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Bulbasaur Trainer and Referee Q/A - Mark III

Trainers! Referees! Ask your questions here!

This thread should serve as your primary point of inquiry if you cannot find find out the answer to a question about ASB rules.

Ask a question here and a more experienced ref will come along to assist you. You can ask about anything, from how scary a Hydreigon is to how much health to give a level up pokémon. Anyone may contribute answers and advice on such situations and you should feel free to (politely) debate the answers with each other. Every opinion is valid and you shouldn't feel afraid to say something even if you're really new to ASB or have been away for a very long time and remember older rules and regulations.

LOs will also contribute advice and guidance as needed but this is a communal thread. However, bear in mind that this thread does not contain rulings, so everything can be contested at a later date.

As a general rule, people giving help should cite a source for the information. If you can't find anything, still post an answer, but make it clear that there's no official source to use. This will help us keep track of things we need to write down officially and make sure that no-one gets in trouble.

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what does slugma taste like
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Woah Bro
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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
what does slugma taste like
The thing about Slugma is...

Magma exudes a large amount of heat on normal human women, let alone on certain female half-slugs, whose body temperatures would only naturally be much higher than a normal human's. If one were to approach Slugma's bare magma, especially if she was aroused, you would probably be able to feel the heat of it on your skin. The natural heat is also probably conducive to arousal in its own right.

Much like a 15 year old going through puberty and getting erections at random, a side effect of being a half-breed is probably often, unprovoked arousal. Who knows, it may even be permanent. Slugma might literally be "in heat" at all times. On top of what may be almost perpetual hotness between her thighs, her naturally high body temperature probably makes it difficult for her to wear human clothes comfortably (especially tight, reinforced armor).

She probably sweats profusely in her lava, enough to drench herself in only one short outing to Lawn Arena. But then again she may get off on the feeling of being made so sloppy, so to speak. The sensation of her wet magma would probably resemble putting your finger into a bath of hot honey. The lava more viscous than normal and just hot enough that you almost risk a burn. Imagine the smell and the taste of her inner magma after one match. Wet and sticky with a musky odor and all salty-sweet from the combination of her various minerals.
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Hey look, a legitimate query!

So, is Familiarity for certain types still a thing? If so, how much energy would a pokemon have available to the specified type? Or is it exclusive only to certain pokemon now?
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The definition of familiarity has not changed and is still the below:

Familiarity – Pokémon which are considered more familiar with particular types have more energy of that type to use and will be better at manipulating the energy of their attacks, allowing them the same benefits that Pokémon with STAB enjoy.
I believe people don't generally give more than about an additional Ice Beam worth of energy. Do note, though, that we'll be moving largely towards Reed-style type energy which slowly restores over the course of the battle/is exhuastion-esque.

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