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Pumpkaboo Halloween Event Raid: VS The Eldritch Champion

Health Gauge: ???%
Shields Up: ???
Status: ???

Raid Challengers:
  • Sandaa (Smeargle): 400 HP
  • Connor (Pancham): 400 HP
  • King Ghidorah (Rhyperior): 400 HP
  • ChrisClark (Ninetales): 400 HP
  • Slash (Watchog): 400 HP
  • Sixdragons (Gible): 400 HP
  • SpinyShell (Binacle): 300 HP
  • Sneaze (Chansey): 300 HP
  • Prof.Enigma (Whimsicott): 400 HP
  • Emp (Tyranitar): 400 HP
  • Emi (Phantump): 300 HP
  • lilboocorsola (Froslass): 400 HP
  • Lil'twick (Togetic): 500 HP
  • Pearl's Perap (Blaziken): 400 HP
  • Zelphon (Drakloak): 400 HP
  • Zorchic (Gengar): 400 HP
  • Missingno.Master (Bagon): 300 HP
  • TheKnightsFury (Empoleon): 400 HP
  • Maskerade (Meditite): 400 HP
  • Myahoo (Sableye): 400 HP
  • OkikuMew (Porygon): 400 HP
  • CyberBlastoise (Finneon): 300 HP
  • Median Dia (Swoobat): 300 HP
  • CrazyCreeperKid (Elgyem): 300 HP
  • EpicSquirtle (Venomoth): 400 HP
  • Gemini Spark (Mimikyu): 300 HP
  • Meetan (Sableye): 500 HP

A mighty horde of raiders had arrived to face the unknown. Behind the veil of dark magic the Eldritch Champion squirms, its every movement concealed from sight. How can you fight something you can't see? I guess we're about to find out.......

Dynamax Initiative:
SpinyShell (Binacle)
  • Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to using 1 item in lieu of an attack.
  • Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
  • If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
  • If a trainer’s Pokemon is rendered unconscious, they may choose to cheer on their allies; opting to either remove one shield from the raid boss or healing one ally’s Pokemon by 50% of their max health.
  • Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
  • You have until Saturday, October 3rd to place your order.

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Infestation (20 BP)
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Slowly yet determinedly, Maribel and her Bagon approached the shrine. What they were up against... she couldn't tell. Nor could Bagon. Nobody could- a power far beyond their comprehension was shielding this enemy from sight. Undeterred, Maribel dug out her Rotom Phone from her bag and pointed it forward.

"No data available. What did you expect?" the device said snarkily.

Maribel gave a soft sigh. "It was worth a shot," she said. She glanced around- over twenty other Trainers had shown up, with Pokémon of their own. Some of them she recognized the species, with her parents and neighbors owning a few like these, but all the same, she started to aim the Rotom Phone at each of them in turn, only for the possessed smartphone to wriggle out of her hand and float around, rattling off Pokédex entries for their subjects to hear more clearly, a prospect that Maribel seemed positively mortified by.

"Smeargle, the Painter Pokémon. A Normal-type. Smeargle's tail oozes a paintlike fluid it uses to mark its territory, so if you see one sleeping, you always have something handy to draw on its face with."

"Pancham, the Playful Pokémon. A Fighting-type. Pancham's glares and scary faces always come off as cute and non-threatening. And it wonders why nobody ever takes it seriously."

"Rhyperior, the Drill Pokémon. A Ground and Rock-type, and the evolved form of Rhydon. Rhyperior loads rocks into the holes in its palms and shoots them at enemies. Sometimes it shoots Geodude instead, apparently not realizing rocks don't usually fight back, explode, float in midair, or have arms."

"Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokémon. A Fire and Fighting-type, and the evolved form of Tep- wait, what? This is a Ninetales?! Whoa! Well, I guess we're safe if the eldritch champion is a bacon cheeseburger!"

"Watchog, the Lookout Pokémon. A Normal-type, and the evolved form of Patrat. Watchog makes its eyes and body patterns glow to scare off enemies, not realizing its crazy-looking eyes would do the job even when not lit up."

"Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon. A Dragon and Ground-type. Gible attacks with its huge mouth, but hurts itself as well because it's so clumsy. Seriously. I didn't even need to make anything up for this one, it's that derpy already."

"Binacle, the Two-Handed Pokémon. A Rock and Water-type. Two Binacle live together in one rock, and must be good at working together to survive. But apparently fights among them resulting in one moving into a different rock are so common that I wonder how they're not extinct by now."

"Chansey, the Egg Pokémon. A Normal-type, and the evolved form of Happiny. Chansey is said to bring happiness to its Trainer, at least until they use it in battle and see how easily a physical attack rips through it like tissue paper."

"Whimsicott, the Windveiled Pokémon. A Grass and Fairy-type, and the evolved form of Cottonee. Whimsicott rides on the wind, causing mischief wherever it goes, but if it gets wet it'll be too heavy to move. Then it's busted. I don't gotta worry about that, though- this phone is waterproof!"

"Tyranitar, the Armor Pokémon. A Rock and Dark-type, and the evolved form of Pupitar. Tyranitar's rampages are so destructive maps need to be redrawn, and its presence causes highly irritating sandstorms. Why do people train this thing, again?"

"Phantump, the Stump Pokémon. A Ghost and Grass-type. It's said medicine to cure any illness can be made by plucking the leaves off of its rotting stump and brewing them. Mmm. Rotting stump leaf stew. Clearly the solution to all of life's problems."

"Froslass, the Snow Land Pokémon. An Ice and Ghost-type, and an evolved form of Snorunt. Froslass freezes its prey with its breath and puts it on display. Creepiest. Museum. Ever."

"Togetic, the Happiness Pokémon. A Fairy and Flying-type, and the evolved form of Togepi. Togetic only appears in front of kindhearted, caring people. Most politicians don't believe it exists."

"Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon. A Fire and Fighting-type, and the evolved form of Combusken. Blaziken spouts fire from its wrists, scorching both the targets of its punches and the stupid Trainers who try to fistbump it after battle."

"Drakloak, the Caretaker Pokémon. A Dragon and Ghost-type, and the evolved form of Dreepy. If it doesn't have a Dreepy to carry on its head and care for, it gets so uneasy it'll kidnap any Pokémon it finds as a substitute. Aren't they Ghost-types because they went extinct? They probably tried to take Kangaskhan babies as substitutes for missing Dreepy. Heh. it's like bathing in steak sauce and going for a swim in a Carvanha-infested river."

"Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. A Ghost and Poison-type, and the evolved form of Haunter. If you feel a sudden, unexplained chill near you, a Gengar is after you. There is no hope. Give up. Clearly no other possible explanation. Remember this as we move into the cold winter months ahead."

"Empoleon, the Emperor Pokémon. A Water and Steel-type, and the evolved form of Prinplup. The three horns that extend from its beak attest to its power, and the edges of its wings are sharp enough to slice through ice floes. So basically it's a fork and knife. Between this and the porker Ninetales, we got nothing to worry about if this eldritch champion is a nice steak."

"Meditite, the Meditate Pokémon. A Fighting and Psychic-type. Meditite meditates constantly, living on just one berry a day. This intensely stupid training regimen makes it a good partner for martial artists and Trainers on a budget."

"Sableye, the Darkness Pokémon. A Dark and Ghost-type. Sableye digs with its sharp claws and eats all the rocks it can find. And I thought Meditite's diet was stupid."

"Porygon, the Virtual Pokémon. A Normal-type. Porygon was created by programmers with too much time on their hands and distributed as prizes to rich people with too much money on their hands."

"Finneon, the Wing Fish Pokémon. A Water-type. Finneon's two tail fins flutter while it swims. But this one's covered in a hard shell- I- wait, what? Is this a new form or something? Huh. Well, it's weird."

"Swoobat, the Courting Pokémon. A Psychic and Flying-type, and the evolved form of Woobat. Swoobat emits powerful sound waves from its nose that can crush rocks. So... it attacks by sneezing. I guess I can see it, with a schnozz that big."

"Elgyem, the Cerebral Pokémon. A Psychic-type. Elgyem uses strong psychic power to squeeze its opponent's brain. Why doesn't it squeeze its own big head to shrink it to a normal size?"

"Venomoth, the Poison Moth Pokémon. A Bug and Poison-type, and the evolved form of Venonat. Venomoth's wings are covered in dust-like scales, color-coded to indicate the kinds of poison it has. I don't even wanna know what all those colors correspond to on this one, it looks like it could kill you every day for the rest of your life."

"Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon. A Ghost and Fairy-type. Mimikyu wears a crappy Pikachu costume so nobody can see what it looks like. It's said looking at its true form can kill you from fright. What a bunch of drama queens-"

"Rotom!" Maribel interrupted, looking distinctly displeased with the devious device. "Get back here this instant!" As the Rotom Phone floated back to her, Maribel grabbed hold. "That was so rude, Rotom! After this is over, I'm taking you to each and every one of those Pokémon so you can apologize," she admonished the device, who was laughing too hard to form a coherent response. Groaning in exasperation, Maribel stuffed the Rotom Phone back into her bag, and turned her attention back to their unknown enemy. There was no telling what to expect, and she barely had any idea what move to even go for. But if they didn't take any risks here, they weren't gonna get anywhere. "Ready, Bagon?" Maribel asked.

"Bay bay! Bagon!" Bagon responded, glaring into the unknown magical veil that shrouded their opponent's identity. They might not know what they were up against, but that certainly didn't deter this dragon!

Maribel took a deep breath. "Then use Snarl!" she commanded.


"...and it seems nobody is able to determine just exactly what this is that the Trainers are up against, including this reporter. But as events unfold, I'm certain things will start to become clearer. Reporting for Channel 890, I'm Diana Macks."

"Ohhh, come on, sweetie," Keith murmured, watching the TV screen intently. "You got this."

"You can do it," Willa added quietly, her eyes just as focused on the news broadcast, particularly whenever her daughter was visible on screen. Already she had given Bagon a command, so at least she didn't seem nervous. Whether this confidence would persist moving forward, however, remained to be seen.

OOC: Bagon used Snarl (55 BP; lowers target's Sp. Atk by 1 stage).

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Let's set up for a siege!

Safeguard! (- BP)
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Ingrain (- BP)
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When dealing with the unknown, it may be wisest to establish some known parameters. Maybe this Light Screen (- BP) can help document our findings?
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When you can’t see your opponent, go for something that can’t miss.

Rhyperior will use Smart Strike (70 BP)
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Mirror mirror, on the wall... Who's the scariest of them all? Since our opponent seems so intent on hiding its face, let's REFLECT (0 BP) it back at it!
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
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“Are you guys ready for this,” Sil asked her Binacle, Limestone, but they were preoccupied. Lime looked like he was more interested in charging over to a certain snarky Rotom phone and giving it a lesson on what teamwork was, while Stone sunk deeper into his rocky home with an expression that read “We’re not related.” She sighed to herself and shook her head, before turning back towards the ethereal misty figure in front of her.

The magical shroud shielding the old gods’ champion twisted and swirled--it was clear that whatever was behind it was squirming and moving about--but it still kept its secrets. The longer Sil stared at it, the more unnerved she felt, though whether that was just the creeping fear of the unknown or the work of the Eldritch deities on her mind, she could not tell. It was probably both, really.

Suddenly, a few red sparks arced around the Power Spot, before surging into her Dynamax Band. Excited by the input of energy, the Wishing Piece affixed to its center began to glow with a bright red light, shining almost like a star in the night. Sil remembered from her first raid with Hailstone how something similar had happened to the trainer of a Mimikyu, who then Dyanmaxed the Fairy type. It seemed now she had the opportunity to do the same with Limestone. But, as she stared at the sparkling Wishing Piece, she felt apprehensive. Both trainer and Pokémon were too inexperienced, she felt, to properly utilize Dynamax. Better to let someone with more capable hands kaiju-ify their Pokémon partner.

Let's start off strong: Liquidation (85 BP)!

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Let's give it a Sweet Kiss (0 BP)!

And there may come a day
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Of those you've met along the way

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Let's go for an Assurance (60 BP, Doubles power if target has taken damage this turn, Lagging Tail, Analytic)
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“Guillermo, let’s see if we can help find out more about our foe - I want you to kick things off with a spot of Role Play (0BP) to get a sense of its abilities.”
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We've been instructed by Lil'twick to use Scald (80BP)

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To make sure the Raid Boss can't try anything sneaky, let's bring it out in the open with a Taunt (0 BP).
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Dracen landed to find himself facing darkness. Not like he walked into a lightless room, or had something put over his eyes - This was a live thing, pressing against his senses and weighing him down like a cloak of tar. He stumbled back, trying to see something, and fell out of the darkness into a shadowed Raid Den. This was no regular Raid, however, because more than 20 other Raiders were lined up on either side.

"Again?" He murmured to himself. The last time he'd been dropped into a Raid by force, it was the God of Time Dialga itself. He turned back to the darkness he'd stumbled out of, wondering what legendary force had summoned him, and saw a writhing tornado of pure blackness, a constantly-shifiting veil that completely obscured their foe. From within the pillar of shadow, a pair of eyes glowered down at them, twin malevolent flames that seared across the battlefield, assessing each Raider in turn. Dracen glared back at the towering enigma, reaching for the Pokeballs on his belt. He found only one, which hardly surprised him. That was how it had been in the Dialga Raid as well. He tossed it once in the air once before sending it spinning out. Gible landed with a smash, the Dragon's eyes near burning. His tail lashed and he turned back to Dracen with a toothy grin. "Feeling those Candies, are you?" Dracen asked, grinning back. Gible stamped a foot, giving an adorably fearsome roar. "Right, then let's hit it with our strongest move to show it what we've got! Earth Power(90BP)!"
Dracen, Dragon Trainer

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Stone Edge (100 BP)


26-4-0 KO74 TP208
B Ref SP 2

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Psybeam (65 BP)

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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Well, they were in the deep end now. With the summoned raiders finally having gathered, the Eldritch Champion roared gutturally. It was a forlorn, bloodcurdling sound, one that would pierce the very soul of even the most stalwart resistance. Marco shudders, with Athena shrinking back to the assumed safety of her trainer's legs. Though she would never openly admit it, the Pawniard was reluctantly relieved she was not the one to face this arduous trial, quietly uncertain as to whether she would really be up to the task, despite her relative certainty in her abilities. In an attempt to reassure her comrade, Athena starts to cheer from the sidelines, determinedly waving her arms through the air to punctuate each cheer, growing more enthusiastic with every call.

Marco, meanwhile, was slowly but surely entering the zone. This foe would be a tumultuous one, but he was not alone. Looking left and right, the Pancham takes solace in the array of support on display. Retreating now would not only be shameful, it would be distinctly unfair to all those whose wishes they were carrying. With a playful bark, the panda begins practice swings, fluidly shadowboxing for a few moments. Having stilled his resurgent nerves, the Fighting type has one final look towards Sweeney. His trainer simply nods, having complete confidence in the battle acumen of the Pancham.

Considering his options, Marco has a brief moment of inspiration, spurred on by the malicious obscuring of the identity of their quarry. A cheeky smile on his face, Marco coyly waggles a finger wreathed in pale white light.


OoC: Marco used Metronome (0 BP)
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Meditite uses High Jump Kick (130 BP + Pure Power + Black Belt)

Adding in RP later
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Shadow Ball (80 BP)
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Hmmm, let's go with... Download ability (boosts Atk or Sp.Atk depending which one is lower for the opponent) + Foul Play (95 BP)?

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Gonna go with Foresight (0 BP)

Gotta add RP later bc Ore is not gonna like the commentary from the Rotom-dex
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Krelia couldn't help but stifle a laugh at Maribel's rotomphone, Her's seemed to have an attitude and a sassy one at that.
It reminded her of her old rotom phone, although her's was far more polite despite being chattier than a Chatot, It was a shame she couldn't bring it here with her. Wolfe hadn't let anything else come through the portal after he had devolved and had to learn all of his moves over again, There was just too much to worry about should something else that doesn't belong here somehow end up here.

However due to Maribel's existence and Kieth and Willa's time adventure after Primal Dialga went on a rampage... Things were different, After all, she had recently found a time shard growing within the Torterratoriy at Gateway... So maybe other things are starting to become possible.

These thoughts lingered within Krelia's head once more before she shook her head and began sketching the surrounding battle field and the pokemon within it, she wouldn't need worry about color as generally, she added that in later. And after some rough sketches of all the pokemon and the Eldritch being shrouded in its mist, she finally gave out a command to Cerno.
" Leech Seed this thing. Perhaps we can pin it down."

The Windveiled Pokémon shook his head and fired off a glowing seed at the shrouded fog, he drifted upward to see if he could tell if it landed or not but alas the mysterious magick vield it from sight even from above.

Leech seed ( 0 BP )

Fizzy Bubbles;

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Alright Buru, let's Sketch (0 BP) that Whimsicott's Leech Seed!

[Held item: Leftovers]

Amidst the chaos a lone canine doodled saplings on the cold floor...

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