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DS Lite now $99 in North America.

As of June 5th the DS Lites price officially dropped from $129 to $99. Rumors have gone around that production on the device will soon cease, if it already hasn't. Nintendo hasn't confirmed this one way or the other.

With the original DS model long out of production, the Lite is the last stop for GBA game compatability. This is big especially for Pokémon fans since that GBA slot is needed for bringing seven games (and Box) worth of Pokémon to the fourth generation games and beyond. The dual slot mode was also needed to unlock bonuses in the original Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, and the track "creator" in Pokémon Dash.

Pokémon aside, the DSL is a great handheld in general. It is slightly smaller than its successors, has a longer battery life, and can still play GBA games. If you're interested in any of the above, its definetely worth picking one up while you can still find them in stores!
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I already have one, so I don't need it. I also still have an original one as a spare.

I might buy the 3DS when paper mario comes out.
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