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melon doggo
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C'mon ASB 2.0, let's get sickening!

Zarya Dunn - Female Primarina @ Enigma Berry (5)
Nan - Female Audino @ Audinite (4+2)
Rook - Female Sandygast @ Eviolite (1)
Vian - Male Chatot @ Sharp Beak (2)
Izzy - Female Ivysaur @ Black Sludge (2)
Morris - Male Heatmor @ Jaboca Berry (4)
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The Uncultured One
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A chilling gust of wind blows through the freshly-reopened halls, these hallowed grounds bearing witness to the great revival of ASB now must bear witness to something worse, as three heavy pounds ring out upon the door. Opening, it reveals a figure many had hoped dead, or at least permanently absent. It brought a stale darkness about itself, a malignant aura that permeated the air and seemed to desecrate the very light itself. It smiled at them, and said "Hello."

Ironthunder had returned.

Here goes nothing.
Male Pangoro, Enigma Berry, 3AP.
Male Doublade, Eviolite, 2AP.
Male Zubat, Evolution Charm, 1AP.
Female Raichu-Alola, Magnet, 6AP.
Male Geodude-Alola, Hard Stone, 1AP.
Female Ribombee, Silver Powder, 3AP.
Male Samurott, Sitrus Berry, 4AP

Total: 20AP.
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Let me have a whirl at this...

Ixion - Shiny Male Galvantula @ Magnet [HP Water] (4)
Saros - Female Volcarona @ Charti Berry [HP Fighting] (3)
Caliburn - Male Escavalier @ Occa Berry [HP Rock] (3)
Shakiin - Male Dusk Form Lycanroc @ Sitrus Berry [HP Flying] (2)
Amarna - Female Cofagrigus @ Leftovers [HP Bug] (2)
Tasogare - Female Ninetales-Alola @ Babiri Berry [HP Ground] (2)
Jacquetté - Female Vespiquen @ Enigma Berry [HP Steel] (1)
Thiago - Male Croagunk @ Black Sludge [HP Grass] (1)
Capriccio - Male Anorith @ Eviolite [HP Electric] (1)
Rau - Male Treecko @ Evolution Charm [HP Fire] (1)

AP Used: 20
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hen da man
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Benny - Male Beedrill @ Beedrilite [HP Ice] (1+2)
Precious - Female Dratini @ Starf Berry [HP Fighting] (2)
Russ - Male Elekid @ Eviolite [HP Grass] (1)
Helga - Female Snubbull @ Oran Berry [HP Psychic] (2)
Alejandro - Male Hawlucha @ Black Belt [HP Ground] (3)
Buck - Male Cubone @ Ground Gem [HP Grass] (2)
Olive - Female Sentret @ Silk Scarf [HP Fairy] (1)
Esteban - Male Koffing @ Black Sludge [HP Water] (1)
Jock - Male Cranidos @ Leftovers [HP Grass] (3)
Gylfi - Male Squirtle @ Mystic Water [HP Ground] (1)
Bjorn - Male Growlithe @ Sitrus Berry [HP Grass] (1)

Total AP: 20
Spoiler: show
My PASBL Team and Stats

Daisy is just the best for making the battlecut!

I am now a C+ ref!!

PASBL 2.0 Test Squad

Spoiler: show
Fizzy Bubbles
- Houndour - Lv. 12
- Heracross - Lv. 12
- Murkrow - Lv. 5

A great quote from Tdos
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Tyranidos View Post
I think i catch my typos but i keep typoing my typos so then i just dont even bother trying toc rrecty them because i will jeust keep typoing forever

edit: also any kids reading this dont drink it fucks u pyour brannreal bad
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Shalala kiss the girl
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Tate's Tentative Test Team

Sami -- Vaporeon (M) @ Wacan Berry [HP Ground] (03)
Eddie -- Hawlucha (M) @ Figy Berry [HP Water] (03)
Ambrose -- Lycanroc Dusk (M) @ Enigma Berry [HP Faerie] (02)
Maiavia -- Archen (M) @ Sitrus Berry [HP Fire] (01)
Seth -- Poochyena (M) @ Watmel Berry [HP Psychic] (01)
Angle -- Rufflet (M) @ Evolution Charm [HP Ghost] (01)
Ziggler -- Igglybuff (M) @ Chople Berry [HP Dark] (01)
Leati -- Houndour (M) @ Sitrus Berry [HP Fighting] (01)
Mickie -- Lurantis (F) @ Big Root [HP Flying] (02)
Bliss -- Salandit (F) @ Eject Button [HP Grass] (01)
Breeze -- Pichu (M) @ Electric Gem [HP Dark] (02)
Bayley -- Chikorita (F) @ Lansat Berry [HP Rock] (01)
Roode -- Alolan Vulpix (M) @ Ice Gem [HP Fire] (01)

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Uno -- Male Hawlucha --Item: Sharp Beak -- HP Ground

Total AP: 3

Spoiler: show

It would be best to confess as early as possible, to avoid any excess pain through excess attachment. Make sure you express yourself clearly, and no matter what the outcome may be, treat the other as you may treat a friend, applicable at such a stage in life.


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Noted homosexual
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Freya - Female Froslass (4)-Item: Icy Rock
Virgil - Male Helioptile (1)
Mitchell - Male Cubone (2)
Lance - Male Sneasel (1)
Benedict - Male Exeggcute (2)
Wendy - Female Wingull (1)
Sammy - Male Dewott (2)
Verde - Male Sentret (1)
Violet - Female Croagunk (1)
Jackson - Male Cacnea (1)
Anya - Female Alolan Vulpix (1)
Arnold - Male Anorith (1)

Total AP: 17/20

The Whistling Sound of Impending Doom.

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