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ADCs in 2017 LUL
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fuck I didn't make it
Spoiler: show

PASBL Record
Trainer Level: 5
Referee Grade: B
Wins (DQ): 51 (5) Losses (DQ): 27 (6) Draws: 3
KOs: 135 TP: 294 SP (Earned): 0 (0)

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...Woah. So this is what PASBL Rankings are?

COOL! I sure would like to make the list one day...

Wow Kyuu, way to make yourself look like a nube-b00b in spite of what your Spp account says.

Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
With our reduced member count, the PBN went down to 15 members. Once we get around 50 members, it will be raised again.
Look on the bright side: if I can make a comeback ten years after dicking off to god-knows where, anyone--and I do mean anyone--can.

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I'm getting on that list! One of you guys fight me (just not in doubles because TFK is kicking my butt and has made me never want to fight a doubles match again lol)
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