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PokeRangers: Elemental Fury

OOC: Hey there guys. Recently I was watching Kamen Rider Fourze, and a result of this was that I wanted to start writing a PokeRangers fic I wrote years ago. A mash up of Power Rangers and Pokemon, it was something I really enjoyed writing. So I decided to start writing again, using the characters from my original and really bad fic and tweak them into a new story.

Chapter 1: The Power Unleashed

The man ran as fast he could, desperately trying to outrun someone. No not someone, something. He was drenched with sweat, his black hair stuck against his forehead. His clothes were in tatters, his shirt only just hanging on his muscular frame, his pants only just giving him some modesty. Needless to say, things weren’t going well for him.

There was a roar, guttural, sounding like something from a monster movie. He had to keep moving, he had to protect them. They couldn’t get to them, he was willing to sacrifice his own life if it meant keeping them out of enemy hands.

“You can’t run forever!”

The voice sounded hollow, like the sound was being funneled through a metal tube, almost alien. There was the roar again, this time sounding much closer. The man had no choice, he had to run. Trying to stay hidden, he bolted. From shadow to shadow he ran, the dread of being caught in the back of his mind. There was that roar again, this time way closer than it had been before. Then the ground behind him exploded. Thrown forward, he slammed shoulder first into a wall, crumpling to the ground.

“I told you that you couldn’t run forever, Drake.”

Drake slowly opened his eyes, knowing full well who it was standing before him. Only his eyes were visible, the distinctive red gems shining beneath the literal cloak of darkness he wore.

“Spectre, you think I didn’t know that? I knew that eventually you would catch up to me, in fact it was part of my plan!”

Drake didn’t know how convincing he was being, at this point he was just trying to buy time. Spectre laughed and clicked his fingers underneath his cloak. In the blink of Drake’s eye, a creature appeared by Spectre’s side, the source of the roars. It was beastial, looking like a combination between a Dragonite and Beartic. Its bulky body was covered with patches of fur and scales, no discernible pattern apparent. The creature’s head was a bizarre amalgamation of Beartic and Dragonite, like someone had just smashed the two together.

“Drake,” said Spectre, reaching down with one cloaked hand.

Drake felt Spectre’s fingers wrap around his neck, it was like his neck was being touched by cold metal.

“You and I both know that you didn’t plan that far ahead.” He tightened his grip. “But now I have you. You will tell me where the powers are!”

Drake coughed, Spectre’s grip was starting to cut off his airways. “You’ll never find out where they are. Never!” He spit in Spectre’s face.

The cloaked man shook his head, “I was hoping that you would put up a bit more of a fight than that, made it a little bit more fun. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to take the easy way.”

He lifted his other hand, dropping the darkness surrounding it. The hand was dark purple, the fingers long and pointed. Drake started thrashing about, trying to loosen Spectre’s grip. He knew what Spectre could do, but he couldn’t loosen the chokehold he was in. Drake had no choice, he knew the risks that could come from using his powers, but he couldn’t let Spectre find out the location of the powers.

“Sorry, Spectre, but I can’t let you do that,” he said, his hand moving down into one of his pockets, grabbing a hold of the item in there.

He whipped out a small oval disc, very obviously damaged, shown by the chips along the edges and the large cracks running through it. Spectre’s eyes widened and plunged his fingers through Drake’s head. Drake could feel Spectre worming his way through his mind, but the cloaked man was too late. Nestled in Drake’s palm, the disc started glowing.

“Elemental Fury Unleash!” Drake yelled with all his might. “Dragon Ranger Power!”

Energy exploded out from the disc, enveloping Drake like a shell, forming a protective barrier. Spectre was thrown backwards into the Beartic/Dragonite monster, his uncloaked hand smoking. The energy barrier started to dissipate, and where Drake stood was now a costumed hero. His body suit was orange, with white highlights running down the arms and legs, a dark green cape billowing out behind him. His helmet resembled that of a Dragonite, a visor between where the mouth and eyes were. In his hand, Drake held a long blade, the hilt resembling that of a Dragonite’s wings.

“You’ll never get your hands on the powers!” said Drake, raising his sword.

Spectre laughed. “Too late for that Dragonite Ranger. I may have only managed to catch a small glimpse, but it has given me everything I need. Bearnite,” he turned to the monstrosity behind him. “You know what to do. Bring him to me when you are finished. I think it’s time I pay a visit to an old friend.”

With a wave of his hand, Spectre vanished, leaving Drake and Bearnite behind. Drake knew that he didn’t have long till his powers gave out, in fact he felt weaker than he had ever before. He didn’t know if he would actually be able to keep his morph up long enough to deal with the monster. Which left him only one last option. Drake took a step towards Bearnite and swung his sword.

“Smokescreen!” he yelled.

The tip of his sword hit the ground, causing an explosion of smoke to envelope the monster and ranger. Drake knew that there was a good chance that it could use the last of his remaining power, but he had no choice. He had to stop Spectre. His whole body shone orange and then in the blink of an eye, Drake teleported.


There was a brief flash of light and Drake materialized. The first thing he noticed was that there was a breeze blowing. Considering that he materialized in completely sealed room, that was not a good sign. The second thing he noticed was the smoke that was filling the room. One of the walls of the cavernous room was pretty much gone, the scorch marks around it giving Drake an idea how it was destroyed. There was a roar, an explosion and a large object was thrown back through the hole.

“Dragonite!” Drake called out once he realised what it was.

He ran over to his pokemon, the large orange dragon weakly picking himself up. One of his wings was torn and he was covered in scratches and bruises. Drake instantly knew who was responsible. Spectre had to be behind this… which meant that he was still around here somewhere. Another explosion rocked the building. Well, Drake figured out where he could possibly be. He limped through the hole in the wall, once he made sure that Dragonite was alright. Each step he took made him feel a little weaker, he was well and truly at the end of his ropes power wise.

“Just give up Thresh, you aren’t strong enough.”

Crap, Spectre had found Thresh. He wasn’t strong enough to hold Spectre off, Drake needed to do something. Gripping his word tightly, Drake leapt through the hole. As suspected, he found Spectre, a large purple orb in his hand. Standing, well kneeling was probably a better word to describe it, across from him was a man. Like Spectre, the man was cloaked, but with an actual cloak.

“Leave Thresh alone!” ordered Drake.

Spectre ignored him, stepping closer to Thresh, the orb in his hand pulsating. Drake charged at Spectre, who merely knocked him away with the back of his hand. Drake was thrown back, slamming into the ground. His body started crackling, sparks of orange electricity dancing and his ranger outfit simply disappeared. Drake moved his hand slightly and found that he was holding a handful of dust. That was it, his Power Disc had finally succumb to the damage it had taken. The Dragonite Ranger was no more.

“Drake!” The cloaked man’s voice was almost unnaturally low.

He tried to stand up, but his knees collapsed beneath him. Thresh was at the mercy of Spectre. Drake tried to stand up, he tried to move but he couldn’t.

“Now let’s get this over with,” said Spectre. “You know what I want, so give them to me already.”

Thresh coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood. “Never! You’ll never get your hands on the powers.”

Spectre didn’t respond, instead he threw the orb he was holding. The moment it touched Thresh, the cloaked man began screaming, a scream of pain, a scream of suffering. Drake gritted his teeth and tried to move, he needed to protect Thresh. But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t do anything. He was useless. He was… wait a minute, there was still something he could do.

“Stop! Please!” yelled Drake. “I’ll give you what you want. Please just stop hurting Thresh.”

“Ah, I knew that I could eventually make you crack,” said Spectre, summoning the black orb back, Thresh collapsing into a heap. “Tell me where they are.”

“I’ll have to show where they are kept.”

Summoning the last of his energy, Drake picked himself up. Slowly, he shuffled his way into the room he had teleported into. He walked over to the back wall and pressed his hand against it. The wall immediately burst into light before fading away, revealing a small room with a bag on a pedestal on it.

“Here they are,” he said, his head hanging low, purposefully making sure that he didn’t look at Thresh.

“Finally!” In the blink of an eye Spectre was standing in front of the pedestal. “After all these years, I finally have them!”

He grabbed the bag and opened it, revealing a number of discs that looked like Drake’s now crumbled Power Disc. Spectre laughed, clearly ecstatic at finally having gotten the Power Discs.

“Now that I have the powers, I no longer have any use for you two,” he said, turning his attention towards Drake and Thresh. “So now I guess its time for you to die!”

With a wave of his hand, Spectre threw Drake back, the now-former ranger landing next to Thresh.

“Not so fast,” said Drake, coughing up a little bit of blood. “You didn’t think that it would be that easy to get them, did you?”

“What are you talking about?” asked Spectre.

The bag in his hand began to shake. He looked down and the discs were gone, in their place was a small pink blob. The Ditto quickly jumped out of the bag and wobbled over to its trainer. Thresh slowly stood up and reached into his cloak, pulling out a bag that looked identical to the one that had been on the pedestal.

“You won’t be getting your hands on these anytime soon,” he said, “I didn’t want it to come to this, but I have no choice.”

The bag began to glow and one by one the discs within shot out, disappearing almost instantly as soon as they came out. Each of the Power Discs was being sent out into the unknown, where Thresh hoped that they would be able to find themselves in the hands of those who were truly worthy.

“You will pay dearly for that,” said Spectre, his eyes narrowing.

He clicked his fingers and Bearnite appeared beside him, not happy that Drake had run away.

“Bearnite, I need you to search out the energy signals of the powers and bring them back to me,” said Spectre, the abomination of a monster growling in response.

Spectre clicked his fingers and the monster disappeared again. He turned back to Drake and Thresh.

“Soon Bearnight will hunt them down, and once he does, I will finally be able to finish what I started all those years ago! Until then, however, I need to keep myself occupied, and look what I have here, two of my enemies ripe for the picking.”

Spectre laughed and waved his hand and the three of them disappeared in a cloud of darkness.

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