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Beautiful Savage
Oh, hello
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Teleport to hiding, then use Miracle Eye.
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Round 27: Finito

Recalling their fallen Mawile after a job very well done, the trainer looks on with confidence as he is assured that he has clinched victory. He clutches his other pokeball, opening it and returning Melynx the Purrloin to the battle, looking refreshed from his particularly long stay in his pokeball.

Immediately he kicks off, confident that he has the edge after seeing that his foe is terribly mismatched against him. He smirks, and although feline in nature, releases a loud bark that echoes throughout the forest. Ripples of Dark energy are shot towards Sigil, as he prepares to get the [redacted] out of there! Once again, he disappears in a bright flash of light, Teleporting away up to a higher perch and avoiding the attack. The Snarl echoes through the woods however, amplified by the reverberation of the trees and causing Sigil to feel quite intimidated by her feline foe. Cat's love to toy with their prey after all.

Melynx isn't happy with his foes apparent cowardice, but smirks as he hears the echo of his Snarl ring through the forest, loud and powerful. He looks around for Sigil, his big eyes scanning for any signs of slight movement. He catches something, and smiles to himself. Sigil sits on the branch of a tree nearby glaring down with his glowing Eyes, attempting to identify his targets Dark typing and still holding on to a Miracle that the battle might yet turn in his favour. Melynx takes off, dark energy coating him and trailing behind him as he starts to power his way up the vertical face of the tree, the feline coming into his element with his power and balance. Sigil starts to hobble away, taking into the air in order to try and avoid Melynx's Pursuit. Melynx is wary as he keeps his eye on Sigil, somersaulting off the branch and straight into Sigil, the dark energies taking their toll as they both fall to the ground. Melynx manages to plant himself on his feet, smirking as he looks up towards his opponent. Sigil, despite hoping for that Miracle, succumbs to the attack as the victor of the battle becomes clear...

Sigil is Unable to Battle! Trot Away and Melynx are the Winners!

Trot gets 3 KO's and 6 TP
Savage gets 3 TP
I get 6 SP for super fast reffings (1 round preserved by TA I believe)

Great battle from both of you for the most part. However, both of you had a few small slip ups and I hope you both learned from this one. Savage you disadvantaged yourself by limiting yourself to 5 Psychic types anyway, but I definitely feel like you could've abused Trots U-Turn a little more. I'm a litte confused why you opted for Natu over Bronzor for your third pokemon. Neutral STAB against both Mawile and Purrloin with the Steel typing could've really saved you there.

And with that, the battle is over... oh yeah, I need to go find my Abra and Murkrow...

Anyway, I've been your host, George. Have a good day and a better tomorrow!
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Beautiful Savage
Oh, hello
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Yeah I forget why I used Natu instead of Bronzor lol. I somehow convinced myself it was a good decision. And I used five Psychics because I wanted to level them all before reaching TL3. Thanks for the battle, Trot, maybe next time we can have a more intense one where I can bring a more diverse squad!
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Trot Away
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YeS! We pulled out a win today! Nicely done, Melynx. Everyone else, too. Even at an advantage, that was pretty tough!

Hehe, it feels great to pull out a win for once...

Come on back, let's get everyone healed then head home. Now let me get your...wait, hey. My hands are stuck! This isn't a pokeball...Meeelynx!! >.<

Nyahahahaha! It worked! Be seeing you Trainer. I'm going for some Pecha berries...*He just vanishes. out of sight...*

Yaah, I should've seen that coming. Oh well...


Yeah, I think I can see where I flopped here and there. I'll have to be careful not to make such mistakes in the future...It was swell facing you, Beautiful Savage. I'm likewise to battling you again someday!

And with that, i'll make my leave. See you around! *With his hand still stuck on the object, he sets off to leave.*
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