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Happy Zangoose Day! Now it's Rengar's turn!

Level Up! Zangoose grew from Lv. 55 to Lv. 58!
New Move! Zangoose learned Double Kick! (Egg)
New Move! Zangoose learned Flamethrower! (TM)
Birthday Poffin Used! Zangoose's contest stats grew from Beauty 50/Cool 50/Cute 50/Smart 50/Tough 50 to Beauty 60/Cool 60/Cute 60/Smart 60/Tough 60!
Birthday Gummi Used! Zangoose's Bond has been raised from 15 to 17!
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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Pokémon Birthday Presents:
  • x1 Birthday Candy Cake: What's a birthday without a cake? Gives 3 levels.
  • x1 Birthday Berry Milkshake: A nice refreshing shake so good, it can make a Pokémon feel a totally new experience, or remind them of young, blissful times. Teaches either an Egg Move or a Move Tutor move.
  • x1 TM
  • x1 Birthday Poffin: Amazingly crafted by dedicated bakers, all Pokémon love it! Raises all contest stats by 10.
  • x1 Birthday Gummi: That rare treat can't be found anywhere but here! Raises Bond by 2.
A little late, but Happy Birthday Vanderlyle!

: *crosses his arms in a huff*

I'm sorry buddy... I was working. :C

☆ Vander goes from Lv. 13 to Lv. 16
☆ Vander learns MT Throat Chop
☆ Vander learns TM Shadow Claw
☆ Vander's Contest stats all raise from 10-20
☆ Vander's bond goes from 25-27.
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