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: Alina
Age: 16
Appearance: Oy, gotta go draw one when I feel like it.

Biography junk: Alina was born in the small town of Azalea on June 6th. Both of her parents were renown Pokemon Coordinators, which meant that Alina was constantly traveling from place to place which quickly grew tiring. Every contest hall, however, had an artist whose job it was to paint the winner of each contest, and Alina, for whatever reason, found this more interesting then the contests. She quickly learned how to draw and paint herself, and at the age of 10 she was able to produce her own artwork that was just as good as the artists she had watched paint. By 13 she had already seen all of the cities Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto had to offer, and she was getting incredibly tired of traveling from place to place. She longed to see the world outside of cities, and desperately wanted to get away from the uptight atmosphere the contests had. One day a Pokemon Trainer entered the contest hall of Hearthome City with a gigantic Pokemon that Alina had never seen before. Speaking with this trainer she finds out that this Pokemon was a Tyranitar, an extremely rare Pokemon, and that he was going to enter this Pokemon into the Tough contest. Alina was fascinated by this trainer, and kept asking questions, such as where he came from, where he caught the Tyranitar, etc. The Trainer, growing extremely tired of Alina's questions, told her about Fizzy Bubbles, a gigantic region where many Pokemon not common in the other regions dwell. Alina at that moment made up her mind and shook the trainers hand vigorously. She quickly packed up a sketchbook and ran out the door, leaving an incredibly confused trainer behind. She returned to her hotel room to pack her things and left a small note for her parents (knowing that if she actually told them face to face that she was leaving they would kill her) and left for this land called Fizzy Bubbles.

Other Misc.: She's very lazy and dislikes work with a passion and is also very independent and impatient. Terrified of heights and small spaces, she prefers open feilds and forests and despises caves and canyons and stuff like that. Growing up in a rich family, Alina can sometimes act like a spoiled brat and usually knows exactly what she wants and expects to get it without a hassle. She prefers "Big giant Pokemon" since she finds them cute, for some unknown reason.

Wishlist: Smeargle [preferrably Female]


Name: Ignatius
Species: Typhlosion
Type: Fire
Level: 54
Gender: Male
Met at...: Starter
Nature: Lax
Ability: Blaze
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: x1 Charcoal
Birthday: August 9th

Bio: Ignatius, now fully evolved, feels no more need to battle, or do much of anything. He feels he's earned a "retirement" of sorts. His fiery personality has slightly dampened, as he could really care less about how other Pokemon are catching up to his strength, now that he's in "retirement". However, he still cannot turn down a challenge, and will battle confidently and viciously like always. Despite his lack of patience and arrogance, he acts as a sort of older-brother figure to the rest of Alina's Pokemon, treating them with respect for the most part.

-- Tackle
-- Leer
-- Smokescreen
-- Ember
-- Quick Attack
-- Flame Wheel
-- Defense Curl
-- Swift
-- Lava Plume
-- Flamethrower
-- Rollout
-- Double-edge
57 Eruption

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Rock Slide, Foresight, Bounce, Flare Blitz, Substitute,Wish, Howl, Thunderbolt,Counter, Earthquake

Name: Alphonse
Species: Aron
Type: Steel/Rock
Level: 42
Gender: Male
Met at...: Adoption Center
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Rock Head
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: August 15th

Bio: Al is shy, gentle, and extremely timid. Not to mention dim-witted. He doesn't particularly like battling, since he doesn't really understand the point and doesn't like seeing any other Pokemon hurt, especially if it was his own doing. After an attack, he'll often apologize for causing the opponent to be wounded and then attack again, thus repeating this process called "I'm sorry I'm killing you." However, if the opponent is attacking him, he'll cry in terror, despite the indestructible armor that covers his body and keeps him from being seriously harmed. He's terrified of Prestige, since he once used him as a bowling ball for shits and giggles.

-- Tackle
-- Harden
-- Mud-Slap
-- Headbutt
-- Metal Claw
-- Iron Defense
-- Roar
-- Take Down
-- Iron Head
-- Protect
-- Metal Sound
-- Iron Tail
43 Double-edge
46 Metal Burst

TM/HM/MT/EMs: Dragon Rush
, Rock Slide, Swagger, Voodoo Bugaloo, Firestream, Magnet Rise, Endeavor, Stone Edge

Name: Parabola
Species: Baltoy
Type: Ground/Psychic
Level: 52
Gender: Genderless
Met at...: The Arcane Realm
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Levitate
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: Twisted Spoon
Birthday: May 15th

Bio: Parabola the Baltoy is a mischievous little shit. Having been defeated by Ignatius and captured by Alina, he held a grudge against the two that lasted for months. Eventually, and much to Alina's dismay, his more obnoxious side began to show as he got comfortable with traveling around and got to know some of his team mates, and especially what bothered them the most (which to be honest, with Alina's bipolar team, bothering them is not hard). With the exception of Ignatius (surprisingly), Parabola seems to annoy everybody, which makes him a rather disliked member of the group. Among his enemies resides Schism the Gastly, whom Parabola defeated via cleverness and improvisation. The Baltoy spends his time provoking Schism instead of everybody else, which is definitely fine by everybody except Schism. He enjoys eating, even though how he does so is unknown, seeing as he has no mouth.

-- Confusion
-- Harden
-- Rapid Spin
-- Mud-Slap
-- Psybeam
-- Rock Tomb
-- Selfdestruct
-- Ancientpower
-- Power Trick
-- Sandstorm
-- Cosmic Power
53 Earth Power
61 Heal Block
71 Explosion

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Rock Slide, Earthquake, Thunder Wave, Tickle, Signal Beam, Trick

Name: Alberta (Awesomeness)
Species: Charmander
Type: Fire
Level: 36
Gender: Female
Met at...: Cable Club (originally owned by Kasai)
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Blaze
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: October 3rd

Bio: Alberta the Charmander is a loner by nature, dislikes the majority of Alina's team, and is quite disconnected from the rest of the group. She is probably the one with the most common sense out of all of Alina's Pokemon, and often thinks about running away from this dysfunctional group and going back to Kasai, or just to run off on her own. Despite this, she never shows any sign of running away, which probably means she's actually taken a liking to the crew and just won't admit it. Alberta is often the one who ends up getting Alina out of stupid situations and feels that she's the only one with any responsibility what so ever. Everybody else except Alina pretty much agrees, yet they could really care less. She considers Alina to be her responsibility rather than the other way around. Alberta is often incredibly moody, her mood swings being the worst of anybody Alina has ever encountered, which most of the time works to the trainer's benefit in battle. Depending on her mood at the time, Alberta could either be venting or suicidal during battle... most the time venting unless Alina does something incredibly retarded at the time.

-- Scratch
-- Growl
-- Ember
-- Smokescreen
-- Dragon Rage
-- Scary Face
-- Fire Fang
-- Slash
-- Flamethrower
37 Fire Spin

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Ancientpower, Dragon Dance, Brain Freeze, Heat Wave, Thunderpunch, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Metal Claw

Name: Prestige
Species: Kadabra
Type: Psychic
Level: 18
Gender: Male
Met at...: Cable Club (originally owned by SW-)
Nature: Mild
Ability: Synchronize
Contest: +10 All?
Tameness: 0
Holding: Northern Star Bangle
Birthday: February 12th

Bio: Prestige, again, was traded to her by another trainer, and he's one of Alina's personal favorites along with Merlot. Prestige is always calm, hardly ever getting angry, and is always of help. Despite being somewhat "classy," he's sarcastic and often cracks jokes at the other members which invites trouble. He can communicate through his Psychic abilities, making him excellent company (which is one of the reasons Alina favors him most of the time), and can also use his psychic powers to occasionally find something important in the area he is currently in, whether it is an event in the past or a hidden object nearby. He despises Merlot the Beldum, since he thinks that "1/4 of a Metagross" is taking up too much of Alina's time. Meanwhile, Ignatius doesn't particularly care for Prestige either, ironically thinking that Prestige is taking up too much of Alina's time as well. Prestige doesn't care for battle, but definitely doesn't despise it. Using cheap tricks like Teleport and Disable, he can usually easily win a battle without much taking much damage, thus being an all-around snazzy Pokemon to have.

-- Teleport
-- Kinesis [unlearned]
-- Confusion
-- Disable
22 Miracle Eye
24 Psybeam
28 Reflect
30 Recover
34 Psycho Cut
36 Role Play
40 Psychic
42 Future Sight
-- Trick

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Signal Beam, Barrier, Light Screen, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Thunder Wave, Focus Blast, Trick

Name: Ana
Species: Flaaffy
Type: Electric
Level: 51
Gender: Female
Met at...: Cable Club (Originally Owned by SW)
Ability: Static
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: July 22nd

Bio: That draaaaama queen.

-- Tackle
-- Growl
-- Thundershock
-- Thunder Wave
-- Cotton Spore
-- Charge
-- Discharge
-- Signal Beam
-- Light Screen
-- Power Gem
53 Thunder

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: ThunderBolt, Strength, Flash, RockSmash, Fatal Attraction, Safeguard, Reflect

Name: Kiel

Species: Gastly
Type: Ghost/Poison
Level: 8
Gender: Male
Met at...: Cascadia
Ability: Levitate
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: October 31st

Bio: Kiel is the only ghost type of Alina's team, and also the only psychotic. Over time his condition seems to worsen through, well, time spent with Parabola. Not much is known about his past life, other than one subtle hint where he mumbled to himself “I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, made me want to hang myself, realizing that I would not be able to cut his throat.” Most the time he chatters to himself, smiling widely, and making no sense. Believing that every being is out to get him, he'd rather "kill them before they kill me." The majority of the time his ramblings make no sense what-so-ever, as if he's talking to someone other than himself. In battle he seems to ignore his pain, and seems more focused on annihilating his opponent, not caring for his own safety. Prestige finds this Pokemon fascinating, but doesn't trust him at all. He won't admit it, but Prestige slightly disappointed that Kiel is rather underused in comparison to her other Pokemon. Alina doesn't regret catching him, but definitely feels uncomfortable around such a strange soul.

-- Hypnosis
-- Lick
-- Spite
-- Mean Look
12 Curse
15 Night Shade
19 Confuse Ray
22 Sucker Punch
26 Payback
29 Shadow Ball
33 Dream Eater
36 Dark Pulse
40 Destiny Bond
43 Nightmare

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Psywave, Will-o-Wisp, Astonish, Haze

Name: Merlot
Species: Beldum
Type: Steel/Psychic
Level: 25
Gender: N/A
Met at...: Coins for Prizes
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: February 11th

Bio: Determined and unwavering, Melot the Beldum stops at nothing until a job is complete. He hates failures, and he himself failing at anything is basically unthinkable. Along with this unwavering determination, the Beldum is a perfectionist. No, really. He's not the "Oh, bummer, the arm on the stick figure is slightly off, let me go erase and redo it," he's the "Holy fucking shit, this arm is slightly longer! The entire sketchbook should be burned" kind of person. Symmetry is definitely beauty in Merlot's world. Although not being fully evolved and only knowing 3 moves naturally, Alina can see a lot of potential in this Pokemon, believing that he could one day easily defeat anything in his path. Again, he's a psychic type, which potentially makes him a good companion, but due to his personality he's terrible company. Focused on nothing else but the destination and goal for the moment, he's not much of the conversation-type. Prestige and Merlot often bicker to each other non-stop, taking a swipe at the other whenever they get the chance. This little hatred between the two is amusing for about... 5 minutes. However, Alina favors the two psychics and often has them both out at once, and within 15 minutes the three of them are screaming at each other and homicidal.

-- Take Down

Iron Head, Iron Defense, Overheat, Focus Blast, Stone Edge, Zap Cannon, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Dragon Pulse, Facade, Giga Drain, Water Pulse, Light Screen, Reflect, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, Sweet Scent, Magical Leaf

Name: Cecil
Species: Natu
Type: Psychic/Flying
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Met at...: Cable Club [originally owned by Stark]
Ability: Synchronize
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: August 3rd

Bio: This ego filled little bird believes strongly that he is a powerful warrior from centuries ago. Often seeing everybody around him as an imbecile, Kiel will often exclaim "FOOLS!" before ranting about god knows what. Being a Natu, he'll often stop in the middle of his rant, stare at something like the sun, and go back to ranting about whatever he was talking about before. Unfortunately, ear plugs aren't enough, as he's also a psychic type. He provokes everybody and everything, whether this is intentional or not is unknown, and often brings back unwanted enemies. He's always willing to prove that he's this "holy warrior," but he's not much of a battler, sadly.

-- Peck
-- Leer
06 Night Shade
09 Teleport
12 Lucky Chant
17 Miracle Eye
20 Me First
23 Confuse Ray
28 Wish
33 Psycho Shift
36 Future Sight
39 Ominous Wind
44 Power Swap
44 Guard Swap
47 Psychic

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves: Haze, Drill Peck, Steel Wing, Featherdance, Flash

Name: Sachael
Species: Ralts
Type: Psychic
Level: 1
Gender: Female
Met at...: Egg House
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Trace
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A
Birthday: April 8th

Bio: Sachael is a quiet and rather shy Pokemon, and has a more down-to-earth sort of mindset than the rest of the team. She's very self conscious, although she has no reason to be, and also incredibly intelligent (like most psychics seem to be). Despite her incredibly feminine demeanor, she takes an interest in any sort of video, arcade, or board game she sees. Much to Alina's annoyance, Sachael will sometimes go into an arcade without permission and play a game about zombies with the excuse of "Oh, Alina, you have plenty of coins to spare. Just give me one more coin, I could get the high score." Alina dreads the day Sachael stumbles upon a Casino. Even with her quiet demeanor, she enjoys company, but it takes a lot of effort to actually get her to talk. She's content to just sit and listen to the conversation going on at the time and will hardly ever join in. She's also rather clueless, despite her intelligence, and can't take a hint.

-- Growl
06 Confusion
10 Double Team
12 Teleport
17 Lucky Chant
21 Magical Leaf
23 Calm Mind
28 Psychic
32 Imprison
34 Future Sight
39 Charm
43 Hypnosis
45 Dream Eater

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves:Will-o-Wisp

Name: Tyr
Species: Larvitar
Type: Ground
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Met at...: A Belated Valentine Gift
Ability: Guts
Contest: N/A
Tameness: 0
Holding: N/A


-- Bite
-- Leer
05 Sandstorm
10 Screech
14 Rock Slide
19 Scary Face
23 Thrash
28 Dark Pulse
32 Payback
37 Crunch
41 Earthquake
46 Stone Edge
50 Hyper Beam

TM/HM/MT/Egg moves:


x1 Pokédex
x1 Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer
x1 Blue Flute
x1 x1 Fire Stones
x1 Thunder Stone
x1 Heart Scale, x1 Heart Scale, Heart Scale
x1 Sacred Ash
x1 Iron Ball
x1 Ruby Pendant
x1 His Heart Pendant
x1 Her Heart Pendant

x1 Level Ball
x1 Snow Ball
x1 Christmas Ball
x1 2009 Pokeball
x1 Leaf Ball
x1 Dragon Ball
x1 Valentine Ball

Berry Bag
Charti Berry
Shuca Berry, Shuca Berry
Custap Berry
Tamato Berry
Rabuta Berry
Cheri Berry
Wiki Berry
Chilan Berry
Liechi Berry
Haban Berry
Pamtre Berry
Leppa Berry
Spelon Berry
Durin Berry
Passho Berry
Babiri Berry
Lum Berry, Lum Berry
Razz Berry
Salac Berry
Charti Berry
Nanab Berry
Ganlon Berry
Rowap Berry

Pokéblock/Poffin Case
x1 Passion Pokeblock

TM Case
x1 Ice Punch
x1 Fling
x1 Metrenome
x1 Secret Power
x1 Tri Attack
x1 Steel Wing
x1 Aerial Ace
x1 Giga Impact
x1 Earthquake
x1 Attract

Trading Cards

Base Stuff
x2 Christmas Presents

Gardevoir Plushie
Pika Doll
Lapras Plushie
Snorunt Plushie

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