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Goodbye. I love you.
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Lil' Bluey

Oh hey, fresh meat!

I didn't mention anything about the movie since it seems like I'm the only one still watching/enjoying the show (same with Steven Universe?), but I did go to see it with my friend. It was... admittedly disappointing/felt like a step back in character development? (The merponies were indeed the best part though. <3)

I also finally watched the Legend of Everfree lately. I'm actually really glad Equestria Girls is its own thing now, as it contains my favorite character in the entire franchise (also while the film itself wasn't spectacular the credits music might be my favorite song from either EQG or MLP; semi-spoiler if you haven't seen Rainbow Rocks though). I'd sincerely recommend the spin-off series at this point for having the best character arc overall.

I've been currently keeping up with S8, which started off strong by introducing a surprisingly fun and interesting new cast of characters. Although by the same token I've been sorely underwhelmed by how little they've been utilized so far. =/ I want to see what friendships lessons the new kids learn at this point, not the Mane 6 learning the same ones over and over again. =3= (Also don't like how it treats the movie as canonically taking place after S7, although given the way the Mane 6 behaved in it maybe they *do* need a refresher course. >.>; )

Spike did get an unexpected development in the latest ep, which I'm proud of in terms of acknowledging just how much time has actually passed within the show. Congrats lil buddy, good for you. <3
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