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I started my formal Japanese education in 2011, so I write Heisei style そs, but I was told the Showa style is easier to write (which I believe but am not in the habit of doing). That said, I would probably still write 冷 the way on the left since the way its depicted in the CJK set is harder to write.

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This is how the Japanese motivate their citizens to learn a foreign language:

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Reviving this thread because I recently started to seriously learn Japanese.

Do you guys have any tips for learning Kanji. At the moment I'm using the Heisig method to learn their meaning, and I have to say that it's working remarkably well. At the rate I'm going I'll have the meaning of the 2200 common use kanji learned somewhere between August and December 2020. However, that's sorta the problem, it's only the general meaning, not reading, and especially not combinations of two or more (things like 日本語 excepted).

Any tips on how to incorporate the readings and actual use in my learning of the kanji. For example I know 世 has the general meaning of generation (familial, not electrical), but have no idea how to pronounce it or when it's used. Then there is 世界 which I already knew means world, but don't quite see how the general meaning of generation applies to this combination.
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Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P
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