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Marion Ette
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Adoption Center Idea: Wayward Pokemon

I suggested this in the "Exchanging Breeding Slots for Eggs" thread, but I'm going to make a separate topic here:

Originally Posted by Marion Ette
In my ideal world, we would implement King Ghidorah's initial plan - a two breed slots for every one egg exchange - and ALSO really work on having these random adoption dropoffs happening. I remember the idea having a lot of support when it was presented initially, and I'd really like to see it go through!

It could even be thematic - spooky Pokemon appearing around Halloween - ice Pokemon appearing at Christmastime - etc.

One possible way of implementing (not sure how people would feel about this) is - every month, a different person is either chosen or elects to be the one to do a dropoff for that month. They get a three Pokemon budget, and they RNG based on either ENIGMA rules, or a THEMED list that's approved by the mods for the month (like a list of Spooky 'mon for October).

Here's the catch - the person in charge of random RNG dropoffs for that month can either drop off the Pokemon all at once, or one at a time - or two and then one - at completely random times during that month. So there's no set schedule. They can pop in at any time, as long as it's within that month's timeframe. Of course, to make it fair, the person who drops off the RNG'd Pokemon cannot then turn around and adopt them within a certain timeframe (maybe two weeks or so)? That would ruin the point of the random dropoff if the person leaving them could snatch them up!

Presumably, if the person elected were to somehow forget to drop off Pokemon that month, the person in the next month would drop off double their allotment.

I think it would be fun - would increase engagement with the BMG side of FB - and would add to the number of Pokemon while dispersing them evenly throughout the year.
Also, if anyone remembers where this was discussed previously and could link it for me, I'd be super appreciative - I'm having trouble finding it.
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King Ghidorah
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I support.
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Missingno. Master
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I want it known that my lack of immediate response was due to a combination of work and a fruitless effort to find where this idea was previously discussed, because I know damn well it was, and not due to lack of interest, because this idea has my full support.

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I believe it starts here? Or at least that's the first mention I found of it when I checked during work.
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Marion Ette
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Originally Posted by myahoo View Post
I believe it starts here? Or at least that's the first mention I found of it when I checked during work.
THAT'S IT!! That's exactly the discussion I was thinking of. Thank you!!

So, it looks like this was the original idea:

Every so often, about once a month, somewhere between 1-3 Pokémon of common to rare (based on whatever rarity set we end up going with, and slanted towards common and uncommon) rarity will come into the AC at the SO's discretion, with a small RP background in the shop. These Pokémon will be just like any other AC Pokémon -- they're individuals, on a first come, first serve basis They'll typically be between Lv. 1-10, with maybe 1-2 special (EM, MT, TM) moves at most. Not anything too fancy or special. You might see more around holidays or events, or when the AC has been empty for a while, or maybe during relevant real-world periods (for example, during an oil spill crisis you might see some ducklett and wingull come in all covered in oil.) Just fun stuff to add life and RP to the shop.
It appears that the idea was regarded favorably, but the mods decided to hold off on this idea in order to get the core game up and running, which definitely made sense at the time. Given that we have the core game established, though, I'm eager to see this idea back on the table again~
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Lil' Bluey

Also liking this idea. =3=b
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It actually did happen once as far as I’m aware. Gary and myself discussed it the other day, apparently they were NPCs in his LMN adventure and Deo wanted them put in the AC for some reason. Mostly just saying this to say that we’ve added random Pokémon to the AC before, so there is a precedent
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The Cutest Tsarina
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Going to start for the record that I'm open to continuing this discussion, but the current idea of "3 Pokemon every month" is decidedly not going to fly. I'm open to "3 Pokemon every 3 or 4 months" to allow for variety but to give enough time for people to adventure instead of just waiting a month for their next grab.

In addition, I'm open to finding ways to make this more than just an Egg House 2.0 in terms of implementation. The rotating structure I don't think I'm a fan of, its confusing and convoluted and takes away agency from the SO, who in their defense, has been devoted to the AC for almost two years.

I want to see a more fleshed out proposal

1) Frequency
2) Number of Pokemon
3) Variety of Pokemon
4) Special Events
5) Broader rule changes to the AC (for example, how does this affect how many times or how quickly someone can adopt from the AC?)
6) Potential RP focused ideas
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1. Very infrequent. Pokemon lore essentially implies that a Pokemon needing to be sheltered like this is generally an extraordinary event, so generally monthly showups would be excessive.
2. Small, no more than one, or perhaps two on rare occasions, again due to the lore listed above. Generally, even large Pokemon groups all needing simultaneous release, like from a Trainer dying, are implied by the Left Poke Ball sidequest in Sun/Moon to generally be able to find good homes before they need to be sheltered.
3. Pretty much anything, but rarer Pokemon should be much rarer, since they are more likely to have found someone willing to adopt them due to their perceived value, while most people are likely to already have something like a Taillow or Bidoof and not necessarily want to raise another, making it harder to home them quickly. As for when rarer Pokemon do get in, I'll cover that later.
4. If something like the Abominable Snowdown would make for Pokemon being left in the AC, the event coordinator should seek approval from the mods before putting anything into motion, and things like that happening should be absolutely minimal. If an event wants to put a larger than average group of Pokemon into the AC, there had better be some serious justification for it.
5. Leave standard adoptions unchanged, but adopting a Pokemon brought in via this system should ideally happen once every six months at maximum, and I would consider that generous (I would prefer once a year, but six months is my hard line in the sand). The Pokemon in question should be treated as if it was brought in with Reversion Care, thus started off at Level 1 and so on.
6. Again, I brought up a fair bit of lore in the earlier parts of this, so I wanted to suggest: Every Pokemon brought in with this system has a story attached to it. Not necessarily a name, but a backstory. I would additionally suggest that adopting the Pokemon would require the customer to demonstrate an ability to write with that story in mind. We don't need to force them to consider it canon afterwards, there's no way we could enforce that fairly, but I think it would help make the process a bit more formal and more of a serious decision and commitment. In addition, I would suggest that rarer Pokemon have more difficult stories to work with to explain how they hadn't yet found a home. I'd imagine most people would jump at the opportunity to have a Jangmo-o, for instance, if it was in need of being rehomed, but if one slipped through the cracks, how? What about its life, disposition, etc, made it come all the way here without anyone volunteering to keep it? Unreadiness to deal with a Pokemon that was perhaps neglected or abused, and as such has developed a mistrusting, violent, and destructive nature? I just feel like it shouldn't be random Pokemon showing up in a vacuum. There's a whole world operating around them that involves more people than just those of us playing.
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