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Re: UPN PASBL: Dream Breaker vs Weebos in Synthetic Island War!

Yeah, told myself to go here and finish this lot up...

Buffalo begins to charge up a full powered hyper beam, while Aquarael watches, before remembering she's weak, and proceeds to use the pool to surf all over the Remoraid, who is helpless against the wave and is sent flying by the strike, to land belly up in the drink unconscious. Aquarael rises from the waters, about to collapse, and manages to stay conscious, though extremely tired from that move.

Buffalo is unable to battle!
Weebos has no pokemon left!
Dream Breaker is the winner of this match!

Rather interesting water match this, but a half-charge would likely have put this match either way.

DB gets 2 KOs and 4 TP.
Weebos gets 2 TP.
I get 2 SP.

Thank ye for using fishy and Haychtoo reffings.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Re: UPN PASBL: Dream Breaker vs Weebos in Synthetic Island War!

Nice Match DB.
And Fishy your reffing is great as usual.

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