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16 year old baby?

I find it hard to believe that this is even possible.

They are saying how she may possibly hold the key to keeping us young. I don't believe that they will have any success, I think it's something special and unique to her, you can't just rip something like this out of someones genes and expect to keep the world young. I find it strange how this is normal for her, they can't even find anything that's really wrong with her and she just lives each day like a normal toddler. I don't really know how I would feel about being the parent in that situation.
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Oh that's just wrong

Originally Posted by Dosuser
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How awful that she's been stuck as an infant for so many years. I've seen some shows about her I think on NatGeo or one of those Science Channels. I hope to never be 'forever young' in that sense. I rather just be extremely healthy when I'm old lol.
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Torkoal Stu
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That is really...interesting...and quite sad. She'll have such a limited life by not growing up, I feel quite bad for her really. I did lol about the mother just making some some random baby age when people ask her how old she is though.

(For some reason I did think this was going to be a thread about a woman somewhere giving birth to a baby that had the body/mind/whatever of a 16 year old...of course that would be impossible but still )
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Either Talon or myself posted about this very girl several years ago, but I'd forgotten the name and searches of "biological stasis" or "girl in stasis" never yielded a result. It's good to have a new article. :O

I'll repeat what was said before - it's a pity she stopped aging as an infant and not as a child, since she can't communicate with us.
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I wonder whether her brain has developed in the same way as ours yet.

Also... (slightly too inappropriate for my first post here =/)

Spoiler: show
If she was raped, would it be classed as paedophilia or not?
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Well it says that she has the mental capacity of a toddler, so i doubt it.

and most likely it would.

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Not sure if gone...
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I look forward to growing old. I get to have a friggin awesome long beard, can act senile for reals, and people say "awwww" when I toot. Being elderly is gonna rock.

I feel sorry for the girl. Childhood sucked.
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Still, being an infant was probably the best year/2 years of my life, and I don't even remember them

EDIT: Lol, she's older than me.
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