everywhere!
Spoiler: show

Jake clapped. "You really were paying attention!" he remarked. "If this technique isn't from that book Counter Shield: Defense is the Best Offense, then I don't know where it's from!"

"Char!" Charmander protested. How am I supposed to attack now? He released a Dragon Breath at the water, but it just bounced off. Buizel's Counter Shield was more effective than even Jake thought!

Charmander didn't use any more moves, weaving and dodging the Water Gun as he struggled to think of a plan. Just then, Buizel abruptly stopped his move and looked up at the sky. Thunder rumbled in the distance and dark clouds formed overhead. A strong wind began to blow through the area.

"What?" Jake exclaimed. "It was sunny just a few minutes ago!" He rushed over and grabbed Buizel and Charmander, unintentionally doing a group hug as the three watched dark shapes fly in from over the walls of the Palossand Stadium.

Rain started falling as five identical Pokémon landed in front of Jake, Buizel and Charmander. They were mostly brown with white "hair", and they had three-leaf fans for leaves. Jake noticed their long, pointy noses. He pulled out his Pokédex and scanned them.

Shiftry, the Wicked Pokémon and the evolved form of Nuzleaf. A Grass and Dark-type. It lives quietly in the deep forest. It is said to create chilly winter winds with the fans it holds.

"Char..." shivered Charmander. His flaming tail steamed as the raindrops made contact with it.

It'll be all right, Jake thought to Charmander as he put away his Pokédex. What were forest Pokémon doing here? he thought to himself. Probably carried by the wind...

Before Jake could do anything else, green glowing vines rose up from the ground underneath Buizel and Charmander and wrapped themselves around the two Pokémon in a knot of grass. The vines snaked back to hold them in front of the Shiftry, as if they were on display.

"Hey!" Jake shouted. "Give my Pokémon back!" He ran forward, but was quickly knocked back by another vine. A telepathic voice rang out.

Hahaha, the boss will like this Buizel very much, the voice cackled. Jake realized it was coming from the middle Shiftry. As for the Charmander...best to keep it subdued so as not to interfere with our plans.

At that, Charmander roared in disagreement, struggling in his bonds.

"Whoa!" said Jake. "I never knew a Charmander could roar like that!"

Charmander paid no attention. His anger was building, and so was the flame on his tail. As the Shiftry all crowded around the bound Buizel, Charmander's tail flame grew bigger and brighter, until it enveloped him entirely, despite the rain. The Fire-type let loose a loud roar as he was surrounded in a blue glow.


The vines surrounding Charmander practically exploded as the Lizard Pokémon grew too large for his bonds. He grew a single horn that protruded out the back of his head, and his overall build became larger and more slender. His head became longer and thinner. Finally, the blue light burst out in sparkles, revealing the that he now was! Jake had just enough time to check his Pokédex, and put it away after he read the entry.

Charmeleon, the Flame Pokémon and the evolved form of Charmander. A Fire-type. It has a barbaric nature. In battle, it whips its fiery tail around and slashes away with sharp claws.

Charmeleon let loose a low growl, seething with anger and determination to stop those Shiftry and save Buizel. Buizel may be a rival of Charmeleon's, but the newly-evolved Fire-type wasn't going to let him be captured! The Flame Pokémon surrounded himself in bright orange fire that was almost white.

Jake knew what came next. "Do it!" he called. "Flare Blitz 'em all!"

With that, Charmeleon charged toward the intruders. He collided with them, and a huge flame rose up for a second as the attack met. When the fire died down, Charmeleon stood smiling before all five fainted Shiftry, who were quickly carried away by one particularly strong gust of wind, disappearing into the clouds. Buizel was beside him, the vines withered at his feet. The two slapped hands in a high-five of sorts.

The young Aura Guardian got to his feet. He walked over and, as the sky cleared, Jake congratulated Charmeleon on his evolution. "You evolved into Charmeleon to protect Buizel! I guess you guys aren't enemies, just friendly rivals! That means you're a lot more powerful now, eh?"

The newly-evolved Flame Pokémon nodded.

"Bui, Buizel, Bui," Buizel added.

"Okay, can you guys promise me one thing?" Jake asked. "Try to cooperate however you can. When you feel the urge to compete with one another, remember this day. Remember how Charmander saw that a teammate was in danger, and evolved to save him! Can you do that, guys?"



"I take that as a yes!" said Jake. "Well, I think that's enough training for one day. What say we head home and rest?"

Both of the Pokémon Jake had with him were in total agreement with the idea. The three walked out of the Palossand Stadium, ready to show the newly-evolved Charmeleon to the others. Jake couldn't help thinking about what the Shiftry had said, though; what boss could some wild Pokémon possibly have? But right now, that was the least of his worries.

What? Charmander is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Charmander evolved into Charmeleon!
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Manaphy Buizel

It was a bright, sunny day in Fizzytopia; more specifically, the Campus of the Tech and Psychic, Jake Celeste's Secret Base. Sounds and sights of a battle could be heard in the Palossand Stadium as an orange, two-tailed Pokémon battled it out with a dark purple, Levitating Pokémon. They were Jake's Buizel, under the command of his Trainer, and Jake's Gengar, under the command of Jake's Lucario. A normal battle referee stood on the sidelines.

"Buizel, Razor Snow, Icy Darts style!" Jake Celeste called out to his partner Pokémon.

Gengar, use Psychic and send those flakes right back! ordered the telepathically-speaking Lucario.

"Buiii!" exclaimed Buizel as he jumped in the air and spun his tail, sending razor-sharp snowflakes at the floating Ghost-type at the other end of the battlefield. The way Buizel spun his tail made the Razor Snow spin like darts—hence the nickname "Icy Darts" Jake gave for it. However, Gengar captured the flakes in her Psychic glow, sending them back at Buizel. Jake winced as the Water-type was scraped by his own attack, but the Trainer had a plan nonetheless.

"Buizel, keep going! Use Quick Freeze!" Jake exclaimed.

Buizel grinned as both his fists became cloaked in icy energy, and a clear aura surrounded his body as he jumped into the air and spun his tail, rushing at super-fast speeds toward the Ghost and Poison-type. A combination of Ice Punch and Quick Attack, it was.

Not so fast! Lucario replied. Gengar, Night Shade, then dodge!

"Gengaaa!" exclaimed Gengar as she emitted waves of Ghostly energy out of her body, her eyes glowing bright purple all the while. The attack stopped Buizel in his tracks for a moment, and Gengar took the opportunity to float away from the Sea Weasel Pokémon. It seemed that Lucario and Gengar had the advantage.

But Jake was prepared. "Buizel, Pursuit!" he called out.

Buizel quickly recovered from the Night Shade and continued through the air, surrounded by a dark purple aura. The fact that Gengar was attempting to evade Buizel powered up the move's damage as well as its speed, and the Water-type's move connected. Gengar was pushed onto the ground.

Are you okay, Gengar? Lucario asked the category Shadow Pokémon, who was getting back to her feet.

"Gaaar..." Gengar muttered, resuming her stance in the air. I'm fine.

. Lucario exhaled.

While that was happening, Jake took the opportunity to go in for a big hit. "Now, Buizel!" he declared, pointing forward for dramatic effect. "Hydro Pump!"

"Bui..." Buizel prepared the attack by forming a large blue ball of water in between his hands. The ball flattened into a circular portal-like shape, and the Sea Weasel Pokémon let out a loud cry as he released a huge blast of water from it. "ZEL!" The force of the attack even knocked Buizel off his feet.

Quick, Gengar! Lucario ordered. Shadow Ball!

Hastily, Gengar formed a crackling orb of Ghost energy between her hands and sent it at the Hydro Pump. The two attacks violently clashed, before the Hydro Pump steadily won out and slammed Gengar into the wall. The Ghost and Poison-type gave a pained groan, though she remained floating and flew back in front of Lucario.

Jake gritted his teeth. Gengar was faltering, but so was Buizel. That Hydro Pump had taken a lot out of him. Buizel would need more practice using the powerful move.

"Alright, Buizel…" Jake began, "let’s go for another Icy Darts this time." He winked.

Panting, Buizel nodded, getting the plan. "Bui…" he grunted. The Sea Weasel Pokémon jumped up and spun his tail around, sending a spinning Razor Snow at Gengar.

Gengar, just use Psychic and send those snowflakes back, Lucario commanded, at a loss for other ideas.

The category Shadow Pokémon grinned and used her psychokinetic powers to deflect the Icy Darts, sending them back at Buizel. Jake just smirked. That was what he had been waiting for.

"Buizel, spin and use Water Gun!" the Aura Guardian ordered.

On cue, Buizel began the Counter Shield technique, spinning on his back while spewing a spiraling stream of water everywhere as a means of offense and defense. The attack was weaker and less concentrated than Hydro Pump, but it was easier to control, allowing Buizel to utilize a specialized technique with Water Gun. The water whips clashed with the Razor Snow Gengar was controlling, but eventually, the Counter Shield Water Gun was able to push back Gengar’s attack and hit her head on. Once the water and dust cleared, the result was apparent.

"Gengar is unable to battle!" the referee declared, raising his arm on the side of Jake and Buizel. "Jake and Buizel are the winners!"

Lucario clapped, as Gengar sat up and gave an approving nod. Nice job, Buizel! Lucario remarked. You’re improving excellently!

"Buizel," Buizel agreed.

"And Lucario, you did a great job commanding Gengar," Jake complimented. "You just gotta think outside the box more. Great refereeing too, Ditto."

"It was nothing," the referee assured Jake, nodding. For at that moment, the referee started glowing light purple, changing shape into a brown bird Pokémon. "Starrr!" the conformable Pokémon cawed, flapping its wings.

"Geh?" Gengar asked. I thought Staravia was Swellow blue, Jake?

"Well, yes," Jake replied. "Whenever Ditto Transforms into Staravia, it’s the normal coloration, to tell it apart from the ‘real’ Staravia." He took out Buizel’s Cherish Ball and Gengar’s Pokéball and recalled the tired battlers, leaving only Lucario and Ditto-as-Staravia out. "Let’s go to the lobby and heal up!" Jake added, gesturing with his hand before turning and walking towards the exit of the Palossand Stadium. Lucario and Ditto followed.

A few minutes later, Jake opened the door to the largest building in the property: the Laba Dome. The lobby was a large, spacious Pokémon Center, with an incredible amount of room—enough to place a stone Lumineon fountain in the center almost as tall as an Arbok was long, and construct several relaxation rooms off to the side. And that’s exactly what Jake’s family had done.

Jake, Lucario and Ditto headed to the counter. To the right of the counter was a healing machine, and to the left was a PC, which was unfortunately "Out of Order" and wrapped in tape. It had been for almost a week now, but Jake knew his dad was fixing it up and updating it to be more user-friendly. Jake didn’t know what that was about, but he hoped it was something good. Besides, Jake could access his Pokémon Boxes remotely through his Pokédex, so all (of his other Pokémon) was(were) not lost.

Jake took out Buizel and Gengar’s Pokéballs and placed them on the healing machine, which whirred and began to heal the two Pokémon. After a moment, the machine dinged, signaling that the Balls were ready, and Jake took the Cherish Ball and Pokéball off the machine. The Trainer put both Balls in his pocket.

Just as he did, however, his Pokédex buzzed. Jake took it out and opened it, and saw an unfamiliar phone number on the screen. Someone was calling him? That was uncommon.

Jake answered the call, folded the Pokédex outward, and put it to his ear. "Hello?"

"You are a Celeste, right?" the voice on the other end asked. This caller sounded young, about the same age as Jake.

"Well, yes..." Jake responded hesitantly. "Who are you, then?"

The person at the other end didn’t answer Jake’s question. "Then would you mind trading me your Buizel? I’m quite interested in the Water-type."

Jake was appalled. Who would dare give him such a trade request? "The answer is no, unfortunately," Jake answered sternly. "Buizel is my first Pokémon and most trusted partner. I’m not trading him or selling him or anything!"

"Then we’ll battle for him!" the other person replied. "Two-on-two single battle, winner keeps the Buizel. How does that sound?"

"No!" Jake yelled, making Ditto flinch. This obnoxious kid was getting on Jake’s nerves. "We are not going to wager for a Pokémon that is mine, and that I have had since I became a Trainer!"

"Oh, yes we are!" the caller countered. "I’m coming for you! I know your address! You can’t hide from me, Jake Celeste!"

With that, the other person hung up.

Jake sighed and took his Pokédex off his ear. He opened up the Box function and began scrolling through each of his Pokémon.

"Avia?" Ditto cocked its head, still flying in place. What was that about?

Having been reading Jake’s aura, Lucario answered Ditto’s question for Jake. Jake got a call from someone who wanted him to trade Buizel. When Jake said no, the caller became angry and demanded to battle Jake for Buizel.

"Right," said Jake. "Now if I can find that one...aha!" Jake pressed a button on his Pokédex, making it project a Pokéball above it. The second that Jake touched the hologram, the Pokéball became solid, and Jake put it in his pocket. He then put his Pokédex away as well. "Guys, follow me."

Jake walked out of the Laba Dome, Lucario and Ditto following. While Ditto didn’t know what Jake was going to do, Lucario had the clearest idea. Thus, Lucario was hardly surprised when Jake led them to the dirt battlefield in the center of the campus and stood on the side facing inland. He was even less surprised when Jake sent out Buizel from his Cherish Ball.

Jake knelt down to face Buizel. "Alright, Buizel, some Trainer wanted to have you. I said no, but he’s gonna come here to battle so he can have you. We’re not gonna let that happen, are we?"

Lucario jumped in by translating what Buizel replied with: "No way! No, sirree!"

The young Aura Guardian grinned and stood up. "Great! Then let’s get ready!"

Lucario stayed to the left of Jake and Ditto to the right of Jake, while Buizel ran forward onto the battlefield. Almost as if on cue, a small, blue motorcycle came roaring out of the forest, a Trainer about Jake’s age riding on it. The motorcycle came to an abrupt stop a few feet behind the opposite Trainer’s box, and the Trainer got off and removed his helmet, stepping onto the Trainer’s box in front of him. He had spiky, dark brown hair and was about the same height as Jake was, and he was wearing a navy-colored jacket, cargo pants and featureless black shoes.

Jake’s first reaction was, "Hey! You’re too young to ride a motorcycle!"

The boy smirked. "I have special rights, mind you," he replied coolly. "They come from a family that could take over the world. But really, why would we do that? I have no interest in such things.”

"You lie," Jake replied, with a snarky tone to his voice. "Let’s just get this battle started."

"You gonna use that Lucario or Staravia?" the boy asked, pointing to the Aura Pokémon and "Starling Pokémon".

"Why should I tell you?" Jake responded.

The Trainer glared at Jake. "Very well, then. I see you will use your Buizel. A lame act for someone who knows that Buizel won’t be theirs in a while!" He took out a black Pokéball with a blue R on it and threw it forward. "Corphish, let’s go!"

"Cooorphish," rumbled the Pokémon that appeared, a small, red and cream-colored crustacean Pokémon with serrated claws.

"Huh," said Jake, taking out his Pokédex and opening it to scan the Corphish. "Let’s see what this Pokémon is about."

Corphish, the Ruffian Pokémon. A Water-type. Its hardy vitality enables it to adapt to any environment. Its pincers will never release prey.

"Interesting," Jake remarked, before putting his Pokédex away. As Jake was scanning the Corphish, Lucario was walking over to the side of the battlefield to act as referee. The other Trainer saw this, and pointed at Lucario.
"What’s the Lucario gonna do now?"

"Referee," Jake replied. "He can talk."

The boy narrowed his eyes at Lucario, as if suspicious, before turning back to the battle.

Lucario gave the referee’s announcement. The two-on-two single battle between Jake Celeste and, uh, you, he declared, looking the other Trainer in the eye at that last part, will begin!

"Hey, that’s not talking, that’s telepathy!" the boy exclaimed.

"Telepathy is a kind of talking, you know," Jake corrected. Then, he took the brief distraction to give his order. "Buizel, Quick Attack, now!" he commanded.

Before the other Trainer could react, Buizel had spun his tail to propel himself into the fellow Water-type at a blinding speed.

The opponent wasn’t fazed. "Dirty trick," he muttered under his breath. "Corphish, retaliate with Bubble Beam!"

Corphish opened its claws and let loose a spray of bubbles. The barrage knocked Buizel back, doing quite a bit of damage thanks to the close proximity.

Buizel landed in front of Jake, wincing. How did that do so much damage? he thought.

"Corphish’s Ability Adaptability," Jake realized. "It lets the Pokémon power up its moves that are the same type as it."

The other Trainer smirked. "You got that right. And all Pokémon naturally power up moves that are its same type, so my Corphish’s Water moves are something to fear! Corphish, Aqua Jet!"

"Nope!" Jake declared. "Buizel! Quick Freeze, now!"

"Ha! That’s not even a move!" the boy scoffed.

"Or is it now?" Now it was Jake’s turn to smirk.

Indeed, Buizel performed Quick Freeze. His fists glowed with Ice energy, and he surrounded himself in a clear aura as he zoomed forward to Attack Corphish’s Aqua Jet with a powerful Punch. On contact, the Ruffian Pokémon’s watery jet froze into ice.

"No!" the other Trainer cried in disbelief.

"Push it into the ground!" Jake ordered, as Buizel jumped up, using the frozen Corphish for momentum, and shoved Corphish down, sending the Water-type into the ground. Although the ice helped soften the crustacean Pokémon’s impact, it also shattered, leaving the tired Corphish wide open for one more attack.

Jake didn’t miss a beat. "Finish it, Buizel!" he exclaimed. "Energy Ball!"

"Zel!" Buizel exclaimed, forming a green Grass orb between his hands and launching it at Corphish. The hit kicked up a sizable amount of dust. As the dust cleared, Lucario was able to easily make the call as Buizel landed gracefully on the ground.

Corphish is unable to battle! Lucario announced. Buizel is the winner!

"Yes!" Jake and Buizel jumped up simultaneously, pumping their fists.

"Avia!" Ditto cheered, flapping its wings as if clapping.

The opponent facepalmed with his left hand, withdrawing his unconscious Corphish into its Pokéball with his right hand. "Buizel can’t learn Energy Ball," he kept muttering to himself.

"Well, mine did," Jake replied. "It was through the power of our Bond that Buizel was able to learn that move!"

"Bond is a bunch of baloney," the Trainer retorted, but a second later, his expression changed into a sly grin. "Then all the more reason to get your Buizel. Let’s see how you will deal with my ace!" He whipped out a Pokéball and threw it casually forward. "Swanna, battle time!"

A blue and white bird Pokémon emerged, doing a few loop-de-loops in the air to show off, before taking his place in front of the other Trainer. The Water and Flying-type flapped his wings vigorously.

Jake had seen some Swanna flying over the Sea of Fizzytopia before. He was familiar enough with the species to not have to check his Pokédex this time around. In fact, his aura abilities let him know that this Swanna was male. "Buizel, you ready?" Jake asked.

"Bui!" Buizel assured Jake, making a determined fist.

Lucario analyzed the two Trainers’ choices, before giving the announcement next: The battle between Buizel and Swanna will now begin, er, resume, er, however you want it! He waved his hands quickly. Lucario really wasn’t a regular at this.

"Alright, Buizel—" Jake began.

"Nope!" the Trainer interrupted. "We’ll be making the first move! Swanna, Aerial Ace!"

"Swaaan!" called the White Bird Pokémon, zooming toward Buizel in a burst of white. Despite Buizel’s efforts to dodge, Swanna struck him at an unpredicted angle, sending him flying backwards.

"Oh, yeah?" Jake called. "Buizel, Waterfall!"

With a grunt, Buizel slammed the ground in front of him, and a torrent of water came surging out of it. Buizel rode the water wave up towards Swanna.

"Dodge it!" the boy commanded. "Fly, now!

With a graceful swoop, the Water/Flying-type soared up into the sky, Buizel missing his Waterfall by mere inches. The Sea Weasel Pokémon landed, gritting his teeth, and the young Aura Guardian grit his own teeth. This Swanna was just too fast and agile.

"Fine, then!" declared Jake. "If an aerial battle is what you want, then an aerial battle is what you’ll get! Buizel, spin your tail, into the air!"

"Bui!" Buizel cried, spinning his two tails like a propeller and quickly rising into the air. Now they had even ground, er, air.

"Attack!" ordered the other Trainer.

Just then, Swanna descended quickly towards Buizel, diving at a great angle.

"Ice Punch!" Jake called.

Buizel quickly met the Fly attack with an ice-coated fist. As they clashed, however, Jake could see that the pure Water-type was slowly being pushed back, despite his tail whirring at full velocity. The Sea Weasel Pokémon neared the ground more and more.

The close range gave Buizel one last hope, though.

Come on, Buizel! Hydro Pump! Jake thought desperately. This was the time when he wished Buizel knew an Electric-type move.

Buizel came through in the end. A forceful blast of water was ejected from his mouth, totally blindsiding Swanna and pushing both Pokémon out of the collision. However, though Buizel was looking quite worn out, Swanna looked only a little bit fazed.

The other Trainer looked quite impressed, though. "I’ll say," he commented. "Any Water-type who can hold their own against my team is noteworthy. But I will still have the last laugh!" He smirked once again and pointed forward. "Swanna, Gust!"

With gutsy wingbeats, the part Flying-type whipped up a strong wind at Buizel. The attack was especially effective as Buizel was in the air. But Jake wouldn’t let that go without saying. "Buizel, use Sonic Boom and spin!" he called.

"What, now?" the opposing Trainer sputtered.

Upon hearing Jake’s command, Buizel spun like a top, his tails whiplashing the air and creating powerful shockwaves. The Sonic Booms spun in all directions, deflecting the Gust and preventing Swanna from getting closer.

"Enough playing around!" the boy snapped. "Swanna, use Hurricane! Full power!"

Flapping its wings harder, the White Bird Pokémon formed a cyclone. Buizel stopped his Sonic Boom to see what was going on, but that was a big mistake.

"No, Buizel!" the Aura Guardian urged. "Razor Snow!"

The other Trainer just shook his head. As far as he knew, Razor Snow wasn’t even a move, and the Trainer looked on to see Buizel forcibly sucked into the spinning tornado even as frigid energy formed around his tail. The Hurricane whirled and whirled, before shooting the Sea Weasel Pokémon out the top. Jake shook his head as Buizel landed on the ground in front of him with swirling eyes. The wind died down.

Buizel is unable to battle! came Lucario’s telepathic voice. Swanna is the winner!

The young Aura Guardian recalled Buizel into his Cherish Ball without a word. He patted the Ball and whispered, "You did well, Buizel. There’s always room for improvement."

Jake put the Cherish Ball in his pocket and turned back to the battle. He took out a regular Pokéball from his pocket, the same one he had dug out of the PC storage earlier, and tossed it forward. "Jukin, you’re up!"

A Whismur appeared on the battlefield. "Whismuuur!" she trilled in a singsong voice that was not ear-hurting, unlike most of her species. Heck, most Whismur didn’t even sing!

The other Trainer rolled his eyes. "What a diva," he remarked.

"She’s one of a kind," Jake retorted confidently.

Lucario gave the referee’s call. The battle between Swanna and Jukin will now begin!

The opponent yawned, clearly losing interest now that Buizel wasn’t battling. "Let’s just get this over with. Swanna, Feather Dance!"

"Jukin, Disarming Voice!" Jake responded.

Swanna proceeded to flap his wings faster, releasing glowing feathers at Jukin, but the Whismur burst into a sweet song that would make the target let its guard down. As a beam of pink hearts was released from Jukin’s mouth and at Swanna, the Water and Flying-type found himself unable to move, frozen in midair by the Disarming Voice. The feathers from Feather Dance floated harmlessly to the ground.

"Now, use Pound!" Jake declared, to which Jukin jumped up and slammed the temporarily immobilized Swanna with one of her ear covers, which was glowing white for the attack. The critical hit knocked the White Bird Pokémon to the ground.

"Impressive," murmured Swanna’s Trainer. "Swanna, get up. Keep going!"

Jake saw his chance. "Jukin, Echoed Voice!" he called.

"Mur!" called Jukin, releasing a short melody of reverberating sound waves at Swanna. It wasn’t very powerful, but it would get more effective over time.

"Echoed Voice again!" Jake commanded.

"Not so fast!" the boy replied. "Swanna, use Bubble Beam!"

However, as the stream of bubbles that emerged from Swanna’s beak collided with the sound waves Jukin sang out, it became apparent that the Echoed Voice now overpowered Swanna’s Bubble Beam.

"Yes!" Jake exclaimed. "Don’t let up, Jukin!"

But the other Trainer had other ideas. "Change of plans, Swanna! Use Fly!" he called.

Stopping the collision of attacks short, Swanna stopped his Bubble Beam and rose into the sky again. A point in the sky twinkled, and then the White Bird Pokémon zoomed down at a high speed towards the Whismur.

"Jukin, Howl!" commanded Jake.

The Whisper Pokémon sang a war cry, which raised her Attack power. The Howl also made the Water/Flying-type know to slow down a bit to brace himself.

"And now, Pound!" the Aura Guardian added.

By the time Swanna hit Jukin, she was ready and blocked the Fly with an ear cover. The two attacks collided, Jukin’s Pound hitting quite hard thanks to the Attack boost from the Howl. However, the stalemate didn’t last nearly as long as Buizel’s stalemate against Swanna had. Without any means of keeping herself airborne, Jukin was quickly plowed into the ground.

The other Trainer grinned. "And now, finish it off with a Hurricane!" he commanded Swanna.

It was Buizel versus Swanna all over again. The Water/Flying-type flapped his wings hard, kicking up a cyclone of air that sucked Jukin in. Jake could only watch. But, he somehow knew that the battle was not quite over yet.

To everyone’s surprise, a brilliant white glow shone out from inside the Hurricane. The glow changed shape, as the little round Pokémon grew larger, and her ears morphed into rounder, sturdier circles.

Finally, the glow subsided, and Jukin was thrown out the top of the Hurricane. What landed in front of Jake was not fainted, but even more amazingly, was not a Whismur.

Whoa! Jukin evolved! Jake (and Lucario, by the way) thought to himself. He took out his Pokédex from his pocket to scan the in front of him.

Loudred, the Big Voice Pokémon and the evolved form of Whismur. A Normal-type. Loudred's ears serve as speakers, and they can put out sound waves powerful enough to blow away a house.

"Wow," Jake remarked. "And you even learned a new move, Jukin—two, actually!" He put away his Pokédex for the time being.

"Loud!" Jukin nodded, turning to Jake and making a fist in readiness.

"Let’s continue!" Jake exclaimed. "Jukin, use Hyper Voice!"

Jukin the Loudred proceeded to belt out several dissonant notes in the form of waves, that crashed against Swanna’s ears and pained it. The newfound strength Jukin had gained upon evolution made this Hyper Voice stronger than any Hyper Voice she had used as a Whismur.

"Arrgh!" The other Trainer gritted his teeth, clearly frustrated at this turn of events. "Come on, Swanna, Water Pulse!" he ordered.

Swanna wasn’t out yet. "Swan...na!" he cried, forming a ball of water in front of his beak and thrusting it at the Normal-type.

"We won’t lose now!" Jake called. "Use Supersonic, Jukin!"

The Big Voice Pokémon proceeded to sing mysterious, high-pitched, haunting notes as her ears helped amplify the sound. The Supersonic wore away at the Water Pulse, rendering it useless. The eerie tune was cut short just as Swanna was about to land and listen further, leaving the White Bird Pokémon confused.

"Swanna!" the Trainer called. "Wing Attack, let's go!"

The Water and Flying-type shakily flapped his wings and staggered in the air, a blank look in his eyes. Disoriented, he flew in circles before finally righting himself and flying steadily towards Jukin. Swanna’s wings glowed light blue with Flying energy.

Jake saw an opportunity. "All right, Jukin," he called, "time to try out your new moves!" He pointed forward for effect. "Use Bite, now!"

Jukin ran forward and opened her mouth wide. "Loud..." she called, her mouth coated in a Dark aura, "DRED!" With all her might, she leaped up and chomped down on Swanna’s left wing. The bird Pokémon cried out in pain and began flying in circles to try and shake Jukin off. To no avail; Loudred were strong, and plus, Jukin had an Attack boost up her sleeve!

"Now for the other one: Uproar!" Jake exclaimed.

"No!" yelped the other Trainer.

The Uproar came completely from Jukin’s ears, which made a loud honking sound that was visible as jagged musical notes. Hooooooooonk!
The sound persisted, making even Ditto-as-Staravia chirp in alarm and land on the ground just so it could cover its own ears.

Finally, Swanna’s confusion took hold again. He stopped thrashing about, and he dizzily collapsed to the ground.
Jukin released her mouth hold, calmed down from her Uproar, and stepped back.

Swanna is unable to battle! Lucario declared. Jake and Jukin are the winners! He raised his arm on his Trainer’s side.

"All right!" Jake exclaimed triumphantly as he and his Loudred jumped up in celebration.

Meanwhile, the other Trainer recalled his Swanna and put the Pokéball in his pocket. He walked over to Jake, glaring, and stuck his own face right in Jake’s.

"You just got lucky with an evolution," the boy seethed, pointing a finger at the training Aura Guardian’s chest. "I say that’s no fair. Give me your Buizel, or else—waaah!" For at that moment, the boy was knocked onto the ground by a Force Palm from Lucario.

Hey. Lay off my Trainer, Lucario warned sternly, standing over the trembling kid. The guy’s jacket was unzipped, revealing the shirt that he had underneath: a black shirt with a blue R on it. Jake recognized the design as the logo of Team Aqua Rocket, who he had met once. As far as he knew, they were up to no good.

As Jake, Jukin and Ditto moved in on the Trainer, he got to his feet and dusted himself off. He pointed at Jake again, but made sure to keep his distance so as not to incur the wrath of Lucario. "I’m staying here until you hand over your Buizel," he threatened.

"Oh no, you won’t," Jake responded calmly. He snapped his fingers and nodded at Ditto.
The transformed Pokémon flew up and flapped its wings harder, whipping up a Whirlwind. The Normal-type move knocked the other Trainer off his feet and into the air. A few seconds later, he was out of sight; his yelling faded from earshot, and the spot where he disappeared from sight simply twinkled.

"Good job, everyone," Jake told Lucario, Ditto and Jukin. "I’ll be sure to let Officer Jenny know about the kid." With that, he pulled out his Pokédex and dialed the emergency number on the phone function.
Within a minute, he was telling Officer Jenny about the strange young Trainer who was part of Team Aqua Rocket, riding a motorcycle, and forcing Jake to wager for his own Pokémon. The aspiring Aura Guardian would make sure to leave the motorcycle, which was still on his property, at the police station later as evidence.


Jake sat at his desk that evening, his chair pointed outward toward Buizel, who was standing in front of him and by then fully healed.

"You know, Buizel," said Jake, "one of the reasons why you struggled with Swanna so much is because you don’t know any Electric-type moves. Water and Flying-types are extremely weak to Electric, so if you knew something like Electroweb, the battle would have been over quick. In your favor, that is."

"Bui," Buizel nodded thoughtfully.

"But since our Bond is strong, that’s an easy fix," Jake assured his partner Pokémon. "We just gotta work. There are tons of Electric-type moves out there—Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, just to name a few—and I know you’ll definitely be able to learn one. It may take effort, but it’ll be worth it. What do you say?"

"Buizel!" the Water-type grinned confidently. I’ll do it!

"All right!" Jake replied, fist-bumping the Sea Weasel Pokémon. "We’ll start learning an Electric-type move tomorrow morning, ‘kay?"

"Bui!" Buizel agreed. Looking forward to that for sure!

What? Whismur is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Whismur evolved into Loudred!

Jukin learned Bite!

Jukin learned Uproar!
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