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Originally Posted by Anonymous /vp/ user
What is Pokemon?

There are those who follow Smogon and those who follow Karen, people who raise their Pokemon and people who catch 'em all wild. There are competitive battlers and breeders and even coordinators.

But none of that really defines Pokemon. What defines it is your very first Charmander or Mudkip or Turtwig. What defines it is that team that grew from that, the journey you went on. It's about learning about branch evolutions and held items. Those glitches and lies you'd tell about Pikablu and getting behind Bill's house. It's about how you made friends through battling and trading with people in school and in your home town. It's about a community that has become worldwide. It's about this community, one that you're a part of as you read this very board.

Remember your journey, and what it's all about.

For decades, Kanto and Johto were relatively peaceful regions, stirred only occasionally by a bit of crime and slight disturbances. Beneath this pacific surface, however, tension brewed. Strange forces grew, fueled by ire and distrust, until one day, disaster struck. The sea levels rose, flooding seaside towns. Earthquakes ravaged major cities, taking down large buildings and reducing them to rubble. Drought swept across Johto, parching its fertile lands, and rain overtook Kanto, swamping it with torrents of water. Centers of population were torn to pieces, casting their citizens across the region. After one week of near-constant cataclysm, it suddenly stopped, leaving a ravaged and unrecognizable world behind. While there were many survivors, there were almost as many dead. Pokémon suddenly disappeared - even many trainers' companions were gone without a trace. What soon followed was a period of extreme climate change. Some areas rapidly desertified, some sprang to life with forests, some frosted over entirely, and some quickly became overgrown. In little under a month, the citizens of Kanto and Johto awoke to a wild and untamed region, almost indistinguishable from the lands before.
It has been ten years since the events, now referred to simply as "the disasters". Broken fragments of Kanto and Johto only now are starting to pull together again and a sense of normalcy is just beginning to return. People finally are returning to a semblance of typical daily life, though many resources are still scarce. Trainers who had their journeys delayed are finally starting their travels, braving the treacherous conditions to begin their adventures. Pokémon are slowly reappearing, though much more shy than they were before, many showing a deep distrust towards humans. The job of trainer has taken on a new meaning - not simply as a those who raise Pokémon, but as ambassadors, both to the Pokémon and the survivors of the disasters.
You are a novice trainer, ready to set out on your journey. You have waited many years, survived the disasters, and the day has finally come. There are no longer professors who will hand you a Pokémon on a silver platter or huge masses of Pokémon ripe for capture, though - what you have is what you've got. Your first companion, whether recently found or a long-time friend, is your only company as you wander into the wilds with only a few supplies and the clothes on your back.
Your very own Pokémon adventure is about to unfold. You'll face fun times and tough challenges. A world of dreams and adventure with Pokémon awaits! Let's go!

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