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French poll on WW2 contribution

Title's a little misleading but it's tough to get an accurate one into so small a space. A better title would be: "Polls from 1945, 1994, and 2004 in which French respondents were asked, 'Which nation contributed most to defeating Germany in 1945?'"

Here's the Reddit link.

Here's the image thumbnail. (Sufficiently large but click for full-res if you like.)

Quoting one Redditor:

The least cynical interpretation of this might credit the Marshall Plan. After the War was over the US invested heavily in reconstruction efforts in the UK, France, West Germany, and all over Europe.

In 1945 French citizens could not have known that the US would pump billions of dollars into reconstructing France's infrastructure. In the 90s and 00s it's easy for French citizens to accidentally conflate post-war efforts with contributions during the War.
Quoting one Imgurian:

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Another factor would be simple stereotyping; without an in-depth knowledge of WWII affairs as was available to the general public in 1945, it would be simplest to make the educated guess of the seemingly war-crazed America over the subdued USSR.

Really, it's almost cheating to say the USSR contributed the most. Its biggest contribution was to walk to a safe distance and watch the German troops die; as for the rest, it sent wave after wave after wave of starving peasants to the front lines with guns - part of this can be seen in the Winter War with Finland.

It's also almost cheating to say the USA contributed the most because it hopped in at like 1943. That's just not useful, silly Americans! My vote would probably go to either GB or Canada.
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I think it's more likely that the US is the only one of those that is still a global superpower. Yeah your influence is diminishing but Russia's is only now coming back and Britain's is much further away than yours. The point being that people might happily assume that the Americans had a lot to do with winning a huge global war because the Americans generally win biggest dick competitions in the 21st century.
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