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Darmanitan ASBOs 2016: Awards Ceremony

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, the ASBOs Award Ceremony is on time for the first time in my entire ASB career! Woo! This year, each category has a trophy made by our very own TheKnightsFury, so everyone who wins has him to thank for their tacky golden sprite, which I've placed after the write-up and full results so as not to spoiler the winner of each category. Without further ado, let's get to the awards:
Man, with Stealthy and Slash hiding TO Hero next year in the two easy ways, I had to get creative to keep the tradition up. *Shakes fist angrily at the pair of them* Anyway, this year, with Stealthy having left early in the year, the field for TO Hero was left wide open with the man who had a monopoly for so long finally vacating. On to the next Margin!

Taking first place for TO Hero is someone who I imagine few people would expect, least of all himself. Having just reached TL3, this Zubat lover has endeared us all with his bad opinions. That's right, 2016's Time Out Hero is Ironthunder! Join us in the next margin to see who takes Silver!
As always, we'll be leading off with the Best Newbie category. Unfortunately, our list of Newbies was a bit paltry this year, even after I grandfathered someone in. Let's all hope Sun and Moon bring about an insurgence of new ASB blood, shall we?

Getting to the results proper, we have one of our biggest landslides of the entire ceremony in this category: Fairfax, the newbie who went from everyone's favorite beginner to only nominally existent in less than a year, topping even Dave in his ability to disappear, ran away with this category. Trailing in at a distant second is GX Prodigy, who managed to garner a hefty number of votes in his own right, surely because of his spunk and enthusiasm. Seriously, this kid's challenging me to a 6v6 on my home Equiall 6 turf and insisting I don't hold back. He's not messing around, and we might be looking at a future Gym Leader here. Only time will tell, I suppose. Coming in third place is our dear friend Sharpie, who was tragically banned from Serebii before he could even start his first battle. We promised we'd never forget him, and by allowing him to snag the coveted 3rd place award in this category is proof that we haven't!

Full Results:
1st: Fairfax- 64% (5 SP)
2nd: GX Prodigy- 27% (3 SP)
3rd: Sharpie- 9% (1 SP)

The Golden Nidoran

Coming in second place, we have... Stealthy, who ASB so enjoys stroking the ego of that he won second place even though he was only in ASB for 2 months of the year. Real bang-up job, there, folks. Come on over to the next margin to see who won Bronze!
One of our more subjective awards, the Coolest Squad award honors exactly who you'd expect: Whoever the community thinks has a squad that is the most interesting, most creative, most fun, or whatever metric they may use to define "cool".

Coming in first is someone who I feel absolutely deserves the honor of this award. I've fought him more times than I can even remember, and each time he's brought something I've never fought before from his squad full of underrated, derpy, and unpopular Pokemon. YOU may have already guessed who it is: Our Vampiric Overlord, the newest LO, that's right, it's Miror! From champion Kricketune to Carbink to Exeggutor to Electrode, and even packing a Sudowoodo that I had TKF dip in gold to be his award, his squad is definitely a sight to see. Coming in second place is none other than Trot Away, who's endlessly charming Role Playing of his squad has clearly captivated much of the community. Bringing up the end of the award we have... our first tie! TheKnightsFury and KamenAeons tied for third place, with the former having created custom sprites and detailed biographies for his team, while Kamen's here for his weebtastic squad full of names that make me want to shoot myself whenever I ref for him. Good thing he never orders so I don't have to do it very much!

Full Results:
1st: Miror- 24% (5 SP)
2nd: Trot Away- 16% (3 SP)
3rd: TheKnightsFury and KamenAeons- 12% each (1 SP each)
Honorable Mentions: Rotomotorz, Slash

The Golden Sudowoodo

In third place, we have an absolutely obscene tie. This one is split four ways, with Deh, Austo, Emi, and Savvy each getting a piece of the pie. There's too many for me to comment without bleeding into another margin, so I'll just say congrats! Full results will be posted when someone uses a Snorlax post icon on a post in this thread as proof that they found this!
Ah, the Best Sigmaker Award. As sig approver, I've seen almost every sig in the entirety of ASB, and I have a pretty good feel for who's good at making sigs and who isn't. While I'm not the one voting, I will say that the winner of this category completely deserves it. He sets massive trends by himself, with people following his lead in hopes of the sigs they base off of his own being able to hold a candle to the original. Yes, that's right, Poignant Lyrics has snatched first place. Coming in second, amusingly, is the guy who the winner plots his sigs with; yours truly, Snorby! I'm guessing people thought that voting for me would get them brownie points for sig approvals in the future. (Spoilers: It won't.) Coming in third we have someone who it's only fitting to see place: Miror, the winner of Best Squad 2016. Naturally, the Best Squad must have some of the best sigs in it.

Amusingly, last year's Honorable Mentions for this award were myself and Sneazey, and the both of us went on to become Sig Approvers in 2016. This can only bode well for this year's Honorable Mentions: ...Oh, wait. The only who qualifies this year is Sniz, which I promise isn't enough prestige to earn anyone any Brownie points from him, either. Sorry, folks!

Full Results:
1st: Miss Piggy- 36% (5 SP)
2nd: Snorby- 23% (3 SP)
3rd: Miror- 18% (1 SP)
Honorable Mention: Sneaze

The Golden Mega Aggron:


ASB, shockingly, revolves around one thing: Battling! Yeah, I know, like half of our community doesn't really battle and most matches take ages to complete. But we all at least at first joined ASB to battle, and likely in part because of the cool style of battling, and this award is designed to honor the most captivating battles of the year. So, as we move on from an award dominated by our favorite sheep shagger and myself we have... an award dominated by our favorite sheep shagger and myself. Awk. But yes, that's right: Poigy's Gym Defense against myself takes the gold this year, presumably because of how funny watching me lose to my own phone orders was. I agree, it was pretty grand. Anyway, taking Silver we have another Gym Defense: MtG Challenging Sneaze's Grass Gym has been going almost as poorly as it has slowly for MtG, with the poor catman getting slaughtered by Sneaze's horrifically broken Cradily. Coming in third was the Crimbus GM, which was a hilarious and incredibly fun shitshow while it lasted. It ties for the Bronze spot with Poigy taking on Suicune, which honestly was a pretty boring battle imo. Josh's reffings were cool, but that belongs in the next category. I guess people just like seeing broken mons like Lapras in action.

Full Results:
1st: Cibbir vs Snorby- 37% (5 SP for each battler)
2nd: Sneaze vs Mew the Gato- 16% (3 SP for each battler)
3rd: Grand Melee V and Cibbir vs Suicune- 11% each (1 SP for each participant in the GM; 1 SP for each battler in Cibbir vs Suicune*)

The Golden tragically non-mega Steelix:

*Cibbir had 2 MLCs. I'm giving the SP to Jerichi seeing as Kush is no longer around to collect.


Last year, you all pissed off the host of the ASBOs by giving the Gold in this category to a much beloved shitshow of a GM hosted by Sneazey. This year? You all pissed off the host of the ASBOs by giving the Gold in this category to a much beloved shitshow of a GM hosted by Sneazey. Good fucking job. Assholes. Coming in Silver is MTG's Legend Match in which he's taking on Cresselia with Mega Scizor and seems to be losing at it. Bang-up job there, fella. Taking Bronze is Sneaze's Legend Match in which he's taking on a Celebi with Mega Sableye and almost lost at it. I'm sensing a pattern here; you sadistic twats just love to watch people fuck up, don't ya? I mean, I do too, but that's entirely beside the point.

Full Results:
1st: Grand Melee V- 32% (5 SP for Sneaze)
2nd: MtG vs... Legend!- 21% (3 SP for Miror)
3rd: Sneazey vs... Legend!- 11% (1 SP for Dave)

The Golden Delibird:


Man, you goofy little shits never cease to surprise me. Here, we have the Best ASB Moment Award, which historically goes to a much beloved joke, quality ASB meme, or a hilariously memorable event. This year, though? Y'all said "hey fuck that noise" and went with one of the biggest and most controversial changes ASB has made in a long time by showing your support for The Sig Wipe and the hiring of myself and Sneaze as Sig Approvers. I was gonna make another joke about brownie points here, but I'll cut the jokes and be honest for a moment; seeing in a quantifiable way how much the community appreciates the work we do, even though we've already fucked up quite a bit and will surely continue to do so in the future, is hugely rewarding to me and makes me very excited to continue to approve sigs going into the new year and Gen VII. I'm sure Sneaze feels the same way, as do the LOs who hired us and set the sig wipe into motion. Thanks, everyone.

Coming in second is what I would've personally voted for Best ASB Moment this year: Kush's Glorious Tree Massacre in GM V. It's hard to top an Entei sprouting a volcano to knock over a hundred foot tree and straight up murder like five mons in one fell swoop. It's a damn shame he won't be around to dick around with his Volcano-causing Entei in future GMs. Finally, we have Apollo's epic return to PASBL taking the Bronze through the use of more memes than I thought possible in a single post. Truly a beautiful thing to see.

Full Results:
1st: Sig Wipe- 32% (No SP)
2nd: Kush's Massacre- 18% (No SP)
3rd: Apollo's Comeback- 14% (No SP)

The Golden Cradily:


It's back, friends! After a one year hiatus, I've revived the Derp Award, in part because the lack of joke awards in a joke award show was strange to me, and in part because of just how many derpy moments occurred this year. One moment in particular stood above (or, I suppose, below) the rest- when a drunken Jeri killed his own Admin powers at UPNCon. Raking in a whopping 52% of the votes, this may go down with Shuckle's Inorganic Starmie as one of the derpiest events in ASB History. Great work, Mr. President. Taking Silver is a derp moment of my very own, when I forgot to Mega against Cibbir in the match crowned Best Battle 2016. Let this be a lesson to all the ASB nublets that may be reading this: Never order in an important match on your phone. Coming in third place, we have another match involving me and gyms- only this time, I wasn't the derp! Woo! That's right, coming in third place was Heather's Challenge of My Gym. Specifically cited was her decision to bring not one, but three Poison types into my Psychic Gym. A stroke of genius if I've ever seen one. Despite this, though, she hasn't lost the match just yet, so perhaps the Derp Award for 2017 will go to me for somehow fucking this up.

Full Results:
1st: Jeri's Admin Misshap- 52% (No SP)
2nd: Snorby Forgetting to Mega- 14% (No SP)
3rd: Heather Challenging Snorby- 9% (No SP)
Honorable Mention: Kots vs Apollo

The Tin Kecleon:


Now that we're into the back half of the awards, we move to another fun one: The Most Improved award. This award is for people who go from zero to hero over the course of the year, completely tossing aside the notion that it takes time to git gud. In one of our closest categories of all, Crys, who notably thrashed Kush in a dark scenario not long ago, just barely eeks ahead of TheKnightsFury, who flew through the TLs at a pace only rivaled by the likes of Sneazey, for first place. This category was so lopsided toward the two of them, in fact, that only one other person got more than even a single vote: Machamp-X who went from constantly putting up Gym Apps and getting rejected every time to finally getting her long-desired Fairy Gym not too long ago. Way to go, you three. If history holds true, one of you will become a sig approver next year, one of you will get a gym, and one of you will stop battling entirely. ...This makes me think it probably won't hold true.

Full Results:
1st: Crys- 39% (5 SP)
2nd: TheKnightsFury- 35% (3 SP)
3rd: Machamp-X- 9% (1 SP)

The Golden Ditto:


And now, we come to the biggest and most predictable landslide we have for this year. Yes, that's right, Ima_Penguin95 took the gold this year, reclaiming his throne, which I hope someone left a thumbtack on before he sat down. Trailing him at a distant second place is Miror, last year's winner who seems to place in almost every category. Seriously, I'm pretty sure he gets more mentions than anyone except maybe the guy who beat him out on this award. At an even more distant third place, we have Mew The Gato, who's reliability and lovely prose make him an excellent ref, even if he isn't quite as well-versed in the ins and outs of the game as the other two are.

Full Results:
1st: Flaaffy Fucker- 67% (5 SP)
2nd: Miror- 17% (3 SP)
3rd: Mew The Gato- 11% (1 SP)

The Golden Mareep:


Welp, it's time to get to another forgone conclusion award. Let's see what order Dave, Sneaze, and Jeri placed in this time, shall we?




You cheeky lil' shits surprised me again, in a big way. Two of Dave, Sneaze, and Jeri didn't even place for the Dave, Sneaze, and Jeri award. Stranger yet, we have a tie for first place: Piggy took first, which is a surprise, but even more surprising than that, yours truly, Snorby, tied him for the Gold. I'd do a little bit on why, but I honestly have no idea. At least Piggy deserves it. Coming in for the Silver is Sneaze. There is no Bronze. Nobody else even got more than one vote. Wow.

Full Results:
1st: Pigglesworth/Snorby- 34% each (5 SP each)
2nd: Sneaze- 11% (3 SP)
3rd: N/A
Honorable Mentions: Dave, Jeri

The Golden Suicune and The Golden Snorlax


Moving on from what was, in my opinion, the most surprising award we have this year, we have a true forgone conclusion. This guy has viciously thrashed almost all of the competition he might have had for this award. He's crushed his way through the TLs at a nearly unprecedented pace, and recently even claimed a Gym, which he had long been due for. I'm sure you all know who it is, so let's give a big hand to TheKnightsFury! Coming in second, though, is another excellent battler who deserved the win almost as much as the guy who really won. While his matches don't move much and that's resulted in him still sitting in TL4, as he was last year, he's still a force to be reckoned with, having claimed a Gym of his own not long ago by proving that he can win against a Marowak with Magcargo. That's right, second place for Best Mid-Tier Battler this year goes to none other than Miror! Coming in third place, we have the guy who eeked Austo out for Most Improved, Crys! While he doesn't have a Gym yet, I would argue that he's earned his stripes and it's only a matter of time until he gets his Dark Gym. I certainly look forward to it.

Full Results:
1st: TheKnightsFury- 40% (5 SP)
2nd: Miror- 16% (3 SP)
3rd: Crys- 12% (1 SP)
Honorable Mentions: KamenAeons, Zelphon

The Golden Swampert:


So, I accidentally typed "Memeber" instead of "Member" in the title when I was first writing this up. I caught it when I was glossing over everything, and decided to keep it and make it the point of the intro because of how fitting it is. You see, for the second year in a row, Dave is ASB's Most Missed Member. Not to mention, this year literally anyone who isn't currently active in ASB was eligible to be voted for. He still topped everyone else. The lengths you guys will go to preserve a meme truly astonish me. Coming in second is Mercutio, who had to have himself banned to ensure he'd stay away from ASB. Something tells me he'll make an alt in a few months and be back, though. In third place we have a tie, with sexiest member of all time Deebs and art God Extroph sharing the Bronze award.

Full Results:
1st: Dave- 27% (No SP)
2nd: Kush- 18% (No SP)
3rd: Deebs/Extroph- 9% each (No SP)

The Golden Relicanth:


And with this, we come to the final award in our program. This coveted award isn't selected purely by those voting - you know that all too well - but is instead decided upon by the LOs. It's an esteemed place, designed for those who work as tirelessly as the overlords to ensure a moving, thriving ASB, but might not get quite as much attention or recognition as they deserve. While it can certainly be argued that this member has gotten his fair share of the applause lately - and damn deserved it too - it is felt that the awarding of this particular prize was only fitting. You might have noticed a shift in tone here and that's for good reason - your host couldn't well write about himself now, that'd be awkward. So it's with great pride that I, Connor, can say that this year's Unsung Hero is none other than Stalin Snorby. His efforts regarding Signatures have been monolithic (and a shout out to Sneaze here is more than appropriate), but this is a member who goes out of his way to lend a helping hand to those in the community that clearly need it.

Full Results:
Winner: Snorby (10 SP)
Honorable Mentions: Kuvario, Ironthunder

The Golden Quilava:


Spoiler: show
Most Likely to Win a Golden Mareep: Connor
Golden Mareep: Connor
Most likely to be mocked in an OC: Connor
Luckiest Member: Connor
Best Sheep Fucker: Connor
Most likely to deny being ginger: Connor
Best Ginger: Connor
Half Ginger, Half Teabag: Connor
The Jailbird (Most likely to go to jail): Beastiality is a crime, Connor.
Most Likely to Be Here Longer than Sneaze: Connor
The Man, the Legend, the Meme: Connor
Largest Over-inflated Ego: Connor
Most Likely to Move to New Zealand: Connor
pls no bully: Connor
Probably Will Post Their Votes Like a Numbnuts: Connor
Likely Jeri's Partner in Crime for Accidentally Nuking the Forums: Connor
Most Ginger: Cibbir
TO Pinata: Cibbir
Most Likely to Shag a Sheep: Connor
Probably is Shagging a Sheep Right Now: Connor
Jesus Fucking Christ Connor Take it Somewhere Else Please There Are Children Around: Connor
Best LO: Connor
Second-best ASB moment: When Cibbir tried to remove the ref grades of everyone who hadn't reffed in six months but then realised that this removed most of the refs from the league, including most of the A grades.
Most Likely To Have A Woollen Condom: Cibbir.
Most likely to spot a John: Connor
This Award is Just Here Because There Hasn't Been Enough Awards Mocking Connor: Connor
Cold Storage (Most Dedicated): I guess we have to give Connor something nice, right?
Go to Fucking Bed: Kindrindra and Connor seriously you two what the fuck
Most Found: Crappy sheep jokes.
Most excellent use of power: Drunk Jeri killing his mod powers
Most likely to be used as a template for a Pokemon NPC: Lil'twick
Least likely to understand how making a squad works: Ger
Most Likely To Actually Be A Snorlax: Biggles.
Most Likely to Return from the Primordial Ooze: Handy
It's Ya Boi: DLADV
Most Likely to Accidentally Nuke the Forum: Jerichi
Probably Has Too Many Broken Sigs: Sneaze
Least Likely to Get to TL5: Miror
Bagged Milk Using Devil: Machamp-X
Do Not Ping, Pinging is Hazardous to Health: Sneaze
Most Likely to Come Back to 200+ Meaningless Notifications: Snorby
Best 2016 ASB Meme: Sharpie
Most Likely to Randomly Phase Out of Existence: Roto
Jumpluff Award: Iron
Best Successful Troll Attempt: Kots and the Hidden Mareep
Still Likely Pulling the Strings: Kush
Projected ASBDex Completion Date: An eternity later
Still Better Than Smogon: Miror
Most Likely to Lead a Serecomp Revolution: Kots
Most Likely to be Blamed: Kush
Best Kuno: Kuno
Best Stu: Torkoal Stu
Best Stew: Torkoal Stew
Sweet Tooth (Friendliest): Apollo77
Rainbow Swirl (Best Artist): Extroph
Kumquat Queem (Most Random): Chiko
Lick me all over (sexiest): Fairfax
Talked the Talk (Most opinionated): Rangeet
The Thriller (Most likely to dance like Michael Jackson for money): Rotomotorz would definitely do this
The Big Sexy (Most sexual): Deebs
Bigmouth (Most Talkative): Emi!
Fish Guru: DaveTFG
Most likely to know what the hell Jeri's talking about: Fairfax
Best hair: App
Most likely to actually summon a demon for fun: Emi
Most likely to star in a pet adoption commercial: Chiko
Best Aussie: Steve Irwin
Best drunk poster: Phoopes
Most likely to forget what Christmas is: Dave
Most likely to accidentally cause the apocalypse: Jeri
Worst cultural taste: IT
Most loved Brit: IT
Most Boosted: TKF
Biggest Fan Fan: Rotomotorz
Best Jesus: Stealthy
Best Form Maker: Kots
Actually Gladion: Lit
More Resets than a Fire Emblem fan: Lit
Least Missed Thing: Skype TO
Best Shitposter: Cele
Honorary TO Villain: Zelphon
Most Wrong: Iron

With that, we wrap up ASBOs for 2016. Thanks to everyone who participated, Congratulations to everyone who won, and I look forward to another great year for the ASB! Remember to post here to collect your winnings! It's important to note that I have been asked to install a 15 SP cap, mostly because Piggy won too much shit. I've also been told that Unsung Hero winnings don't count toward this cap, though, which works out nicely for me!

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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Not as good as last year Snorby but good try
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You cheeky lil shit ;p (Change off of Black Smart if you don't see TO hero)

TO Hero Full Results:
1st: Ironthunder- 24% (5 SP)
2nd: Stealthy- 15% (3 SP)
3rd: Beautiful Savage/TheKnightsFury/Deh74/Emi- 11% each (1 SP each)

The Golden Zubat:

Oh, also, claiming 24 SP. Holy shit.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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You'd almost think you all hate me.

Claiming my SP! Thanks to all who voted for me in the respective categories.
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Woah Bro
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I get the feeling Snorby rigged this so he'd have a shitton of sp for his sale. Oh well.

Claiming my 6 SP and the golden, but sadly not weeb ditto.
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Anyways, collecting my 11SP (enough for a battle slot, wooooo)

Great work on the Cibbir OCs guys, my Laptop nearly bounced off my chest cause I was laughing so hard. Hope the award winners like their sprites and thanks to everyone that voted for me in stuff. Cheers to a good year, bring on 2017!

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Congrats, everyone!

Claiming my sad 2 SP.

"Meteor Jam!"

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Think ye can take me?
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Who's Micheal Jackson
o O O
Squad Summary

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Trot Away
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Gosh, I never would have thought that my little habit would inspire such an honor. Thanks a bunch! Claiming my 3 SP.

I may be a Black Sheep, but i'm now inspired more than ever to look towards my goals here! Again, thanks for acknowledging my efforts. It means alot!
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Claiming my 11 SP and looking for a knife to murder everyone who stole my precious awards from me.
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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In a shocking twist of events, I don't even win a write-in for the third year in a row ;P

Congrats to all the winners! Here's hoping I do something memeworthy in 2017!


D- Ref on PASBL
(PASBL squad!)
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I will battle for cheap

lol who knows
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Huh, 1 SP. Unexpected, I was expecting none but I'll take it. Don't worry Snorbs, I can't order for now anyway lol.

Spoiler: show

Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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To everyone that was in GM, don't forget you get 1SP from that. A lot have missed it, like Kamen just did lol
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Picking up my 1 SP because I participated in the GM.

Seriously though, those two OCs could have only gone to me.
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Not sure how to feel about winning best drunk poster... eh we take those. Thanks for the award. Also I have a special message from another user that's totally not me.

"Due to an issue with CAPTCHA stuff I can't claim my award :<
But thanks for voting me Best Stew again! :'D

Torkoal Stew"
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Shame for not giving Connor any Pignite trophies. COME ON GUYS. After sheep comes piggy. Hell, if you need a third, ditch pokemon and just give him a golden leprechaun.

Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
Largest Over-inflated Ego: Connor

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Not as good as last year Snorby but good try
Eh. More clever than last year. But not as good as two years ago. See, last year it was like "Okay Slash, where did you hide it? Oh, in that big gap" This year, at least for a second I thought "wow, I leave and you guys don't have anybody for TO Hero. SAD"

Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
You cheeky lil shit ;p (Change off of Black Smart if you don't see TO hero)
You mean people use skins other than Sprite Comic????

Also I think this brings me up to like 25-30 SP. Should auction that off at some point.

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You and your 15 SP cap costing me 1 SP you bastards

Thanks y'all for voting for me so much apparently lol, claiming my 15 SP.
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Old 12-30-2016, 10:51 PM   #18
Woah Bro
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oh so apparently we get 1 more sp for the gm

guess that's going to connor again
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Taking the 1 SP for GM participation lol.
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The Uncultured One
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Taking my 6 SP and asking no questions.
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Foot, meet mouth.
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In my opinion, the only decent award is clearly the "Talked the talk" award.
Spoiler: show
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Median Dia
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Hoo boy, that was worth cropping up for! The ASBO's are usually worth cropping up for, and this was no exception!

Also, I'm surprisingly picking up one SP for helping deep-fry a skarmory, slugging a dinosaur and booking it, getting surprisingly ignored by a giant mobile stomach, getting understandably ditched by my partner (no hard feeling), er, the GM. I was the random slurpuff in the GM, okay?

That said, let's all close the curtain on 2016 with a bow, shall we?
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I was supposed to win TO Hero despite not having posted in the actual TO thread all year. You all disappoint me.

Claiming my 1 SP.

The Whistling Sound of Impending Doom.

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Honorable mention for Unsung Hero? Damn, didn't know that people remembered that I still exist. Thanks to everyone who gave me votes for that.

Claiming 1 SP, thanks for hosting this MMS!
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私のことを消して本気で愛さないで 恋なんてただのゲーム 楽しめばそれでいい
閉ざした心を飾る 派手なドレスも靴も 孤独の友達


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