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Manaphy Gyms and Leaders

Viridian Village Gym
Type: Ground
Arena Description: A plot of loamy soil just outside the main Gym building, dotted with chunks of abstractedly sculpted marble. Patches of soft grass grow along the edges, but the training and battling of the leader and the trainers has worn down a patch of dark soil in the center in the rough shape of a circle. Berry crops grow on the outer edge of the arena, acting as a food supply for the Pokémon in the city.
Simple TM: Bulldoze
Complex TM: Rototiller
Trained HM/Field Move: Dig

Leader Profile
Ferdinand (Nando) – The Earth’s Sculptor
Age: 22
Occupation: Sculptor/Gym Leader
Badge: Earth Badge
Personality: Fluttershy (though less shy.)
Background: Ferdinand spent his early years growing up in a small village in the efflorescent Viridian Forest. He was born the son of a small-time jeweler, and inherited his father’s artistic creativity, finding himself to be adept at the art of ceramics and sculpture. While the people of his small village weren’t too impressed by the complexities of creativity, his art captured the hearts of the forest Pokémon. With the discovery of his ability to befriend Pokémon through his art, he left his village for the first time to use his talents to assist the group of people working to rekindle Pokémon-human relations. On his travels, he discovered another talent aside from his art, his talent as a Pokémon trainer. After a couple years of adventures, he was offered the position as the Gym Leader for his home region in the Viridian Forest. While he enjoyed working with Pokémon on the field, he knew he could do more by training other young trainers to be kind to our Pokémon allies.
Signature Pokémon: Claydol
0-1 Badges: Sandshrew, Phanpy, Diglett
2-3 Badges: Sandslash, Phanpy, Diglett, Numel
4-5 Badges: Sandslash, Donphan, Dugtrio, Numel, Claydol
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Sandslash, Donphan, Dugtrio, Gliscor, Claydol, Camerupt (Mega)

Pewter City Gym
Type: Rock
Arena Description: Built out of the rock harvested from the old Pewter quarry, the Pewter City Gym has changed little since its original incarnation. The arena consists of a firm, sandy floor punctuated by a number of boulders of various shapes and sizes. The only major addition since the Gym’s change of ownership is that of jagged rock climbing walls on all sides, creating an appearance of the base of a rocky gorge.
Simple TM: Rock Tomb
Complex TM: Power Gem
Trained HM/Field Move: Strength

Leader Profile
Jade - The Stalwart Moutianeer
Age: 19
Occupation: Gym Leader
Badge: Boulder Badge
Background: Jade comes from poor family that tried to get by in the ruins of the Old Cianwood City. By the time she was ten; some new people migrated en masse and took over the area creating a “new, progressive civilization,” that enforced new laws that didn’t fly so well with some of the original settlers. Her family left the ruins with other families, and decided to head for Kanto, which they had heard was bustling with life, but Jade got separated on the trip. Lost and confused, she began to cry, afraid she would never see her family again. Slowly calming down, she began to realize she hadn’t been the only one crying. She turned to see a Bonsly in tears, whom had also lost its mother. With overpowering empathy, she offered to help. Though they could not find their parents, they did find a friend in each other, and decided to survive together. As they came closer to civilization again, they began to battle other trainers, earning some money for food. They battled other Pokémon, gaining some new friends to join them and keep them company. A couple years went by, but Jade eventually found her way to Kanto, and was reunited with her Family in Pewter City. It was bleak, and was incredibly reminiscent of the Cianwood Slums. Being an accomplished trainer, she revived the Pewter Gym, attracting some life back to Pewter, and the city started to look more like part of the Viridian Forest, rather than a bleak, dry wasteland after some human effort. Jade does however, miss the outdoors often, and makes frequent trips to hike the near-by Mt. Moon with her Sudowoodo.
Signature: Sudowoodo
0-1 Badges: Nosepass, Geodude, Larvitar
2-3 Badges: Nosepass, Geodude, Larvitar, Sudowoodo
4-5 Badges: Nosepass, Graveler, Larvitar, Sudowoodo, Magcargo
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Probopass, Golem, Relicanth, Sudowoodo, Magacargo, Tyranitar (Mega)

Cerulean City Gym
Type: Water
Arena Description: The newly constructed Cerulean City Gym lies far to the north of downtown Cerulean, housed in a modern glass building filled with aquariums and pools that house a wide variety of Water Pokémon from all over the world. The new Gym’s main arena is modeled loosely after the last Gym’s most recent incarnation, battles taking place over the central saltwater aquarium. A series of fiberglass docks run over the water’s surface, allowing for non-swimming Pokémon to battle, as well as a handful of pontoon platforms that float on either end. Under the water, there is a complex of corals which are home to a number of saltwater Pokémon, though the docile Pokémon rarely attack the battlers.
Simple TM: Bubblebeam
Complex TM: Aqua Jet
Trained TM/Field Move: Surf AND Dive

Leader Profile
Marigold - The Modern Mermaid
Age: 26
Occupation: Gym Leader/Swim Coach
Badge: Cascade Badge
Personality: Abrasive and intense, but rather eager to help
Background: Descending from a long family line, Marigold carries on the tradition of the Water Flowers of Cerulean, though few thought she would. She was an awkward child who was once hydrophobic after nearly drowning in the Cerulean Gym’s pool. She grew to fear anything that had to do with water, even water Pokémon. Because of this, her parents frowned on her, and her twin brother, Royce, instead, was given all the love from her parents. Just to spite her parents, she decided to train Electric Pokémon, starting by chasing after a Pachirisu into some near woods, but it wasn’t long until she lost it, but instead found herself cornered by several Galvantula. They attacked simultaneously, and she lost consciousness. She awoke to find herself by a stream with a girl and her Alomomola tending to her wounds. Her initial reaction was to freak out, but she was still in too much pain to move. However, for the first time, she managed to trust water Pokémon. It was the first stepping stone to regaining her control over water, and inevitably became a great water-Pokémon trainer. The gym was still given to her brother, though, but fortunately her brother wasn’t her parents. He acknowledged her as a much more powerful trainer, and gave leadership to her. However, due to a scarred past, she keeps up a cold exterior, finding it difficult to trust others. Proving your worth to her will be hard, especially if you plan on using Electric Pokémon.
Signature: Gorebyss
0-1 Badges: Wooper, Piplup, Staryu
2-3 Badges: Wooper, Prinplup, Starmie, Gorebyss
4-5 Badges: Quagsire, Prinplup, Starmie, Gorebyss, Vaporeon
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Quagsire, Empoleon, Starmie, Gorebyss, Vaporeon, Swampert (Mega)

Vermilion Isles Gym Gym
Type: Electric
Arena Description: The Vermilion Isles Gym is a shadow of its former incarnation, hosted on a decommissioned oil rig that was rendered inoperable by the disasters. The main arena takes place in the center of the rig, attached below the rig’s main structure. The arena is exposed to the open air, battered by winds and the ocean spray below. The arena itself is composed of reinforced steel, making any type of ground manipulation impossible. The salty air makes it an ideal conductor of electricity, a perfect environment for the Gym’s Electric-type members. Large, sturdy nets around the edges of the arena help catch any Pokémon that may be thrown off its edge, preventing them from falling into the salty waves below.
Simple TM: Thunder Wave
Complex TM: Volt Tackle
Trained TM/Field Move: Flash

Leader Profile
Gen. Laura Blitzer - The Empassioned General
Age: 49
Badge: Thunder Badge
Occupation: Gym Leader
Personality: Compassionate and motherly, but also strict and disciplined.
Background: When young, Laura’s parents were kid napped by the struggling-to-survive Team Rocket, and were saved by a military raid of their base. After hearing the tale, she had set her heart on joining the Marines. She climbed the ranks, proving herself to be disciplined and loyal until she finally reached General. After the disasters had occurred 15 years ago, she retired, believing a military isn’t something the world needed at the moment. She backed down and began to help in the movement to befriend Pokémon once again. After a couple years of assistance and teaching other, younger trainers in the art of befriending through discipline, she decided to return to her home town of Vermillion for a break, only to find it practically shattered. A few islands with a few settlements remained, and she was informed that most people were living on the ExxcadrillCo’s Deluxe Oil Rig in the bay. After relocating out there, she found that they were looking for someone to restart the Vermillion Gym, and she gladly accepted, happy to be working with young trainers again.
Signature: Ampharos
0-1 Badges: Pikachu, Electrike, Dedenne
2-3 Badges: Pikachu, Electrike, Dedenne, Blitzle
4-5 Badges: Raichu, Manectric, Dedenne, Blizle, Ampharos
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Raichu, Manectric, Dedenne, Zebstrika, Ampharos (Mega), Rotom

Lavender Town Gym
Type: Ghost
Arena Description: The newest Gym in Kanto, this transplanted Gym was moved from Ecruteak to a more suited home in Lavender, occupying the old House of Memories (otherwise known as the Soul House), a long-abandoned grave site occupied by old graves moved from the Pokémon Tower after its destruction. The Gym’s battles take place in the center of the House of Memories underneath the Gym’s iconic dome. The arena is constructed out of old planks of hardwood, the air filled with smoke from the incense burning throughout the Gym. The arena is dimly lit by candles and a few small pillars of light that flow in through cracks in the ceiling. Headstones mark the outer limits of the arena, boxing off the area where the battles take place.
Simple TM: Shadow Ball
Complex TM: Phantom Force
Trained HM/Field Move: Defog

Leader Profile
Judy - The Wistful Lady
Age: 26
Occupation: Gym Leader
Badge: Fog Badge
Personality: Snarky and bitter, but maternal towards her Pokémon
Background: Judy originally hails from Ecruteak City, the cultural center of Johto. Born to a rich socialite, she was shuffled around the Kanjohto social scene for most of her childhood, though she long grew to resent it. Her father, a very traditional man, wished for her to train to become a part of the Kimono Girls and carry on the tradition of her hometown. She, however, had different plans, enchanted by the city’s Gym. Though long led by the well-respected Morty, its position was vacated not long before the disasters. Although she was trained as a classical dancer and to battle with style and grace, she decided to take on this radically different challenge as an act of defiance and rebellion against her father. She proved herself as a graceful and skilled battler, soon claiming the position. After the disasters, she decided to distance herself from her home, moving the Gym from Ecruteak to Lavender, a locale much more suited to the Ghosts she has come to love, opening the new Gym in the House of Memories, where the Pokémon Tower had its graves reburied after the construction of the Radio Tower.
Signature: Mismagius
0-1 Badges: Gastly, Litwick, Duskull
2-3 Badges: Haunter, Lampent, Duskull, Honedge
4-5 Badges: Haunter, Lampent, Dusclops, Doublade, Mismagius
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Gengar, Chandelure, Dusknoir, Aegislash, Mismagius, Banette (Mega)

Celadon City Gym
Type: Grass
Arena Description: The Celadon City Gym doubles as a popular and famous restaurant, the Fleur de Ciel, specializing in vegetarian dishes and locally grown produce. All of the produce is grown in a greenhouse where the Gym’s leader also hosts Gym battles. Battles are fought on a plot of land in the center of the greenhouse, covered in a thick, luscious grass. Flower bushes pepper the ground, generating a musky but sweet scent that fills the arena. On its outskirts, a huge variety of trees, vines, grasses and flowers grow almost wild, filling the greenhouse with verdant decorations.
Simple TM: Giga Drain
Complex TM: Petal Blizzard
Trained HM/Field Move: Sweet Scent

Leader Profile
Florian - The Natural Chef
Age: 34
Occupation: Head Chef/Gym Leader
Badge: Rainbow Badge
Personality: Sarcastic and smug
Background: Florian has always loved cooking, so it was no surprise that he had so many Pokémon friends during his early adventures. The food he made always drew the attention of nearby Pokémon, and he normally made enough to share. When he finally settled down, he opened up what started as a small café that specialized in vegetarian food made with vegetables the he and his grass-type Pokémon grew in their own garden. One special feature that really drew in customers was a little wager the menu offered. If you beat the Head Chef in a Pokémon battle, you could order whatever, free of charge. When the disasters occurred, Celadon became one of the few cities that benefitted, flourishing in to a lavish jungle. With the variety of new fruits and vegetables that could grow, his restaurant expanded. New customers began to show ups, but not all for food. They had heard about Florian’s skill as a trainer, and wanted advice, choosing to go to him over the gym. Eventually, the original gym leader stepped down, and the restaurant was remodeled once more, to now host the Celadon gym.
Signature: Leafeon
0-1 Badges: Lotad, Pansage, Exeggcute
2-3 Badges: Lombre, Pansage, Exeggcute, Leafeon
4-5 Badges: Lombre, Simisage, Exeggutor, Jumpluff, Leafeon
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Ludicolo, Simisage, Exeggutor, Jumpluff, Leafeon, Gogoat/Sceptile (Mega)

Fuchsia City Gym
Type: Poison
Arena Description: The Fuchsia City Gym is one of the few buildings not affected by the influx of pollution that ruined the city after the disasters. The traditional styled building still stands in its former glory, made of nearly all wood and paper from the trees that once grew in this formerly lush land. Battles take place in the center of the Gym, in a tatami matted central garden. The garden is rather small, growing wild with poisonous plants harvested by the leaders to create potent toxins. Though somewhat fragile, the arena is largely flame retardant and resistant to energy-based attacks, though it can be easily broken with brute force.
Simple TM: Toxic
Complex TM: Cross Poison
Trained TM/Field Move: Cut

Leader Profile
Hebiko & Kumoko - The Mysterious Family
Age: 15&80
Occupation: Ninja/Gym Leader
Badge: Soul Badge
Personality (Hebiko): A young girl who takes battling seriously, but not much else. She’s never been in the outside world, so has a bad habit of coming on to people and dropping innuendos without realizing it. Innocent, in that sense.
Personality (Kumoko): The Dirty Old Man trope, only a woman. Skilled in Ninjitsu. Also a mild, racist Asian sterotype.
Background: The Fuchsia Gym has always had a long tradition of being a training ground for ninja’s. Its facilities were top notch, and its location was fantastic, so the building often found itself the subject of war between varying Ninja families and tribes. However, after the disasters, it was abandoned due to sudden leak of an underground supply of stagnant and toxic water, creating a terrible swamp on the surface. Wandering Grandmother Kumoko with her month-old granddaughter Hebiko in arms was able to kill two birds with one stone: find shelter for her beloved granddaughter, and once and for all reclaim the Fuchsia Gym in the name of her family. After reconnecting with some of her old friends and their offspring, the Fuchsia gym quickly was running again. Over the course of the years, Kumoko trained Hebiko in the art of ninjitsu and poison Pokémon. She wasn’t the best Ninja around, in fact, she’s completely clumsy. However, she’s what many called a prodigy on the Pokémon battle field. Together they run the gym, Kumoko mostly overseeing the ninjitsu training while Hebiko takes care of trainers, though if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky), they may just challenge you together.
Signature: Seviper(H)/Ariados(K)
0-1 Badges: Koffing, Zubat, Stunky
2-3 Badges: Koffing, Golbat, Stunky, Ariados
4-5 Badges: Weezing, Golbat, Skuntank, Ariados, Seviper
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Weezing, Crobat, Ariados, Seviper, Skuntank, Garbodor/Venusaur (Mega)

New Saffron City Gym
Type: Psychic
Arena Description: The New Saffron Gym was reestablished a few years after the destruction of the city, reclaiming the remains of the Magnet Train station to make a modern and sleek Gym. Battles are conducted across the Magnet Train’s old tracks in the center of the station. The floor is covered in a sleek modern tile with the tracks splitting the arena directly in half. Though the train is no longer operational, it has been incorporated into the arena, with four cars and one of the train’s ends acting as a centerpiece to the battling arena, with the now glassless windows allowing for Pokémon to move freely around it and use it to its full potential as a stage for battling.
Simple TM: Psyshock
Complex TM: Cosmic Power
Trained HM/Field Move: Rock Smash

Leader Profile
Anthony - The Brainy Brute
Age: 28
Occupation: Gym Leader
Badge: Marsh Badge
Personality: Cocky, Technically book smart, but does stupid things. Toolbag. Guido.
Background: Anthony hails from Castelia City, born with telekinetic abilities. His rich family sent him to hone his abilities at the world-famous Saffron Institution for the Mentally Gifted, which was also conveniently the Saffron City gym. Although most of his colleagues would spend their spare time in books and computers, he followed his older brothers in hitting the gym. When the disasters struck, an earthquake tore through Saffron, and plant life began rapidly growing and ravaging much of the area. Many of his classmates unable to save themselves, as the confusion and fear made it hard to lift heavy things telekinetically. He was able to save a few with his brute strength, but not everyone was lucky, including the previous gym leader. Saffron was in ruins, and he was the only person that hadn’t lost anything. He took charge of everyone surviving, and began reconstruction immediately; creating what was at the time, a small, New Saffron City. Once everyone felt they could resume a semi-normal life, he was appointed new gym leader of Saffron. With this new position of authority, he also rebuilt the old Fighting Dojo over his gym, designing it like a common fitness center with some facilities to train fighting types.
Signature: Medicham
0-1 Badges: Ralts, Drowzee, Espurr
2-3 Badges: Kirlia, Drowzee, Espurr, Wynaut
4-5 Badges: Gallade, Hypno, Meowstic (F), Wynaut, Medicham
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Gallade, Hypno, Meowstic (F), Wobbuffet, Medicham (Mega), Reuniclus

Seafoam Islands Gym
Type: Fire
Arena Description: The Seafoam Islands Gym is one of the few Gyms in the region that relocated before the disasters, driven to the Seafoam Islands by the eruption of the volcano on Cinnabar Island. The Gym now occupies some warm caves on the southern end of Cinderglass Island. The Gym arena is set into a warm, deep cave, made out of sturdy volcanic stone. The arena is rather simple, with a fragile floor that prevents much arena manipulation and a natural skylight that allows for the sun to bask it in a warm glow.
Simple TM: Heat Wave
Complex TM: Mystical Fire
Trained HM/Field Move: Whirlpool

Leader Profile
Ariel - The Islands' Gift
Age: 25
Occupation: Gym Leader
Badge: Volcano Badge
Personality: Sweet, and incredibly caring. Does not enjoy the company of abusive trainers.
Background: Ariel used to live in Fuschia City, working as an attendant to the Safari Zone. She was always close to wild Pokémon, and treated them as if they were her family, even to those she had just met. The Safari Zone was the perfect place for her to live. However, when the toxic pools began to leak to the surface, Pokémon began to get ill. Ariel, however, knew the perfect thing to do. Cinnabar’s ashy soil had bloomed into a gorgeous rainforest over the year, perfect for most of the Safari Zone Pokémon. She instructed her co-workers to begin moving the Pokémon by capturing them in Safari Balls, and they were promptly transported to the Cinnabar Rain Forest. Some Pokémon, however, opted to stay behind. Whether they didn’t feel they would do well in a rain forest, or they didn’t want to leave their home, they remained in the Safari Zone, to Ariel’s dismay. She wasn’t going to force them, though, that wasn’t her mode of operations. Once the Pokémon were safe, she and her co-workers began leading a migration to the already-expanding Cinderglass Island, where she became regarded as a hero and friend to Pokémon everywhere. She soon opened her own gym on the island with the help of her friends and Pokémon, so she could assist in repairing the world, and more important to her, help everyone realize that humans and Pokémon can coexist again.
Signature: Arcanine
0-1 Badges: Vulpix, Torkoal, Houndour
2-3 Badges: Vulpix, Torkoal, Houndour, Arcanine
4-5 Badges: Ninetales, Torkoal, Houndoom, Arcanine, Pyroar (F)
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Ninetales, Torkoal, Houndoom (Mega), Arcanine, Pyroar (F), Charizard

New Bark Town Gym
Type: Ice
Arena Description: The New Bark Town Gym shares its home with Kanjohto’s only remaining research lab. Though most of the facilities are still dedicated to research, the outdoor space that was once a flourishing, rolling green for the lab’s many Pokémon has been converted into a frosty battle zone, ideal for this cold Gym. The Gym’s battles take place on a patch of snowy grass just beyond the lab. The ground is covered in a thin layer of snow and is in a state of permafrost, making it rather firm. The area used for battling is marked off by a few neat rows of snow-covered pines, giving the entire arena a frosty but frozen feeling. A small frozen pool has also been dug in the center of the arena, extending out about half way through it, with a moderately thick sheet of ice constantly covering the frosty waters below.
Simple TM: Frost Breath
Complex TM: Freeze-Dry
Trained HM/Field Move: Waterfall

Leader Profile
Zafiro - The Icy Professor
Age: 31
Occupation: Researcher/Gym Leader
Badge: Glacier Badge
Personality: Cold and Calculating, but passionate about Pokémon
Background: Zafiro is a native of New Bark Town, but only spent a fraction of his childhood there. On the day of his tenth birthday, he set out on his Pokémon journey with his Swinub, a gift from Professor Elm. Zafiro and the Professor had grown close during his first ten years of life and had expressed a desire to train Ice-type Pokémon, prompting Elm to send for a Swinub from the Ice Cave. Pryce, the then Mahogany Gym Leader, personally delivered the Pokémon and offered him a position as a Gym Trainer if he proved himself in the rest of the Johto league. Four long years later, he came to Pryce and after a close battle, bested the veteran, becoming Pryce's personal pupil. Unfortunately, the Gym Leader was advanced in age, and passed away only three years later. His death and the temporary closure of the Gym prompted him to move back to New Bark. There, he spent time in the tutelage of Professor Elm, studying for a time in the interim. When the Gym reopened some months later, he was offered leadership of the Gym. However, he was conflicted, wanting both to continue his research and lead the Gym. For the first few years, he split his time between the two, but the demands of his work in the lab made his work in the Gym difficult to keep up with, and lead to his retirement after only two years. He dedicated a great deal of time to his research, acting as an adjunct to Professor Elm as well as working on projects of his own. Only a short time into his career as a dedicated researcher, however, the disasters struck, leading to the disappearance of the Professor and the frosting over of New Bark. Mahogany's desertification and death of Zafiro's replacement also lead to the permanent closing of the Ice Gym. Seeing an opportunity to reclaim his former position, he quickly gained the proper permissions from a fractured League and reestablished the Ice Gym in New Bark, converting a portion of Elm's Laboratory into the New Bark Town Gym. Zafiro was an active participant in the rebuilding and rebranding of New Bark and Cherrygrove in the wake of the Disasters, and is credited with much of its newfound liveliness. He continues his research, now largely focused on Pokémon Ecology, looking to explain the sudden climate change that ravaged the world years ago.
Signature: Piloswine
0-1 Badges: Seel, Snorunt, Vanillite
2-3 Badges: Seel, Snorunt, Vanillish, Piloswine
4-5 Badges: Dewgong, Froslass, Vanillish, Piloswine, Bergmite
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Dewgong, Piloswine, Walrein, Vanilluxe, Froslass, Avalugg/Glalie (Mega)

Violet City Gym
Type: Flying
Arena Description: The Violet City Gym has been relocated, not elsewhere inside the city, but rather above it, in a blimp that is anchored above the Gym’s old, dilapidated site. Gym Battles take place on a platform at the very top of the blimp, made exclusively for these kinds of skirmishes. At this height, high winds prevail, giving an advantage to the airborne. The Gym’s floor is made out of a thick and sturdy aluminum, making it resistant, although light. Though it is possible to fall from the arena, a pack of Sigilyph constantly patrol its edges, teleporting any Pokémon who stray over back onto the arena.
Simple TM: Acrobatics
Complex TM: Hurricane
Trained HM/Field Move: Fly

Leader Profile
William - The Daring Pilot
Age: 19
Occupation: Pilot/Gym Leader
Badge: Zephyr Badge
Personality: Cocky but level-headed
Background: A young ace hailing from the Unova Region, William, or Bill as he goes by, grew up among planes, living just behind the airport for most of his life. From a young age, William flew in planes, and on his 14th birthday, he began training to become a pilot. He, however, has one phobia that is rather strange for someone who loves the air – he is deathly afraid of birds. As a young boy, he was attacked by an angered pack of Unfezant, leading him to form a powerful fear of any bird-like Pokémon, resulting in him refusing to train anything resembling the feathered fiends who attacked him. He found himself in Violet City largely by misfortune, happening to be in the region due to the disasters. Being unable to fly back home to Unova, he was forced to start a new life in Johto, where he soon became a Flying Gym Leader. Although he was eventually able to reinstate air travel in the region, he decided to stay in Violet to manage their Gym.
Signature: Togekiss
0-1 Badges: Drifloon, Woobat, Mantyke
2-3 Badges: Drifloon, Woobat, Mantine, Togekiss
4-5 Badges: Drifblim, Swoobat, Mantine, Tropius, Togekiss
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Drifblim, Swoobat, Mantine, Tropius, Togekiss, Aerodactyl (Mega)

Azalea Town Gym
Type: Bug
Arena Description: The Azalea Town Gym remains largely unchanged from its original state before the disasters, left largely the same by its current owner. The battlefield is a large, grassy greenhouse interior, with a number of woody trees and short grasses dotting the area. Three main platforms make up the battling area, with a few gaps in between them bridged only by tight ropes made from sturdy Ariados silk. Pokémon can fairly easily walk traverse them, but if they fall, they’ll be transported by a swarm of Combee back from where they came.
Simple TM: Silver Wind
Complex TM: Quiver Dance
Trained HM/Field Move: Cut

Leader Profile
DJ Contesto - The Radio Star
Age: 25
Occupation: Radio DJ/Gym Leader
Badge: Hive Badge
Personality: Enthusiastic and Kind
Background: DJ Contesto is the most popular radio personality in the entire Kanjohto region, rivaled only by his sister, DJ Contesta, who broadcasts from the Lavender Radio Tower. Though he spends much of his time in Goldenrod, DJ Contesto is based out of Azalea, where he runs the Bug Gym. DJ Contesto has had a long history in the region, starting his show a small time before the disasters and acting as a source of entertainment and hope to all those affected. Though he was born in Goldenrod and still spends much of his time there, he also enjoys his time in Azalea, using it to get away from the demands of his job in Goldenrod. His radio show is heard by thousands of Johto and Kanto citizens weekly, where he holds a number of exciting contests and give-aways, as well as the occasional competition. Though he only discusses it on occasion, DJ Contesto also used to be a premier Coordinator, dominating both the Hoenn and Sinnoh routes during his career. There’s talk of him wanting to reestablish a contest circuit sometime in Kanto or Johto, but his plans seem to be largely under wraps at the moment…
Signature: Vespiquen
0-1 Badges: Ledyba, Beedrill, Sewaddle
2-3 Badges: Beedrill, Ledian, Vespiquen, Swadloon
4-5 Badges: Beedrill, Ledian, Vespiquen, Leavanny, Vivillon
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Beedrill (Mega), Ledian, Armaldo, Vesiquen, Leavanny, Vivillon

Goldenrod City Gym
Type: Normal
Arena Description: The modern barn facilities that hold the Gym serve as a backdrop for the Gym’s battles, taking place on an open plain just outside the building itself. The arena is humble, like its Gym Leader, consisting of nothing more than a wide open grassy space.
Simple TM: Facade
Complex TM: Extreme Speed
Trained HM/Field Move: Headbutt

Leader Profile
Jeremiah (Jerry) - The Rural Brawler
Age: 22
Occupation: Farmer/Gym Leader
Personality: Soft-spoken and easygoing
Badge: Plain Badge
Background: Jeremiah, or Jerry for short, is a rather humble and unassuming character, raised as the son of a farmer who ran the Moo Moo Farm north of Olivine. The youngest of three children and the only boy, he was entrusted with the farm after his father’s unfortunate passing during the disasters when he was fairly young. He soon learned to tend to the herds of Miltank, and after his father’s death, continued to raise the herd alongside his mother. However, with Olivine’s rapid expansion north, he was forced to take the remainder of his herd to the now lush Goldenrod Plains. Once he set up a new farm, he also reestablished the Goldenrod Gym, which had been left vacant after the exodus of the population of Goldenrod north and west.
Signature: Tauros
0-1 Badges: Bidoof, Skitty, Deerling
2-3 Badges: Bibarel, Skitty, Deerling, Audino
4-5 Badges: Bibarel, Delcatty, Sawsbuck, Audino, Tauros
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Bibarel, Delcatty, Tauros, Miltank, Sawsbuck, Audino (Mega)

Ecruteak City Gym
Type: Fairy
Arena Description: The Ecruteak City Gym has been relocated a ways north, nestled in between the two towers the city is so famous for, smack dab in the middle of the Golden Forest. Though the Gym Facilities are still housed in the south of the city, the battles take place in a clearing deep within the forest’s heart. The ground is covered with a lush grass and spotted with a variety of mushrooms, rotting logs and dried stumps. The entire arena is marked by a number of towering, golden-leafed trees, which allow for a shimmering peppering of sunlight to filter in, faintly lighting the arena with a warm glow.
Simple TM: Dazzling Gleam
Complex TM: Play Rough
Trained HM/Field Move: Secret Power

Leader Profile
Auguste - The Mysterious Author
Age: 25
Occupation: Author/Gym Leader
Badge: Fantasy Badge
Personality: Wistful, eloquent and quiet, speaks with a French accent
Background: Auguste is a recent immigrant to Johto from the distant Kalos region, drawn by the recent influx of the mysterious Fairy-type Pokémon to the region. Auguste is an author, penning a number of fiction and non-fiction works which were quite popular in the region, and is considered to be an expert in the newfound classification. He moved to the region in hopes of finding information on how this type had suddenly come to be. He tracked much of this to Mt. Moon, long known as a mysterious source of magical powers and the gathering place for Fairy Pokémon. As his research continued, he was drawn to the Golden Forest of Ecruteak, another source of this magical energy. Finding the Gym vacant and a need for a new coordinating presence, he opened a new Gym, the Fairy Gym, deep within the mystical forest.
Signature Pokémon: Florges
0-1 Badges: Clefairy, Marill, Mawile
2-3 Badges: Clefairy, Marill, Mawile, Cottonee
4-5 Badges: Clefable, Azumarill, Mawile, Whimsicott, Florges (white)
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Clefable, Azumarill, Mawile (Mega), Whimsicott, Florges (white), Sylveon

Olivine City Gym
Type: Steel
Arena Description: The Olivine City Gym has been established in an abandoned factory in the north of town, reclaiming some of the facilities lost to the city’s boom. Gym Battles take place in a central location, a large warehouse that once stored ship parts. The floor is made out of a steel-reinforced concrete, making it impossible to break or fracture. Chunks of rock and steel are strewn about the arena, with the scraps of a decommissioned ship leaning against the east wall. Some scaffolding is also present above the arena, allowing for a good vantage point for anyone who can manage to get up there. The rigging also holds a number of expensive electrical equipment for the raves and parties the Gym hold during the night – be careful not to break anything!
Simple TM: Flash Cannon
Complex TM: Meteor Mash
Trained HM/Field Move: Surf AND Whirlpool

Leader Profile
Oliver - The King of Olivine
Age: 24
Occupation: Party-goer/Gym Leader
Badge: Mineral Badge
Personality: Catty, air-headed but sincere and clever
Background: Oliver is an Olivine native, named after the city he hails from. The son of importers, he often would travel with his father and mother around the world to obtain rare commodities for his parents’ business, seeing much of the world at a very young age. When the disasters came about, his parents were off on business and were assumed to have perished at sea. Although orphaned, he was promised the business in his parents’ will. On his 18th birthday, he took over the business and used its resources to help rebuild Olivine quickly after the disasters happened, expanding it into the largest city in the region in a matter of a few years. Although he is a worldly and savvy businessman, he is really a partyboy at heart. After his dayjob was over, he would spend long nights organizing factory raves for the youth of Olivine, fostering a new, vibrant culture among the industry and development he also spearheaded.
Signature: Magneton
0-1 Badges: Aron, Pawniard, Klefki
2-3 Badges: Larion, Pawniard, Klefki, Wormadam Trash
4-5 Badges: Larion, Bisharp, Klefki, Wormadam Trash, Magneton
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Magneton, Skarmory, Aggron (Mega), Wormadam Trash, Bisharp, Klefki

Cianwood Commune Gym
Type: Fighting
Arena Description: The Gym/Bar in Cianwood is home to a very peculiar arena – instead of a dedicated battling space like other Gyms have, the Cianwood Commune hosts its battles on the cleared out floor of the bar. With the bar’s low ceilings and small room, the Gym requires battlers to participate in hand-to-hand combat, with little room to maneuver or escape. Onlookers and patrons are protected by a cage that is placed around the main battling area, which has an energy field generated by a team of Medicham that prevent dangerous moves from injuring anyone outside the ring.
Simple TM: Dynamicpunch
Complex TM: Aura Sphere
Trained HM/Field Move: Rock Climb

Leader Profile
Symone - The Hip Hitter
Age: 22
Occupation: Bartender/Gym Leader
Badge: Storm Badge
Background: Symone was born to a rich family from Sinnoh, living a life of luxury and privilege. She, however, long resented her position as the daughter of a rich businessman, and eventually found herself seeking something “authentic” and “free from capitalist snares”. With this in mind, at the age of 20, she moved away from home to seek a new home where the people weren’t so “taken over by bourgeois ideals and materialistic mindsets”. This lead her to the ruined Cianwood, an area that had been nearly wiped out by the disasters. She quickly came in and, using her parents’ money, was able to reconstruct a Bohemian paradise from the ashes of the former city. She also reopened the Cianwood Gym in its Fighting tradition (which she thought was “vintage”, “underrepresented” and “misunderstood”), but turned it from an intense place of training into a brawling bar, hoping to attract both the hip youth driven from Olivine and challengers to entertain them. She specializes in non-traditional Fighting Pokémon, using a number of techniques unfamiliar to many of those who train them.
Signature: Hitmontop
0-1 Badges: Timburr, Riolu, Croagunk
2-3 Badges: Gurdurr, Riolu, Croagunk, Hitmontop
4-5 Badges: Gurdurr, Lucario, Toxicroak, Hitmontop, Hawlucha
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Conkledurr, Lucario (Mega), Toxicroak, Hitmontop, Hawlucha, Poliwrath

Mahogany Town Gym
Type: Dark
Arena Description: The Mahogany Town Gym is a combination of the old Mahogany Gym, formerly Ice-typed, and the underground facilities of the now-defunct Team Rocket. Though the Gym can be somewhat of a maze, the arena that houses its battles is rather simple. Gym Battles take place in the Gym’s former atrium, with the freezers used to generate the ice for the old Gym now converted into a steel-floored arena. The arena is barely lit by a small number of candles scattered around the room, casting long shadows over the battlers as they fight in the near-dark.
Simple TM: Snarl
Complex TM: Nasty Plot

Leader Profile
Piers - The Enigmatic Juggernaut
Age: 33
Occupation: Gym Leader
Badge: Seeing Eye Badge
Personality: Quiet but confident and sometimes even arrogant
Background: Piers is an experienced trainer from a distant region, though no one seems to know just where. His history is largely unknown, appearing after the disasters to help the regions repair. When the Mahogany Gym was driven south by the rapid change in climate, Piers appeared as a replacement. He soon opened the only Dark Gym in the world in the melted remains of the former Ice Gym and the abandoned Rocket Hideout. He converted the building into a dark maze, a paradise for the Dark Pokémon that began to flock to the area, and recruited trainers to repopulate the city. His presence, though quite welcome, seems to have also attracted a new group of shady characters, but their connection to Piers is largely unknown…
Signature: Liepard
0-1 Badges: Zorua, Inkay, Sneasel
2-3 Badges: Zorua, Inkay, Sneasel, Liepard
4-5 Badges: Zoroark, Inkay, Sneasel, Liepard, Cacturne
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Liepard, Weavile, Cacturne, Sableye (Mega), Zoroark, Malamar

Blackthorn Outpost Gym
Type: Dragon
Arena Description: The Blackthorn Outpost Gym has moved underground, now occupying the space which once held the Dragon Shrine in the Dragon’s Den. Though long considered a sacred training ground, the Gym was forced to use this space as its facilities, with the rapid aridification of the city above. Gym Battles take place just beyond the Dragon Shrine, on a thick outcropping of firm rock surrounded by churning waters. The dark cave is lit by what little light filters in from above, making it a harrowing location for a Gym Battle.
Simple TM: Dragonbreath
Complex TM: Dragon Dance
Trained HM/Field Move: Rock Smash

Leader Profile
Melissa - The Dragon Expert
Age: 70~
Occupation: Gym Leader/Dragon Tamer
Badge: Rising Badge
Personality: Jaded and Abrasive, but ultimately passionate about her city
Background: One of the oldest and most experienced trainers in the region, Melissa has been long respected by the League, taking over the Gym from the young Claire who took over the position of Champion from her cousin Lance. She was a mentor to both Dragon trainers and in her time, a contender for the position of Champion herself. She retired in her 30s after a lengthy career, becoming a consultant for the League. After the disasters, both Claire and Lance had disappeared, forcing her to come out of retirement. As a native of Blackthorn, she felt an obligation to help revive her ruined and now desert city, though she’s less than eager to take over all the obligations of the position of Gym Leader.
Signature: Altaria
0-1 Badges: Dratini, Bagon, Gible
2-3 Badges: Dratini, Bagon, Gible, Vibrava
4-5 Badges: Dragonair, Shelgon, Gabite, Vibrava, Altaria
6+ (Megas @ 8) Badges: Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, Flygon, Altaria (Mega), Druddigon

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Bug Trial
Fortune Island - Pattern Bush
The grassy maze that is Pattern Bush has become the site of the Bug Trial. Trial-goers will need to navigate the various grassy passages to find their way to the end, where the Totem Pokémon awaits. Many Bug Pokémon lurk among the tall grass, so caution is advised.

Totem Pokémon: Ribombee
Support Pokémon: Cutiefly, Dewpider, Heracross (Rare)

Dark Trial
Fortune Island - Dotted Hole
The Dark Trial is now held in the Dotted Hole, an odd, ancient cave with some strange patterns on the walls. In order to descend its levels to meet the Totem Pokémon (said to have been brought here by ancient explorers from a distant region), trainers must interpret the patterns on the walls to perform the correct actions, which will grant you access to the floor below.

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Persian
Support Pokémon: Alolan Meowth, Alolan Rattata, Absol (Rare)

Dragon Trial
Navel Rock - Lugia's Chambers
The Totem Pokémon of the Dragon Trial dwells below the ocean, down in the chamber where the legendary Lugia is said to have slumbered. In order to reach this chamber, trainers must make their way through the many caves, facing Dragon Pokémon who will only allow passage if the trainer can present them with a show of strength.

Totem Pokémon: Drampa
Support Pokémon: Jangmo-o, Goomy, Dratini (Rare)

Electric Trial
Boon Island - Joyful Game Corner
The playful Electric Pokémon that have overrun the island have turned the fields of the Game Corner into a fun place to play - as well as the site for the Electric Trial. Trainers who wish to face the Totem Pokémon must face off against Electric Pokémon in a few games, including Keep It Up, Pokémon Jump (though the rope might be a bit more shocking), and Berry Picking. Completing these games successfully will grant you an audience with the Totem Pokémon and a chance to complete the trial.

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Raichu
Support Pokémon: Oricorico (Pom-Pom), Pikachu, Togedemaru (Rare)

Fairy Trial
Quest Island - Tanoby Ruins
South of the canyon are the Tanoby Ruins, which have been converted into the Fairy Trial. In order to find the Totem Pokémon, trainers must follow a series of riddles through the six chambers, perhaps facing a few Fairy Pokémon in order to obtain their next clue.

Totem Pokémon: Comfey
Support Pokémon: Cutiefly, Morelull, Mimikyu (Rare)

Fighting Trial
Quest Island - Trainer Tower
The Fighting Trial has taken over the Trainer Tower, where Fighting types now occupy every floor. In order to reach the Totem Pokémon at the top, trainers must display their Pokémon's strength by taking on the physical challenges presented on each floor.

Totem Pokémon: Passimian
Support Pokémon: Stufful, Crabrawler, Jangmo-o (Rare)

Fire Trial
Knot Island - Ember Spa
The site of the Fire Trial is deep within the steamy caves of the Ember Spa. Those who wish to take on the Fire Trial must find their way to the deepest level to confront the Totem Pokémon. Along the way, they will be met with a series of obstacles, including steam vents, gaps, the occasional collapse, and maybe a Fire Pokémon or two.

Totem Pokémon: Turtonator
Support Pokémon: Oricorico (Baile), Torkoal, Litten (Rare)

Flying Trial
Navel Rock - Ho-oh's Roost
The jagged rock said to have once been the home-away-from-home of the legendary Ho-oh now serves as the site of the Flying Trial. Trainers who wish to encounter the Totem Pokémon must brave the climb, fighting high winds and a handful of Flying Pokémon in order to make their way to the summit. It may take some creative navigation to make your way to the top, and having a flight-capable partner might make it a bit easier...

Totem Pokémon: Toucannon
Support Pokémon: Trumbeak, Minior, Oricorico (any style, Rare)

Ghost Trial
Chrono Island - Lost Cave
Lost Cave is the ideal site for the Ghost Trial, its mysterious atmosphere and incomprehensible caves making it the perfect mystery for any Trial-goer with a sense of adventure. In order to reach the Totem Pokémon deep within, trainers must find their way through the cave, though the path may easily confuse them, especially when they find themselves walking in circles...

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Marowak
Support Pokémon: Oricorico (Sensu), Sandygast, Cubone (Rare)

Grass Trial
Kin Island - Berry Forest
The berry-littered forest has become the site of the Grass Trial, where trainers must make their way through the forest. In order to meet with the Totem Pokémon, they must gather three berries requested by the Totem Pokémon, which are scattered around the forest. Once successfully gathered (which may require some searching and convincing of various Grass Pokémon to relinquish their stash), the Totem Pokémon can be faced deep within the forest...

Totem Pokémon: Tsareena
Support Pokémon: Bonusweet, Fomantis, Rowlet (Rare)

Ground Trial
Knot Island - Ember Caves
The caves underneath Mt. Ember carved out by the now dry lava floes make up the Ground Trial. Trainers are guided through the trial by a string of lights helpfully put up by the Trial Captain, though they may occasionally need to deal with a few of the hairy Diglett who have made their homes in these caves and block the way to the Totem Pokémon in what can only be described as an underground corral below.

Totem Pokémon: Mudsdale
Support Pokémon: Mudbray, Alolan Diglett, Golett (Rare)

Ice Trial
Floe Island - Icefall Cave
The frigid cave on Floe Island is where the Ice Trial is held, the chilly caves being host to a number of slippery chambers. In order to make it to the Totem Pokémon in the deepest chamber, trainers must make their way through the trecherous caves, breaking through icy buildups and passing by the icy Pokémon that occupy it.

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Ninetales
Support Pokémon: Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Sandshrew, Crabominable (Rare)

Normal Trial
Kin Island - Three Isle Path
The small cave dug out by prospectors well before the Disasters, the Three Isle Path is now the home to the Normal Trial, where much like it's Alolan counterpart, trainers must ferret out the Totem Pokémons cronies and get permission to pass before facing the big kahuna. The trainer may choose to fight each of them or save their strength for the big encounter through other methods of coaxing...

Totem Pokémon: Bewear
Support Pokémon: Stufful, Dunsparce, Komala (Rare)

Poison Trial
Chrono Island - Rocket Warehouse
The Rocket Warehouse has attracted quite a few toxin-loving Pokémon, making it the ideal spot for the Poison Trial. In order to reach the Totem Pokémon deep within the warehouse, trial-goers must navigate the various traps left behind by the Rockets, which might involve dispatching a few explodey Pokémon or avoiding spinning tiles along the way...

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Muk
Support Pokémon: Alolan Grimer, Salandit, Koffing (Rare)

Psychic Trial
Birth Island
The sole attraction of Birth Island is the Psychic Trial, where the Totem Pokémon will confront the trial-goer without the need for navigating caves, climbing cliffs or other such rigmarole. However, the Totem Pokémon will challenge the trainer with a series of riddles and questions, which they must complete in order to move onto the main event.

Totem Pokémon: Oranguru
Support Pokémon: Oricorico (Pa'u), Elgyem, Bruxish (Rare)

Rock Trial
Knot Island - Ember Cliffs
The Rock Trial takes place on the rugged cliffs of Mt. Ember, where trainers must scale the mountainside in order to reach the Totem Pokémon at the summit. The trial simply consists of finding one's way to the top, climbing the hard path and clearing it of any potential roadblocks, as well as dealing with any curious Rock Pokémon that might impede your progress.

Totem Pokémon: Lycanroc
Support Pokémon: Alolan Geodude, Rockruff, Minior (Rare)

Steel Trial
Quest Island - Seavault Canyon/Tanoby Key
The majestic Seavault Canyon hosts the Steel Trial. While there exists an easily passable route, those who wish to challenge the Totem Pokémon must take the more rugged route to the Tanoby Key. They must hike the treacherous path, busting down obstacles and passing through the tough walls of Steel Pokémon that stand in their way. If they manage to make it through, they can face the Totem Pokémon residing in the Tanoby Key.

Totem Pokémon: Alolan Dugtrio
Support Pokémon: Alolan Diglett, Alolan Sandshrew, Skarmory (Rare)

Water Trial
Boon Island - Cape Brink
The majestic waterfalls of Cape Brink are host to the Water Trial, where trainers must brave the slippery slopes to reach the Totem Pokémon at the crest of the falls. The trial mostly involves finding a safe path to the top, possibly diverting some water flows and trying not to distrub the many Water Pokémon living in the ponds and outcroppings.

Totem Pokémon: Pyukumuku
Support Pokémon: Dewpider, Wishiwashi, Popplio (Rare)

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