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Yanmega Growing Shadows - Raid Group 2: vs. Gigantamax Shadow Butterfree

Gigantamax Boss Shadow Butterfree

Health Gauge: 100%
Shields Up: 0
Status: N/A

Raid Challengers:
  • Sneaze, Slowking: 500 HP
  • sixdragons_in_atrenchcoat, Farfetch'd: 500 HP
  • biggggg5, Fraxure: 500 HP
  • GeminiSpark, Stonjourner: 500 HP
  • Missingno. Master, Unfezant: 500 HP
  • Connor, Klefki: 500 HP
  • Emi, Bagon: 500 HP
  • Zorchic, Mimikyu: 500 HP
  • CrazyCreeperKid, Stonjourner: 500 HP
  • blu3shift, Shadow Xatu: 500 HP

With the shadows growing darker and the menacing aura ahead growing heavier still, the two raider groups join together to push forward towards what is sure to be a devastatingly terrible foe. Sure enough, they are met with the flapping wings of a Gigantamax Butterfree, the shadowy aura around the bug twisting the air itself. Slowly beating its massive wings, the Boss stares down its foes, ready for a fight.

Dynamax Initiative: blu3shift, Shadow Xatu.
  • Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.
  • Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
  • When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).
  • If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
  • Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
  • You have until Friday, October 22nd to place your order.
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Missingno. Master
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The Channel 110 news van screeched to a halt as the tremendous form of their next adversary came into view. Diana and Marv were quick to exit the vehicle, and urge anyone who had come along for the ride to do so as well. Marv was quick to prepare his camera, with Steakknife still standing on his shoulder (remember, he was still a Ralts back then). Bright, fluttering overhead, made expert use of Tail Glow to get the lighting perfect, while Sweet fluttered by his side, looking up worryingly at the big bad bug before them all. Only DJ Skweekz remained in the van, the little Dedenne standing on the dashboard, looking out the windshield. "Dededenne," he murmured.

Bright looked down at his Trainer. "Bebeat! Bebeat!" he called, giving a nod.

Marv nodded back, adjusting his hold on the camera. "All right, we're all set here," Marv stated at last, his camera rolling, focused on Diana, while getting the massive opponent in the shot as well. After a few seconds, he gave Diana the thumbs up.

"We have reached the site of our third battle," Diana spoke into the microphone she held, looking into the camera, maintaining an unflappable professional demeanor. "As you can see behind me, our opponent this time is a Gigantamaxed Shadow Butterfree. We do not anticipate this battle to be easy in the slightest, and yet..." she added, clutching the Poké Ball in her hand, "...we like our chances. Reporting for Channel 110 news, I'm Diana Macks." And with that, she wheeled around and joined the others as they marched up towards the massive Butterfree. "All right, Unfezant!" Diana exclaimed as she threw the ball. "Go!"

In a flash of light, the terrifying sight of the Shadow Unfezant materialized. "Uuuunfeeeeez!" Unfezant screeched unpleasantly, glaring up at the big Butterfree. "Uuuuun," she growled.

Diana has never worked with a Shadow Pokémon before, has she? Steakknife's voice sounded in Marv's head.

She has not, confirmed Marv through his thoughts, which he knew the Ralts could read, as he continued filming. And I have my misgivings. But she is not incapable. I have faith in her.

I will trust your faith to not be misplaced, the Ralts responded simply.

The time was right, and DJ Skweekz knew it. Seeing that the battle was imminent, the tiny Pikaclone sent an Eerie Impuse into the van's radio, causing it to blare a tune oddly fitting for a penultimate battle such as this.

Diana took a deep breath and exhaled. She could do this. A powerful Rock-type move, with a higher than average chance of striking a weak spot for a critical hit, said chance made all the higher by the user's innate Super Luck, further powered up by the unique powers of the pair of Stonjourner, a species known to exhibit a strange and wondrous power when teaming up with others at a Power Spot such as this? This was surely going to go their way. "Unfezant! Stone Edge!" she commanded.

OOC: Unfezant used Stone Edge (100 BP; high crit chance; user has Super Luck; user is also holding a Rocky Helmet, for whatever that's worth; two different ally Stonjourner have Power Spot)

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Stone Edge(100BP)
Dracen, Dragon Trainer

Cy, Bug Trainer

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Mimikyu, let's Copycat (0 BP) the Farfetch'd's Stone Edge (100 BP, high critical hit rate)! Mimikyu's Disguise is intact.
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joining in on the rock type fun with Rock Slide (75 BP)
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Yeah okay the priority is murder death kill

Rock Slide (75 BP, Sheer Force, Power Spot x 2)
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Mystical Fire (75 BP, Power Spot x2)
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We will be using Mimic to copy the Farfetch’d’s previously used Stone edge for future use.

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Whoa...that is one big bug. What even is it?

Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokemon, and the final evolved form of Caterpie. Its Gigantamax form has absorbed special energy and crystallized it on its wings, making its scales even more toxic than a normal Dynamaxed Butterfree. These scales are shed while its opponents are trapped in a cyclone of its creation in its signature move, G-Max Befuddle.

Wow, that's a Gigantamaxed Pokemon too! We're gonna have our work cut out for us, but luckily we have my Stonjourner friend with me! Stonjourner, open up with a good Rock Slide (75 BP), and we'll work from there!

Other Pokemon Discovered:

Unfezant, the Proud Pokemon. Unfezant are distinguished clearly between males and females. Females lack the plumage on their faces, but are known to have more stamina and better maneuverability in the air than the males, who are known more for their speed. Females are also more difficult to adjust to captivity and are recommended to be raised from an earlier evolution stage.

Klefki, the Key Ring Pokemon. These Pokemon hoard keys vigorously and are used by banks and businesses to keep keys to their safes or vaults secure. Klefki can then ward off robbers by jingling their keys and spooking them away. Some Klefki have been reported stealing keys from residential places, and they tend to be promptly captured soon after. Klefki are now more commonly seen in captivity due to how often they prefer living near humans instead of in the wild. However, there are still wild Klefki that live in the mountains, absorbing various metal ions using the horn on their head.

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Battlecut made by the crazy Daisy! *happy snek sounds*
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"...Look, just, uh... don't kill me or something. Please."

The Xatu had replaced the Pawniard that Elijah was in charge of earlier while they were moving down the path. He hadn't noticed then, but as the group that he was traveling with converged with yet another one, the lack of a certain rebel without a cause became very apparent to him. Not that he totally minded, seeing as he was still kind of wounded from its retaliation against his attempt to command it.

Of all of the trainers in the other group, a couple stood out to him: driving a news van, blaring some music... hey, was he on TV? He'd never thought that he'd be on TV before. Especially when he was all beat up and tired trying to fight other Pokémon...

Uh-oh, Elijah thought, silently hoping for the sake of his training career that this wasn't being broadcast internationally. He was doing this on the down-low for a reason.

So, anyway, here came the next challenger: a gigantic butterfly of all things. He was kind of used to it by now, but Elijah couldn't help but think about the irony here; a Bug type the size of a building. This wasn't your average... wait, hadn't he seen one of these before?

"Wait, I think I know this one," he told Epoch, who had been right behind him the entire time. "That's a... uh... Beautif—I mean Butterfree. Yeah, see, that's what my Pokédex says. I think someone had one in, like, eleventh grade or something. They kept showing it off because they said that they were rare. I don't think it had green wings, tho—what the..."

He was too wrapped up in recalling what Pokémon he was facing that he hadn't noticed that the Xatu that was following him was intensely glaring down the gigantic Butterfree in the distance. And then he was so wrapped up in that that he was a little taken aback when it gave him the same look.

...Yeah, this really was one of those days.


using Future Sight (120BP) on the butterfree (and myself? hmmm i wonder why)

Because constant burnout is a state of mind.™
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