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Charizard New York City

New York City

* Due to overcrowding, New York City is not accepting new trainers. Sorry! *

Welcome to the big city! This zone is divided into various regions! A small island which can be said to be the heart of America, New York City is one of the largest cities in the world! It has many divided areas, allowing for a wide range of Pokemon to be found. In addition, there is a large quantity of spawns as well.

However gym turnover is very high. This huge city has a lot of competition! Thankfully, there is no competition for wild spawns appearing. Therefore the city attracts all sorts of trainers. Just make sure you look both ways before you cross!

The big city awaits!



Wall Street: A bull statue can be seen on the street. This extremely important area for the city hosts a wide range of Pokemon for such a small area. Wall Street itself is a lively electric biome. However just a little to the south is the southern tip of Manhattan. A large park can be explored for a wide range of Pokemon and with the water right there, a large host of water types as well! The ferry to Staten Island can be found here as well, but no one wants to go there for any reason ever.

Times Square: Everyone knows and loves Times Square! Well, except for the locals. This area is unreasonably busy for no reason other than everyone likes to go here for some reason. GPS service is spotty at times due to congestion. Trainers need to beware that all costume actors will scam you if you take a picture of them and con artists will give you "free CDs". Everything is also overpriced, so just be a true Pokemon Go player and avoid all normal human interaction like god intended and you'll be fine.

Bryant Park: A very popular location for trainers in the city. A lively park with a lot of spawns in it. However the real location is just across the street. 6 Pokestops permanently lured by "real" players all on top of each other. A fantasticly quick way to refill your inventory and also catch a large quantity of Pokemon for minimal effort. Hurray, NYC!

Central Park: A surprisingly large park in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world. Features an extremely large quantity of Pokemon and Pokestops. You can walk for a very long time and catch to your hearts content! There is also a large cluster of Pokestops slightly outside the park for quick items.

UPN HQ Building: Obviously the largest and most important building in NYC. Nay, the world. A large quantity of Pokemon spawn here, especially rare ones. Also hosts a large amount of gyms and Pokestops. Obviously. The building is beautifully designed and features a large statue of Kuno which repeatedly says "REMEMBER ME!"


Brooklyn Downtown: Aside from Manhattan, this area features a large number of Pokemon and Pokestops and is exceptionally busy all day.

Prospect Park: A large park with a large quantity of spawns. If you want something, there is a good chance it will be here. Also features a large quantity of Pokestops. A lovely place to visit!


Bronx: When the game tells you to avoid playing in dangerous places this is what they are talking about.


Queens: Despite being such a large borough, Queens features a large amount of nothing.

Staten Island

Staten Island: There is no reason for anyone to go here, ever. A barren, desolate land that is unwelcome to everyone and everything. Even if your life depended on visiting Staten Island, it might be in ones best interest just to forfeit your life by your own hands first.
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