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Froslass Mana's Log of Artistic 1nsAn1t1Es

Well, I was going to put a self-made cat emoji here, but UPN apparently does not allow arbitrary spaces, so, uh... Whoops! ;-;

*AHEM!* Okay, now that's out of the way, welcome to this little(?) thread of oddities(?), where I show off my myriad artistic endeavors like so many other people have before me. Things might be a bit fast-paced(?) for a bit as I try to catch up where I would be at if I had actually made this two years ago like I really should've, but nevertheless, constructive criticism would be pretty nice to have-after all, I have a ways to go before I catch up to Daisy and Yukirin~!

That being said, I don't have any 'pictures' prepared to upload and show off yet... but I do have a few poems I've written over the past year.

...Hey, poetry's a type of art too, you know! And no, none of them are any of my PASBLHaikus.

A Reminiscence of Times Past
Spoiler: show
I wish I could say I was from the rocky beaches,
Overlooked by the field-topped cliff.
Or the white-and-pink house
With the young couple living downstairs.

Perhaps it was the long, gray afternoons
Spent cycling down the gravel road?
Or the days steeped in the scent of oil
Instead of Grandma's empty store?

I recall those simple days,
Wondering if the tracher would even show;
As well as the occasional argument
Regarding my ever-changing eyes.

I remember the stone buildings,
Dyed orange in the soft twilight,
Along with the ice-cream truck's song:
A repeated "Helados coqui..."

But I have long since left that place;
Great-grandpa's half-destroyed mountain
And the old, red van that somehow still ran
Despite being 'totaled' by a fallen coconut...

I have been changed by these surroundings,
The college town and the green woods.
This place may have caused me trouble,
But it is still my current home.

Even so, I will never forget my time
Living in old Isabella, Puert Rico.

A Palette of One's Mind
Spoiler: show
Red. What a despicable color,
This 'Red.'
They say it is the color of passion,
The fiery light of freedom,
And the sticky air of love.
Yet this shade is far from bright within me,
Forcibly tinted to a pale Pink
By those who can't withstand the flame.

Blue. It's not much different,
This 'Blue.'
It's the color of industrialness,
The formal air of the elite.
And the satisfaction of fitting in.
But this path has also been dimmed,
Illuminated by Individuality's ember,
And the poverty of my being.

Perhaps this is why my retreat
Is 'Lavender,'
An airy amalgamation of the two extremes
Both above and below.
It inspires both creativity and productivity,
Both soft and poignant-
Truly a good balance for my soul.

But my sanctuary is under siege,
Thoroughly assaulted.
For Red and Blue have darker shades,
Blending into a horrid 'Orchid.'
Relentlessly inward they swarm:
Anger, Sadness, and Despair,
Alternating blows of darkened hues.

~~~I've had a bad day, indeed.~~~

The Conviction in One's Heart
Spoiler: show

We are but shadows trapped in twilight,
Waiting to be absorbed into the night;
And we've been wondering throughout our youths:
"Which dark cloud will see our use?"
Spoiler: show

But to the machine, we are imperfect,
Too deformed to fit in any sect.
And rather than lift us up to it's harsh, gray sky,
It will leave is to corrode and die.

Some wish to turn back time for that reason,
And again stand out in Day's bright season;
When we were recognized for our own strengths,
Rather than frisked for weakness at length.

But would that mean reliving the abuse
The factories used to limit our use?
And again be screeched at by gears and clogs
As they eat at us with their noxious fog?

Yet, if we did join the darkness,
It wouldn't put our real skills to the test.
It won't bring us closer to the stars,
But remove us from the fireflies shining far.

So we should build upon our strengths, not our flaws,
In spite of the machine's monotonous laws.
We are not refuse, but specialty parts
Capable of restoring the bolts' metal hearts!

We should be firefles lighting up the night,
Working together to make our world bright.
The mass's clouds may block out the stars,
But perhaps our own glow will be on par!

Like the old 'net, we'll change the whole machine,
Leaving it's original purpose a total mystery.
The other parts may grind until they bleed,
But we are the upgrade they will always need!

...Well, that didn't quite work the way I wanted. Apparently, the first stanza in the last poem got separated from the rest of it for some reason. Ah well, I hope you all enjoyed them anyways!

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Median Dia
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Well, I suppose it's time I get to the meat of this little thread of mine- the visual arts! I'll be starting off with something I wanted to back when I first joined, but never got around to by virtue of being distracted by Toradora! and an LP of Fire Emblem: Awakening- show off my sprites! Admittedly, I'll be posting creations from all the way to now this time, but that's just what happens when you wait two friggin' years, I suppose!

Spoiler: show

And here we have my first attempt at pixel art. Originally, it was going to be a more 'traditional' splice, but gardevoir's robes just worked too well as an actual dress that I kinda... made it just that? I did do a little bit of recoloring to make it look a bit better, as you can probably tell, so I wound up getting some practice there after all!

Spoiler: show

This one... caused me a lot more trouble than it should have. After completing the above piece, I thought something along the lines of 'that was surprisingly easy. Now let's step it a notch and sprite this kid.' Oddly enough, the gun was not the hardest part to do- that tiltle goes to, for whatever stupid reason, his hat. It may not look like much to you guys, but a lot of effort went into that one piece of headwear. I then proceeded to make a rookie mistake that really cost me recently: I resized the sprite. While I could get away with that for the first one due to keeping the originals intact, the same cannot be said here, so I wound up spending somewhere around six and a half hours removing the white background from him over the past few days. Yeesh!

Spoiler: show
Now we jump forward to the following year, somewhere around July 2015. Having been struck by a surge a boredom inspiration, I decided to create sprites for my PASBL squad and WF team at the time. While they may have been in my signature for a while now, they won't always be, so I'll just drop the here for longevity.

To be honest, Shiro (the white haired chick) could still use a bit more work, but I'll get to that when I need to update the sprite as a whole again. Procrastination!

Spoiler: show
And lastly for today, I now present a couple sprites I made for the GWSC over on Serebii (though only one of them was actually finished on time).
"Recolor a nonevolving pokemon with the pallette of one of it's pokedex neighbors." Ah, yes, Missigno. Master oughta remember this one. It's finally without the white border~!

"Fuse three legendary pokemon from different generations." And this one was just fun. A little awkward, perhaps, but fun nonetheless!

And that's all I have for tonight. Expect a little more content to come in a bit later in the week, so don't forget to keep yourselves safe until then. Adios!

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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