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Togepi Matthew's Snowy Snug-away *DEMOLISHED*

Pokémon Base:

Tucked away in the farthest corner of the Glacier Islands, near the Tranquil Lake is a snowy tree house that is inhabited by Matthew and his team. Loving the seclusion of the area, not to mention the wonderful peace and quiet, Matthew has made a playhouse and a safe-haven for anyone small enough is allowed roam free out of their Pokéballs. The area just outside of it, unlike the surrounding areas, is large, flat wasteland of snow and mountains, making it a perfect spot for training. A small oasis lies walking distance from the entrance to the tree.

Outside View

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Togepi Matthew's Inventory

Desks, Chairs and Plants

Mats, Posters and Cushions


Beaker Plushie


9x Warp Pipe, 10x Coins.

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Togepi Matthew's Pokémon Biographies

Matthew's Pokémon Biographies:

Pronounced AY jee, Rhyperior is named after Eiji Date for his veteran status among Matthew's team. A steamroller of a Pokémon with unquestionable power and a knack for blitzing the opponent with pure aggression, Eiji was Matthew's starter Pokémon and his most trusted friend. Matthew found Rhyperior as a Rhyhorn, with the Rhinoceros Pokémon was being tested on by the villainous Team Rocket; held in a cage far too small and given experimental drugs to increase battle prowess. Seeing similarities between himself and the Pokémon, Matthew unlocked the cage and was repayed as the rock-type saved him from an explosion. Rhyperior has since saved the trainer many times over, beating worthy opponents like Tyranitar, Machamp, reborn Gods and even Rhydon. Rhyperior embodies the true warrior spirit, holding true the values of respect, duty and protection wherever it goes, and has taken over the mantle of team protector since Steelix, a Pokémon since released, left the team. Currently considered Fizzy Bubbles alpha male after usurping Jessica's Rhydon from the position via a Pokémon battle. Matthew has since procured a Female Rhyhorn, ensuring Eiji's future as the cornerstone of his team.

Under Construction:
Matthew's first fossil Pokémon and foyer back into an interest in the past, Aerodactyl

Under Construction:
Partly nicknamed after Denver “Bull” Randleman and partly because he's a bulldozer, Shieldon is a solitude to the saying “the best offence is a good defence”

Under Construction:
Known as Dose, Doc or Medic, Omanyte is the team healer and all-round mother of the group. Although still in its infancy as a Pokémon, Dose excels in providing support to all other members of Matthew's team, and despite its uncharacteristic tenancies to revert back to childish behaviour, like a need to play with any object it can get its tentacles on, Omanyte maintains a will to help others over herself. Armed with only a few assist moves to apply on the battlefield, Omanyte's foundation of goodwill shines through, often using her wide attacking move-set to goad the enemies into focusing on her rather than those who are weaker, managing to sustain herself from being knocked out through sheer willpower and determination to aid. Very rarely seen in her shell, and with a preferred perching position on Matthew's shoulder, Dose's importance to the team is immeasurable, often pushing her team-mates to next levels with high-energy morale and thoughtfulness others respond to.

Under Construction:
One of Pokémon Matthew set out on his journey to acquire, Sól represents

Under Construction:
Pronounced EL Tee, Anorith is the bravest Pokémon on Matthew's team

Under Construction

Under Construction:
A member of the criminal organisation Team Pocket, Crim is a typical Pokéthief; targeting anything shiny in an excuse to sell it for profit, a true sleuth of the stealthy art with an ability to scope out buildings in mere moments. Incredibly quick and with a touch of a feather, Crim is a true mastermind of stealth and stealing; though has turned to a role of "muscle" within the Team Pocket group. Matthew has given up on trying to teach the Pokémon any better, having spent too much time already tracking down previous belongings to rightful owners only for them to say it was worthless and to keep it. As far the the veteran trainer knows, as long as he doesn't see it, it didn't happen. Often found curled up around Matthew's neck like a scarf, or not seen at all as it scouts potential scores with incredible speed, Zigzagoon's qualities come from a desire of cheeky playfulness, often pushing the trainer in new directions to adventure and trouble. Despite a willingness to commit crime, Matthew has come to value Zigzagoon for its playful and loveable mischief; harking back to days of youthfulness.

Under Construction:
Named after the main character in Blade Runner. An unwillingness to evolve past the original Porygon stage, Deckard has a inquisitive side

Under Construction:
Having spent a few of its early levels with Kairne before being traded to Matthew's team, Roam is a quintessential Nomad. An enjoyer of travel and speed, Roam spends the majority of its time out of its Pokéball to map new roads, explore and gather. A sharp memory for where it's been, but not much else, Roam doesn't argue much with its two heads like other Doduo, instead spending much of its processing power on distance traveled, and the speed of which it can go. Matthew's new preferred land travel since Eiji evolved and retired from much of the day-to-day activities, Roam is equipped with a saddle and reins to keep it on task and prevent it from finding new routes, which it will inevitably do if given free choice. While Roam is not ferrying Matthew back and forth from destination to destination, Roam is given free travel, with Matthew trusting its innate ability to always return to the trainer no matter how far it's gone, its quality to wander only matched, if not beaten, by its speed of return.

Under Construction:
Traded twice (once from Lass El, another from Ethan)

Under Construction:
Traded from Levin, Cloyster has kept its original name of Krem and arrived in Matthew's team as an already fully evolved Pokemon thanks to an early use of a Water Stone. Serious natured with a tangent to learn, Matthew has had problems getting Cloyster to open up to him, despite dumping a large portion of his resources for that very reason.

Under Construction:
The second of two Pokémon traded from Levin

Under Construction:
A Pokémon who is constantly trying to get rid of its lazy connotations, Grapple is a practitioner of the Zui Quan martial art style, often referred to as Drunken Fist. A Pokémon who is always attempting to overcome its Truant ability, Slakoth uses its appearance of intoxication and laziness to trick the opponents into a false sense of security, using its long limbs and slender stature to maximise fluid movements of striking. In addition to this, Grapple is trying to learn the move Skill Swap as a way to overcome its ability. Grapple has a strong bond of friendship with Psyduck, Exeggcute and Slowpoke after spending so much time with them learning about the psychic type, to the extent the four of them are very rarely seen alone.

Under Construction

Under Construction:
Perhaps the clumsiest Pokémon of all time, Psyduck has a current aura of bad luck around it, happening to fail, with good intentions, at everything it attempts to do. Heavy-handed with any task it attempts to create with often disastrous consequences, Psyduck reputation for ineptitude doesn't stop it from trying. While the water-type doesn't seem to realize it's inabilities, the team doesn't blame the it for its actions, but with an increasing precedent on stopping it from messing up plans, Matthew plans to figure out a way to actively help his cause by setting its never-ending unlucky streak on his opponents.

Under Construction

Under Construction

Under Construction

Under Construction

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Togepi Matthew's Trophy Case

Trophy Case:

Trophy Case:
Intermediate Trophy
Expert Trophy
Beginner Trophy


Beaker Plushie

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Togepi Matthew's Pokémon Information

Pokémon birthdays:

Mew: February 29th

Crim the Zigzagoon March 21st

Deckard the Porygon March 31st

Sól the Togepi: April 6th

Lileep April 29th

Anorith June 13th

Doduo July 27th

Rhyperior: August 4th

Mankey: August 22nd

Shieldon: October 11th

Aeroactyl: November 12th

Omanyte: November 18th

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Togepi Matthew's Fizzy Bubbles Adventures

Matthew's Journeys:

Matthew's First Journey: Trouble in a Tomb!

Matthew's Second Journey: Trail of the Travelers!

Matthew's Third Journey: Factoring in the Fossils!

Matthew's Fourth Journey: a Serious Safari Schooling!

Matthew's Fifth Journey: a Curious Cortoza Calamity!

Matthew's Sixth Journey: a Fantastic Forbidden Garden Fabrication!

Matthew's Seventh Journey: an Unexpected Unown Universe!

Matthew's Eighth Journey: a Ruckus in the Rock Pool!

Matthew's Ninth Journey: Wallowing in a Whale Island Whooping!

Matthew's Tenth Journey: an Astounding Astoria Adventure!

Matthew's Eleventh Journey: Courage in Cascedia!

Matthew's Twelfth Journey: a Foray into the Friend Safari!

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Togepi Matthew's Pokédex

Matthew's Pokédex:

= Owned = Seen

Rhyhorn. The Spikes Pokémon.
Onix. The Rock Snake Pokémon.
Magby. The Live Coal Pokémon.
Shinx. The Flash Pokemon
Weavile. The Sharp Claw Pokemon.
Steelix. The Iron Snake Pokémon.
Lairon. The Iron Armor Pokémon.
Vigoroth. The Wild Monkey Pokemon.
Gligar. The FlyScorpion Pokémon.
Noctowl. The Owl Pokémon.
Ledian. The Five Star Pokémon.
Castform. The Weather Pokémon.
Natu. The Tiny Bird Pokémon.
Solrock. The Meteorite Pokémon.
Luxray. The Gleam Eyes Pokémon.
Ponyta. The Fire Horse Pokémon.
Girafarig. The Long Neck Pokémon.
Slowpoke. The Dopey Pokemon
Mankey. The Pig Monkey Pokémon.
Granbull. The Fairy Pokémon.
Hariyama. The Arm Thrust Pokémon.
Machamp. The Superpower Pokémon.
Rhydon. The Drill Pokémon.
Aerodactyl. The Fossil Pokémon.
Sneasel. The Claw Pokémon.
Houndour. The Dark Pokémon.
Tauros. The Wild Bull Pokémon.
Shellos. The Sea Slug Pokémon.
Yanma. The Clear Wing Pokémon.
Sudowoodo. The Imitation Pokémon.
Manectric. The Discharge Pokémon.
Haunter. The Gas Pokémon.
Gliscor. The Fang Scorpion Pokémon.
Tangela. The Vine Pokémon.
Piloswine. The Swine Pokémon.
Dugtrio. The Mole Pokémon.
Caterpie. The Worm Pokémon.
Yanmega. The Ogre Darner Pokémon.
Spinarak. The String Spit Pokémon.
Donphan. The Armor Pokémon.
Mamoswine. The Twin Tusk Pokémon.
Poliwag. The Tadpole Pokémon.
Goldeen. The Goldfish Pokémon.
Lumineon. The Neon Pokémon.
Chinchou. The Angler Pokémon.
Clamperl. The Bivalve Pokémon.
Phanpy. The Long Nose Pokémon.
Seedot. The Acorn Pokémon.
Cherubi. The Cherry Pokémon.
Bellsprout. The Flower Pokémon.
Feraligatr. The Big Jaw Pokémon.
Swablu. The Cotton Bird Pokémon.
Rapidash. The Fire Horse Pokémon.
Hoppip. The Cottonweed Pokémon.
Heracross. The Single Horn Pokémon.
Pinsir. The Stag Beetle Pokémon.
Magmar. The Spitfire Pokémon.
Tyranitar. The Armor Pokémon.
Gallade. The Blade Pokémon.
Snorunt. The Snow Hat Pokémon.
Omastar. The Spiral Pokémon.
Cradilly. The Barnacle Pokémon.
Armaldo. The Plate Pokémon.
Rampardos. The Head Butt Pokémon.
Bastiodon. The Shield Pokémon.
Espeon. The Sun Pokémon.
Vulpix. The Fox Pokémon.
Rhyperior. The Drill Pokémon.
Magmortar. The Blast Pokémon.
Gengar. The Shadow Pokémon.
Meditite. The Meditation Pokémon.
Croconaw. The Big Jaw Pokémon.
Feebas. The Fish Pokémon.
Shroomish. The Mushroom Pokémon.
Shieldon. The Shield Pokémon.
Corphish. The Ruffian Pokémon.
Omastar. The Spiral Pokémon.
Spheal. The Clap Pokémon.
Scyther. The Mantis Pokémon.
Togepi. The Spike Ball Pokémon.
Raticate. The Mouse Pokémon.
Poliwarth. The Tadpole Pokémon.
Poochyena. The Bite Pokémon.
Kadabra. The Psi Pokémon.
Alakazam. The Psi Pokémon.
Shellder. The Bivalve Pokémon.
Sentret. The Scout Pokémon.
Houndoom. The Dark Pokémon.
Stantler. The Big Horn Pokémon.
Anorith. The Old Shrimp Pokémon.
Jirachi. The Wish Pokémon.
Dodrio. The Triple Bird Pokémon.
Beldum. The Iron Ball Pokémon.
Buneary. The Rabbit Pokémon.
Jigglypuff. The Balloon Pokémon.
Lileep. The Sea Lilly Pokémon.
Mew. The New Species Pokémon.
Taillow. The TinySwallow Pokémon.
Relicanth. The Longevity Pokémon.
Skitty. The Kitten Pokémon.
Azurill. The Polka Dot Pokémon.
Metang. The Iron Claw Pokémon.
Dusclops. The Requiem Pokémon.
Dusknoir. The Ripper Pokémon.
Milotic. The Tender Pokémon.
Oddish. The Weed Pokémon.
Hoothoot. The Owl Pokémon.
Zigzagoon. The TinyRacoon Pokémon.
Porygon. The Virtual Pokémon.
Tepig. The Fire Pig Pokémon.
Doduo. The Twin Bird Pokémon.

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Togepi Matthew's Dream Team

Matthew's Dream Team:

Furious Fossils

Hauser ??? (M) Dose Lt
??? ??? (M) Bull ??? ???

Tantalising Team

Eiji Sól Klutz ???
??? (M) Deckard ??? Krem
Grapple ??? Roam ??? ???
??? (M) ??? Crim ??? (M) Locke

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Togepi Matthew's Secret Space

Matthew’s TCG cards and decks:

Glastonbury Theme Deck - Customised
Common Pokémon:
4x Krabby, 3x Tangela (Base), 1&2/3x Shellder, 2x Jigglypuff
Uncommon Pokémon: 1&2x Cloyster, 3x Kingler
Rare Pokémon: 1&2x Scyther, 2x Pinsir, 1x Snorlax, 1x Holo Articuno, 2x Wigglytuff
Common Trainer: 2x Bill, 2x Potion
Uncommon Trainer: 1x Full Heal, 1x Super Potion, 1x Imposter Professor Oak’s Revenge
Energy Cards: 14x Water Energy, 14x Grass Energy.
Booster packed cards:

x1 Limited Edition Ancient Mew
x1 Birthday Pikachu
x1 Promo Lapras
x1 Promo Articuno
x1 Promo Lapras
x1 Promo Rising Rivals Froslass
x1 Promo Stormfront Snover

Fossil 1, Fossil 2, Fossil 3,

Jungle 1, Jungle 2, Jungle 3,

Gym Heroes decks,Gym Heroes & Challenge 1, Gym Heroes & Challenge 2,

Neo-Genesis 1, Neo-Genesis 2, Neo-Genesis 3,

Own choice of cards,

Trade 1, Trade 2, Trade 3,

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Togepi Viva la Serenade

Matthew stood on the far end of the casino, collecting what little he had after doing weeks of chores, from finding leprechauns to collecting his birthday money. Matthew clenched his fists in suspense, biting his lip in angst as he watched his hard earned cash spin around on the roulette, praying to land on his picks. As the ball began to slow down, Matthews face fell from happiness to disappear as the number rolled on by, before stopping, only to jump at the last number onto his chosen pick. As Matthew raised his head, he was congratulated by the other members betting around him. Matthew's dream had come true, and his ecstatic nature burst out, thanking everyone in the room before cashing in his prizes. As he collected his money, he noticed a Castform sign for sale, jumping at the opportunity to buy a member of his dream squad, Matthew paid the cashier before placing a chocolate ball on the counter and collecting his Pokémon.

As Matthew exited the casino for the day he released Castform, intent on finding all there was to know about his new Pokémon so that they may be friends and a successful team together.

"I think I'll call you Nimbus" Matthew addressed his new teammate, much to its pleasure as it hummed in contempt. As Matthew passed a store, he stifled a giggle at a man wearing a sombrero inside the store as a cashier. As he indented to keep on walking, a new idea popped into his head.

"OK nimbus, as you're the newest recruit you get to chose what we buy next."

Matthew looked back, only to find Castform stood in awe at some picture of the sombrero man's shop. As Matthew inspected them more his jawed dropped as he gazed at the fantastic secret bases. Castform gave a quick "Cast" in approval at what he wanted as Matthew strode inside the shop, purchasing a graze of land that he could call his own.


Enjoying what he could of the cold spring breeze forcing the snowflakes to float around in a rather peculiar matter, Matthew set about doing his morning chores, completely at peace with nature after a busy day of training down at the training grounds. With Rhyhorn and Steelix away in their Pokéballs Matthew felt he could have a relaxing evening in front of the fire, but as he walked inside, he saw his Castform and Magby playing in the play-pen on the right side of the base. Matthew smiled; it was good that they were playing so well, bonding to become a great team.

Everyone is invited ^.^

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Karmas shivered as a cold chill shot up his back.

Why does his base have to be in the Glacier Islands thought Karmas as he rubbed his arms.

Walking next to the trainer was his fiery and faithful Flareon, Puff. While Karmas was chilled to the bone Puff was nice and warm, due to her fire attribute. Finally the pair made it to Matthew's base and knocked on his door.

"Now remember Puff, you must behave and not burn anything down. For the love of God, don't burn anything down," said Karmas as they waited to be granted access to the base.
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Togepi While the 'multitude' remain

Matthew walked on, trying to suppress the niggling feeling to lie down for a sleep. His training scheme was immense; he was already on the fourth day and he could feel that there was much more to do. Hellion's footsteps echoed out of pace with his; Matthew could hear him lagging five or so paces behind him. As he carried on, Matthew's mind wandered, wondering how much training the fire type would need per day if he kept up his daily exercises, the Magmar becoming more and more in tune with battling and wanting to learn more.

Matthew trudged across the back of the base, pushing deeper into the snow that hung over the building; Magmar still lagging behind. As he began to relax with the cool air gushing through his mind, Matthew felt the insatiable urge to take a drink as he raised the bottle to his lips. Nothing came out. Cursing his inability to remember to bring two drinks while he trained, Matthew's finger sifted over his torse, flicking past loose change, items and pokeballs until he met with a metal object. Pulling it out of his trouser pocket with one weakened hand, Matthew quickly entered the key into the door, turning the mechanism as he did.

Suddenly, Matthew was flown back as the door opened frantically, a huge gust of dirtied wind escaped, leaving a shocked trainer to watch as the particles disbanded over the hill. Shaking his head, Matthew entered his domain to see a Hoppip hiding behind the sofa.

"What have I told you about using wind to move the garbage?" Matthew asked in a stern tone as the Hoppip came up from underneath the furniture, a sorry look on its face. "I told you not to. And do you know why? It's because when that cloud lands, it will make the surrounding area dirty, and eventually that will come down on us and you'll be the one cleaning it" He answered, his own question being rhetorical as the Hoppip burned a crimson red, it's cheeks feeling the force of the guilt it had sustained. Apologizing with a quick cry, Hoppip hovered over to its trainer for a hug, the trainer adhering to its request as he caught the grass-type.

As his voice carried through the house, Matthew was quick to hear the scuttling of feet from upstairs as a crash and a bang followed. Waiting as he was, Matthew soon saw the little electric Pokémon tumbled down the stairs, not quite used to the art of running down staircases yet, the extensions he had put in had called for stairs as the health and safety officer pointed out the weakened infrastructure of the larger upstairs meaning he could no longer support the lift system he had before . Picking itself up, Shinx shook its head as it ran towards Matthew, rubbing its head on Matthew's trousers with a purr. Bending down to stroke it on its ear, Matthew quickly got back to the chores he had set before going out.

"Have you fixed the electrics?" Matthew asked as the electric-cat meowed in response. Pleased with his tasks being done, Matthew's stroked the cat, the purr becoming louder. Laughing, Matthew soon discovered Nimbus to be hovering behind him, the weight in his hood a symbol that the weather changing Pokémon was back.

Moving over to the fountain, Matthew cupped his hands as he refreshed his face, drinking from the fresh pure water as he sighed in relief. Going down for another cup, Matthew heard the craw of a fossil Pokémon, before a quick knock at the door. Noticing that Zero must have spotted someone outside, though rather late, Matthew moved over to the door, opening it as he saw the fellow trainer at the door.

"Karmas, how good to see you" Matthew said having met the trainer at the pub "Do come in. This is my team; Zero, who you might have seen outside, Nimbus, Hellion, Lexi and Pollen." Matthew smiled as he introduced his team, pointing to each as he said their name. "Do you want a drink, I have loads. Beer, Coke, Fanta, name your choice"

Matthew pointed to the fridge as Castform peered over his head from his previous place in the hood as Magmar went to get the drinks. Matthew's eyes soon drifted towards the trainers companion, a flareon. "Who's this little fellow?" he asked, admiring the fluffy coat on the fire-type.

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Send a message via Skype™ to Raves

That was perhaps the best way to describe Jamie as he slowly trudged through the snow, no thanks to a certain frosted tree pokemon that had darted away when he had a lapse of concentration. The fact that the Snover's natural Snow Warning ability was being heightened by the natural snowy weather didn't help the boy's health much as he shivered, the only companion being the Lunatone Meteos and the slightly agitated Honchkrow Yakuza, who was feeling the chill harder due to his weakness to the icy elements.

Eyes aglow, Meteos was searching the snow for the ice type, and failing rather badly, which was ill news for the trainer as his legs became more numb with every passing second, and as his teeth chattered, the human heard the gentle snoring of a familiar voice as a small mound of cold dry stuff shifted to reveal a sleeping Arctacea. Resisting the urge to throttle the pokemon, he simply scooped him up before dropping to his knees, in slight alert: If he stayed out here any longer, he'd likely die from hypothermia or get frostbite. Or both.

Looking up at the Lunatone, which was making a beeline for a tree nearby, Jamie could only shuffle through the icy stuff as Yakuza slowly walked alongside him, his wings too chilled to flap, and a merciful sigh escaped his throat as he noticed that the tree was a base, and the wagging tail of a Flareon, a species he knew were naturally warm, just as it disappeared into the tree as it closed. Misjudging his luck, he lobbed whatever he had in his hands at the door, before falling to his hands as well, giving a pretty brutal shiver at it as Arctacea thumped into the door head-first before landing on his arse, awake, alert and annoyed.
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Karmas stood outside for only a couple of minutes, Puff keeping him warm, before the door was opened.

“Karmas, how good to see you” greeted Matthew “Do come in. This is my team; Zero, who you might have seen outside, Nimbus, Hellion, Lexi and Pollen.” Matthew smiled as he introduced his team, pointing to each as he said their name. “Do you want a drink, I have loads. Beer, Coke, Fanta, name your choice”

"Um, can I please have a drink of anything red," said Karmas, "I like red drinks."

With Hellion getting the drinks, Matthew soon saw Puff.

“Who’s this little fellow?” he asked.

"Well this is my Flareon, well that one's obvious isn't it, Puff. I purchased her from the Coins for Prizes and ever since she has been a valuable part of my team. But I must say, Puff is one of the rare non-grass or bug type pokemon that I like," answered Karmas. "Actually why don't I introduce a couple more members of my team."

The trainer grasped four pokeballs and opened them up. In four bursts of red light a Shiftry, Ledian, Scizor and Sunflora.

"This is Zoran, Dot, Slizar and Sunny," introduced Karmas, "But I believe that you met Zoran when he was still a Nuzleaf and Sunny when he was a Sunkern."

The pokemon looked around at where they were and walked over to Matthew's pokemon.

"So what's life in Fizzy Bubbles been like for you?" asked Karmas.
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Togepi Drinks are on the house.

"Um, can I please have a drink of anything red," I like red drinks." Karmas replied as Matthew nodded, nodding to Magmar as the fire-typed grunted in agreement. Opening the fridge to grab the drinks, the Magmar produced two bottles, two red soft drinks with a splash of colour on the label.

"A 'big red' one it is then" Matthew chuckled, coining the reason he bought a mass box "Only reason I have these is because they appeared in the Rise Against video"

Taking the two bottles of Magmar, Matthew opened the top lids, handing one to his opposite trainer. "I'm afraid we have no cups. Someone smashed them all when we first got back here." Matthew said as he gave the Shinx by his foot a stern look as the electric-cat gave him an apologizing look. As he turned back to the matter at hand, Matthew saw the Shinx sniff the air near flareon in an inquisitive manor before retreating back behind Matthew's legs. Rolling his eyes, Matthew asked what the Flareons name was.

"Well this is my Flareon, well that one's obvious isn't it, Puff. I purchased her from the Coins for Prizes and ever since she has been a valuable part of my team. But I must say, Puff is one of the rare non-grass or bug type pokemon that I like," Karmas answered as he agreed with the fox Pokémon's cuteness. Looking up to his own Coin for Prizes Pokémon, Matthew knew what the trainer meant when he mentioned his love for grass Pokémon, the love of grass Pokémon also running through his heart.

"Actually why don't I introduce a couple more members of my team." Karmas said as Matthew agreed, the base more than accompanied for the need for companions. With Karmas grasping four Pokéballs in his hand, Matthew saw the flash as a Shiftry, Ledian, Scizor and a Sunflora appeared from the beams.

"This is Zoran, Dot, Slizar and Sunny," introduced Karmas, "But I believe that you met Zoran when he was still a Nuzleaf and Sunny when he was a Sunkern."

Matthew watched as Karmas' Pokémon introduced themselves to his own, Pollen fluttering over to Zoran and Ledian as she made a ball of flying energy, riding it round the two and away, tempting them to follow her. Deciding that ‘if pollen can do anything, I can do it better', Lexi quickly met up with Puff as the two began conversing. Nimbus quickly followed suit by releasing a little water gun attack to change his form into the water form and back again as the sunflora enjoyed the refreshing water.

"So what's life in Fizzy Bubbles been like for you?" asked Karmas as Matthew chuckled.

"Mixed feelings mate. Fun, but Jesus have they been dangerous. I nearly got killed by a 'Sun God' in the Ancient Tomb and fell down a massive hole. Also nearly got killed by a blooming zombified Machamp in Talas. Dangerous place this isle. Met some really good people though" Matthew chuckled as he offered him a seat on the couch. "How about you?"

As soon as Matthew finished his sentence he heard a sudden thud on the door, followed by the moving of feet on the branches above before an even louder Craw by the Aerodactyl. Hesitating slightly, Matthew opened the door to see a Snover sat upright, looking very alert and angry at the same time and staring into the distance. As Matthew wondered precariously, he was soon rectified by the presence of another man, the obvious owner of the Snover as well as the thrower. Recognizing him to be Jamie, Matthew opened the door wider for him and his Pokémon to come in, the moon based Pokémon of Lunatone and a Honchrow following closely behind. As he saw the trainer on his knees, Matthew quickly sent an order up to his Aerodactyl, the fossil Pokémon braving the storms to give them a lift. With all three on its back, Zero zoomed back to the widened door to let them off

"Come in, come in" Matthew said as he ushered them all through the door into the warm "We've got central heating and drinks. Do you fancy anything? Warm cup of tea maybe? Magmar here is an excellent warm drinks maker; he'll have them ready in seconds" Matthew paused for a few seconds before remembering something "Only one rule though, no Shadow Zangooses. I've just had the base refurbished" he laughed.

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The breeze was almost perfect, it was cold and very chilling but not so much as to be uncomfortably so. Kelly had decided it better to bring a thick coat all the same, her Espeon, Lucas, happily jumping forward through the snow and back-tracking over his own pawprints while waiting for his slow trainer to catch up. After all, it was his first time seeing the substance, even an overly serious Pokemon couldn't help but get excited over something like that. It was Glacier Island after all, you'd expect it to be cold. None the less it seemed rather magical, like Christmas almost.

You'd never see snow like that over in Kanto, she mused, taking in as much as the scenery as her far less than perfect vision would allow her. To her left was another curious Pokemon, the snow was just as fascinating to him as it was to his other two traveling companions. Tron, the slightly younger but equally as naive Porygon scanned over the snow, nudging the chilly white frozen liquid with his beak-like nose.

"Well," Kelly announced, "it looks like we're here!" Both Pokemon looked up to their trainer curiously and then to the giant structure that stood before them. It was certainly impressive, far larger than she had assumed it would have been. In terms of bases it looked like a mansion, it even had more than one floor. The last base she had seen was that of a 'friend' of hers back in Viridian Forest. It was nowhere near as large as this, not even a quarter of the size infact. "Umm... eheh..." she hesitated looking nervously down to her two Pokemon. Lucas tilted his head to the side in confusion whilst Tron was more interested in scanning the bases structure than he was in actually entering. Stupid, why am I getting nervous over a silly thing like knocking at someone's door... Taking a deep breath the girl finally gave the door a couple of knocks before waiting for an answer.
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Strolling through the snow with her new Pokemon, admiring the graceful appearance of the scenery around the area that Mathew just had to choose for his secret base. He had to choose one of the coldest areas in the region! Really? This had better be worth it too! Looking down at the invitation in hand, he read it through his mind again. "Hello Anna! I would love it if you would come out to my base so we could celebrate the arrival of a new Pokemon on my team! Please feel free to bring any of your Pokemon as well, it'll be a party! Sincerely, Mathew." Shaking her head, she continued walking out into the barren snowy landscape. I could use some company!

"Lets go Ivy!" she said before tossing a red and white orb directly up into the snowy air. About five feet above her the orb broke open and in a flurry of white light, a great purple furry looking creature with great big red eyes staring out at her. The creature known as a Venonat named Ivy, shivered for a moment before jumping up into Anna's arms and snuggling down deep. "Awww... Ivy, I love you!" holding the creature tightly she continued walking on. Not long after, in the journey permeated with silence, they came upon a small rocky entrance to a base that they presumed was Mathew's.

Getting closer, she saw a young girl standing next to the base knocking on the door.

"Well, hello, you are a guest of Mathew as well I presume," she said as she walked up to the door. And waited letting the silence once again permeate the air like the cold harsh snow.
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Togepi Oh Snow (Hey Oh)

The sun shone brightly as it filtered down to the snow, illuminating as the yellow light rebounded from the sheet blanket of snow, a dangerous hazard for any unprepared. With the quaint, modern feel to his rectangular building creating an atmosphere that he could call his home. Breathing in a breath of fresh air, Matthew noticed the Aerodactyl once more look to the sky, yearning the acquisition of being free. Opening one of the massive windows, Matthew stared out the windows in his surroundings, the base being situated in an area that had once been all mountain wasteland, hills of snow still stretching as far as the eye could see while on the other, it was just a short walk to a private oasis in which he trained his water types, the propulsion of ice-cold water and training concerning Matthew to start, but as the training began and got underway; the immediate affects was very noticeable. Leaving room for the giant flying-type to maneuver his way outside, Matthew stood aside for his Aerodactyl to get back to his preferred position upon the highest branches of the renovated base.

Turning his attention back to his Pokémon and his guests, Matthew smiled politely as he chuckled at his Pokémon's attempts to impress. With Shinx happily bounding round the Flareon with amusement and excitement, it quickly noticed his outburst of humor before tilting her head at him before returning to skipping on the spot. On the other side of the base; Matthew's eyes drifted to Nimbus, the small Castform changing shapes with the Sunflora as the ice beam broke and fell in mid-air, much to his amusement. As he returned to closing the window so he didn't let the cold air in, Matthew quickly remembered something. Kneeling down and unclasping one of the Pokéballs from his belt, Matthew smiled at Pollen as he prepared to withdraw her back.

"Don't worry Pollen, Karmas is a much better grass trainer than I. I'm sure we'll meet again someday, and you'll be much stronger with him" He said as he clicked the middle button, enlarging the ball before sucking the Hoppip back into the ball. As the light dissipated, Matthew stood back up, handing the ball to Karmas as he exchanged the Pokémon for candies.

"Take good care of her, won't you?" He asked, knowing full-well that he would. As Matthew also withdrew the Magmar back to his belt, he looked around the room for the shelf he intended, spotting it above the bookcase as he reached up with one hand, grabbing four more storage devices between his fingers, throwing them simultaneously as the energy began to spread through-out the room.

Within a few seconds, the light had died down and Matthew stood staring at more of his companions. A beautiful Feebas swam in the fountain as Matthew grabbed some Pokémon Fish Food from the cupboards before holding it up high as the Feebas jumped and caught it from his hands. Smiling that the Feebas was learning so much, Matthew soon felt his leg being squeezed by two very small arms. Looking down, Matthew held no surprise to see his Togepi hugging his leg; grateful for the opportunity to be let out of her Pokéball. Sweeping her up in his arms, Matthew tickled the Togepi as he reveled in her company, it being the first Pokémon who had truly seen him as a constant need.

As the small egg Pokémon let out a brief cry of happiness, Matthew's attention fell to an attentive and unsure Shieldon as it tentatively nosed its way towards the lying body of Jamie. Giggling at the steel type, Matthew found himself in a predicament of trying to teach the fossil Pokémon to be braver, it being the most anxious despite its natural defenses. With his attention drawn, Matthew followed his eyes to see an Omanyte dancing. Raising one eyebrow at another of his precious fossils, Matthew had learnt to 'go with the flow' and let the water-type do its own thing, the musical marvel that was Scuddles being audacious at the very least.


As a pinging sound drew Matthew's attention away from his guests, he shot them an apologetic look before heading to the PC. As a blob appeared in front of him; Matthew held out one hand with a cautious look on his face, still having one arm wrapped under Togepi for its protection and comfort. Being a relatively small and round object, Matthew held one hand flat as to catch the dot, only to find the blob continue expanding. With minutes turning into seconds, Matthew found himself to be in possession of the Fire Ball he had sent off not five minutes ago.

"Wow that was quick" he muttered before turning to his guests "Sorry about that; E-Trading makes it much easier to evolve some Pokémon".

With a grin stretching across his face, Matthew threw the ball to the floor as the once absent minded Magmar came out; only this time much bigger. As a new fully fledged Magmortar, Hellion looked back at Matthew with a smirk, as Matthew clocked the reason for it. More training. Breathing a deep breath of a sigh, Matthew suddenly became distracted once more, several sounds coming from outside. As he headed for the door, Matthew was sure nobody was there before a sound came.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"That must be my newly ordered Plushies" Matthew exclaimed as he opened the door. Surprised, Matthew found Kelly and Anna in his wake, smiling happily for another guest. "Come in, come in. Welcome to my humble abode".

As he welcomed Kelly and Anna into his base, Matthew spotted a Porygon scan the surroundings, curious in nature. Nudging Omanyte with his very un-subtle gestures, Matthew tried to persuade the Fossil Pokémon to go over, thinking they would share common interests. After a few majorly embarrassing hints, Omanyte finally got the message before dancing her way over, introducing herself as her head bopped to the music. Another Pokémon caught Matthew's eye as he saw the Espeon tilting its head. Giving a meep of approval, Matthew looked to get the Shieldon to go over to talk, the shy Shieldon taking his time to get there. Tisking and rolling his eyes, Matthew smiled at the Espeon, wanting one of the psychic types himself. Seeing Anna's Pokémon; a Venonat, the small Pokémon's eyes glaring up at him as Matthew smiled at the fluffy-looking bug-type. As Matthew smiled to the bug, Magmortar came over with a plod, extending a hand to the Venonat.

"Can I offer you a drink?" He asked politely before hearing yet another knock on the door. "They're like buses, you won't see one for hours, and then they all turn up at the same time" he joked before apologizing for what seemed like the umph-teenth time, Matthew headed to the door to find a gruff man standing outside, a snowmobile's engine running behind him as he thrust the clipboard at the young man.

"Sign here" he said in an unbenevolent tone, eager to return to his snowmobile to collect the goods. With a swift signature of pen touching paper, the man returned with a humongous box, as Magmortar stepped out to help with the strain. "We think you've ordered wrong because you've got two of every special edition doll" the man said with no change in his voice but Matthew nodded him away, assured he had spent said coins. As they jostled the box into the base, Matthew saw the lid box open in the wind as he quickly checked his goods to be in working order. As Matthew steered the box into the corner of the base, he found he had lost something.

"TOGEPI!?" Matthew cried as he opened the door once more, assured he must have dropped the poor normal type out in the snow, the white egg shell providing excellent camouflage in the white falls. Frantically digging around in random sites, Matthew suddenly heard a little 'Priiii!' in response. Thinking it had come from behind him, Matthew turned to see the Togepi burst from the plushies box, popping bubble wrap. As Matthew laid one hand on his heart, he felt himself almost have a heart attack. Walking over to Togepi, Matthew scooped her up once more, wiping a bead of sweat from his face before giving her a hug, glad she had not been lost in the freezing snow.

Looking back at his awestruck guests at such a random outburst, Matthew cheekily grinned before bursting out laughing, wiping a tear from his eye.

"With all of the amateur dramatics out of the way, what say we break out the old Xbox 360 out and play some Rock Band?"

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Rhyperior grunted as he picked up the heaviest of Matthew's base items before slotting them into the moving truck; the largest plushies, his king-sized bed, tables, chairs and even a pool table. Aerodactyl flew in and out of the top floor gathering what little Matthew had stored in his personal room; Shieldon pushed smaller items with its flat head across the floor to be hoisted into the truck's cargo bay; Omanyte, with her multiple tentacles, selotaped pre-packaged boxes before giving them to Closyter who psychically transferred them into hard-to-reach spots; Zigzagoon and Doduo used their speed to grab items and return, their natural competitiveness quickly turning the jobs into a game, causing many of the items returned to be dropped and damaged in order to maximise de-loading time and edge out the opponent; Porygon buzzed around inquisitively scanning each and every object for information, a tool Matthew would be using to catalogue his belongings for their new home while Cradily supervised the younger and newer Pokémon to keep them out of trouble.

His base bustled with busy Pokémon running back and forth in an attempt to help and be productive in the moving process, his soon-the-be-completed move to a new base in Seaside City causing a stir among his comrades as the excitement of moving got the better of many. It was a new chapter in the veteran Pokémon trainer's life; a move away from the frigid temperatures and harsh climates that the Glacier Isles provided and into a more fitting location near the warm beaches of the aptly named coast. As a younger trainer, eager to create a base of operations to return to after adventure, Matthew had used the Glacier Isles to his advantage, training hard to incorporate battling styles and type weaknesses into his Pokémon with the use of the slippery slopes. Though he hadn't managed to move any tangible weaknesses, especially those of his fossils who where 4x as weak to ice, the experience was enough to give maturity to most of his senior members.

He had enjoyed his time in the glaciate region of Fizzy Bubbles, and while some winters were extremely hard and most summers inevitably just as cold, it was time for him to move to a place more suited for his status. Now a well-travelled individual, without the signs of retiring, Matthew had decided to spend a large outlet of his coins to accommodate his ever-increasing populous of younger Pokémon into a large base made from the old abandoned Power Plant. Though many saw the building as a derelict waste, Matthew saw a potential for greatness and purchased the land after a lengthy spell of deliberation.

His two story tree-top base was scheduled for demolition as soon as the transfer was complete and the papers signed. Stepping outside Matthew stared up at the place he had called home amongst home for some five years, having purchased it in 2009, with fond memories as nostalgia yearned to relive many happy times amidst the large tree. Pokémon stopped working to join him as they lined up behind Matthew, many youngsters copying their elders with cocked heads, forever wondering what they were staring at, but Matthew smiled as he harked back to his first adventures. His base was soon to be destroyed and replaced with bare open land; prime property for any starting trainer. Walls of snow provided by the small glaive protected the tree from wind damage, and a constant waterfall stream pond provided relaxing times, and an easy ice bath once training was over.

Friends and famly had collected in his humble abode to share time and tales of adventure in the mysterious lands known as Fizzy Bubbles, and with each return to his base his recollection of such fun times flooded back. Even after his memory loss Matthew had managed to find his base, thanks to a deed crumpled up in the bottom brackets of his bag and some helpful directions from his Pokédex GPS, and with that came a rush of endorphins; the place heralded as some of the most significant time spent. His décor hadn't changed much since he moved in, many of his newly-bought items had been sitting in storage and old ratty well-used furniture accompanied those memories, an abrupt unwillingness to throw them out left his place looking as tired and old as he was. Making a mental note to purchase and change items when he got to his new space, and the realization of how much work would be needing to renovate the equally downtrodden warehouse, Matthew begun writing plans for themed rooms, relaxation space and residence for guests and Pokémon alike. The power plant he was moving to had 5 open rooms with massive potential, 2 smaller spaces that he planed to be more practical and one room containing the now defunct generator.

For many of his Pokémon this was the only residence they knew. Matthew and Rhyperior had originally come from Viridian City in Kanto, Cloyster, Skorupi and Doduo had homes with other trainers during the early stages of development while his fossils had a life before being reanimated back into the world, but for a select few this decent sized tree-top was everything they knew outside adventures. The new place would be much larger than this, however, the wooden-made base having only two rooms of which one was a large open plan which held kitchen, dining room and play area all in one, the other being the trainer's room. Matthew wondered how his Pokémon would settle, but with a small blast of freezing air sending a chill up his back to remind him of just how crisp this wintry wonderland could be, his doubts soon faded as he imagined his Pokémon roaming free in the large spaces and warm climate that would soon greet them.

Placing a hand on Rhyperior, who's hardened expression had changed to a softer one in remembrance of the past, Matthew ushered his Pokémon back inside to continue the packing as the sun set on another chapter of his life, eager to begin another on in a far more relaxed, comfortable environment …

To be continued
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