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Delibird ASB Revamp: Moves + Progress Update


After nearly six months, the most ambitious move description overhaul in ASB history is finished. There are still a few definitions that need to be
transferred from the site and cleaned up a bit, but a majority of relevant definitions and descriptions are present in the doc linked above.

For those who haven't been a direct part of the move revamp, a quick explanation/guide to the new descripts:

The goal of the move overhaul is to simplify and streamline our move descriptions, to better systematize move descriptions for ease of use and reffing. We have boiled down our moves to a set of core mechanics that are easy to understand, while maintaining a high level of diversity to give even weak moves niches. In addition to general rewrites, we have now introduced a metadata section for each move, which gives a summary of the essential information about the move in an easy-to-read format. Moves are now formatted as such:

Move Name (Type[s]) - Description of move detailing specific mechanics, appearance and any necessary details.
[Type, Offensive Stat/Defensive Stat, User: Effects (Details), Target: Effects (Details)]
[DMG: Damage term, NRG: Energy Term]
[Special Definitions/Effects/Categories]
What I need from you, the community:
  1. Please read and review the moves for consistency (in formatting, definitions, metadata, etc.) and grammar/spelling;
  2. Please review the moves for clarity and ask any questions you might have
  3. Please ask any questions about formatting or metadata

For my reference, the definitions that have yet to be updated/transferred are:
Spoiler: show
-Gender Differences
-Off-type Energy
-SC Boosts

In addition to the above, I also wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we are as a community and what needs to be done to finish this up. I also wanted to collate the work that's been done so far.

Pokémon Acquisition Levels/Point Values
☑Points and Levels (see below!)
☐Update Getting Started
☐Newbie Battling Guide (in progress, will be released soon!)
☐ReFAQ (in progress, come contribute)
Newbie's First Squad Guide
Items and junk (First draft of berries done)

*Note that we're not going to be doing a direct overhaul of SCs but we will be adjusting them as we find they need to be adjusted - SCs will by and large not be affected by the new rewrite framework, but some SCs may need to be updated for individual mechanic or move changes. If you find and an SC that needs updating, post in this thread.

Points and Levels:
Spoiler: show

Originally Posted by MCXD View Post
There was some discussion on the discord about trainer levels and how quickly ASBers should get through them. We need to know that so we can figure out how much AP to give at each TL. A scale which we all seemed pretty happy with is:

TL1 = 0 KOs
TL2 = 10 KOs
TL3 = 25 KOs
TL4 = 45 KOs
TL5 = 65 KOs
TL6 = 90 KOs
TL7 = 120 KOs
TL8 = 155 KOs
TL9 = 195 KOs
TL10 = 235 KOs

Assuming a battler gains 3.3 KOs/month on average, they would hit TL2 after 3 months, TL4 in a little over a year, and TL10 after six years. The scale was made with this in mind, so if anyone disagrees with that rate of gaining KOs, then the model will need to be adjusted to suit.

If anyone wants to play with the numbers, Alto proposed a quadratic model which I made a calculator for here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing - On the left side, A and B controls by how much the required KOs to reach the next level increases, and the base amount of KOs required to reach TL2, respectively. This produces a list of KOs required for each TL and an estimate for how long it'll take in months (using the rate at the top of the spreadsheet). The right side is a reverse of that, where you can use X and Y to adjust the months required to automatically calculate an equivalent number of KOs. The settings to produce the chart above were (a, b) = (6, 4) and (x, y) = (1.75, 1.25), averaged and rounded to the nearest 5 KOs.
Originally Posted by MCXD View Post
After some more discussion in the discord, a rough guide for how much AP each TL would have was produced:

TL1 = 20
TL2 = 40
TL3 = 65
TL4 = 100
TL5 = 140
TL6 = 190
TL7 = 245
TL8 = 305
TL9 = 375
TL10 = 450

Also, here's a cute graphic that shows roughly how many pokemon you would have on your squad if the average AP cost of your squad members was the number indicated at the top...

E.g. If you had a good mix of all levels (so the average AP cost was around 5), then at TL 2 you would have ~8 Pokemon, at TL 5 you would have ~28 Pokemon, and at TL 10 you would have ~90 Pokemon. Note that this is the BASE AP so if it seems a bit low, there will probably be alternative ways to gain more AP, aside from leveling up.

I want to thank all of you for your immense help with this project! We're getting close to being finished and just about ready to start our first test battles!

Merry Christmas and here's to an active 2018!

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