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The Rocky Horror Picture Show discussion thread

*nsfw maybe*????
I want to discuss both versions (the clasic film and the very recent remake) as I liked both.
However, I seem to be the only one who thuroughly enjoyed the remake...
Maybe it's because I didn't know of the original untill recently.
The plot of this movie bothers me. It's too random.
Here is my idea:
There are 3 major plot lines, brad and Janet's, the plot we see, and what is actually happening.
Let me clarify that last one:
It is clear that Dr. Frakenfurtur suffers from some kind of something that makes them have halucinations. As shown in the finale, they imagine an entire crowd when the theater is empty.
That got me thinking, what if there is more to it.
What if
1: There are no aliens, it is Dr. Frankenfuter's caretakers snapping them back to reality and playing along.
2: Rocky and Eddie are the same person. The song "In Just 7 Days" solidifies that for me. What kind of makeover are they talking about? Rocky is already buff AF.
Think about it.
(this is just a small portion, I'll expand on my theory later.)
(also I ADORE miss Cox in the remake)

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