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Phantump Twisted Roots Gym

Twisted Roots Gym

Within the outskirts of Fizzytopia rests a secluded and dark cave. Those brave enough to venture into the depths of the cave are met with a peculiar sight: a dense grass ecosystem. Trees, foliage, and mushrooms flourish within the cave, growing towards the trickle of light that shines from small cracks in the ceiling. Within the center is a tremendous tree, missing all it's leaves but sporting various bushels of mushrooms and other fungi. Overgrowth of it's trunk has lead to the perfect staircase to assist people in getting to the top, where the gym leader makes gym preparations and prepares for oncoming challengers. Many plants and overhanging moss that lingers on the walls of the cave are some that have not been seen for millennia by human eyes. A gift to all those that come and partake in the splendor of the gym, the beautiful sight of well kept plants.

Isaac was never one for positions of authority. His anxiety spiked at the mere mention of being entrusted with a gym. Yet, seeing such a rich and bountiful spectacle hidden away for so long within the beautiful cave made him want to do whatever he could to protect it. Not to mention his Pokemon seemed absolutely thrilled at the idea of getting a chance to fight in a gym setting. Within his time in Fizzytopia he had gone from a recovering addict to a respected trainer within the league. Although surprised at his inclusion, he welcomes the idea of trying new and exciting things.

The cave seemed to attract a dense amount of energy, and although Isaac was not exactly familiar with it, he began to realize that the cave may in fact be one of the fabled Power Spots. Not wanting to interfere with the nature order of the cave, Isaac did as little as he could to the cave. Under an outcrop of mossy overhang he constructed a standard battle arena, but otherwise left everything as natural as he could. Although not a scholar, Isaac is intent on discovering exactly what secrets this Power Spot holds in his newly dubbed Twisted Roots Gym.
Gym Details:
Primary Type: Grass
Secondary Type: Dark
Gym Leader: Isaac Casanova [Naru]
Deputy Leader: N/A
Gym Pokemon:
Vinny ✿ Leafeon (F), Lv. 32
Morgana ✿ Incineroar (M), Lv. 45
Sam ✿ Ivysaur (M), Lv. 24
Milo ✿ Grovyle (M), Lv. 20
Iris ✿ Vileplume (F), Lv. 24
Luca ✿ Dartrix (M), Lv. 20
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Active Raid

Gigantamax Appletun
Max. Participants: 8

Sign Ups:
1.) Naru (Olivia) & Noibat (Asteria)
2.) Sandaa (Gary) & Tropius (Coco)
3.) Lit (Leo) & Togetic (Custard)
4.) TheKnightsFury (Jared) & Scizor (Scizor)
5.) Missingno. Master (Edward) & Weedle (Hermione)
6.) King Ghidorah (Hugo) & Muk (Muk)
7.) lilboocorsola (Jessica) & Togekiss (Hermesiel)

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Raid History
January 2020: VS Cacturne (★★★★)
February 2020: VS Decidueye (★★★★)
March 2020: VS G-Max Appletun (★★★★★)

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The cave was strangely quiet today. Normally Isaac could notice the occasional Pokemon restlessly fussing around in the foliage... but today it seemed as though there were no signs of life within the cave. It was odd, and Isaac new something was afoot the moment he stepped down from the center tree to take a look around. His steps were careful as he made his way through the dense forest, afraid that something horrific was the cause of the Pokemon seemingly disappearing from view.

With Vinny at his side, he felt as though he could accomplish anything. He wandered deeper into the cave, brushing away the leaves and branches in their way before coming across a large formation of mushrooms. It appeared as though no human had ever gone this deep before, causing Isaac to marvel at the spectacle. He glanced upwards, noticing that the cracks in the roof of the cave, which usually gave way to sunlight, had become clouded and murky The sky overhead had seemingly shifted from sunlight to storming, causing Vinny's ears to droop. She could sense something abnormal was happening, and she did not like it one bit. Suddenly, the large formation of mushrooms shook and shifted, a mass of energy flying upwards from the center of them. The overpowering red glow from the energy shot through the crack in the ceiling, alerting others that something was happening within the usually dark cave.

Isaac shielded his eyes from the light, but was quickly alerted by a shriek from Vinny. The mushrooms broke apart, a large green spiked figure raising from the mass. Isaac quickly ran back to his camp, realizing that they needed help --- or the creature would destroy the ecosystem within the cave. He rushed to the top of the tree, quickly slamming out an email.

[RAID BOSS APPROACHING!] was the first line of the distress call. [The outpouring of energy makes me believe it is a category FOUR raid boss.] Vinny's eyes darted backwards, which focused on the growing cactus man that was swiping at some of the plants and trees in the distance. Isaac nodded to her, fingers getting to work on the keyboard once again. [The raid boss has been identified as a CACTURNE. Requesting a team of EIGHT trainers for assistance.] He hit send, praying that help would arrive soon.
Please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until January 21st or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin.
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Boreas the Snom
Level 9
Ice / Bug
Attacks: Powder Snow (1), Struggle Bug (1)
Evolves by Friendship during Nighttime
Rash Nature
Shield Dust
0 Bond
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Xander had gotten his father's message, but his father's gym was on the other side of the region. There was no way he'd make it there in time and his father's Power Spot wasn't the only one that was active. They weren't far from the Twisted Roots Gym when the call had gone out, it only made sense that they rush to the aid of the Gym Leader there. He'd just been through a nearby town, where he had managed to find someone to take on the Toxel he'd found on the Springtide Isle. The damn thing had been crying ever since it hatched, even now its cries rang through his head. He'd tried everything to put a stop to the hatchling's cries, but as soon as he handed it over to the breeder, the cries stopped. Seems she was just a bit picky. It wasn't all bad though, he didn't know it at the time, but the Toxel's cries had attracted something else. It had been tailing them for days, once they'd left the breeder, the Pokemon revealed itself. It looked similar to Toxel, it was the same bright purple, yet it was distinctly larger and more developed. A quick scan with his Pokedex revealed the Pokemon to be a Toxtricity. After a heated battle, the Toxtricity conceded, expressing a desire to join Xander and his team. Up until that point, Xander had only focused on traditional Starter Pokemon. However, there was something about the Toxtricity that filled him with confidence, perhaps it was the Pokemon's own bravado rubbing off on him. Maybe he was limiting himself too much by only capturing Starter Pokemon? It was time to break the trend.

Xander and Toxtricity grinned as they stared up at the Cacturne. "Damn, that thing is nearly as big as that Snorlax", Xander commented, Toxtricity shrugged. He wasn't there to see the Snorlax, but he was keen to have a crack at this big bastard. His electric mane sparked with excitement. The Toxtricity begins to strum his chest organs, something he always did to work himself into a battle frenzy. Xander was still smiling with delight, the Toxtricity's tune filled him with confidence, it was certainly better than that Toxel's crying. More people were beginning to arrive, the battle would begin shortly.....

Toxtricity (Amped)
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Ball: Friend Ball
Personality: Hyped, Rowdy, Confident
Ability: Punk Rock
Moves: Belch, Tearful Look, Nuzzle, Growl, Flail, Acid, Spark, Eerie Impulse, Acid Spray, Leer, Noble Roar, Charge, Shock Wave, Scary Face, Taunt, Venoshock, Screech, Swagger, Power-Up Punch, Wild Charge, Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Hyper Voice, Rage, Fire Punch, Drain Punch, Snarl, Electroweb, Hex, Rock Blast

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After the Gigantalax incident at Springtide Isle, the Fizzytopia region was abuzz with speculation as to the Dynamax phenomenon. Previously only known to occur within specific areas of the Galar region, it had now occurred on Fizzytopian shores, and this prompted people to wonder- would it happen again? Could Fizzytopia's Trainers Dynamax their own Pokémon? Where else in Fizzytopia was this even possible?

Some of those questions had started getting answers as of late. Rumors of an emerging Gym system began to circulate, before being outright confirmed later on. Several Gyms had already been established in the region, with numerous Trainers putting in their applications to be named Gym Leaders as well. And at the moment, though no formal Gym challenge had emerged, they were plenty busy- each Gym had been founded on what was known as a Power Spot- a site where Dynamax energy was released, and thus, where Dynamaxing was possible. And sometimes, wild Pokémon would succumb to this. Many of Fizzytopia's Trainers had signed up to receive email notifications of such instances, the better to be able to go and help.

Which was why, when Keith Masters heard his PokéGear going off while he and his girlfriend were healing up their Pokémon in the Sludge Wave Coast Pokémon Center, he was real damn quick to pull it out and look at it. "OK, raid boss approaching," he murmured, selecting the alarming email title to open the whole thing. 'Uh huh... category four... it's a Cacturne," he reported to Willa."

"Cacturne," Willa repeated, taking out her Pokédex and bringing up the relevant entry.

"Cacturne, the Scarecrow Pokémon. A Grass and Dark-type, and the evolved form of Cacnea," droned the device. "It stalks its prey in the desert, striking when the prey is exhausted and weak. It becomes active at night when the temperature in its desert home drops."

"Grass and Dark- Yanmega should do well," Willa smirked, putting away her Pokédex as Keith put away his PokéGear. "Let's be ready-"

"Um, Willa," interrupted the blue-eyed Banette behind the counter. "I'm sorry, but Yanmega and the others are gonna need a little extra time. They're still performing maintenance on the healing machine," Helena explained apologetically.

"Gah," grunted Willa. "That means I can't..." She gave a deep sigh, and gave Keith a look. "Can you do this yourself?" she asked. "I wish I could-"

But Keith smiled. "It's perfectly fine," he assured her. "You got the next one. Wish me luck." He plucked a Valentine Ball off his belt as he spoke. "Lily is exactly what that Cacturne doesn't want to go up agains- WAH!" he exclaimed as a Premier Ball on his belt burst open, letting out an Eevee into the open. "Leo? What the-" began Keith.

"Vui! Vee vee, vee vui!" Leo interrupted, looking up at Keith with a determined and serious expression.

Keith knew exactly what this was about, and sighed. He was about to ask Leo if he was sure, but stopped himself. Leo was sure. Leo had always been sure. He had never not been sure. He'd been given way more time than he ever wanted to think things through, and his stance never changed once. Perhaps it was time for Keith to finally admit that Leo knew what the hell he was doing. "...Alright, then," he conceded, digging a Fire Stone and a pair of TMs out of his bag. "There's no turning back, Leo- let's show 'em what we got."



Keith showed up at the Twisted Roots Gym, looking up in awe at the colossal conniving cactus. He was far from the first arrival, but he was here now, and ready for action, Premier Ball gripped in his hand. "Leo! Let's go!" he exclaimed, hurling the white sphere forward. And in a flash of light, there appeared the formidable and fluffy form of a freshly-evolved !

"Flaaaaaaaare!" Leo exclaimed, looking up at the raid boss. That Cacturne was huge. But it was also a Grass-type, and he was finally the ferocious Fire-type he always knew he was destined to be. They were ready. It was time to do this.

OOC: Entering this raid with Leo, who gets a Fire Stone, TM Flame Charge, and TM Flamethrower used on him in preparation.

What? Eevee is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Eevee evolved into Flareon!

*Leo learned Ember!*

*Leo learned Swift!*

*Leo learned Copycat!*

*Leo learned Baton Pass!*

*Leo learned Take Down!*

*Leo learned Charm!*

*Leo learned Double-Edge!*
*Leo learned Flame Charge!*

*Leo learned Flamethrower!*

Species: Flareon ()
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Fire
Attacks: Covet, Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Tickle, Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Ember, Swift, Copycat, Baton Pass, Take Down, Charm, Double-Edge, Flame Charge, Flamethrower.
Usable Z-Moves: N/A.
Next move learned: Baby-Doll Eyes (lv. 9)
Evolution: >>
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Guts
Bond: 0
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Obtained: Hatchery
Leo is the son of Cyanide and Pom. He has a fiery personality and can be more than a little hotheaded, always itching to rush into a battle, regardless of whether he actually stands a chance. An intense individual in pretty much every aspect of his life, not just in terms of his passion for battling and his appreciation for all things fiery, but also in terms of how he feels about his family. Anyone threatening any of Leo's loved ones will be met with the Flareon's full and considerable wrath. Considering his hotheaded personality and his appreciation of fire, it was never hard to guess which way he intended to evolve. It was always more of a question of if he was ready, and when the time came to take on a Dynamaxed Cacturne, Keith finally conceded that yes, Leo was ready to evolve.
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By sheer coincidence, Alex had been wandering around aimlessly round some natural cave systems, mind wracked with odd thoughts. It had been a scant couple of days since he had left the Arcane Realm for some time to recover from the events there, events that had left something of a lasting effect on him. He had always prided himself on being an exceptionally difficult book to read, an enigmatic and tactical thinker who put forth skill over overall compassion, the sort of person who, if plied with enough influence and dirty money, could have very well ousted the higher ups and taken control of a criminal organisation.

Yet only a couple of days ago a fallen mortal turned pokemon had wormed their way through the countless layers of cladding over his heart and made him consider his personal life, and the past couple of days he had been deep in thought, reminiscing on his own history. He had already pieced together what false life he had and tossed them aside, but there was still plenty more the Order had instilled into his naive mind, plenty that he would have to figure out, and plenty to consider whether the Order were the good guys or just another shadow government pulling strings here and there to keep them on top.

But most of all on his mind was how close he felt, and the brief moment of belonging. That Menefer had made him feel ways that nobody else could, put emotions into him that no other person could, and even though he had some blotchy history with a couple of women in the past, such flings never went anywhere. Hell, for all he knew he could be an oblivious dad to someone. No. Silliness.

His ambling thoughts were derailed by a sudden call for support, and a ray of light from a nearby cave. Pushing these thoughts aside, he barreled forth into the cave and happened upon a group of congregating trainers, a very large Cacturne brimming with extreme energy, and some familiar crimson clouds swirling around its head.

"Ah shit, here we go again..." Alex growled, already reaching for one of his balls, the cactus pokemon very quickly deciding the best option as the Muscular pokemon emerged, gripping her concrete pillars and ready to smash that dark type down a peg or three with impeccable force. His own feelings could wait til later: right now, there was steam to be blown off.


Alex will enter the raid with Tantalia the Conkeldurr. Her stats are below.

Species: Conkeldurr.
Gender: Female.
Level: 50.
Obtained: Trade with Celebii151.
Poke Ball: Poke Ball.
Type: Fighting.
Ability: Sheer Force.
Nature: Bold.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None.
Bond: 0.
Evolutionary Track: Timburr > Gurrdurr (Level 25) > Conkeldurr (Trade)

Bio: Fighting types such as Conkeldurr are presumed to be brawny men. Tantalia, called after the resilient metal, is not this. As a female who wasn't the most articulate in conversation, the then Timburr was confused at her place on Alex's team, but following events with Isaac, the pokemon developed her own personality. Stalwart and sturdy, she lives to shatter the stigma surrounding her species and fighting types in general, proving her natural strength and skill with construction to aid her allies. She helped Alex with making his base, and remains one of his most physically imposing pokemon, despite her kindly nature.

Level: Pound, Leer, Focus Energy, Bide, Low Kick, Rock Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Chip Away, Dynamic Punch, Scary Face, Hammer Arm, Slam.
Egg: None.
Machine: Counter, Focus Punch, Toxic, Bulk Up, Hidden Power Steel, Sunny Day, Taunt, Hyper Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Smack Down, Earthquake, Return, Dig, Brick Break, Double Team, Rock Tomb, Facade, Rest, Attract, Low Sweep, Round, Focus Blast, Fling, Payback, Retaliate, Giga Impact, Stone Edge, Bulldoze, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Grass Knot, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Power-Up Punch, Confide, Crossfire.
Move Tutor: Drain Punch, Ice Punch.
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It wasn't long after the Gigantamax Snorlax incident that Hyrem started getting multiple requests from people newly hired as Gym Leaders for Fizzytopia, all of them about this phenomenon everyone was hearing about called Power Spots, where Pokemon would be able to channel Dynamax Energy and grow to enormous sizes. Left unchecked, these Pokemon were going to wreak havoc on the world at large, but Hyrem would only have the ability to help out one of them at this point. With that in mind, as much as he wanted to help Gary with his problem, he decided to answer Isaac's call instead due to the work they had done together in the past and the idea of meeting a Pokemon he had never seen before.

He and his Scolipede mount, Aisa, hadn't even arrived at the location proper, and already he saw a monstrous looking cactus creature with a triangular "hat" and thorns all down its arms and legs, as well as a creepy smile to go along with the wicked yellow eyes. "Whoa, what is that!?" Hyrem yelled out in surprise as he scanned the Dynamax Pokemon on the way over:

Cacturne, the Scarecrow Pokemon. This Pokemon lives in the desert, staying stationary during the day to conserve energy and moisture and starts becoming active at night when the desert is cooler. It then joins other Cacturne to stalk prey, mostly those weary from their activities during the day inside the desert. Its blood is comparable to that of desert sand.

"Wait, if this is normally a desert Pokemon..." Hyrem looked at the lush forest around him. "...We better deal with that thing before it turns this place into its own desert! Come on, Aisa, let's hurry so we can synch up and battle!"

"Scollllllll!!" she roared before going into a full charge towards the area.


Entering with my Scolipede, Aisa!

Name: Aisa
Species: Scolipede♀ (Size x1.4)
Level: 47
Current Location: Inactive
Ability: Poison Point (30% chance that contact will Poison the opponent)
Nature: Impish (+Def, -SpAtk, likes Sour, hates Dry)
Held Item: None
Bond: 23
Contest Stats: Beauty 70/Cool 70/Cute 70/Smart 70/Tough 70
Current Movepool: Defense Curl, Rollout, Poison Sting, Screech, Pursuit, Protect, Poison Tail, Bug Bite, Iron Defense, Venoshock, Megahorn, Baton Pass, Agility, Steamroller, Toxic, Venom Drench, (Pin Missile), (Rock Climb), (Twineedle), {Gyro Ball}, (Spikes), {Rock Smash}, (Take Down), {Infestation}, [Aqua Tail], (Toxic Spikes), {Dig}, [Endeavor], [Iron Tail], [Snatch], {Smart Strike}, [Stomping Tantrum], {Bulldoze}, [Throat Chop], {Poison Jab}
Moves to Learn: Double-Edge (Lv. 55)

Avatar made by din-of-hyrule
Battlecut made by the crazy Daisy! *happy snek sounds*
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Screw it, entering my own raid.

☆ Spirit of Prowess and Courage ☆

Charmander | Female | Jolly Nature
Level 39 | Fire | Traded
Holding: Nothing | Pokéball: Poke Ball
Bond 02 | Contest Stats: [10/10/10/10/10]

- (Lv. 16) - > - (Lv. 36) - >

Solar Power [This Pokémon has it's special attack boosted in sunlight but it's HP decreases by 1/8th every turn]


Spoiler: show
Natural Moves
Scratch, Growl, Ember, Leer, Metal Claw, Smokescreen, Rage, Dragon Breath, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Slash, Fire Spin, Inferno, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz (40)
Egg / Move Tutor Moves
Ancient Power, Bite, Crunch, Dragon Dance
TM / HM Moves
Rock Slide

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PSN: Asteiri | Discord: Asteiri#0573
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Isaac had just sent Sam and Chester to walk the dazed and confused Cacturne home. Finally, all seemed to be at peace once again. Isaac was slowly tending to the garden where the tremendous beast had trampled, ensuring that the gym was once again clean for anyone that decided to enter. All of the sudden, a tremendous scream was heard from the clearing. Isaac recognized it immediately as the screams of Chester and Sam.

"Sam! Chester!" Isaac shouted, leaping from the log and rushing to the clearing. As he looked up, it wasn't hard to see why they had screamed "what... the... fuck..." Isaac murmured, seeing that the sky had once again darkened and the only light into the cave had been blotted out by a tremendous owl. The red glow surrounding it was unmistakable, and Isaac knew he had to be fast. He was just amazed that it was so soon after the last creature.

He ran back to the trunk, scaling it like his life depended on it. He quickly sent out a mass message, to the trainers that had helped before, and to all the trainers within the league. [RAID BOSS APPROACHING!] was the first line of the distress call, similar to the last message he sent. [The outpouring of energy makes me believe it is a once again a category FOUR raid boss.] Sam and Chester ran up the slope, panting from the adreneline caused by the gigantic beast. Isaac knew the creature all too well, looking up once again at the owl. It was soaring quietly... for now. Who knew how long it would be before it attacked. [The raid boss has been identified as a DECIDUEYE. Requesting a team of EIGHT trainers for assistance.] He looked upwards again as the message dispatched... surely help would arrive soon...
Please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until February 11th or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin.
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Hugo will face off against the Decidueye with Kingler Houndoom

Species: Houndoom
Level: 30
Gender: Female
Type: Dark/Fire
Obtained: Trade with 134
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Unnerve
Moves: Inferno, Nasty Plot, Thunder Fang, Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Fire Fang, Fire Spin, Pursuit, Dark Pulse, Blast Burn, Endure, Heat Wave, Overheat, Return, Will-O-Wisp, Throat Chop, Sludge Bomb, Beat Up, Feint Attack
Evolves: Evolved from @ Lv. 24
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Ark joins the battle with Snorlax! Using my stored TM Flamethrower on him at this moment.

Name: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Level: 28
Bond: 50
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Lax
Birthday: November 24
Obtained: Trade with Median Dia
Level-up Moves: Screech, Fling, Flail, Last Resort, Block, Snatch, Lick, Metronome, Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Defense Curl, Recycle, Covet, Bite, Stockpile, Swallow, Yawn, Bite, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, Crunch, Body Slam
EM/MT Moves: Ice Punch, Seed Bomb, Volt Tackle, Zen Headbutt
TM/HM Moves: Bulldoze, Flamethrower
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Jake Celeste had recently heard of new locations called Power Spots; they seemed to allow Pokémon to undergo a transformation called Dynamax. Now, Jake was no stranger to this "mechanic". He had snuck into his parents' offices and saw the loads of research they had done on Dynamax. So much so, that he got himself a Dynamax Band the first chance he got. In fact, he had heard of a Power Spot not too far away from his home: the location of the Twisted Roots Gym.

This came into play when he received an urgent warning of a Dynamax Decidueye in the vicinity, as he stepped outside for his daily battle practice.

"Decidueye?" Jake murmured, looking at the warning message on his Pokédex. "Isn't that a Grass- and Ghost-type? If so, I know just who I'll choose..."

Minutes later, Jake rushed to the scene. The massive owl towered over everyone. The young Trainer saw other Trainers who had arrived as well to take on what was called the "Raid Boss."

Jake, who was training to be an Aura Guardian, had actually considered using his Lucario for this battle, but decided to give a rookie battler a try. He grabbed a Pokéball from his pocket and sent out his Starly from it.

"Starrrr...lyyy!" trilled the Starling Pokémon, flapping his wings excitedly.

Jake chuckled. "How's this for a challenge?" he said, gesturing to the giant Decidueye in front of him.

Starly's eyes widened for a second, but then he put on a determined face. "Star, Starly!" he responded. That big guy's size is just a facade. It ain't any stronger, just buffer.

"Very right," remarked Jake, who could understand Starly thanks to the Trainer's innate aura sense. "A Dynamaxed Pokémon's health is increased, and it gets stronger attacks, but its offensive stats themselves aren't touched while Dynamax is taking effect. Anyway, you ready to take this Pokémon on?"

Starly gave an affirmative chirp, a bold Yes! as Jake understood it.

"Alright, then! Let's do this!" Jake exclaimed.


(OOC: Entering with my Starly, whose info is below!)


Spoiler: show
(Above image created by CrazyCreeperKid, and below two images created by Missingno. Master, thank you very much!)
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 9
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Reckless (HA)
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
EM/MT Moves: Heat Wave
TM/TR Moves:
Evolution: Level 14 -->(Staravia), Level 34 -->(Staraptor)
Contest stats: None yet!
Birthday: March 6
Method of Obtainment: Adoption
Bio: Starly was the first Pokémon that Jake adopted to prepare for his adventure in the Arcane Realm's Land of Cups. Right from the start, he has shown to be an eager, loud bird Pokémon. Turned blue by the energy of his Trainer’s aura, Starly hopes to one day become a big, strong and fierce Staraptor.

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Lil' Bluey

Signing up with Zoom the Lv. 28 Alolan Sandshrew.

Zoom Lv. 28
Birthdate: August 25
Nature: Timid
Ability: Slush Rush
Poké Ball: Snow Ball
Hold Item: Nevermeltice
Bond: 8
Beauty Points: 30
Cool Points: 30
Cute Points: 30
Smart Points: 30
Tough Points: 30
Accessories: Snowglobe

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Defense Curl
Powder Snow
Ice Ball
Rapid Spin
Fury Cutter
Metal Claw
Fury Swipes
Iron Defense
Ice Punch
Swords Dance

Iron Head - Lv. 30
Gyro Ball - Lv. 34
Blizzard - Lv. 36
Hail - Lv. 42

MT/Advanced Moves:
Aqua Tail
Focus Punch
Icy Wind

Iron Tail
Knock Off

Stealth Rock
Super Fang
Throat Chop

Egg Moves:
Chip Away
Crush Claw
Icicle Crash

Icicle Spear
Mud Shot
Night Slash
Rock Climb

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Work Up
Hidden Power
Sunny Day

Leech Life
Brick Break
Double Team
Aerial Face
Shadow Claw

Aurora Veil
Frost Breath
Rock Slide

Poison Jab
Sleep Talk

Ice Barrier

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Entering with:

Held Item: None
Birthday: August 29
Nickname: Prince
Gender: Male
Level: 30
Origin: Egg House
Type: Dark/Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: -
Bond: 50 (choose moves)
Contest Stats: 60/60/60/60/60
Evolution Line: -Lv. 24->
Level-Up Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl[4], Roar[7], Smog[8], Bite[16], Odor Sleuth[20], Beat Up[25], Faint Attack[27], Fire Fang[28]
HM Moves: Rock Smash
TM Moves: Solarbeam, Payback, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Payback, Snarl, Detect, Retaliate
Egg Moves: Pursuit, Spite, Counter, Fire Spin, Feint, Sucker Punch, Punishment
Move Tutor Moves: Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Heat Wave, Snatch, Swift, Super Fang
Additional Moves: -
Other: -
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They hadn't long finished the last raid when the next announcement came in, Alice busy at work when her watch started going off. The idol stopped her frantic scrawling of signatures on photobooks to take note of the information on the screen. Three more dynamax alerts, but one caught her eye in particular. The Neo Knights and Typhon's lot seemed sorted by now anyway, but it seemed like Isaac's gym was a trainer down, and the monster causing the problem was completely different to the Snorlax and Aggron that they had helped contain so far.

“At least I've got someone for the job.” Alice said to herself, putting the cap on the sparkling silver marker she was using and sweeping up her bag. At least the office had plenty of outfits to change into, too, because it was far better weather where she'd be jetting off to. In a matter of hours, Alice had rocked up to the gym, shedding her coat at the door to join the line up of trainers that had already gathered.

“Heard you were a girl down!” Alice called, recalling her mount in a cluster of trademark love hearts. The young woman traded one Love Ball for another, the same show releasing a far small and pinker Pokemon: Blaze, the vibrantly pink Combusken. He was strong and agile, and she thought he would shine well here. The Pokemon took his spot, eyes skimming over the allies that would be aiding them in this battle. It was funny to Alice how they kept running into so many familiar faces. “So, are we all ready to roll?”

Nickname: Blaze [Combusken]
Level: 100
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Love Ball
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Type: Fire
Obtained: Adoption Centre
Ability: Blaze
Bond: 50
Contest stats: Cute/100, Cool/20, Beauty/20, Tough/20, Smart/20
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Sand Attack Cut, Strength, Night Slash, Low Kick, Crossfire, Featherdance, Bounce, Mud Slap, Focus Energy, Ember, Agility, Double Team, Slash, Heat Wave, Helping Hand, Snore, Swift, Reversal, Rock Slide, Fire Spin, Peck, Flame Burst, Mirror Move, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Double Kick, Flame Charge, Sky Uppercut, Flare Blitz, Crush Claw, Endure, Hyper Beam, Thunder Punch
Hold Item: Charcoal
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After a quick Poffin break, Isaac sent the Decidueye home --- Luca flying alongside the owl to ensure that the dazed and mildly confused creature got home safely. Milo perched a tree, watching the horizon in case of another flying creature attacking... but also to make sure that Luca returned safely. Isaac, meanwhile, had busied himself with the cleanup from the previous raid. The Decidueye had done a number on some of the plants, and Isaac had recruited the help of his Pokemon to tidy up. He had so many questions moving through his head about the red beams that seemed to shoot up before an attack... not to mention the tremendous size of the beasts that attacked.

"A-Applin!" A scared shout sounded from near the equipment at the top of the hill. Milo's attention quickly turned to his son, noticing all too fast what he had noticed. A sound like no other, followed by a bright purple beam shooting down from the sky. Isaac turned his attention, immediately running up the hill and scooping up the scared Applin. It's eyes widened and it began to shake feverishly, it was all too familiar with the creature that jumped through the lush environment... but something was wrong. Adam's nose told him it was an Appletun... but it was like no Appletun he had seen before. It emerged from a large apple that was leaking a sweet smelling sap, even Isaac was having difficulty recognizing the Pokemon. Suddenly, he remembered the beast he had taken on in the Typhon's Depths... could this also be a Gigantamax?

Glancing back at the creature and giving a nod to Milo, he quickly began typing away on the computer Milo flung himself forwards, rushing to find Luca safely. [EMERGENCY! TREMENDOUS RAID BOSS APPROACHING!] although his messages had been important in the past, he felt the need to cry out in this message. The large apple grumbled, eyes darting as it looked around. [The outpouring of energy makes me believe it is a once again a category FIVE raid boss.] Isaac had never felt such a surge of power in his life... it made him feel weak in the knees as he eyed the beast. [The raid boss has been identified as a APPLETUN, GIGANTAMAX. Requesting a team of EIGHT trainers for assistance.] He shuddered, he remembered how difficult the Drednaw had been... but they needed to protect this place --- no matter the cost.
Please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until March 12th or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin.
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enters own raid,,,

☆ Titaness of Nocturnal Oracles and Falling Stars ☆

Noibat | Female | Relaxed Nature
Level 30 | Flying/Dragon | Hatched
Holding: Nothing | Pokéball: Luxury Ball
Bond: 50 | Contest Stats: [00/00/00/00/00]

- (Lv. 48) - >

Infiltrator [This Pokémon ignores barriers put up by opponents]


Spoiler: show
Natural Moves
Screech, Supersonic, Tackle, Absorb, Gust, Double Team, Bite, Wing Attack, Agility, Air Cutter, Roost, Whirlwind, Razor Wind (31), Super Fang (32), Tailwind (35), Air Slash (36), Hurricane (52)
Egg / Move Tutor Moves
Heat Wave, Dragon Pulse, Shadow StormSM
TM / HM Moves
Hyper Voice
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Name: Coco (male), Level: 50
Pokeball: Heavy Ball Obtained: Traded
Nature: Gentle Ability: Harvest
Held Item: Sitrus Berry
Evolution: No Evolution
Attacks: Leaf Storm, Leer, Gust, Growth, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Stomp, Magical Leaf, Whirlwind, Leaf Tornado, Natural Gift, Air Slash, Body Slam, Synthesis, Solar Beam, Bestow
TM/TR/HM: Bullet Seed, Cut, Defog, Earthquake, Flash, Fly, Rock Smash, Steel Wing, Strength, Sunny Day, Toxic
Move Tutor(MT): Body Slam, Defog, Giga Drain, Ominous Wind, Roost, Synthesis, Air Cutter, Double-Edge, Dragon Pulse, Endure, Fury Cutter, Headbutt, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Outrage, Seed Bomb, Sleep Talk, Snore, Stomping Tantrum, Substitute, Swagger, Swords Dance, Tailwind, Twister, Worry Seed
Egg Moves(EM): Bullet Seed, Dragon Dance, Dragon Hammer, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Natural Gift, Synthesis, Curse, Headbutt, Nature Power, Razor Wind, Slam
Bond: 36

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Pale Blue Dot
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Send a message via Skype™ to Lil'twick

Species: Togetic
Calendar Date: April 6th
Name: Custard
Type: Fairy
Level: 22
Ability: Super Luck
Nature: Rash
Gender: Male

Pokeball: Premier
Hold Item: Fairium-Z
Level-Up: Magical Leaf, Growl, Pound, Charm, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Fairy Wind, Life Dew, Ancient Power, Encore, Follow Me,
Egg Moves: Nasty Plot, Lucky Chant, Extrasensory
TM/TR: Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere
Move Tutor: Heat Wave, Signal Beam
Other: AM Draco Meteor, Celebrate

Bond: 50 [MAX]
Personality: A happy-go-lucky Pokemon who cares deeply for its trainer, but still childish.

Temporarily equipping my Bunny Suit onto him

So Baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover,
I'll go everywhere you go,
From Chicago to the Coast.

Hawke | Leo

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Entering with my Scizor, feeding him 12 Rare Candies to boost him to lvl 50.

Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: Dutiful
Ability: Technician
Moves: Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, Bug Bite, Roost, Dual Chop, Return, Shadow Break, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Feint, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Metal Claw, Pursuit, Focus Energy, Cut, Baton Pass, Ominous Wind, Rain Dance, Razor Wind, Flash Cannon, Bug Buzz, Iron Defense, Double Team, Night Slash, Iron Head, Double Hit, Air Slash
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Missingno. Master
His name is Goggles. :)
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The teenage boy approached the Twisted Roots Gym, adjusting his glasses as he looked up at the sweet-smelling behemoth. Producing his Pokédex, he opened it up and consulted it, seeing a very different image on the screen to what actually stood before him.

"Appletun, the Apple Nectar Pokémon. A Grass and Dragon-type, and an evolved form of Applin," droned the device. "Eating a Sweet Apple induced this evolution in Applin. A nectarous scent wafts from its body, luring in the Bug Pokémon it preys on. This specimen possesses the Gigantamax factor."

"So this is what's known as Gigantamax," murmured Eddie Starmie. "Fascinating... And this is certain to be a tough opponent as well. But then... if there indeed exists a link between Missingno. and the Dynamax phenomenon, I would expect nothing less," he added with a grin. He knew full well that Missingno. and similar Pokémon had a certain knack for altering the perceived appearance of other Pokémon, and Missingno. in particular tended to draw the company of high-leveled Pokémon- unusually powerful opponents to face in a battle. All this and more led to the popular theory among cryptopokologists that Missingno., or a similar Pokémon, may have a connection to the Dynamax phenomenon.

Eddie looked down at the Poké Ball clutched in his hand. "Come, Hermione," he said. "We've an adversary to take down, and research to conduct at the same time." Almost as though in response to this, the ball wiggled in Eddie's hand. He was satisfied with this, giving a small, simple nod. Adjusting his glasses once more with his free hand (having put his Pokédex back away at this point), Eddie continued onward.

Edward Tentacruel Starmie will be entering this raid with Hermione the Weedle, whose stats can be seen below.

Species: Weedle (special characteristic; Height: 2'00''; )
Gender: Female
Level: 60
Type: Bug/Poison
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, Bug Bite, Electroweb, Gummi Bomb (Ground), Can't Catch Me, Firestream, Chocolate Magic, Defensive Shield, Voodoo Bugaloo, Brain Freeze, Chocolate Bomb, Psysplit, Shadow Claw, Hidden Power (Ground), Thorns, Fatal Attraction, Unfinished Symphony, Fire Shield, Blow-Back, Ice Beam, Flash, Swift, Blizzard, Razor Snow, Hone Claws, Return, Aurora Veil, Retaliate, Rock Smash, Psychic, Gunk Shot, Aqua Tail, Guardian Terrain, Horn Drill, Smart Strike, Dragon Claw, Laser Focus, Liquidation, Iron Tail, Hail, Hyper Beam, Stomping Tantrum, Poison Jab, Celebrate, Seed Bomb.
Usable Z-Moves: N/A
Nature: Docile
Ability: Shield Dust
Bond: 50
Cute stat: 70
Beauty stat: 70
Tough stat: 70
Smart stat: 100
Cool stat: 70
Obtained: Cable Club (traded for by Keith); Sludge Wave Coast (given to Eddie)
Hermione is decidedly unlike most Weedle- she is highly intelligent, knows way more moves than is usual for her kind, and does not wish to evolve. She has a talent for cooking, and quickly became the team's chef. Her cooking skills are nothing short of amazing, and her teammates always eagerly await mealtime thanks to her. She is inquisitive to a fault, and is quite learned on many subjects, to the point where an entire room of Keith's Secret Base was set aside as her own personal library. She takes notes by dipping her tail stinger in ink and using it as a pen, a practice which eventually permanently dyed her tail stinger black. Her love interest is Scorpius, even after his evolution into Drapion, the drastic size difference discouraging neither party. She gets along fairly well with most of her teammates, and those that underestimate her do not do so for very long- she shows a definite skill for battle, and continually strives to expand her list of attacks (a tricky feat for a Weedle, but she manages). Recently, however, Hermione has been wanting more of an intellectual challenge, and realized that assisting Eddie Starmie with his cryptopokology studies and experiments might be just the thing. To that end, she joined his team, and has cemented herself as his strongest Pokémon. Despite initial worries about what Gigawatt would think, the Voltorb has been very welcoming.
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King Ghidorah
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Might as well hang out at Twisted Roots a little while longer.

Entering Muk.

Species: Muk
Level: 40
Gender: Male
Type: Poison
Obtained: Trade with EpicSquirtle
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Poison Touch
Moves: Poison Gas, Pound, Harden, Minimize, Mud-Slap, Venoshock, Shadow Punch, Acid Spray, Haze, Shadow Sneak, Stockpile, Swallow, Flamethrower, Disable, Thunder Punch, Hidden Power (Water), Sludge, Mud Bomb, Rock Slide, Imprison, Fling, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Screech, Gunk Shot, Venom Drench
Evolves: Evolve from @ Lv. 38
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'Till we meet again
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Lil' Bluey There's no kill like overkill

Signing up again with Hermesiel the Lv. 100 Togekiss.

Also taking the opportunity to teach him TR HYPER VOICE.

Hermesiel Lv. 100
Birthdate: April 6
Nature: Calm
Ability: Serene Grace
Poké Ball: Love Ball
Hold Item: Northern Star Bangle
Bond: 38
Beauty Points: 100
Cool Points: 50
Cute Points: 80
Smart Points: 50
Tough Points: 50
Accessories: Flight Goggles

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Air Slash
Fairy Wind
Sky Attack
Aura Sphere
Tri Attack
After You
Follow Me
Baton Pass
Last Resort
Sweet Kiss
Life Dew

MT/Advanced Moves:
Air Cutter
Drain Punch
Focus Punch
Heal Bell
Heat Wave
Hyper Voice

Laser Focus
Magic Coat
Ominous Wind
Shock Wave
Signal Beam


Water Pulse
Zen Headbutt

Egg Moves:
Future Sight
Lucky Chant
Mirror Move
Morning Sun
Nasty Plot
Psycho Shift
Secret Power
Stored Power

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Zap Cannon
Psych Up

Hidden Power
Sunny Day
Hyper Beam
Rain Dance

Shadow Ball
Double Team
Sleep Talk
Fire Blast

Defense Curl
Dream Eater
Steel Wing
Light Screen

Brick Break

Aerial Ace


Silver Wind
Giga Impact
Thunder Wave

Natural Gift
Grass Knot

Echoed Voice
Work Up

Dazzling Gleam
Helping Hand
Draining Kiss
Mystical Fire
Ally Switch
Play Rough

Razor Wind
Swords Dance
Pay Day
Dragon Rage
Egg Bomb
Skull Bash
Tri Attack
Sweet Scent
Icy Wind
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Calm Mind
Bullet Seed
Focus Blast
Charge Beam
Gyro Ball
Flash Cannon
Rock Smash
Heart Swap

Pre-Evolution Moves:
Magical Leaf

Mega Punch
Mega Kick
Body Slam
Seismic Toss


Let's make some applesauce, baby~

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