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Wooper Thoughts of a Tired Trio

Welcome to the Thoughts of our Trio! Documented here are the thoughts and stories of the everyday happenings of Danny and his friends, alongside their Pokemon!
Battle of the Aviary
Clockwork fights against a swarm of Bird Pokemon attacking his aviary - but can he defeat them?

A Spectral Encounter
When Brianna sights a mysterious shadow man, she seeks to find it.

Ralts Ralts Revolution (COMING SOON)
Jason is invited for a dance-off!

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)

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Articuno Battle of the Aviary

“HOOT! HOOT!” An alarm went off as it woke Jason up from laying on the couch he fell asleep on. Popcorn kernels pattered to the floor, as he got up. He listened again, to discern the point of the noise.

The Hoothoot alarm.

Clockwork was in trouble.

The Hoothoot had retired to its aviary some time ago, and Danny and Brianna went for some romantic date, so he was the only one around. He ran out of his room, taking the Swift Seviper Speedway to the Aviary, only to find a flock of Spearow and an unnaturally large Fearow attacking Clockwork and Skull.

Hoothoot, upon seeing him, squawked in anger, as the Pokemon had never warmed up to Jason, but he didn’t have time to deal with it right now. He had bigger shit to take care of.

“If I don’t stop them, they might destroy the Aviary.” Jason told the angry Hoothoot, who calmed down for the moment to fight alongside him.

“Alright, Sola, let’s do this!” he yelled as he threw up a Pokeball, releasing a small lizard Pokemon with a pair of sunglasses.

The large Fearow flew into the Aviary, as Skull handled the smaller Spearow, faring quite well with its Snarl attack.

“You wanna fight? Okay, Sola, quick, fire off an Electroweb!” Jason commanded, which the quick lizard quickly carried out, shooting off an electrified net at the Fearow. Hoothoot shot off a Confusion, both attacks dealing heavy damage on the Fearow.

Fearow attacked back, heading in for a Drill Peck, but Sola quickly dodged it anyways, but it slammed into the Aviary walls, the structure responding with a worrying tremble.

“Uh oh.” Jason muttered, as he repeated his old command, Hoothoot shooting off a Hurricane, and Fearow slamming straight into Helioptile. They both hit the wall hard, and the structure trembled again. Jason quickly brought out a remote, pressing a button, before stuffing it back into his pocket.

Fearow had realized that it was dealing damage to the Aviary, so it continued, slamming into the walls everywhere.

“Hoot! Vull!” the pair of avian Pokemon squealed as the walls of the Aviary started to come down. Jason ran over, grabbing them both and jumping out the window, tumbling below. The two avians flew upwards, towards the crumbling Aviary, both trying to lift them up with their wings.

“Hoot!” Hoothoot strained, as it flapped its wings faster and faster, until a weird blue energy began to envelope the Pokemon, as it grew bigger, before the light fades, revealing a Noctowl.

Jason then flew over with the Pidgeot’s Wings, attaching a crane arm to the Aviary, and let it down safely.

“Wow, Clockwork, you’ve evolved!” Jason exclaimed as he landed the plane.
“Noct, towl towl!” Clockwork gushed.
As the sun set, Jason retired to his room, and Clockwork stood watchfully on the rubble of his Aviary.

(OOC: Hoothoot evolved into Noctowl!)
*Noctowl learnt Sky Attack!*

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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Pumpkaboo A Spectral Encounter

“What was that?” Brianna mumbled, as she heard rustling in the distance, coming from about outside her bedroom window. She looked out, and saw nothing, she stared there for a few seconds, until she saw a black figure swoop across the window pane.

“W-what was that?” She stuttered, and soon she woke up Pachirisu, who was sleeping in the padded bed beside her bed.
Pachi….” He muttered quietly, but when seeing the distress on his trainer’s face, jumped into action.
She shushed the Pokemon immediately, then stared back out the window, to see a figure standing on a branch. Ghostly green and orange, it suddenly disappeared into a wisp of smoke.
Brianna had to investigate. She grabbed her Litwick and Pachirisu, and together, they proceeded to Spookums Forest.
Spookums Forest was known for spectral happenings, and had been all over the news, so she suspected that the ghostboy would be somewhere here. Litwick levitated in front of her, serving as a light, as Pokemon of all shapes and sizes scattered at the prospect of bright light, which made Brianna’s skin crawl. They went deeper into the forest, and silver moonlight slowly dissipated, till they were just sitting in a dark brush of black, dirty trees, lit only be the spectral purple of Litwick’s flame.

Brianna stopped as the sound of something – it was a weird noise, which prolonged for several seconds. It sounded slightly like a shrill scream.
She shuddered as she proceeded, till suddenly, lights appeared all around her. They seemed familiar, until she took a closer look.

They were the same color as the figure.

She suddenly started running out of the forest, but stopped dead cold at the sound she heard in her ears.

I just want to help you…

It was a high-pitched voice, childish and quaint, so Brianna took a moment to collect herself.

Turn around…

“Who are you? Why are you messing with me?” Brianna yelled into the darkness.


She spun like a top to find the figure there. It was a small boy, except made of shadow, with the same ghostly flames atop his head.

“Now explain yourself, or you’ll have to face my Pokemon.” Brianna said, as Pachirisu crackled its cheeks with lightning to buttress this claim.

The figure stood there silently, not moving, until the same voice came, but the figure’s mouth didn’t move.

I just wanted to help you! My name is Marshadow, and I wanted to warn you.

“About what?” she demanded.

That. The voice emphasized, as the figure pointed a black figure at the sky.

Right there, was a mass of eerie blackness.
The blackness lowered, swirling like a storm, and slowly consumed Brianna and the figure.

Brianna never thought she'd just stop hearing things.

She never thought the world could just go black.
“WOAH!” Brianna yelled as she woke up.
“You okay? You’ve been muttering and shaking this entire time.” Danny replied concernedly.
“Oh, I’m, uh, fine.” She said.
So it was all a dream…
If only she’d look out her window, she’d see the shadow boy waving to her.


Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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