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Your daily dose of lolno

Spoiler: show
Aster: Level 2 Female Pachirisu
"In the name of the Fallen World, I will cleanse your soul!"
Once, long ago, there was a world. It was a fairly average world, one like any other. A world of fantasy and magic. A world of the balance between good and evil. As to be expected of such worlds, one day the hidden evil boiled over like a pot of mushroom soup left on the stove too long, and a Demon Lord rose to power. The stage was set- A chosen hero, an oracle, a band of friends, and a set of legendary, awe-inspiring weapons.
Shame no one thought to tell them about it.
The oracle was young, and had not yet awoken to her power. The weapons where unknown, their songs unsung. The hero, though proud and true, knew nothing of his great destiny. His quest never taken, his bonds were never forged, and each of his fated partners were doomed to fall in obscurity. The world fell, overrun and returned to the sea of foggy nothingness it had once risen from, with only a few distant reminders of what could have been left to drift for eternity- The dwelling place of each weapon, and the sanctified ground where the last hero's blood was scattered as he made his last stand. A world with no future, no hope, no advance, no intelligence... A world snuffed. But a single soul remained. The oracle, tied to powers she did not know, rebounded from the world as her mortal ties were severed, flung into the multiverse indiscriminately. Reborn, she retained no memory of her past, with only her flamboyant personality retained... That, and a mysterious draw towards her destiny. Perhaps stumbling upon her past was inevitable. Perhaps not. But her sad past did nothing to dampen her spirit, and only served to reaffirm her resolve- She would save all worlds, and all the people within them. This was what she swore.
She also hates Kayuun's guts but noone cares about that.
Hidden Power - Ghost

Signature Training: 魔法少女花のきら [Fairy]
Aster is now a Electric/Fairy type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances, save the fact that she still takes neutral damage from dark-types. She learns Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast.
Shadowshocker: Due to LO policy Fairy-type changes are no longer permitted. Apologies for the inconvenience. Rejected.

Allie: Lv1 Female Flabebe (Light Green Flower)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
Every once in a while I pick a swath of my team and send them on an expedition as a teamwork-building exercise. Once, I thought it was a good idea to have Jet lead one of these. And have Clocks go along. Since they both need the practice. And the teambuilding. Yang to counter Jet's impulsiveness and Lily to counter Clocks's passiveness and they were set to go!
...They came back with an extra member.
Allie, of course, comes from a family of flower-keepers. Her parents are something like florists, and her grandmother is something like a mad scientist with plants. Her brother sold his soul for power over fire or something inane like that. Which at first I was a little incredulous of but I guess I can see where he's coming from when you consider that they basically live in a giant greenhouse-like biodome and the sun is technically a giant ball of fire so I guess it occurred to him as something really powerful??
But anyways. Allie's a kind soul, pleased to help with anything. Although she's surprisingly upfront and daring. She noticeably gets a lot of her mannerisms from her parents, and her bliss when talking about plants is something to behold. On the other hand, it's obvious her grandmother's genes didn't vanish- The first reaction of most people when they see her 'darlings' is to dash for the nearest exit. To be fair, she could probably avoid that reaction if she didn't make her creations so bloody huge. She's very fond of Yang, and if the two are in close proximity she's likely to be dragging him around or clinging onto him. Which has eternally doomed Yang to the title of 'Team member most likely to have a harem'. She gets along with most everyone, and is a valuable asset to the team.
...Though every once in a while Lily starts giggling and mumbles something about tentacles when she's around and that's. Kinda disturbing.

Signature Move: Flora Genesis (Various)
Allie gathers massive energy into rings of verdant energy, which quickly solidify into many seed-like spheres of energy. These explode outwards and downwards, swifty digging into the earth and taking root. Each round, the 'seeds' gain energy from the ground equivalent to that of Ingrain. When they store up enough energy, they perform Nature Power on a random foe, then retreat back underground and continue stockpiling. Energy is never carried over from one 'cycle' to the next, even if the attack Nature Power calls uses less energy than the total amount the seeds have stored. Being energy and not actual plants, the seeds can survive in most any environment but, well, for a surface like, say, concrete, they're not going to penetrate too far, and their rate of energy absorption will be... Utterly abysmal.
Jeri: How much energy triggers the Nature Power?
PASBL(TL: 4 RL: B-) --- FB (Kin Blackstone) --- WF (Adelie Fleur)
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.

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ALright then hopefully these all work out.

Spoiler: show

Luna: Feminine Lv. 1 Lunatone
Luna is a very cold and distant Lunatone. She likes to hold herself up and distance herself from the world, preferring darkness than light. She did, however, grow up on the dark side of the moon. She was use to the cold and darkness there, and didn’t like it when she accidently crashed into earth. She always tried to recreate her dark and cold environment, but most of the time only able to create the dark part. She then started to get creative with her ice moves, and soon started using them like they were second nature.

Special Training: Dark Side of the Moon (Ice)
Luna is now familiar with the ice type. She has as much ice energy as a water type would, and has learned Frost Breath and Powder Snow. In exchange, she has forgotten Psywave, Confusion, Flash, and Signal Beam.
Jeri: Approved.

Macaroon- Male Lv. 2 Swirlix
Hidden Power: Fire
Macaroons are sweet, delicious delicacies that are absolutely to die for. They’re arguably the best cookie on earth, and their fragileness adds a nice charm to them. However, my Swirlix is far different then this coved dessert. He’s rough, messy, and constantly is playing around in the muk. I don’t know how many times I’ve washed the thing, and he gets incredibly sticky after I wash him. It doesn’t help this makes him dirtier, so it seems I’m always washing him.

Ine time I was washing him he decided to leave as soon as he was dried off, instead of when the stickiness wore off. I proceeded to grab him to make sure he didn’t run off, and put him back in his place. Well, at least tried to. It seemed that he got so sticky that his fur was like glue. It took a few hours for it to finally loosen up, since I didn’t want to hurt him. It seemed his fur has gotten a natural stickiness to it after being bathed so often.

Realizing this use in battle, I tested it out. The strings he could use from his fur seemed to be especially sticky and elastic, almost as if a permanent cocoon was being formed. It took a few pairs of scissors and time to cut it off my Pumpkaboo, who really didn’t enjoy it. She then tried to flame charge him, and met the same fate as I did. She gotten stuck to him for a second, but was able to quickly break free. After constant testing of this property, I felt like it was good enough to be used in real battles.

Special Training: Stickyness (Typeless)
Macaroon’s body has become naturally sticky, and will become even stickier when wet. His SC move is now stickier and considerably more durable, making it harder for the foe to break free from it. This also acts as a defensive mechanism, and all physical contact moves will cause the user to get stuck to Macaroon for a short period of time.
Jeri: Approved.

Orion: Male Lv. 2 Whirlipede
Orion was once a great hunter, and friends with the Goddess Artemis. The two were partners in hunting, and have had many sussecful hunts together. Soon, Orion was known as one of the best hunters in the world, able to capture and kill almost anything. However, his relationship with Artemis started to get a bit more... Romantic. This angered Apollo, Artemis' brother. One day while Orion was hunting in the ocean, Apollo asked his sister if she could shoot the tiny speck in the ocean. She of course could, and shot and killed Orion on accident. After his death, Artemis put him up in the stars.

Many years later Orion has found himself in a bugs body. A Venipede, to be exact. While unused to the body, he quickly adapted to hunting once more. One day I heard of this Venipede, a great threat to society. In battle, I noticed most of my Pokemon were taking a lot more damage from his attacks then they should. I would have lost the capture if it wasn't for Nimbus. It seems that against the Castform, Orion was dealing less damage. This seemed to be even perplexing to Orion, and he instantly joined me to figure out why. After many battles against Nimbus with Orion, I remembered something. Castform are inorganic Pokemon, no matter how organic they seem. I quickly deducted that Orion's hunting prowess did not apply to inorganic Pokemon, and the more obvious ones intimidated him a bit.

Special Training: Return of the great hunter. (Bug)
All of Orion's attacks deal 20% more damage to Organic Pokemon, but for a 25% energy increase. However, his attacks against In organics deal 20% less damage, but use 20% less energy. Against obvious inorganics (I.e Magnemite line, Beldum line) he will be intimidated and less willing to fight. This boost is not transferable, and will not stack onto other boosts. He can't use Swords Dance, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and when he evolves Baton Pass.
Jeri: Does this still use more energy against inorganics?

The road that we walk, is lost in the flood
Here proud angels bathe in their wages of blood.
At this, the world’s end, do we cast off tomorrow.

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Spoiler: show
Genderless Scyther // Level 1
During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Hardly any of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the discarded husk of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, had been poisoned and hacked to death in the night after treating himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of slicing men to pieces before they'd realized they had died, and deflecting bullet curtains of the fiercest gatling guns.

Scyther was originally a practitioner of a unique sword style intended for the first borns of samurai families living in an adjacent forest to the dynastic city "Viridian". The school advocated balance of the mind and body, using explosive energy to emulate the speed, power, and invisibility of divine winds. Although the divine wind roars fiercely for short period, it eventually settles into calm, and warriors of this style were known for bursts of intense combat at the cost of a rapid drain of stamina. After the school burned down mysteriously (revealed by history to be intentional), Scyther set about on his own, working as an assassin or guard to various landowners before his vagabond ways were deemed a threat and a bounty placed on his head.

Centuries after his death, scientists and engineers exhumed the exoskeleton of Scyther, and vowed to rebuild him with modern technology. Such swordsmanship was a skill lost to time, and since the ability to deftly handle a blade is as much muscle memory as it is conceptual knowledge, by reconstructing Scyther they hoped to learn his lost skills and teach them to new generations of warriors. The researchers did not anticipate that Scyther's techniques brought out the full potential of his original body, and were disappointed to learn the metal frame they designed struggles to meet the energy demands of his almost supernatural skill.

Signature Training: Type Change (Steel)
Returned to life as a cyborg, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel, and most of his internal organs reconstructed artificially. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. Because he has so little organic matter left, Scyther cannot evolve. His vision had to be completely reconstructed, so Scyther only sees in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to referee discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this, he was programmed with the attack Lock-On, which allows him to successfully fight invisible threats. Despite this propensity for high performance, the limitations of Scyther's mechanical frame and his own unrestrained style of fighting result in him expending twice as much energy for all his Bug, Flying, and Steel moves.
Jeri: Rejected.
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あきらめない 心かさね

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Spoiler: show

Captain Bravo: Machop level 1 Male
Bio: Captain Bravo is a Pokemon dedicated to the strict path of the warrior and loves using his physical strength to smash his foes into submission. He sees no need for anything but straight up offense when doing battle. This however has back fired on him numerous times as his opponents don't always share the same code of honor that he does and cripple him with a storm of statuses. Sometimes these occured by chance other times they were intentional, but the bottom line was that it was making a lot of easy victories near defeats. To over come this flaw in his battle style he turned to an old family legend about an all powerful jacket made of a magical silver clothe. Years of exploring and near death encounters galore the young Machop finally found the sacred jacket. But after years of decay and neglect it had become cursed and had lost much of its original power, though the power left over was enough of a reason for the fighting type to dawn it and take the name of the hero of old who dawned it in the days of legend, Captain Bravo.
Special Defense: Silver Jacket
Silver Jacket does nothing to reduce incoming damage received, but it does block all incoming status effects from both primary sources (Toxic, Super Sonic, Thunder Wave, etc.) and secondary effects of attacks. This comes at a cost as the ancient jacket's curse prevents Captain Bravo from using all non offensive moves except for Agility, since that would mean it could stop him from moving at all on some level.
Jeri: Approved, though this seems a little much.

Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

Gaming Pic
Spoiler: show

Wild Future

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There was a snarky comment here? Surely not.

Spoiler: show

Traptrix Myrmeleo: Level 1 Female Trapinch
While I found both Atrax and Nepenthes in an alter-dimensional forest, oddly enough I found the last sister of the triplets in our world, on a beach. I had decided to give my team a bit of a break and soak up the sun, and so we went to the Slateport beach, a place I had been to a couple of times before when I needed to relax before taking on a gym. And it normally would have been a relaxing time, but of course I had the issue of Atrax. Since we had left the jungle, Atrax stuck onto me like glue on butter, which was very nerve-wracking because I wanted to be with Remilia. I didn't want to have an affair with Atrax or form some kind of harem, I just wanted to be happy and not have to deal with the constant sexual advances of a spider girl. Just as I was beginning to stretch out on the beach, Atrax leaped onto me in a two-piece bikini that she had made out of her own silk. She had discovered a loom and sewing machine and this was her way of "modernizing" herself. Just so she could get to me. But at this point, I was more worried about what people would think with her on top of me, her arms pinning mine down. "So...Blazey-kun. Hehe! Remilia did pick out quite a cute little name for you." "What is it now Atrax?" "Well I figured since we were alone, and Remilia isn't going to be coming soon, we might have a little action on the beach." "Atrax, no." I got up then, and walked away from the beach towel, away from a rather bummed out Atrax, before he felt the tug of a piece of string...and Atrax breathing against his neck. "Oh come on...at least this time I'm asking you. I wouldn't want to have to make you pass out again." Blaze just ignored her and stepped forward.

And then the ground went out from under him. Like literally, in about a second, Blaze found himself inside a giant sand pit, with a roaring insect at the bottom, ready to devour him at any second. He tried climbing up the sides of the pit, but it would not let him go. The walls would crumble around him and he would slide down farther than he had climbed up. And then, the insect would spray sand everywhere. Blaze coughed and squinted but he couldn't try to get the sand out of his eyes, since the minute he did he would lose his grip and fall into the antlion's jaws. He screamed for help. Surgei tried flying down to grab Blaze, but the constant sand being thrown up by the antlion kept him away. Atrax simply looked in horror, and then in anger as she realized who this was. "Grrrr....Myrmeleo!" she howled, and all of a sudden another young woman, this time with hair the color of sand...popped up out of the sand. "Huh? Was that Atrax? Couldn't possibly be!" The antlion stopped, and I continued to try to get up the pit in vain. "MYRMELEO YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!" "Oh. Yep. That's her alright. Well, I guess I better let this guy go. Maybe...." Just then, three large rocks moved under my shirt, and I found myself lifted into the air from the pit. "HEY! THAT'S NO FAIR! HE CAN'T FLY YET!" Myrmeleo yelled out, and I saw Ritz, my Probopass, carrying me. "Don't worry Blaze, I got you." When she put Blaze down, Blaze looked over and saw Myrmeleon and Atrax arguing to each other. It was getting pretty heated, but then Myrmeleo gave Atrax a hug...which Atrax tried to squirm away from. But her grip was as strong as an antlion's jaws.

Then, they both came over. "Blaze, can you let Myrmeleo join the team as well? She can shift too, see!" Myrmeleo then changed into a Trapinch, clacking her jaws before shifting back. "I don't we why...well I can think of a couple of reasons why not, but you are here and so is Nepenthes, so why don't we have the whole bunch here?" Myrmeleo jumped up into the air, before yelling out, "AND THE TRAPTRIX SISTERS ARE REUNITED ONCE AGAIN!" And then silence. "Traptrix sisters?" "Yeah," as Myrmeleo explained, "That's what we used to call ourselves when we were kids." Atrax then pushes Myrmeleo put of the way, "YabutBlazedoesn'twanttohereaboutstufflikethat look Ibroughtatentlet'sgodoitnow." Atrax speedily said before trying to drag Blaze away. Myrmeleo laughed, and stared at the two of them for a bit. "PHEW! She's turned into quite a handful."
Special Attack: Traptrix Sand Traps! (GD)
Myrmeleo is known for her powerful sand traps, and this sig reflects that. For major Ground energy, Myrmeleo creates several small spheres of Ground energy before spitting them around the arena. On sand and other soft-soiled arenas, these spheres will go into the ground, while on hard arenas these spheres will just lay on the surface. They don't do anything to the opponent that is out, but when a new Pokemon comes in, these spheres activate like Sand Tomb; on softer arenas this will trap them in a sand tomb while on harder arenas they will create a small sandstorm around the opponent, preventing switching.

Mercutio: Approved.

Carmina: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Carmina isn't exactly the spirit of a spellcaster, though she likes to tell everyone that she is the spirit of the High Priestess of Prophecy. She's not, don't let her fool you, she is just a normal Misdreavus that can speak and perform magic. You know, I didn't think of it like that before. Anyways, even if she isn't the spirit of a famous spellcaster, she still has magical powers, which are eerily similar to the Spellbook cards...maybe we've been wrong the entire time? Maybe not, as she only has magic from three spellbooks: the Hygro Spellbook.
Special Technique: Spellbooks open! (Normal)
Carmina only gained the ability to use one Spellbook, the Hygro Spellbook, a red spellbook that glows like the sun. When she uses this spellbook, she will gain a 20% boost to all of her attacks, but all of her attacks also cost an extra 20% energy, until the end of the next round. If she knocks out an opponent with this spellbook, she can use one of her teammates moves until the end of the next round. It costs significant energy and can only be used once per battle. She can no longer use Nasty Plot, Shadow Ball, or Screech, and cannot copy them with Hygro Spellbook, since they are incompatible.

Mercutio: Two sigs in one. Rejected.

Adreus: Level 1 Male Bouffalant
Adreus was a regular Bouffalant who lived in a normal Bouffalant herd, chasing out people who did not have a sick ass afro on their head. Well, until they started coming in with bulldozers and Fighting types. They tore down the forest that Adreus lived in, driving his herd out of the way in order to increase human progress. On the once proud forest they built a nuclear reactor, and they dumped the waste a small distance away where they were sure it would not affect anyone.

About a year later, the Bouffalant lead an invasion against the nuclear reactor, and Adreus fell into the pit of nuclear waste when another Boffalant hit the controls for the gate. He stayed down there while the waste slowly irridiated him. Normally this would kill a Bouffalant, but in this case, because this is a comic!sig, Bouffalant transformed into Adreus, the Bull of Armageddon!

Now, he was an even more sick-ass motherfucker, smiting evildoers by bursting into black flames and toppling over evil people. Smiting evildoers like Armageddon, bitch!
Special Attack: Fires of Armageddon!
Once per round, Adreus can burst into black flames that give off no light. These flames have a special property that allows his physical attacks to deal an extra 20% damage to Dark, Ghost, and Fighting types, and they allow him to hit Ethereal or Gaseous ghosts for full damage. He can be ordered to use this technique by saying "Armageddon [insert physical move here]." This increases the energy needed for the attack by 25%, and it has no effect on his special moves. He loses the moves: Pursuit, Payback, Revenge, Rock Smash, and Superpower.

Sneezey has a sig very similar to this on his Rapidash and it doesn’t cost type energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

Celestia: Level 1 Female Gothita
"I want to be perfect...to be my role-model...would be a dream come true."
Celes was a Gothita living on her own when her trainer abandoned her because he didn't understand the awesomeness of the Gothita line and thought they were crap. She hand to fend for herself after being with a trainer for so long, and so she began to get hungry, thirsty, tired, etc etc. It was then, if by only chance, she had seen Celestia Ludenberg on a television screen. She immediately became engrossed in the character, and swore to live her life like her, to be a "Queen of Liars." She then soon began to gamble, and used her psychic abilities in order to make sure that she always won. I chanced upon her one day, and she wanted me to play a game with her. If she won, I would give her all of my money and food, and if she lost, she would be forced to come along with me. I was originally going to play with her, until one of my Dusk Balls opened and Yog appeared. I never knew what to expect from him, but he beat her soundly, nullifying her psychic abilities with his Dark Magicks. She soon fell into despair, believing that she could never be like her role-model, her idol, her god, since she relied too much on her psychic abilities to win. She agreed to come along, if only to learn how she could truly become a SHSL Gambler.
Signature Attack: Loaded Dice, SHSL Gambler's Final Attack! (PSY)
Celes creates two dice out of psychic energy before rolling them on the ground. Once they stop, a beam of psychic energy shoots out of each die and hits the opponent. The power of this attack normally is the sum of the two dice, so it can range from light power to high power. However, if Celestia rolls two sixes, this attack's power shoots up to the equivalent of two Thunderbolts. This attack will deal neutral damage to Dark types and cannot be affected by Torment, as it is far too random for that. This attack uses considerable energy.

Mercutio: Fine. Approved.

Arbor: Level 1 Male Tyrogue
Arbor is a typical muscle-head. There really isn't much to differentiate him from other Tyrogue. He likes to train, he likes to fight, and he pisses of Celes to no end, to the point where it got to one point where Celes who fling him out of the room if she walked in. They've gotten better now, but not before Arbor dedicated months of his life into making an attack so that he could finally give her a kick to the face she just wouldn't laugh off, naming it after the strongest man on Earth. Unfortunately, he still finds himself unable to even get close enough to Celes to use the attack.
Signature Attack: Kenichiro's Ultimate Kick!
Hitmonlee charges up a considerable amount of Fighting energy into his foot, before kicking the opponent. This attack will launch the opponent back a good distance. This attack also will deal 1.2X the damage to Flying, Ghost, Bug, Poison, and Psychic types instead of doing resisted damage. This attack does considerable damage and can only be used four times per battle. But because he focused so much into his kicking training, he loses all of his punching moves.

Mercutio: Approved.

Yog-Soholth: Level 1 Male Spiritomb
"arharhhrasvmiogneioagnoaiwnngrwigbworbgiwabgo wrgw "
Okay, we have crazy on our team...and I'm not sure what in the world Yog-Soholth counts as. Evil? Omniscient? Literally no one knows, and I'm not sure anyone other than Flandre wants to find out. He basically stays away from anyone unless he wants to prove his overbearing intellectual dominance, which is quite often. Flandre actually enjoys his company, and we all secretly fear that one day the two of them will embroil in combat and end the world...but for now he is behaving. Also, it seems that ancient gods of the cosmos use hamsters as their divine weapon. Don't. Ask.
Signature Attack: Dark Art of Destruction! Banishing Seal of Dark Magic
Yog-Soholth creates a magic ring around its body that glows briefly before moving under the opponent, glowing brightly before sending them back to the Pokeball. This will work like if the opponent used Baton Pass to switch out, meaning that in a Switch = KO the Pokemon will not be KO’ed but there is one secret to this attack. The Pokemon that is sent back by this attack can no longer be sent out against Yog-Soholth by any means, including being sent out after a KO, conventional switching, and Baton Pass. If for some reason Yog-Soholth is returned to his Pokeball, this signature is considered not to be in effect and the affected Pokemon can be sent out against Yog-Soholth again. When used, the round will immediately end and the opponent will post what Pokemon will come out next round. If the combatant is the only Pokemon left, this sig cannot be used. This attack uses heavy energy. This can only be used once per battle.

Mercutio: Approved.

Zabuza: Level 1 Male Froakie
“Hmmm...what vital point should I target first?”
Bio: Zabuza grew up in a village where the only way to become a proper shinobi was to kill the rest of the competition so that you alone would ascend. Zabuza had never trained or went to school to become a shinobi, but he had went to the graduating class’ graduation test and killed everyone. He enjoyed it. He was a stone-faced killer. He learned how to manipulate the mist to make himself invisible, before instantly killing his opponents.

As to how he came here? Something about a mix-up in the Spirit Crossroads or something like that. Anyways, he was yet another starter gone wrong and I quickly picked him up before he caused any trouble. It was there that he bonded with another one of my Pokemon, Jack. Jack bonded to him as well, grabbing onto him and calling him Father, much to his chagrin, but their combat abilities are unmatched, each a perfect pair for the other.

Special Training: Hidden Mist Jutsu
Once per battle, if the arena is covered in some sort of mist or smoke, such as Haze or Smokescreen, Zabuza can turn invisible for the next two rounds. While he is invisible, he can use Water or Dark attacks without having to reveal himself, but any other energy attack will pull him out of his invisible state. If Zabuza is taken out of the mist, for example by moving out of it or having it blown away by a move like Defog or Whirlwind(just as examples), Zabuza will come out of his invisible state. Due to his natural ability to fight in mist, he will be able to easily see through any sort of mist or smoke and is not hampered sight-wise.

Pretty sure the drawback is that smoke and mist moves absolutely blow, and that he has to remain in the mist in order to be invisible. Reasonably sure someone has a Lickylicky sig that can just go invisible(its Emp’s Lickitung).

Mercutio: Approved.

Junko: Level 1 Female Super Size Pumpkaboo
“It sings joyfully as it observes the suffering of its prey.” - Y Pokedex Entry for Gourgeist
Junko Enoshima. Super High School Level Fashion Girl...and Super High School Level Despair. For Junko, everything is despair. When she came out of the womb, the tears she cried were tears of despair. Her life was devoted to the pursuit of despair, as that was what she was. Junko was nothing more than despair. She soon died however at the hands of her own scheme, tasting the ultimate despair, the despair of death.

Despairingly for her, death was only a temporary despair, as she was reborn as a Pumpkaboo, in fact, in front of my very eyes. She is friendly enough, but I can’t help but feel that she is corrupting some of my team members in order to become her tools of despair. Thankfully, Yog-Sohoth is always there to put her in a stasis field if necessary. It’s worth noting that her “hair” is done up differently from normal Pumpkaboo, but it has no effect in battle. Junko's hair-style.
Junko is so full of despair that all of her ghostly attacks are filled with it, so when she uses any Ghost type move, there is a 20% chance of the opponent flinching from the massive amount of despair they feel afterwards, but all of her Ghost type moves cost an extra 10% energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show

Ironically enough, the sig I thought would pass the easiest is well... it didn't. Anyway.

*Spindry*Wash-Rotom (Genderless) Lv.5
Spindry was a relatively happy Rotom, but he always enjoyed doing laundry. One day he absorbed my washing machine, and while he controls it, he still does laundry- this has caused him to learn some new ways to control the water energy he was given, as the strength of his powerful Hydro Pump was always good when the house needed a power washing, it was quite useless for more delecate things... like underwear, or socks, or even bedsheets, so after a lot of work, we managed to find him some new training and new water tricks to go by.

Signature Ability: Multi-Functions Activate (Water)

Spindry has, from his attempts to do the laundry learned Water Gun, Water Pulse and Scald, in order to wash clothes to the best of his ability. At the same time, he also learned Ice Beam. Unfortunately, sans for the energy needed for Scald, he can't use fire attacks, He's forgotten how to Volt Switch, Rest and Pain Split.

Mercutio: Approved.

*T.E.S.L.A* Empoleon (Male) Level 5

Bio: Thomas Edison, as per the name... actually no he changed his name, but regardless, he enjoyed studying electricity and its properties to a disturbing degree. So much so, that even after talking to Mantle, he took the same line of testing, read, enduring a large amount of electrical energy, not to the point of disfigurement or permanent injury, but enough to where if he focused, he could see the occasional spark of electricity form from his body. Intrigued, he took the next step, the one that others on my squad had not, and well consulted some help from the electric pokemon that were also his allies. Eventually he managed to develop enough education on how electricity worked and was formed in the body as well as through his attacks to be able to develop it in a very useful way.

Signature Ability: Static Shock
Due to T.E.S.L.A's training, he's developed his electrical energy from more than a negligible amount. Though it cost him his Hydro Cannon attack, he's learned how to use Thunderbolt. It cannot paralyze foes, and he only has enough energy to use it twice per battle.

Mercutio: Approved.
PASBL: Record: 61-55-8, 361.5 TP, 174 KO, 2.5 SP, Trainer Level 5
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Spoiler: show
Luci: Level 2 Female Illumise
Bio: Luci had no interest in using scents to attract Volbeats, and had actually developed her abilities to deter other Pokemon, both mentally and physically.
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Technique: Sensory Spray (PS)
Using a significant amount of Psychic energy, Luci fashions a spray to douse her opponent in. The strange odor deals light psychic typed damage to the target for 2-4 rounds, depending on the amount of spray successfully coating the afflicted 'mon, but can be washed off by water type moves. The target becomes slightly more susceptible to confusion because of the scent. Can only be used once per battle.

Mercutio: I like this a lot. Approved.

Gumdrop: Level 1 Female Goomy
Bio: Gumdrop, one of the newest members of my squad, was named both after her squishy nature and the fact that she was given to me by the owner of a candy store looking to keep most of their goods available for sale. While her penchant for snacking on gummy candies is both costly and strangely reminiscent of cannibalism, perhaps, it appears to have let her creative juices, er, goos, flow as she developed a new technique.
Signature Technique: Consistency (NO)
At the cost of moderate energy, Goomy can be ordered to Solidify, somewhat reversing the effects of her species characteristic; she will take 10% more than the normal damage from physical attacks, and her mobility will be drastically reduced. However, in this state, she will take 10% less damage from special moves and potentially bounce a light amount of damage from special attacks due to the strange pokémagicks affecting her body. At the cost of mild energy, she can Liquefy, returning to her normal state, but not during the same round that she Solidified. She can only Solidify once per match.

Mercutio: How long can this be maintained? Are there any attacks that work differently whilst in this state? Rejected.

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Level 1 Male Snivy

Signature Move - Leaf Twister a combination of Leaf Tornado & Twister ( Grass )

causes medium to high damage and gives up being able to use Leaf Tornado & Twister as separate attacks

Mercutio: Approved.


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Time to see if these sigs will work!

Spoiler: show

Muddy: Level 1 Male Mudkip
Special Training (?): Jet Pack Propulsion (WATER)
Through the fusion of science and space travel shenanigans, Muddy is capable of propelling himself into the air. This technique allows Muddy to fly backwards to a distance of at most 5ft (1.5m) using his Water Gun. His Hydro Pump Jet Pack is much more powerful, of course, propelling him for double the usual distance (10ft or 3m). Due to the force expended in propelling himself, Muddy uses up 15% more energy in using Water Gun and Hydro Pump for these purposes, although using them normally does not incur this extra energy usage nor does using the jet pack in arenas under zero gravity. Oh, and Muddy can use Aqua Jet to compliment his Jet Pack tactics.

Mercutio: This is much less useful than you think it is and could be achieved much more efficiently. Approved.

Lilli: Level 1 Female Petilil
Signature Move: Maximum Drive - Planetary (FIRE)
Lilli enjoys watching shows with the rest of the Troupe, and a Troupe favourite is Kamen Rider Double. Naming this move after the heroes' signature moves, Lilli condenses the energy of her Hidden Power into a large orb high above her head, which continues to slowly grow in size while it moves to the target. This is due to it absorbing heat from the environment and some of Lilli's Grass energy. Although it is a relatively slow projectile once fired at the foe, its heat deals heavy damage with a 20% burn chance to Pokemon within 1m of its point of impact. This technique is fairly dangerous to Lilli due to her being a Grass type Pokemon and may cause decent recoil (10%) if she is somehow forced to fire prematurely, and expends all of her Fire energy pool and moderate Grass energy to fuel the technique.
(It's basically a Fire-type Zap Cannon, but Lilli refuses to admit it. Definitely not the wave-type Inferno though since it only ignites once fired.)

Mercutio: Approved.

Aomori: Level 1 Male Shiny Treecko
Special Training: Hyperactivity
Due to the amount of food Aomori likes to eat, (mainly apples), he's so energetic that he can't sit still! As a result, Aomori has a 1.2x the usual energy of a normal Treecko but uses it at 1.1x the usual rate. Aomori is somewhat resistant to effects that cause Sleep and is more susceptible to rage-inducing moves like Taunt and Swagger (isn't that all of them?) which gives a stronger boost to his attack power.
(He's just like a Vigoroth... And likes to move before he thinks... Very kind hearted lizard though. Until you take his apples.)

Mercutio: Approved.

Gabby: Level 1 Female Gible
Signature Move: Spiral Rush (GROUND/FLYING)
Gabby's love of digging for treasure led to her tuition by a Treasure Hunter's Excadrill that she met during Rider's travels. As a result, she has learnt to dig not only her way, but the Drilbur way as well i.e. like a drill. To replicate this maneuver, Gabby incorporates mild Flying energy as she drills into the ground at a faster speed than normal and continues to pick up speed. When she emerges from the the ground, a small twister accompanies her to restrict its movement as she rams the opponent for the usual damage of Dig. Due to the twister trapping the foe and the speed that Gabby soon reaches, she is able to strike even if the opponent is airborne, albeit with more difficulty. She can also incorporate a Dragon Rush into the move, but it expends 20% more Dragon energy than usual. Due to the rapid spinning nature of the move, Gabby can only use this move twice a match so she doesn't suffer fatigue from a third usage.

Mercutio: Very cool. Approved.

Kurenai: Level 1 Female Cyndaquil
Signature Move: Blazing Wheel Crash (FIRE)
This move, despite the painful memories that it had triggered in her lifetime, is her attempt at perfecting the Flame Wheel technique. The startup of the move is essentially a sped-up Rollout, reaching maximum velocity at a much faster rate. When given the Ignite command when she hasn't reached full speed yet gives Kurenai another burst of speed upon bursting in flames. Upon a full body impact with the opponent, it deals considerable damage and a 10% chance to burn. It's basically a powered up Flame Wheel, which consumes considerable Fire energy.
She has difficult controlling the attack and can only change direction by rolling around in a one metre arc. If she already is ignited prior to using the move, she uses decent Fire energy instead of a considerable amount of Fire energy. She can only use this move twice in battle due to the bad memories it stirs up in Kurenai.

Mercutio: This reads like a two move combo. I suggest you simplify the way that you explain it. Rejected.

Rachel: Level 1 Female Litwick
Signature Move: Gooey Wax (WATER)
Rachel loves pranking, even out of her Celestial Tower home. Though observations of Goomy and its evolutions, she has learnt to infuse her wax with a light amount of Water energy and scatter it all over the arena. This gooey trap is an entry hazard that causes a 20% reduction in speed but a 10% increase in defensive stats as the entrants get covered in the goo as it hardens on their bodies. It also results in Rachel Minimising slightly, having 25% of the benefits of Minimise for 2-3 turns due to using part of her body to set up the trap. It consumes considerable energy from the weakened Minimise effect as well as light Water energy (partly weakening her Hidden Power), can be used once per battle and does not deal damage. Standard boost stipulations apply. The goo can be removed by a significant level of wind or water while the goo "armour" is lost on impact with a physical move. Rachel cannot use Thief, Flame Charge and Fire Blast. While she's a prankster, she is most certainly not a thief.

Mercutio: This is nice, but is possibly a little too convoluted. Maybe lose the Minimise thing (because Minimise is getting rewritten). Rejected.

Charles: Level 1 Male Larvitar
Spoiler: show
"I am the rumbling earth. I am the tumbling rocks. I am Charles! Knight-in-training of Mt. Silver's court! Come!"
A prodigy among his fellow subjects, Charles was encountered in the caverns of Mt. Silver training his skills in guarding and mitigating damage dealt to his hide and his mind. His burning determination to not fall before Rider and his companions proved to be a struggle of wills, but soon it led to him yielding after Kurenai stood up to his assaults against her fallen friends Muddy and Lilli. Marvelled by her sense of kinship and bravery against the unfavourable odds, he joined the troupe seeking to further strengthen his body and soul.
Through the course of their numerous journeys, Rider came to notice something odd about Charles, an air of nostalgia. He recalled the days when Muddy, as a Swampert, and himself travelled through history, to the ages of Queen Rin and the war between the red and green armies fighting for territory near the Cameran Palace, to the age of harmony between those two nations centuries after. At last, he remembered a king in green, a Tyranitar by his side. Charles's technique was akin to that of the King's Tyranitar, who fought blow-to-blow with Muddy to a standstill.
Soon, both knew of Charles's heritage, his ancestry dating back to the royal guardian of the forest covered mountains, The Emerald Tyranitar. Having the blood of his ancestor, it became apparent how Charles had attained his undying dedication to defend his home, his family and his comrades, and the endurance that Rider still is awe of today.

Special Training: Bastion of the Silver Earth
Charles takes 10% less damage from attacks on his body, be it energy based or physical. He has also learnt Bide as a result of his training, which takes into account the damage reduction, and has a lower threshold for counter-attacking of 90% percent the usual damage requirement.
Charles has also forsaken the use of Curse, Outrage, Hyper Beam and Superpower, seeking to fight with his own strength and not calling upon the strength bestowed upon him by his ancestors.
Bide can only be used once in battle by Charles.

Mercutio: While Larvitar is terrible, Tyranitar isn't. Suggestion: steal my Tyranitar sig, which is basically this. Rejected.

Ruka: Level 1 Male Riolu
Special Training: Fist of the Fighting Soul
Having encountered difficulties fighting against predominately long ranged enemies, Ruka has trained himself to be able to launch many of his fist-requiring techniques such as Thunder Punch, Poison Jab and Sky Uppercut. These punching based moves are now able to travel as an orb of energy when called for a Long-Range [insert move name here], much like a slower Bullet Punch, and retain their strength and unique properties. E.g. Poison Jab still poisons and all the elemental Punches deal their respective statuses.
However, Ruka has lost the ability to use Role Play and Mind Reader. He also refuses to lend a Helping Hand or give a Natural Gift from his stresses of his self-imposed training.

Mercutio: Give up better things. Rejected.


Spoiler: show

Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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"That was a terrible idea. But holy carp, this tastes pretty nice."

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Kamen's mind:


Love burns brightly for one and all.

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Please don't diss idols or fluffy things in my presence.

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Relicanth Relicanth sez: "Welp, not been here for a while"

Spoiler: show
Gaarg: Level 6 Male Druddigon
Bio: Gaarg's special training and time as a Fighting-type was short-lived. Maybe it was the word that an upheaval throughout the Pokémon world was coming that would spell doom for both Dragons and those practised in the martial arts. Maybe he just slacked off in his training. Maybe he just got fat. Either way, one day he found that he was a regular old Druddigon, losing his special abilities and attacks somehow. Later learning of the advent of the Fairy-type, he was actually glad of this change, and set about finding ways to counter the new threat. At some point, he was contacted by a secret German military organisation, which had mistaken him for their lost leader who also had a scarlet cranium. Gaarg set them straight, but kept one of the weapons that they'd developed after learning of its history, repurposing it for his own ends.
Special Attack - Hydra Blast (??):
Raising his arm, Gaarg fires a pulse of light blue energy from his palm at the opponent, dealing significant damage while using as much energy. This attack doesn't have a defined type, but has its roots in advanced energy from a civilisation that has faded into myth, and as such is crafted to strike other legendary opponents. Hydra Blast is considered super-effective against Dragon, Fairy and Ghost-type Pokémon, but is not very effective against Electric, Fire, Grass or Water-types, as these types are too grounded in reality to be susceptible to supernatural means. Hydra Blast is usable twice per battle.

Mercutio: Part of me wants to reject this but I can't think why so. Approved.

Fun Guy: Level 6 Male Parasect
Bio: With Hidden Power now changeable at will and thus not requiring special traits to justify, Fun Guy has given up the rock'n'roll lifestyle and gone back to basics, experimenting with his spores. Tweaking his previous signature technique, he has been able to refine the production of special flame-retardant ones within his mushroom, going into battle armed with a weapon against menacing Fire-types.
Special Technique - Asporedos:
When ordered, Fun Guy releases a thick, black cloud of spores from his mushroom, surrounding the target. These have a smothering effect on fire, and will absorb the strength of any Fire-type attacks used by the target, causing them to only deal 1/3 of their usual damage. It will also cause seriously discomfort to Pokémon that have open flames, possibly causing them to flinch or lose focus on their attacks. Asporedos costs considerable energy to use, and can be used three times per match, lasting for around five rounds on average.

Mercutio: Very nice. Approved.

SEAKING: Level 6 Male Seaking
Bio: 'FUCK YEAH SEAKING', that's how the meme goes. No-one knows how, or why. But SEAKING is that meme incarnate. Insanely powerful compared to others of his species, this individual has the angry eyebrows that people have come to expect from the various images circulating around the internet. And is just as mental. No longer satisfied with flying about like a boss, SEAKING now dwells on the glory days of his species, when they were the only users of the Waterfall attack before Gen II made it an HM. Such thinking has made him want to show people that his is the only Waterfall.
Special Attack - Niagra (WA):
Using major energy, SEAKING directs Water energy to rise from under the target, the opposite of a typical Waterfall attack, buffeting them and possibly causing them to lose focus on orders. He then dives under the target and rises directly below them, swimming with the current before ramming them, dealing heavy damage. So forceful is the impact that the target is launched into the air, being thrown across the arena for several metres depending on their weight. Pokémon a fraction of SEAKING's own weight will fly far, whereas Pokémon heavier than him will achieve less distance, though targets up to five times his own weight will still move a bit.

Mercutio: I want this. Approved.

Eric: Level 6 Male Whiscash
Bio: Now retired from the Fish Gym, Eric has relaxed his his training, as he has less to fear about being constantly typespammed in a more casual environment. As such, his super-senses have faded, and he's been focusing more on his innate terrakinesis. Hearing that some of his kin were able to use an Earthquake attack so powerful that it caused an episode of a popular television show to be banned from broadcast worldwide, he journeyed to the Hoenn Region to seek them out, eventually finding the island where they dwell. For many weeks he trained with them, and upon returning to base he was eager to try out his new powers. In a sparring match with Sally, he released an attack so powerful that it completely wrecked the arena they had chosen to use, causing slabs of the ground to jut at strange angles and require intensive restructuring before it could be used again, giving him an edge against land-bound opponents.
Special Attack - AG101 (GD):
This attack can only be used in arenas that are at least part-land. Eric rams himself into the edge of the water (riverbank, beach, etc.), releasing an extreme amount of energy into it and sending shockwaves through the land portion of the arena. This causes the ground around the opponent to shatter, going under massive upheaval as chunks of rock and earth burst upward and leaving the landscape utterly devastated. Though dealing significant damage, this attack's main effect is that the sheer disruption of the arena is likely to heavily disrupt the target's orders thanks to the amount of ground distortion, effectively causing the current round to end so that the opposing trainer can take the new landscape into account. After that, it will still cause most Pokémon to take greater caution crossing the torn-up arena, slowing them down depending on their size. Due to its effects, AG101 can only be used once per battle.

Mercutio: Lol. Approved.

Axelia: Level 6 Male Relicanth
Bio: A relic by name and by nature, Axelia is a revived specimen of a time long past, from when fish like him ruled the waves. With recently recognised traits now intrinsic to his species, he has left his fossil fortitude behind in order to return to the days where his kind were the apex of evolutionary design. After much contemplation (which takes a while, for a Relicanth), he was able to create and master a technique all his own, cementing his rule of the ocean.
Special Attack - Neptune Strike (WA):
Gathering a massive amount of Water energy around his skull, Axelia charges the opponent before ramming his body into them headfirst to deal major damage. Owing to his self-proclaimed status as ruler of the seas, upon impact the water energy manifests as a wall of water, pushing the target backward several feet depending on their weight, and quite likely stunning them to prevent their next move. Owing to the strain it puts on his body, Axelia can only use this attack twice per battle, but only once per opponent.

Mercutio: Approved.

Pingu: Level 6 Male Empoleon
Bio: Originally from the Antarctic, Pingu spent years entertaining children on TV in the show 'Pingu'. Having retired from entertainment, he found himself transported to the world of Pokémon, finding himself cast into the appropriate form of the Piplup line. Eventually getting to the 'serious' Empoleon stage, Pingu has never found it within himself to act more adult, preferring his notorious childish antics. Like sliding around on the ice. However, years of hooting his grating call have left a lasting effect on his voice.
Special Training - Flexible Tux:
Years of skating around on the ice have left Pingu very deft on his feet, highly increasing his ability to idly dodge attacks compared to the average Pokémon, also granting him the power to jump over Earthquake attacks in a similar vein. However, he's been left mute thanks to abuse of his vocal chords, rendering him unable to use any sound-based moves at all.

Mercutio: Does it cost him anything to jump over Earthquakes? Rejected.

Slim: Level 6 Male Dusknoir
Bio: Having benefited from recent revamps to his specialist attack, Slim has left his manipulation of illusions behind, now focused on the generic Dusknoir role of big fat tanky Ghost. Noticing that one of the key drawbacks of his species is its lack of recovery, he resolved to focus on restoring his health in order to last longer in battle, drawing inspiration from the various Water-types on the team with their access to a passive healing move.
Special Technique - Evil Deeds (GH):
Slim summons several rings of dark, shadowy energy which interlock and surround his body, using heavy energy. At the end of each round, one ring will return to his body to restore mild health, which lasts for five rounds. Essentially a variant on Aqua Ring and as such counts as a healing move.

Mercutio: Approved.

Sludgella: Level 6 Female Shiny Muk
Bio: Having left her radioactive phase long behind and now bored of being cold as well, Sludgella has taken to copying other Pokémon, using her amorphous body to take on their forms. At first she would simply collapse back into her usual state after a few seconds, but after some mysterious training with Aku she has built on this ability. While not as competent as her Ditto master, she's still capable of some mysterious attributes in battle.
Special Technique - Transmorph:
Sludgella can use a variant on Transform, reshaping her body to take on the appearance of her opponent. However, she can't take on colour schemes, and as such remains as a disgusting, green slime-based mockery of the target. Her moveset does not alter to match the opponent's, instead retaining her natural moves, but she does take on physical characteristics of the target to enable flight, digging proficiency, and greater strength, but not traits like levitation based on electromagnetism or psychic power. Transmorphing takes considerable energy to perform and costs a move, while reverting to her usual form takes moderate energy but does not count as an order.

Mercutio: Awesome, but it requires more energy and Muk is good enough to require giving something up to get this. Rejected.

Selach: Level 6 Female Sharpedo
Bio: With the Fish Gym behind her, Selach can no longer count on opponents willingly (or usually unwillingly) swimming into her domain, and thus has developed a calm patience instead of her previous blind anger. She now waits for opponents to approach her lair to attack, only to scoop them up and trap them where she can dismember them at her leisure.
Special Attack - Charybdis (WA):
Using heavy energy, Selach starts up a Whirlpool attack, only much more violent than the usual technique. This one is unstable, and while it doesn't last as long as a normal vortex the swirling water will crash and splash over the target, dealing significant damage, while the spinning and battering has around a 30% chance to confuse the target. Selach is also capable of grabbing land-bound opponents with this attack using major energy, as a wave of water will sweep up to 20 feet inland to wash them into the water, ensuring none can escape her grasp.

Mercutio: This would have been fine but now Whirlpool has two versions. Clarify how this affects the attack (if at all). Rejected.

Mogwai: Level 6 Male Sableye
Bio: With Sableye now being able to turn invisible naturally, Mogwai has lost his need for adaptive camouflage, and has instead turned to face the new threat from Kalos - Fairy Pokémon. Turning to his heritage as a cave and mine-dwelling species, he visited some of his kin living in an abandoned pit, where the sheer quantities of metal provided them with protection from the Fae. Taking this as inspiration, he crafted his own attack to ward off interloping pixies.
Special Attack - Minecart Madness (ST):
Using major energy, Mogwai forms a Minecart of Steel energy around his body, holding onto the front before it rushes forward, crashing into the opponent to deal heavy damage, the cart dissipating on impact. The collision is so fast and forceful that it has a decent chance to cause the target to become stunned or flinch out of its next attack. Mogwai has the Steel energy to use this attack twice per match.

Mercutio: Energy cost? Rejected.

Brian Blessed: Level 6 Male Exploud
Bio: With the advent of Boomburst, Brian's previous dimension-splitting signature attack was made superfluous. Fortunately, this meant he could do something else. Drawing on his hobbies of hiking and mountaineering, dealing with low-oxygen conditions, he trained all he could to increase his physical endurance for use in battle.
Special Training - Everest:
Accustomed to high altitudes, Brian takes slightly longer to feel fatigue in battle, and suffers no ill-effects from using sound-based moves, though he can't use more than one offensively in a round.

Mercutio: Approved.

Harold: Level 6 Male Greninja
Bio: A new addition to the team, Harold is a typical Greninja, able to move fluidly at blinding speed with barely a sound. With a decent movepool and great utility, he doesn't need to rely on a new move for coverage. Instead he focuses on his ninja abilities, blending his Dark energy with his species' signature shuriken attacks to create a Dark attack with actually appreciable power.
Special Attack - Kage Shuriken Sutōmu (DK):
Locking onto his target, Harold spins on the spot as he hurls a veritable storm of black shurikens at his target. Each one deals minuscule damage, but added up can inflict serious hurt on the opponent, though it leaves Harold slightly tired afterward. Damage is Dark-type and equal to Leaf Storm, while energy use is equal to Leaf Storm + Vine Whip.

Mercutio: ... I_D? Approved.

Maverick: Level 6 Male Avalugg
Bio: Maverick was always fascinated by the air, possibly due to resembling an aircraft carrier made of ice. Either way, though he'll never actually fly he'd like to think he can, his favourite movie being Top Gun, from which he took his name along with the inspiration for his own attack.
Special Attack - Highway to the Danger Zone (IC):
Maverick rears up and stomps the ground, sending out a stream of ice in front of him to create a straight, flat surface between it and the opponent. If the opponent is on the ground, the ice will freeze its feet in place. Maverick then coats himself in Ice energy and skates toward the target, picking up speed quickly before smashing into it. If used against airborne targets this attack deals considerable damage, but if the target is frozen to the strip of ice it will take major damage. This attack uses heavy energy, the ice melts after use, and Maverick can build up speed quickly regardless of any negative speed modifiers.

Mercutio: This one is probably too much like a two move combo to be one move. Also, does the ice's strength depend yupon the arena? What if the arena were very hot? Rejected.

Bruce: Level 6 Male Pangoro
Bio: So is this a Batman reference or a Hulk reference? Actually it's neither, Bruce is just an awesome name because Pangoro is all kinds of badass. Bruce is no exception, having claimed a place on a Dark Gym squad despite coming with a 4x weakness. Always determined to prove himself, he isn't letting this hinder him and has developed a technique to crush any Fairies who would dare to challenge his mighty frame.
Special Training - Tipping the Scales:
Bruce can use Heavy Slam, with the Steel energy to use it three times per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Bel-Shamharoth: Level 6 Male Malamar
Bio: The Soul-Eater. The Sender of Eight. Whatever Bel-Shmharoth is, it's not entirely of this Earth. A malicious entity from a dimension beyond our own, our feeble human brains rationalise him as a Malamar, incapable of grasping his true, many-tentacled form. Despite seeing what we want to see, one can't help but sense something off about him, a peek at the eldritch horror that lurks beneath a simple mental illusion. Unchecked, this can have... dangerous results.
Special Technique - Sender of Eight:
Using considerable energy, Bel-Shamharoth's body flashes, releasing a burst of dark violet light which sears into the eyes of the target, burning away the perception filter that allows other beings to tolerate his presence and revealing the full nightmarish abomination beneath. Though this only lasts a second, the sheer sight of such unnatural horror is enough to cause serious mental imbalance in the target, leading to a brief period of insanity. During this time, the afflicted Pokémon will be unable to understand their orders, instead using random moves in their movepool until they overcome their insanity. This effect lasts three rounds, and is only usable once per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Need sigs for Realistic Deathmatch

Spoiler: show
Bruce, Male Machop, Level 1

Bio: Bruce is a man with a deep interest in history, especially the renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci. In his free time he spends hours reading about this period and he has extensively studies Leonardo and his work, taking a special interest in his war machines.

Special Defense: Leonardo's Tank (Steel)
After studying Leonardo's war machines Bruce thought it'd be fun to build one and so he came up with this 'battle equipment.' Once Leonardo's Tank has been ordered Bruce create a round, tank like structure around him made of Steel energy. This protects him from all incoming moves and can be used to block multiple moves (up to three), but it will count as a two moves in that case using the energy of two. Afterwards Bruce shoots a bullet of steel energy towards his opponent dealing Good damage if one move is blocked, or Considerable if multiple moves are blocked.
Bruce has the Steel energy to use this move twice during a match.

Mercutio: Sufficed to say that this is too potentially ridiculous to be ok. A toned down version perhaps. Rejected.

Joy, Female Audino, Level 2

Bio: Joy is a Japanese Audino and shares many of the traits often associated with the country. She is dedicated to her healing job, always asking more from herself, and she sees it as a personal failure when she cannot reach the peak of her performance every single time she has healing to do. Joy is also very loyal and honorable. She will always follow orders given by her superiors, but she will never use any dirty tricks or tactics when doing so.

Special Technique: Seppuku (Normal)
When Joy feels she has failed her superiors and that it is best for another to take over from her she will commit Seppuku. Using this technique Joy ends her own life by cutting her belly open with a blade of energy while wishing for her successor to succeed where she failed. This results in the Pokémon taking Joy's place to receive all the benefits associated with a Healing Wish. The Seppuku ritual is a slow and messy one however, flinching any Pokémon who sees it happening, friend of foe, and give them a 20% chance to flinch throughout the match because of the horrible images popping up again. This effect doesn't affect blind(ed) Pokémon, Ghost-types or any Pokémon who can't see it for another reason and is less effective against Pokémon with otherwise poor eyesight.
This technique instantly KO's Joy and it takes massive energy to complete the ritual. Joy no longer has Dark-type energy and cannot use Healing Wish, Dark moves and Dream Eater.

Mercutio: Perhaps I'm biased but I'm not a fan of pokémon slowly and disgustingly killing themselves in battle. Rejected.

Not needed for Realistic Deathmatch

Spoiler: show
Rose, Female Ralts, Level 1

Bio: Rose was born in the woods around Hoenn's Route 2 in a loving family and clan of others of her species, protected by Gardevoir, her mother, and the few Gallade that protected the clan from harm. But just as Rose started to understand her surroundings everything changed when the poachers attacked.

The poachers came to harm them, to capture the Pokémon and sell them. No opposition tolerated and the task to be completed at all cost. The Elders of the clan sensed them coming, their dark feelings being impossible to hide for experienced Gardevoir and they prepared the clan for what might come, but they were not prepared for this.

As soon as the poachers caught up to the clan using their Houndour to track them they unleashed a hell Rose had never seen before and will not ever see again. Rose her mother tried to escape with her, but was met by an angrily growling Houndour, it's canines clearly visible and it's body ready to strike. In a quick reaction to defend her child, the mother Gardevoir used her Psychic but it was of no effect on the Houndour who swiftly responded with a devastating Crunch severely injuring Rose's mother while also sending the little one flying into the bushes. The Houndour however had not forgotten about the Ralts and she knew as the Dark Pokémon came after her. Luckily for her the dog-like creature was taken care of by a Gallade who's Close Combat took it out permanently. This skirmish however was only the start of the battle that unfolded in front of the little Ralts as the strangers arrived and send out their power houses. Three Pokéballs were thrown, revealing three powerful monsters who unleashed their Sandstream as the sky turned dark and the forest's sands started whipping away at Rose her family. But these whipping sands were only the start of the horrors that she had to witness.

The strangers were angry, their faces dark, Rose couldn't see them clearly. But she could see the carnage in front of her. As the Gardevoir of the clan desperately tried to take their children to safety, Houndour viciously attacked them, tearing their dresses apart and ripping the meat of their delicate bodies. Their screams of pain shot through Rose her body, burning themselves in her memory. Kirlia and Ralts were scattered around on the floor, some crying in a pool of their mothers blood, others rounded up by Houndour so the strangers could collect them. The Tyranitar engaged in fights with the Gallade. Blades were swung and fists were pounded, but the Gallade were no match for the mighty Armor Pokémon. One by one they met their maker as the Tyranitar Trashed them into the ground, Crunched their heads between their jaws or slid them into a rocky grave.

Soon enough the fight was over. The Gallade gone, murdered by their adversaries, as were the Gardevoir. The remaining Kirlia and Ralts were captured by the strangers, many of them crying, terrified and traumatized. The part of the forest that Rose once called her home had turned into a red waste. The ground covered in blood, dead bodies and broken down trees. The strangers hastily tried to hide the bodies and any evidence of their presence, they came and went within an hour. But what Rose had seen unfold in front of her eyes would scar her for the rest of her life.

Special Characteristic: Memories Of The Past
The traumatic events of her past caused Rose to become mute. Because the events of her past kept getting back to her she has build a barrier in her mind to prevent the events from coming back to haunt her, causing all the opponents mind affecting attacks to be only half as effective on her. But her past also affects the way she fights. Rose prefers to stay out of melee range. The more distance the more comfortable she is in a battle, which results in an increase in power for her ranged attacks by 0-20% (ref's discretion based upon distance between Rose and the opponent, with 0% being just out of melee range and 20% being a standard battlefield in distance), but if Rose is within melee range her first priority will be to get out of there resulting in a 20% chance to ignore orders that don't increase the distance to Teleport half a battlefield away out of fear as well as a 10% decrease in power while in melee range.
Energy use increases/decreases with the increase/decrease in power and Rose can no longer use Growl, Lucky Chant, Taunt, Hyper Voice, Snore, Round, Echoed Voice and Confide.

Mercutio: Not sure how useful this will be for you. Approved.

Lalu, Female Roggenrola, Level 1

Bio: Lalu was born and raised in Chargestone Cave and lived there for her whole life until her capture. From a young age Lalu noticed the electrical currents in the stones around her had an effect of her too, just as much as it affected others of her kind. The electrical currents that ran though the entire cave had a synergy with the energy core in her body, the core that keeps her kind alive. But where other enjoyed their normal lives as Roggenrola, Lalu decided she wanted to know more about this synergy and started to study it and experiment with it. To do so she left her group of Rock-types and lived with a colony of Joltik instead, studying how they consume the energy from the rocks around them and experimenting on herself to see how she could make this technique her own.

Years of study and experimentation later Lalu made a breakthrough, she discovered that with a slight alteration to the power regeneration 'system' of her core, that provide the Roggenrola line with their infinite energy, that the cores can be triggered to also absorb the electrical energy found throughout Chargestone Cave simply by being around them.

Special Training: Power Ranger
Lalu is now familiar with Electric-type energy. However, due to the now more electrical nature of her core Ground-type moves deal 10% more damage to her.
Lalu has also learned to use Shock Wave, Thunder Shock, Ion Deluge and Wild Charge, but can no longer use Stealth Rock, Bulldoze, Gravity, Rock Polish, Toxic, Smack Down, Autotomize and (upon evolution) Giga Impact.

Mercutio: See small edit. Approved.

Tipsy, Female Inkay, Level 1

Bio: Tipsy is always, well just that, tipsy. She likes to go out for a drink whenever she can and she especially likes to go to The Dutchman's Flying Locker, her favorite underwater bar. But she often drinks a little too much.

Special Characteristic: Because Tipsy is always tipsy she makes a lot of random, tipsy movements making her movements more unpredictable, similar to Spinda's teetering about, and making it slightly harder to hit her with surprise attacks or attacks aimed at a very specific part of her body.

Mercutio: Approved.

Lilly, Female Beautifly, Level 1

Bio: Lilly is obsessed with beauty and most of all her own beauty. She spends many hours perfecting her looks, making her wings sparkle more than those of others, making her eyes appear cuter than anyone else's, and that all for her one desire. The idea of getting all the boys the fall for her is what drives her. The world should revolve around her and she should get all the attention. All the boys should be toys for her to play with and she is sure her beauty will make it happen.

Signature Training: Beauty Queen
Lilly's Attract and Captivate are more potent. Her Attract is able to get all male Pokémon attracted to her, regardless of species or Egg Group and it is more difficult for them to shrug of the Attract on their own.
Due to Lilly's focus on beauty she didn't learn Frustration and Swagger because she considers them to be 'ugly' moves.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Huǒ (Level 3 male Magcargo)
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Trait: "Steel Type Gym Leader"; Huǒ can use Waterfall, Whirlpool and Surf. He can either do this from within bodies of lava or, in the case of the latter two moves, when elsewhere as with those moves and Water. When he uses these moves outside of lava, lava is created instead of water. These moves cost him 10% more energy than usual and use Fire energy instead of Water energy. He cannot use them in Water. Huǒ cannot use Heatwave or Hyper Beam.

Death (Level 4 male Marowak); The Death of Pokémon is a noble creature. He cannot speak, lacking the vocal chords to do so, but merely makes his listeners aware of what he has said without going to the trouble of saying it to them. He is stoic and rarely shows emotions, but grows sympathetic as the eons wear on and is capable of great wrath and terrible melancholy on occasion. He often appears at significant moments on ASB history to observe, sometimes taking the souls of those unfortunate pokémon who suffer fatal injuries to their final place, whatever they believe it to be. He wears a robe of featureless black material, its folds revealing only a bony hand and an ebony skull. His signature bone takes the shape of a scythe which, though it grants him no advantage in battle, is most fearful to those pokémon on the cusp of true death. He likes cats.
Hidden Power: Ghost.
Signature Move: "Reaper Man" (Ghost); Death swings his scythe gracefully through the air, slicing at the opponent with precision forged of ages. This takes significant energy but deals major damage. It can be used only when the target at 1/4 health or lower and can only be used once per battle. Death cannot use Hyper Beam or Giga Impact.

Slashy (Level 1 male Sandshrew); Slashy McGee has returned from a long trek in the wilderness, searching for his father and making delicious pizza. Now he's just called Slashy and he's gonna kill you or something. Slashy Slashy!
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Move: "Slashy Slashy" (Ground); Slashy charges major Ground energy in to his claw and slashes at the target, dealing major damage. There is a 30% chance that the targeted area will become raw or weakened, allowing future physical strikes on that area to do increased damage.

Belle (Level 1 female Vulpix); Belle comes across as a bit of a cold shoulder. This is mainly due to her total focus on battling and in beauty, which take up the majority of her time and don't lend well to social skills. Like most of her species, she's exceptionally beautiful (hence the name), attracting the attention of several members of my squad. Her focus on battling led her to embark on a voyage of discovery as a Vulpix, allowing her to meet and challenge many foes. She always remained in touch with her roots, however, and I found her in an ancient temple near a meandering river.
Signature Move: "Chains of Flame" (Fire); Belle expends solid energy to launch a net of fiery chains at the foe. While this deals only light damage and cannot burn its target, it causes the target to take 2x super effective damage from the next Fire attack that strikes them. This attack can be used thrice per battle. The chains vanish after they strike.
I need clarification as to how or if the chains can be removed. Rejected for now.

Podi (Level 6 male Poliwrath);
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Podi Power" (Water); Coating his arms in Water type energy, Podi unleashes a flurry of punches at breathtaking speed, dealing major damage for major energy.

Fulmine (Level 4 male Tyrantrum); Fulmine is a thunderbolt of devastation and terror. His strength is manifest in his every movement, his rage a tower of awe and might. He brings down his prey with a spear of his wrath and guzzles their flesh with great gouges of his terrible jaw. A giant of the old world, Fulmine roams my realm with carnage in his wake, stalking the weak and obliterating the strong. None cross him for fear of their end, the mightiest of my dragons needed to keep him in check.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Spear of Ages" (Normal); Fulmine summons considerable energy and launches an energy construct, shaped like a sharp and narrow spear, which flies extremely fast and strikes the foe foe considerable damage. Targets experience a 20% drop in their speed and agility. Standard boost stipulations apply. If the target is airborne, this attack has a good chance of knocking it out of the air, especially if the wings are targeted. It is also likely to knock pokémon who naturally levitate from the air.
Smack Down+ without the Rock-type? Well, alright. Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Shirudo: Level 2 Male Shieldon
Biography: Shirudo is a Shieldon that was raised by some very cute little Pokémon after being ditched by his family for being way too kawaii. They taught him how to be even MORE kawaii through various makeovers and lots of cuddling. He spent countless weeks studying things like Hello Kitty, Powerpuff Girls, and Care Bears. He eventually experienced so much kawaii that his very Shield turned a kawaii shade of pink. After spending seven hours staring at just how kawaii he was now, Shirudo realized something else.. He no longer felt threatened by some types that used to devastate him. Along with this, he also found he was more prone to some more kawaii types, because, well, THEY'RE JUST SO KAWAIIIIIIII ^o^
Signature Characteristic: KAWAII-DESU ^o^
Shirudo now only takes 2x Damage from Fighting and Ground type moves. However, he also takes 2x Damage from Grass type moves, and no longer resists Fairy or Ice type moves

Mercutio: Ehhhh ok. Approved.

Sasuke: Level 3 Male Weavile
Biography: Sasuke's entire existence has always been plagued by an overwhelming darkness. From a young age, he found that he hated everyone and everything around him. His family was dead, all slaughtered by his brother. He found solace in nothing but the idea of eventually getting revenge on his brother. Sasuke trained to make himself strong enough to be able to finally kill his brother, who had caused him so much pain. Sasuke eventually left behind all ties to his home, so he could travel and further hone his skills. The darkness inside of him grew greater each passing day. This very darkness brought him his power. He gave in to it, even tried to bring it out himself, for he knew it was what he needed to end his brother's life and avenge his family. This darkness became so great that Sasuke had even forgotten some of his other skills. They were not necessary. His greatness weapon was, and forever would be, his ultimate darkness.
Special Training: The Path I Walk is that of Darkness (DK)
Sasuke is now a pure Dark type, with the weaknesses and resistances of such. He has the Ice energy of a regular dark type. Sasuke's dark training made him forget some of his other moves, like Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Icy Wind, and Bite.

Mercutio: More bio, give me a drawback other than moves (particularly ones you don't need). Rejected.

Sasori: Level 3 Male Banette
Biography: Sasori, like all Banette, came from the evil spirit of an abandoned toy. However, Sasori wasn't just from any old toy.. His toy belonged to an orphaned child. This child lost his parents to a terrible war, and was then taken care of by his grandma, who taught him the art of controlling puppets. Sasori (named after the child he belonged to as a toy), sort of picked up on these interesting skills. Of course, he was a but a toy. He hadn't a use for such skills. Or had he? Years past, and Sasori's owner came to develop powerful puppets, for use in combat. He soon forgot all about his silly, litle, toy. Sasori's owner left the village, leaving his toy behind to rot. At this time, the toy's spirit became angry, vengeful even. It manifested, and sprung from the toy, before being locked inside and creating the Pokemon Banette. Banette, named Sasori, wasn't aware of the spirit's true ability for a long time, until the day it sprung forth from Sasori in an attempt to save him. He saw that the spirit could be used in combat, and trusted to not try to escape from Sasori permanently.
Signature Move: Eternal Art: Spiritual Puppet Strike (GH/PO)
Sasori can summon the pure spirit of the toy he originated from by opening his mouth for a few seconds and letting the spirit out. The spirit is controlled by Sasori, is made up of ghost and poison energy. When summoned, the spirit flies over to the opponent and strikes them with several ghost-energy and poison imbued blades growing from its arm. Being attacked by the spirit causes the victim to be poisoned. This poison is similar to Toxic, however, instead of capping damage at half-a-hyper-beam's worth, it caps at Moderate damage per round. This attack does Significant ghost-type damage for Heavy poison energy. It can only be summoned once per battle. Sasori can no longer use Toxic, Nightmare, Dream Eater, Secret Power, Destiny Bond, and Night Shade.

Mercutio: Approved.

Might Gai: Level 2 Male Hitmonlee
Biography: From a young age, Gai always wanted to be more powerful, and preserve his youth, which he accredited the majority of his power to. However, after accidentally evolving, Gai found himself questioning his power, seeing evolution as a sort of hindrance to his youthful spirit. He searched far and wide for some way to re-awaken the potential he knew was buried within him. One day, Gai stumbled upon an ancient martial arts technique used by a group of Machamps a millennium ago. This technique showed the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your body and your inner spirit. Gai knew that this was not a technique to be taken lightly, so he vowed that day to only use it in times of dire necessity.
Signature Training: Eight Gates of Joy (FT)
When Gai's health falls under the 1/3 mark, he instantly taps into the power of the eighth gate of joy. This causes his body to glow with a red aura, also making all his attacks henceforth 20% more powerful for 20% more energy. It also makes him slightly faster. In this time he is forced to use attacking moves, and can't use long-ranged moves.\

Mercutio: Approved.

Yoshitsune: Level 2 Male Dewott
Hidden Power: Ground
Spoiler: show

When Yoshitsune was just an egg, he and his family lived in a serene lake near an ancient Pokemon temple of sorts. The Samurott tribe at the lake, and the Mienshao tribe in the temple coexisted quite peacefully. There was a spring closer to the temple than the lake, so the Mienshao tribe never really had the need to take the Samurott's resources. One day, during the Samurott mating season, a nasty group of Serperiors attacked the tribe. In the struggle, many of the Samurott tribe were forced to flee, leaving many eggs to be eaten by the Serperiors. Yoshitsune's mother lost her life in order to hide Yoshitsune's egg so the Serperiors couldn't eat it.


After a day of the Serperiors infesting the lake, the Mienshao tribe noticed that the Samurott tribe had disappeared, so they came down from their tower, all the way to the lake, and found the Serperior infestation. They quickly used their extreme martial arts to deal with the Serperiors, sending them back from whence they came. They searched all around for the remaining members of the Samurott tribe. After hours of scouting the surrounding area, they had thought their search was in vain, until one of the young Mienfoos came across something.. An Oshawott egg, hidden from sight by its mother. The Mienfoo was not much more than a newborn, so of course he wanted a little brother/sister, regardless of the species. He begged and pleaded with his mother to keep the Oshawott egg and raise it as their own. Mienshao felt sorry for the orphaned Oshawott, so she agreed to take it in as her own child.


Yoshitsune was soon hatched, and as the Mienshao only knew one way to train a baby Pokemon, they began to train him as though he was a baby Mienfoo. This training was hard on Yoshitsune, as he often found himself somewhat off balance, or not able to meditate as the others did. He also found that a few accidental water attacks came very naturally to him. The Mienshao that took him in knew that she had to tell him about his past before it became too late for him to accept. He was oddly accepting, as he had known for quite some time that he was different form the other Mienfoo. He wished to continue traiining as a Mienfoo, saying that he would become the greatest fighter the tribe had ever known! With this newfound knowledge of his past, and resolve for the future, Yoshitsune trained even harder, eventually evolving into Dewott. The moment he evoled, he felt more agile, faster, and stronger than he had before. He could even spar toe-to-toe with some of the Mienshao, using water attacks as his secret weapon.


Although most fighting attacks came easily to Yoshitsune once he evolved, there was one attack he had seen the elders use, and was immensely jealous of. One day he asked his mother about this incredible blue sphere of energy. SHe said the attack was called Aura Sphere. Yoshitsune found that he was unable to use this attack, no matter how much he meditated and focused on his aura. This greatly upset him, and once he had learned every other technique the Mienshao tribe had to teach him, Yoshitsune left to unlock the secrets of his Aura, but was never able to..


About six months later, as Yoshitsune was traveling the world in a search for his Aura, he came across a forest marked with warning signs, depicting deadly snakes. He had never found a foe too tough for him, so Yoshitsune charged into the forest, hoping he could find his Aura here. Yoshitsune didn't make it far before he was ambushed by three Serperiors. He tried to fight them off, using his martial arts to keep the snakes at bay, but their superior typing gave them an edge Yoshitsune couldn't handle.

He was nearly beaten by them, but at his last fighting moment, he looked across to a nesting place of one of the Serperiors.. It was a collection of Samurott bones, placed as some sort of trophy. Upon seeing this, Yoshitsune was completely enraged, and found a second wind to fight the Serperiors. In this second wind, he tried that final technique one last time. He knockked the ferocious snakes away, then focused all his anger into a more serene, blue aura between his hands. He had done it! He fired off the Aura Sphere attack, then another, and another, until the three attacking Serperiors were knocked out. Yoshitsune left the forest, redeemed by his new attack. He knew his skills could be used for greater things, so he scouted out and testing a young trainer, which would become the partnership of a lifetime..

Special Training: Ancient Martial Arts (WA/FT)
Yoshitsune is now a Water/Fighting type, with all the weaknesses and resistances of that. Yoshitsune can now use the Fighting Attacks Force Palm, Reversal, and Aura Sphere, but can no longer use Water Pledge, Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Surf, Double Team, or Hydro Cannon (when he evolves). Although Yoshitsune can now use Aura Sphere, it is still somewhat foreign to him, and required 15% extra Energy to use. Because his fighting typing isn't 100% natural to him, Yoshitsune requires 10% more energy for all fighting attacks (this makes Aura Sphere 25%), though they don't have limited energy usage (they're like water attacks, but with extra energy tacked on)

Mercutio: Or you could just pick up a Poliwrath, which is way better. Approved.

Credit to Daisy for this glorious Battle Cut :3

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Spoiler: show
Gommu: Level 4 Male Manectric
Biography: As a trainer, it is very rare to get approached by a stranger "Hey, let me borrow your pokemon, ill raise it and give you money in return!" Usually, it is the other way around where I drop off the pokemon to be raised, and I have to pay money to get it back. Hmpt, Oh well, who am I to argue against a good deal?! Anyway, once i went back to pick up Gommu, there were journal writings all over the desk. A particular file peaked my interest. It was something along the lines of "Every electrical output has an atomic spin. A positively charged electrical output is attracted to a negatively charged electrical output, and vice versa. But what happens when you an manipulate the charge of the attack?" It seems to be that Researcher Julian Schwinger discovered through a series of test that with enough manipulation of the electrical current, Gommu would be able to manipulate the effectiveness of his electrical attacks. When given the chance to have a practical use for what Schwinger discovered, Gommu was allowed to test the move on pokemon. What can I say, it was different times. It was essentially a gathering of grassy energy around his blast. When Schwinger explained this to me in person, he seemed to have talked a bunch of gibberish, but I was happy with the results anyway. He also gave me a nice payout of 500 pokemon money. Years later, I discovered that Hoeen Labs Incorporate funded the research, which allowed Schwinger to obtain the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965. You know how much he got for winning said award? I should of been compensated more!

Special Attack: Controlled Electrical Shock (CES) [??]
Controlled Electrical Shock, CES for short, allows Gommu to fire an attack with an inconclusive typing that deals significant damage for significant energy. The attack fires in a similar fashion to thunderbolt, but it is green in coloration. It is super effective against ground, rock, and steel types due to their mineral nature while being resisted by water, grass, fire, due to their elemental nature. The attack's damage does not compound if a pokemon is of two of said types. Example, it will only deal 2x to a Golem, rather than 4x. All other types are affected neutrally. The attack is usable twice per match. Gommu can no longer use thunderbolt, Fire Fang, and Giga Impact.

Mercutio: Approved.


Yakone: Level 4 Male Greninja
Biography: Graduating top of his ninja class, Yakone is a master of deceit and should never be taken lightly. Through his years of training, he discovered a secret training well that had special water properties within the ninja academy. This well had hard water, or water that was high on minerals. When soaked within them, he could create a special attack that seemed to have different properties from the rest of his water moves.

Special Attack: Mineral Water [WA]
Yakone opens his mouth, and spews out water in a similar fashion to Water Pulse, minus the confusion. However, this move has some special properties. It hits Electric, Poison, and Fire types for super-effective damage, but is not super-effective on Rock and Ground types, hitting them neutrally. All other types are affected as they normally would. This attack does significant water damage for significant water energy, while being usable two times per battle. Yakone can no longer use Water Pulse, Rain Dance, and Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.

Mercutio: Approved.


Chong: Level 4 Genderless Rotom [Mow Forme]
While mowing the grass, Rotom felt a sudden surge of green power in his endless machinery void. He seemed hyper active with his attacks to the point he did not have a way to channel the uncontrollable energy. We made him mow the lawns of Beverly Hills. It would rain often, and at the same time there was a lot of sun light. It was a train wreck for his energy levels. Furthermore, he needed other ways to express his grass energy, so he found new ways to use his grass typing.

Special Training: Alleviating the impulse [Various]
Chong can use Energy ball, Magical Leaf. Giga Drain, and Weather Ball. Furthermore, he is permanently bonded to his lawn mower appliance. He can no longer use Leaf storm, Thunder, Electro Ball, and telekinesis.

Mercutio: Weather Ball makes this a multi type sig and Giga Drain is good, so this requires more drawback. Or just get rid of Weather Ball. Rejected.

Chung: Level 4 Genderless Rotom [Fan Forme]
Chung can spark up some mean winds. For some reason, when he launches this special wind, it seems to be embedded with some his past ghostly energies, enough to make the pockets of air to stick around longer than usual. They have a strange reaction when another trainer sends out another pokemon.

Special Training: Ghostly Winds [FL/GH]
Chung sends forth Ghostly Winds that cost significant energy for moderate damage against his opponent. Some of the ghostly winds seem to stick around the arena, so when a new pokemon is sent out, they are affected immediately after entry. It is essentially a flying type stealth rock. Standard resist/super effectiveness apply. This attack is only usable once per battle. Furthermore, he is permanently bonded to his fan appliance. In addition, Chung can no longer use Discharge, Ominous Wind, and Electro Ball.

Mercutio: Approved.

Ikem: Level 4 Male Ampharos
Biography: Light, beams, action! Ikem found some keen interest in expanding his use of light based attacks. It was soo strange that such a majestic creature does not naturally learn these attacks. To face the light, he must also recognize what a threat the dark posed to him. The more exposed to these light moves, the more repulsed Ikem was by the darkness. His first task was to train with Suicuine, and master the beauty of aurora beam. The majestic creature taught him the ways, but he seems to have forgotten the use of cursing himself. Continuing on this journey, he crossed path with the wise Clefairy. The electrified fish taught him the wisdom within dazzling gleam. Yet again, Ikem learns the attacks flawlessly, except it seems to be unable to focus a punch anymore. The endless training through his journeys do not end there! He then goes on to train with a Volbeat, learning the amazing attributes to store light. Within weeks of training, he learned how to use tail glow. Sadly, this left Ikem with little desire to use giga impact. The last of her training was inspired by a Magneton, who taught him the use of flash cannon. This new move left him unwilling to use iron tail Further journeys allowed him to meet the wise Alakazam, which trained him in the ways of Psybeam. With further training, he was forgetful in the use of Outrage. Now, with this was a glorious adventure around the world, Ikem with much knowledge of lights and beams, but he does not appreciate the darkness as much.

Special Training: Light from Within [Various]
Ikem can now use Aurora Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, and Psybeam twice per battle. Tail glow can be used once per battle. Ikem is now 2x weak to dark moves. He can no longer use Curse, Focus Punch, Giga Impact, Iron Tail, and Outrage. For some odd reason, he also forgot how to use Flatter, Fling, Zap Cannon, and Take Down as well.

Mercutio: Some of the moves you gibe up are good but you're picking up too varied a pallet. Try again. Rejected.

Hiroshi: Level 4 Male Drapion
Biography: This scorpion packs an extra punch with all of his attacks. It seems to be that Hiroshi's enzymatic activity is a bit more acidic then regular pokemon of his kind. It seems that he can corrode through metals with fare ease. The industrial labs of Sinjoh found a specific gene inside Hiroshi's genome that was evidently different. The lab results indicate a higher tolerance for the production of purified water, which is compensated by the poisonous nature of Hiroshi's bloodstream. Its nothing out of the ordinary, other than a supply of water that most Drapion do not have.

Special Training: Pure Water [WA]
Hiroshi can use Water Pulse twice per match, but with no chance of confusion.

Mercutio: Approved.


Eska: Level 4 Genderless Rotom
Eska traveled to the spirit world. In this environment, he met Girantina, master of the shadows, and fear. Giratina used a simple roar of his voice to dispel Eska back into its own reality. When Eska reemerged in the real world, he carried with him the knowledge the might Girantina surged upon him. Combining both of his type, Eska creates a powerful electrical sound that is infused with ghostly desires. It’s apparently very irritating to witness, leaving the opponent vulnerable for the taking.

Special Attack: Electric Wail [EL/GH]
Electric Wail emits a powerful electrical surge infused with ghostly energy that reduces both of the opponent’s defenses by 10% for the first five turns of its use. The attack reappears every time a Pokémon is sent out by the opponent due to its ghostly nature. Standard boost stipulations apply. This attack cost Significant Energy use. This is an entry hazard that hinders opposing Pokémon. Eska cannot use Thunderbolt, electro ball, and charge beam. Additionally, he cannot bond with any appliance, forcing it to live the rest of his days as a ghostly creature.

Mercutio: Approved.

Deska: Level 4 Genderless Rotom-W
Biography: The old abandoned chateau. Deska was left alone to do all the chores around the home. To increase efficiency he figured he should pick up better tricks around the home. Some tough stains on white clothing? Clearly he needs to increase the water temperature. Washing colored clothing? He needs to make sure water is cold and precise so the colored clothing remain as good as new. He figured out that he could improve all his day to day tasks simply by applying himself a bit more at his efficiency. But with efficiency, he realized that he shouldn't be wasteful with his energy. The applience he picked also seemed to have lighter parts, making it easier for him to maneuver all the settings withing the washing machine. He prided himself in being part of the energy star efficient washing machines.

Special Training: Perma-Bonded for Efficiency [Various]
Deska is permantly bonded to the washing machine. He can now use the moves Water Pulse, scald, bubble beam, and ice beam. He is also 10% lighter. He can no longer use hydro pump, discharge, Thunder, and double team.

Mercutio: Approved.


Tonraq: Level 4 Male Druddigon
Biography: Tonraq loved watching television as he stayed home alone, taking care of Fang. One of his favorite tv shows was Dragon Ball Z. The Z fighters inspired him to learn the power of flight. Using his limited wing span, he knew he was unable to channel them enough to allow for flight. With a bit of help of dragonic ancestry, he managed to push out a flying aura that allows him to take flight.

Special Training: Flying Ki [FL]
With flying Ki, Druddigon expends light energy each round to allow him to fly as agile as any other dragon capable of flight. Flying Ki requires moderate energy and a move to activate, but it does not cost a move to stop using it. When the Ki is active, ice moves deal 4x rather than the usual 2x.

Mercutio: No.

Sokkah: Level 4 Male Lanturn
Biography: Sokkah seems to use his antenna to collect energy; enough to store electricity and covert it into energy. It seems that the extra umph in energy comes from his vegetarian diet. The use of collard greens and broccolli really benefit his overall energy level, but it kinda leaves him hyperactive. Seems the best way to use this energy is to release it, because who wants too much cellulose build up? Harnessing the power, he figured the best way is to combine it with grass energy, and release it into a ball.

Special Training: Green Energy [GS]
Sokkah can use Energy Ball twice per match.

Mercutio: How thrilling. Approved.


[I have jerichi's permission for Jolteon's concept]

Raiko: Level 4 Male Jolteon
Biography: Coming far and wide from the earth kingdom, Raiko lived in constant fear of pesky ground type Pokémon. He was always afraid of them. Until one day, he realized an internalized power; he would spit up a poisonous fluid that would make ground type react differently to his electric moves. It was perfect for his situation, being in fear of ground types was a thought of the past. The conductivity of his poisonous fluid was suberb!

Special Training: Poison Goop [PO]
Raiko unleashes a viscous goop of poisonous substance that is a highly polarized, which conducts electricity very easily. The goop soaks the opponent entirely, causing any ground Pokémon to lose their immunity to Electric attacks, including slimy ones (Water/Ground). If the Pokémon is not immune to Electric attacks, it increases the effectiveness of Electric attacks slightly. This technique uses significant energy, and it is only usable once per match.

Mercutio: Approved.


Koko: Level 4 male Galvantula
Biography: Disturbed by the noise in the forest, Koko became impatient. He didn’t know what to do with the fury of invasive species that came into his territory. To fight the pest, he simply modified his screams, creating a very unpleasing mechanism of attack.

Special Attack: Distressful Buzz [NO]
Using significant energy, Koko emits a high pitched wave of sound energy that makes the present pokemon highly uncomfortable. The pokemon is forced to switch away as if they have been under the effects of baton pass. This does not pass on any boosts the target may have had and the new pokemon does not gain the same physical and psychological mindset as the target. In Switch=KO matches, this does not count as a KO. The switch is treated as if baton pass had been used, with the target’s trainer declaring their new pokemon after the round has been reffed; turn order is unaffected. This move will fail if the target is the last remaining pokemon that its trainer may use in the battle. This move is usable once per battle and Koko cannot use Electro Ball, Fury Cutter, charge beam, and giga impact.

Mercutio: See edit. Approved.

Vaatu: Level 4 male Honchkrow
Biography: Being the pure manifestation of evil, Vaatu feeds off the fears of his opponents. To enhance these fears, Vaatu sends forth gusts of gloomy winds that lowers the morale of his opponents, leaving them to feel vulnerable to his evil advances.

Special Training: Gloomy Winds [DK/FL]
Vaatu sends forth Gloomy winds to the field that hinders both of the opponent’s defenses by 10%. The gloomy winds disappear after five turns, and reappear every time the opponent sends outs a pokemon. This attack cost cost significant energy. Standard boost stipulations apply. This is an entry hazard that affects opposing pokemon. Vaatu can no longer use Giga Impact, Assurance, and Sky Attack.

Mercutio: We are imaginative today. Approved.


Raava: Level 4 Female Togekiss
Biography: Being the pure manifestation of good, Raava feeds off the well-being of her team mates. To enhance her nobility, Raava sends forth gust of luminous winds that raises the morale of her team mates, leaving them to feel protected against the advances of their enemies.

Special Training: Luminous Winds [FA/FL]
Raava sends forth Luminous Winds to the field that aids both of herself and her teammates with a 10% boost to both defenses. The luminous winds disappear after five turns, and reappear every time an ally pokemon is sent out to the field. Standard boost stipulations apply. This is an entry hazard that affects friendly pokemon. Raava can no longer use Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, and Sky Attack.

Mercutio: Approved.

Gyatso: Level 4 Male Electabuzz
Biography: Cuddly, electrifying, and playful, Gyatso is great asset to my squad, and a valuable friend. His favorite past time is to be a drag queen, pursuing his dream in the areas of pagents. His dream is to one day be the winner of RuPokemon's Drag Race. He wants to be a Drag Queen Superstar, hunty. To do so, he has mastered the art of of eleganza. He uses the element of ice to embody a beautiful physique, creating all of his padding from ice. He found that the most efficient way to do so is to create a beam of ice rather than punching his body with ice. His source of inspiration were a pack of Froslass, who has a perfect feminine silhouette to mimic. He kept observing them and eventually learned how to use one of their icy tactics. Froslass did not deem him worthy of her eleganza, but she did find Extravangaza in his icy flair. To make Froslass gag with Gyatso’s beauty, he had to go train in the icy cold mountains of Snowpoint city. There he was taught Eleganza by the amazing mountainous Abomasnow. With the Eleganza Extravangaza that these wonderful ice creatures have taught him, he is now more capable of handling ice energy.

Special Training: Eleganza extravaganza! [IC]
Gyatso is ice familiar and learned how to use Icy Wind, Ice Beam, and Blizzard. He can no longer use Ice punch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Mega Punch, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Power Up Punch, and Electro Web.

Mercutio: Approved.


Shoji: Level 4 Male Dragonair
Biography: By trading the power of the elements, Shoji is able to gracefully pass the baton to one his fellow combatants. He is now part of the brotherhood of traveling rods.

Special Training: Passing the Baton. [NO]
Shoji can use baton pass, but he can no longer use Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire Blast.

Mercutio: Approved.


Skoochy: Level 4 Lombre
Biography: Skoochy needed inspiration from fellow grass pokemon. One day, a Tangrowth gave him a pep talk, and trained with him in the ways of the ancients. After months of training, he was able to learn from the intelligent Tangrowth the use of a singular move.

Special Training: Ancient Power [RK]
Skoochy is capable of using Ancient Power thrice per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Sokka: Level 4 Blastoise
Biography: Let’s just say Sokka has a big soaker. He loves shooting huge loads from it that seem to cause some extra damage at the expense of some more energy.

Special Training: Super Soaker [Various]
Any move that comes out from his cannons deal 20% more damage at the cost of 20% more energy. These moves include Hydro Pump, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Water Pulse, and any other move that might be ejected from his cannons. Sokka cannot Mega Evolve.

Mercutio: Give me a smaller list, and an actual list at that. Rejected.


Tarrlok: Level 4 Male Poliwrath
Biography: Tarrlok enjoyed pro wrestling soo much, that he improved upon his own technique. Using circle throw as a base for his attack, he figured that if he changes his grapple angle ever so slightly, that he could apply enough pressure to send the opposing pokemon flying back to his pokeball.

Special Attack: Real Circle Throw [FT]
Dealing Considerable Damage for significant Energy, Improved Circle Throw actually sends the opponent back to its pokeball in the same manner as if the opponent had just used baton pass. This does not pass on any boosts the target may have had and the new pokemon does not gain the same physical and psychological mindset as the target. In Switch=KO matches, this does not count as a KO. The switch is treated as if baton pass had been used, with the target’s trainer declaring their new pokemon after the round has been reffed; turn order is unaffected. This move will fail if the target is the last remaining pokemon that its trainer may use in the battle. The technique can only be used once per battle. Tarrlok can no longer use Circle Throw, Focus Punch, Hyper Beam, and Giga Impact.

Mercutio: See edit. Approved.

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St. Catherine

Sig, Extra moves:

Catherine can learn up to 15 moves with sketch and has the luxury to choose which one does NOT get dumped should she go over that limit.

Mercutio: Wut.
Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)

B- grade ref.
Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P

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El Halcón - Male Hawlucha (Level 1)
Bio: El Halcón hails from the arid plains of the Patagonia, an immigrant from the distant land of Kalos. He was brought to the area by his previous trainer, a herder of Tauros, used to help corral the cows. His trainer, however, found himself down on his luck, looking for another way to make end's meet. His trainer moved northward, chasing a rumor of a tournament that granted a massive cash prize for the victor. As he made his way north, he began to pit his Hawlucha in a number of battling circuits. The most popular type of tournament was that of what amounted to cage fighting. These matches were dominated by bulky and muscular Fighters, such as Machokes and Gurdurrs, who used their weight and strength to overpower the competition. The Hawlucha, however, had a distinct advantage that none of the others possessed. His nimbleness and Flying attributes allowed him to easily trump his foes, many of whom had never seen such a Pokémon before. He became known as El Halcón, meaning the Falcon. During his stint as a cage fighter, he developed a special technique that he used as a sort of finisher, one that would allow him to easily dispose of even the most defensive of foes.
Signature Move - El Ciclón De Los Dioses (Flying)
El Halcón begins to twirl rapidly, arms extended. This spinning begins to create a massive cyclone, similar to that of Twister. While he can send it forward for damage equal to Twister, he may also remain inside it for a slight drop in its speed. This allows him to quickly follow with a physical attack, if ordered. This uses slightly more energy than Twister.

Mercutio: Approved.

Del Sol - Male Helioptile (Level 1)
Koi: Del Sol is a good friend of El Halcón, having met him in the restaurant he worked in while El Halcón participated in the cage match circuit. The little lizard was born in the middle of the Mexican desert to a family of rock-dwelling Heliolisk, but found himself captured by a restauranteur looking for a cheap source of electricity. The Helioptile was a rather rare sight in the desert, with his family being the descendants of Heliolisk imported to the area a few decades prior as pets, released into the wild after their owners grew tired of them. He became a popular attraction in the area, with few having seen such a Pokémon in person, and was named after the restaurant in which he worked. He found himself living long days in intense heat and light between the kitchen and the desert, adapting much more easily to these arid conditions than others of his type.
Special Training: Child of the Sun (Fire)
With Del Sol's rather substantial time spent in the desert, he has adapted to environments with intense heat. He is now able to use Sunny Day and Solar Beam. His electric attacks also suffer much less in the heat, failing to be refracted by higher temperatures.

(Why a Pokémon with a sun motif can't learn any sun-related moves is beyond me.)

Mercutio: Approved.

Gunner - Male Shiny Electrike (Level 1)
Bio: Gunner was a little Electrike I found by chance one day wandering around under the bike path in Hoenn. As my first-ever Shiny Pokémon, I cherished him as a treasure, raising him to be a faithful companion. I traveled with him through much of the Hoenn region, and although I found him late into my challenge of the Hoenn League, he participated in a number of battles, becoming an invaluable member of my team. Some time after the end of my adventure in Hoenn, I retired Gunner as a member of my battling team, leaving him in the care of a good friend. One day, said friend was robbed by a strange group from a distant, desert region, calling themselves Team Snagem. The group took only his Pokémon, including Gunner, and shipped them off to their headquarters. For a quite some time, he was sequestered in this organization's vault until the region police raided their facility and began to send the Pokémon back to their original owners. Thinking my prized Gunner was forever lost to the winds, I was quite surprised to receive his Pokéball in the mail nearly a year later with a letter explaining the situation. Now reunited with my Manectric, I noticed that while he was still the faithful companion he had once been, something fundamental had changed about him from his time away...
Signature Attack - Shadow End (Typeless)
Gathering a strange, shadowy energy around him, Gunner charges the foe, tacking them for major damage. This attack, while apparently once super-effective against all Pokémon except for a strange, evil kind, has now lost some of its strength, and now deals neutral damage to all Pokémon. Some of the shadowy energy has a slight chance of remaining once the move has ended, boosting Gunner's Attack and Special Attack slightly. This move takes a severe amount of energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

Kabocha - Female Super Pumpkaboo (Level 1)
Bio: Kabocha is a sassy pumpkin. She likes electricity!
Special Training - Artificial Candle (Electric)
Kabocha can use Discharge up to twice a battle.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show

Alice: Female Level 1 Golett
Hidden Power: Fire
A long, long time ago, Alice was known as Unit 02DCHR-CLRN3T; built and trained to fight by an ancient civilization, Unit 0-C was well versed in hand-to-hand combat, but always felt out of place among it's brethren. Years passed, and Unit 0-C continued to serve as a frontlines physical attacker. 0-C enjoyed what it was created for, but never enjoyed being called an "it". One day, when its audio processors picked up a nearby conversation about the civilization's princess, something awoke inside Unit 0-C. Unit 0-C changed it's name to Alice and fled from the civilization. Thousands of years later, I found her in a quarry, where she had built up her own kingdom and ruled fairly over the Ground and Rock types there as a princess. She missed her fighter lifestyle, however; and upon being defeated in battle, wished to join me and my team.
Special Training - Princess Punch (Fighting)
Alice is considered to be familiar with Fighting type energy. She loses Curse, Signal Beam, Ice Punch, Rollout, Toxic, and Grass Knot.

Mercutio: Approved.

[i can't believe all of the things they say about me]

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Shamu Level 2 Male Wailmer
Shamu is constantly picked on by other water types. They call him fat and slow. After a lot of hard work, Shamu has learned to prove them wrong.
Special Attack: Aqua Jet
Shamu can use Aqua Jet for 1.25x the energy

NOTE: The above sig was approved before I dropped Wailmer, though I just re-added him.

Mercutio: Approved.

Cher Level 3 Female Amaura
Amauras and Aurorus's naturally give off a radiating chill that can freeze on contact, but Cher's is much stronger than that. So much that it effects her battling style.
Special Training: Slow Freeze
Any pokemon not accustomed to the cold will feel quite uncomfortable when within 5 feet of Cher, so much that if they are that close for a few rounds, it will begin to get painful, though no damage is actually done. This means that physical attacks are reduced in power, with their power being reduced even more depending on how long the user is within Cher's range.

Reduced the range of it and removed the flinching factor

Mercutio: Approved.

Nox Level 3 Male Venomoth
Nox, like most of his species, is adept at using psychic abilities. He, however, took this further than other Venonats or Venomoths. He took a move that was similar to Psychic and made it that much more powerful.
Special Training: The Force is strong with this one
Nox's Struggle Bug is much more powerful, now equally as powerful as a Psychic Wave. It also deals a solid amount of damage for a Heavy amount of energy.

Mercutio: It's equal to Psychic or it deals solid for heavy. Choose. Rejected.

Bubs Level 2 Male Phanpy
All Phanpys and Donphans are quite adept at rolling, but when I found Bubs rolling around in the Safari Zone, it was apparent that he knew a technique that granted him access to a third dimension that he can abuse with rolling.
Signature Move: Ramp
Bubs slams his feet into the ground, usually pumping a solid amount of ground energy into the earth. A piece of heavily compacted dirt then sprouts out of the ground in the form of a ramp, big enough and strong enough to support a regular sized Donphan with ease. Bubs can use this ramp to launch himself into the air with rollout, or any other methods. The ramp can also be used to shield from incoming attacks, as durable as a rock tomb in that regard. This technique requires more energy on tougher arenas, failing completely on metal floors. Bubs can create 3 ramps per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Soren Level 3 Male Noctowl
Soren is related to the owls of old, the great Guardians of Ga'Hoole. From tales and lore he has heard of epic battles between owls, and the intricate weapons they used in battle. After a long and arduous journey, he has finally unlocked the technique that will allow for him to fight like the owls he grew up hearing about. Now that he is king of the new Ga'Hoole, Soren relies on this tactic more than ever.
Special Attack: Battle Talons
Soren charges his talons with a considerable amount of steel typed energy, giving them a gold glow. He then swoops low, much akin to pluck, and rakes his talons across the opponent, dealing a considerable amount of damage. The energy is very durable, making it push through energy based attacks with ease, as well as deal slightly more damage to hard bodied opponents. Soren has the steel energy to use this twice per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Tails Level 1 Male Aipom
All Aipoms and Ambipoms are quite adept at fighting close range, but Tails realizes that to be the best he must also be able to fight at a range. His current arsenal is a bit... lacking in that department.
Special Training: I can range!
Tails now knows Hyper Voice.

Mercutio: Approved.

Gwaihir Level 3 Male Braviary
Gwaihir, descendant of Thorondor, Lord of the Winds. Beckoned by the moth, he arrives faster than the wind. As such, Gwaihir can move as quickly as he pleases, and exploits this in battle.
Special Training: WindLord
As long as Gwaihir is in battle, there is a permanent Tailwind affect that can shift as Gwaihir pleases, so that it always benefits him, and is never a hindrance. It takes a mild amount of energy to sustain each round, but shuts off once Gwaihir enters his final third of energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Alright, resubmitting my Scolipede sig since I pointed something out that was asked by Jeri and Jeri said it was fine. Renaming my Masquerain Irving

Spoiler: show

Orion: Male Lv. 4 Scolipede
Orion was once a great hunter, and friends with the Goddess Artemis. The two were partners in hunting, and have had many sussecful hunts together. Soon, Orion was known as one of the best hunters in the world, able to capture and kill almost anything. However, his relationship with Artemis started to get a bit more... Romantic. This angered Apollo, Artemis' brother. One day while Orion was hunting in the ocean, Apollo asked his sister if she could shoot the tiny speck in the ocean. She of course could, and shot and killed Orion on accident. After his death, Artemis put him up in the stars.

Many years later Orion has found himself in a bugs body. A Venipede, to be exact. While unused to the body, he quickly adapted to hunting once more. One day I heard of this Venipede, a great threat to society. In battle, I noticed most of my Pokemon were taking a lot more damage from his attacks then they should. I would have lost the capture if it wasn't for Nimbus. It seems that against the Castform, Orion was dealing less damage. This seemed to be even perplexing to Orion, and he instantly joined me to figure out why. After many battles against Nimbus with Orion, I remembered something. Castform are inorganic Pokemon, no matter how organic they seem. I quickly deducted that Orion's hunting prowess did not apply to inorganic Pokemon, and the more obvious ones intimidated him a bit.

Special Training: Return of the great hunter. (Bug)
All of Orion's attacks deal 20% more damage to Organic Pokemon, but for a 25% energy increase. However, his attacks against In organics deal 20% less damage, but use 20% less energy. Against obvious inorganics (I.e Magnemite line, Beldum line) he will be intimidated and less willing to fight. This boost is not transferable, and will not stack onto other boosts. He can't use Swords Dance, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Baton Pass.

Mercutio: Approved.

Starlight Female Lv. 3 Ledian
Hidden Power: Grass
Starlight has always been a special pokemon on my squad. While she’s often yelling and being a social butterfly, she always hasn’t been like this. Let me tell you the story of a small Ledyba. A Ledyba who fought for her own sense of herself, and her growth into who she is today.

Starlight was always a timid girl. She tended to keep towards herself, and stay close to her friends and family. She was always a tiny bit smaller than the rest of the Ledyba around her, but she got used to it. However, as she grew up everyone around her started to be captured. Either to trainers who loved them or cared for them, but also for trainers who only cared about chain trades. Managing to avoid being captured, Starlight decided to set off on a journey.

After leaving her territory, she easily realized she was a target. She was always attacked by bigger and stronger Pokemon, and couldn’t find any shelter to live in when she needed it. While reluctant at first, she realized she had to fight to survive. Fight to keep a sense of herself.

She started to put herself through training, not only physically but mentally as well. She started to try and become charismatic. She attempted to make connections throughout her journey, but she commonly failed at it at the start of her journey. However, one event changed the way she would think. And seal away most of her original self.

Starlight one day came across a Pokemon boxing match. Interested, she watched from a safe place as the match unfolded. She realized that fighting would be fun, and would help with her own self-esteem issues. She started training, punching on trees to help strengthen herself. This usually led her to get into bad situations, but she survived and lived on.

Soon she entered her own competition. This is where I met her, and was curious on why a bug type was in the competition. I noticed that despite her size and weakness, she kept on fighting until she was knocked out cold. I felt bad for her, and decided to try and communicate with her. After learning of her story so far, I decided to help train her.

After constant months of training I’ve noticed something different about her. Her flight ceiling had started to drop, and at maximum she was only able to reach 6 feet in the air. While her resistance to rock moves seemed to be building up, her weakness to flying moves have also started to rise. And the psychic type attacks that she had no problem tanking started to do more. I was worried about her so I took her to the doctors.

After an in-depth analysis of the Ledian, I learned that her genetic make up had been altered. The cause of it, they really didn’t know. However, they said she was still in the process of mutating, and for me to watch for any other significant changes.

The two of us continued training with the rest of the squad, noticing some of my other members were going through these strange mutations as well. However, all of us just followed the doctor’s advice and kept on with our journey. Soon enough, we learned that a huge boxing tournament was going to happen, and Starlight begged to go.

When we arrived, the Ledian instantly signed up. Her first round opponent was a graveler, something that she should have feared. However, its rock type moves seemed... to not be doing a whole lot of damage. Everyone was dumbfounded at how she kept on shrugging off what would have been deadly attacks, and retaliating with her what should be limited fighting move pool. After emerging victorious, the judges had a good look at her. They were about to disqualify her for cheating before one of the doctors hastily rushed to the judges table. It seemed he was following us in secret to observe her, and his results said she had gone through a rare mutation known as a type change. Her strong will and fighting spirit was strong enough to change her very DNA, and turned her into a bug and fighting type. The judges, astonished by the revelation, quickly kept her in for publicity sakes. She quickly emerged victorious, and they announced her mythical change at the end of the tournament. Now, we’re still followed by a swarm of paparazzi because of her. However, her fighting type has certainly proved useful

Sig Training: The Ladybug Champion (Bug/Fighting)
Starlight is now a Bug/Fighting type due the mutations in her DNA, and has all strengths and weaknesses associated with the typing. With her endeavors, she has learned Close Combat, but has forgotten how to use Air Cutter and Roost. She is not considered to be familiar with the flying type, but still retains her flight and has a flight ceiling of six feet. Also, due to being part fighting, she is able to lift five times her weight with strength.

Mercutio: Drop the strength thing and give me some other drawback. Rejected.

Pyxis Male Lv. 3 Piloswine
Pyxis, being a feared hunter millions of years ago, hasn’t exactly been glad as of late when his prey has been escaping and being replaced with challenging opponents. So, he’s developed a technique that would allow for him to make sure he gets his prey.
Signature Move: Glacial Flip (Ice)
Pyxis coats himself in ice energy and charges at the opponent dealing moderate damage. He then uses his tusks to flip over the opponent. When the opponent is in this daze, he’s able to switch out with one of the Pokemon on his team. This is basically an ice-typed U-Turn, and such has the properties of Baton Pass/U-Turn/Volt Switch.

Mercutio: Approved.

Irving Male Lv. 3 Masquerain
Hidden Power: Flying
Irving has always been an interesting fellow, preferring the water over anything else. Well, besides technology, but he prefers to not damage his beloved tech in battle. As a Surskit, he would constantly stay in the closest Lake or Pond, just skating around with glee. The water was natural for him, and being on dry land made him a bit cold and depressed.

As a Surskit, I often saw him beg to enter swimming competitions. Of course, as a pond skater, he really can’t swim but he thought so anyways. My squadmates decided it would be best to cover up the lie, and let the Surskit due what he wanted. Despite having competition in fishmons and starters, he always seemed to rank high in these competitions.

One day, my squad was at the beach having some fun. Some were glad for the nice relaxing break, others were glad to be in the water. We were having a good time, until I noticed my swimming group had disappeared. Worried, I ordered the rest of my team to help me search. After a few hours, I saw a heavily beaten up Irving make his way back to shore.

It appeared while I was distracted making a sand castle with my Monferno, a group of poachers appeared. They grabbed my swimming team, and quickly fled with them. Irving, however, managed to fight his way through and return. The rest of my squad were far out on sea, on a pirate ship. I knew we had to go at once, but getting there would be hard. With just a Monferno, Goomy, Swirlix, Roselia, Kirlia, and Surskit it would be tough grabbing most of my remaining squadmates back.

Luckily for us, Macaroon knew surf, and begrudgingly I got on him. Due to his sticky properties, I was sure not to fall off. But having a Swirlix attached to my crotch would not be fun. Anyways, Irving led the rest of us safely to the ship. After getting off Macaroon, we decided to investigate.

The ship was silent; eerily silent. It seemed the ship was devoid of all life, despite small squeaking sounds every once in awhile. We soon seemed to reach where my caged pokemon were, but were quickly ambushed. The poachers had a myriad of pokemon, with the leader having a great and powerful Aggron. Irving just stayed on the sidelines as one by one my pokemon fell to the great beast, even my Monferno(Who was heavily weakened due to the other Pokemon). As my only pokemon left, the Surskit tried his best.

At first he was at a huge disadvantage, but the cheering of his squad mates seemed to trigger something in him. Something that would change his entire mind and structure. Flying before me was a Masquerain, a great buy horribly debilitated by his typing. The Aggron let loose an Iron Tail, smacking my frail bug into the wall. However, the attack seemed to still be resisted. For some reason, throughout the battle, Irving still was more closer to the water than the air. Using his affinity of water, we managed to defeat the Aggron and get our squadmates back.

Returning to shore, I checked out the characteristics of a Masquerain. his flight ceiling was a lot lower than stated, and his flying moves seemed to not be doing a whole lot. Another thing was that he wasn’t taking more damage from fire moves, yet was still neutral to grass moves. Like my Ledian, I realized he had gone through a strange mutation during evolution. A mutation that would have allowed him to retain his Bug/Water typing. Going back to the doctors I went to for Starlight, they agreed he too had gone through the strange mutation. However, they said this mutation was a quite common one for Masquerain to go through. Surskit who are mostly in water are more likely to evolve with this genetic mutation than those who are mostly used on land. Glad to hear this, I quickly start to use Irving to his fullest. During his training, I even manage to teach him a new move.

Special Training: Pirate’s Bounty (Water/Bug)
Irving is now considered a Bug/Water type, and is not familiar with the flying type. His flight ceiling is significantly shorter, now with him only being able to go up to 6 feet in the air. Though, due to this type change he has learned water gun in exchange for air slash and roost.

Mercutio: Approved.

Sol: Male Lv. 3 Volbeat
Hidden Power: Rock
Sol has always been an interesting bug, being a collector of lanterns. He has a vast collection of these, and has even wished to use them in battle he has finally developed a technique to use them in battle.

Signature Attack : Lantern Bomb (Bug/Electric).
Sol grabs the opposing Pokemon, and traps them in a lantern created out of by energy. To create the lantern, it costs a Bug Buzz's worth of bug energy. Though it can cost more if the Pokemon is huge. The lantern acts like a rock tomb, and is incredibly sturdy. However, sound moves can easily permeate the lantern. To create the lantern, Sol has to be ordered with the command "Lantern-Create." To follow up on this, he can be ordered to ignite the lantern with a significant amount of electric energy. The attack deals a struggle bug's worth of bug damage and a Thunderbolt's worth of electric damage. Sol can only ignite the lantern once per match.

Mercutio: How can the lantern be destroyed? Clarify two mover. Rejected.

Crux- Male Lv. 3 Whimsicott
Hidden Power: Flying
Crux is the embodiment of the constellation Crux, the Cross. Crux, following on this, is a very holy and religious Cottonee. He constantly preaches the word of the lord, and is one of the more good members of the squad. Despite his small stature, he is quite sturdy and unshakable. He also seems to be able to coat himself in a holy aura, quoting it to be from god. But, knowing how powerful the constellations are, it could just be his own power.

Special Technique: Saint’s Cross (Fairy)
When is battle, Crux is coated with a special light. This light nullifies damage from any ballistic based move and Flash Cannon because that should be ballistic based, but at the cost of Crux taking the damage in energy (Type chart doesn’t factor in). Due to being coated in this holy aura, he has forgone learning taunt, beat up, encore, tailwind, swagger, and captivate.

Mercutio: Give up better things. Rejected.

Ba'al Lv. 3 Male Sliggoo
Hidden Power: Grass
Ba’al, a mysterious entity. He has many legends and mysteries surrounding him, and as an enigmatic being, he gladly accepts it. He infact, has had many identities throughout his life, and prefers to change them often. As the first ruler of hell, Ba’al has grown use to being one of the strongest forces. All forms of life quivered when they heard his name, and nothing could really stand in his way. However, one thing changed... Steel. He could not face the new creation from man, and was furious about it.

So mad in fact, he gave up the title as Lord of Hell. He then went on to become Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. During this time in his life, he kept on working on a way to defeat the dreaded Steel, something he wants to have omitted from the legends surrounding him. It took him many years to find it’s weakness, but he found a way to attack the dreaded material. A way to destroy the bane of his existance.

Passing on the name Beelzebub to the current one, he has assumed the forme of a Goomy. A Goomy with a red top and black bottom, to signify his power. During my adventures of Kalos, I have heard a great many things about a Goomy like him. How even steel types couldn’t take him on. Curious, I decided to borrow an Aron from a good friend of mine to tackle him on.

When I encountered the Goomy, I send out the Aron first. Seeing the pokemon, the Goomy gave me a devious smirk. I could sense a dark aura around him, almost hellish in nature. He then set up a floating pentagram in front of him, before launching a draconic beam from said pentagram. The attack washed over the Aron and severely damaged him, instead of resisting him. After seeing the attack in action, I had to have the Goomy for myself. Switching the Aron out for my Togepi, Polaris, I had a long duel with Ba’ al that lead to me capturing him. Afterwards, I continue to experiment with this attack before being satisfied with it

Signature Attack: Archaic Ritual: Draconic Burst (Dargon)
Using significant dragon typed energy, Ba’al creates a draconic pentagram in front of him. After a few seconds of charging the beam, akin to a Grass types’ solar beam in the sun, he fires off a dark, draconic beam of energy towards the foe. The attack has the special of property breaking through steel, and is considered to be super effective on steel types. However, Steel/Dragon types will not take 4x damage. This attack does significant dragon typed damage, and can be ordered as just Draconic Burst. Due to spending time learning this attack, he hasn’t learned Dragon Breath and Acid Armor.

Mercutio: If moves are more effective on one thing they need to be less effective on another. Rejected.

Polaris: Male Lv. 4 Togetic
Hidden Power: Ice
Polaris is, in a sense, the embodiment of the northern star. Well, he actually “is” the northern star, and he told me his story. Polaris used to be an angel, in fact, one of the highest ranking angels. He was a skilled warrior, and a wise scholar, but he had a lot of hubris and a bit too much loyalty.

This loyalty eventually caused him to fall. Of course, it wasn’t exactly his fault. One of his most trusted general and friend committed murder, an act that would immediately cause an angel to fall. However, all the evidence was pinned onto him. He was soon convicted and was forced to fall. Arceus, however, took pity on him and instead changed him into the northern star.

There he spent eons mastering an attack that utilized his misery and despair. After he perfected the attack, he sent his mind towards a newly born Togepi. This Togepi was mine, and he was a key part in helping me find the embodiments of other constellations.

Special Attack: Gravity Chaos (Typeless)
“O Angel deprived of light and wings... Let thy misery cage mine enemy’s heart!”

Polaris forms a small orb of condensed gravity in his hands, using significant energy to do so. This orb moves as slowly as a zap cannon, and it doesn’t affect the gravity around it. It deals considerable damage when it makes contact, and instantly increases the opponent’s gravity. This makes them very slow and sluggish, and it will last for three rounds. Due to learning this, Polaris can’t use Wish, Extrasensory, or Mimic. He also can’t evolve in Togekiss, due to it being too angelic, but he'll still count as fully evolved.

Mercutio: Counting as fully evolved is a separate thing and, also, requires that you actually be capable of fully evolving a pokémon. Rejected.

The road that we walk, is lost in the flood
Here proud angels bathe in their wages of blood.
At this, the world’s end, do we cast off tomorrow.

Hawke | Leo

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Tenty: Lileep level 1 Female
Bio: The technology to resurrect fossil Pokemon isn't as new as people think. In fact the first machine capable of such a feat was developed over a hundred years ago by a research group in Hoenn. However the sea side location chosen for its placement, due to the aquatic nature of most fossils, proved to be its downfall. For unbeknownst to them they had selected a geographical unstable location. All it took was one super storm to show the errors of their ways as the whole structure sank into the ocean depths along with a few sample Pokemon. Among these Pokemon was Tenty's ancestors who were more than happy to return to their ocean floor home.
It didn't take long for these freshly freed Pokemon to realize that something wasn't right with them. The sea's pounding tides and raging waves had a bit more of a sting than in the past. The Pokemon themselves of course didn't realize that by becoming fossils that they had been revived as part rock types instead of pure grass. Shift to modern day and Natural selection had worked its wonders on this family tree. For over the decades and generations they had slowly regained their water resistance that allowed them to live peacefully within their aquatic homes.
Special Training: Watery Home
Tenty retains its grass type resistance to water type moves despite being part rock type.

Mercutio: Approved.

Aura: Chinchou level 1 Female
Bio: An interesting member of my team that I caught as a request from a small village. Unlike many other past requests to deal with mischievous Pokemon causing touble Aura was simply misunderstood. It all stems from her unusually red colored antenna that got her ostracized from her home school in the sea. With no place to go in the water she ventured onto land and that's were the trouble started. With her continual red glow many people mistook her for a living Wil-o-Wisp and either fled or tried to vanquish her. Some people at first thought that they had a ghost problem and tried to battle the red light, but the moves she countered with were impossible for any ghost in the area to learn, so they began asking random trainers for help.
After a very confusing battle with the light I found something even more bizare than a weirdly colored Pokemon. The Chinchou was floating in mid air, actually swimming in air would be a better term. My hand couldn't throw the Pokeball quick enough and my feet couldn't carry me to the nearest research facility swift enough either. Compared to researching wurmples the staff at the center were more than eager to solve the puzzle of a flying fish Pokemon, still it took several days for all the data to come together. It was the electrons produced by the reaction in the Chinchou's antenna that was producing the anti gravity field, similar to a magnet rise, that allowed the Chinchou to float in the air. I didn't understand any of that so they broke it down in simpler terms for me. The red light produced a special filed that enables my Chichou to ride the natural magnetic field of the world as if it was water. With an explanation I could understand I left the researchers to continue studying Wurmple and departed with my floating Chinchou that I named Aura.
Special Training: Floating on Air
Aura now levitates, about knee height, off the ground. She is sluggish when doing so and can only move at her normal speed when using agility.

Mercutio: Flying Electric type? At least try and give me a drawback :p Rejected.

Dregor: Swinub level 1 Male
Bio: Being hunted constantly by Beartics in the frozen wastelands of the north can really mess with a Pokemon's mind. Dregor is no different from others and has developed a darker train of thought than most.
Special Training: Dark thoughts
Dregor can now use Nasty Plot

Mercutio: Approved.

Tunnels: Trapinch level 1 Male
Special Attack: Giaia Cannon (Ground)
A ground typed sound-based attack were Tunnels generates a loud rumbling boom within his large head. Where upon opening his mouth the ground type laced sound waves travel only in a straight line and deals a deals significant damage for a equal amount of energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

Phi: Elekid level 1 Male
Special Defense: Static Coat
Due to having a coat that is super charged with a dense amount of electricity, Phi has a 10% chance of leaving localized paralysis on anyone who makes contact with him.

Mercutio: Approved.

(Slight energy adjustment to this one)
Tequila: Lombre Level 3 Male
Hidden Power: Ground
Bio: Despite how many people and Pokemon judge Tequila by his name he is not a drinker but a brewer of heavy drinks. Using his unique type combination to brew the drinks within his own body, his grass typing provides various sugar based sap that is then mixed with a filtrated water perfect for alcoholic based drinks. The finished brew collects in his lily pad making it a natural sake dish which he then bottles and sells.
Special Attack: Booze Cannon (Water)
Using a solid amount of energy Tequila draws upon his unfinished brew from within his body in a steady stream of water. The water itself only does Good damage, but the alcohol in the water has a 50% chance of causing confusion and a 10% chance of making them drowsy. This attack has no secondary effects on non-organic Pokemon for the obvious reason that they wouldn't be affected by alcohol.

Mercutio: I imagine I'm not supposed to be encouraging alcoholism in the ASB. Approved.

Paula: Vulpix level 1 Female
"Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse" LeafGreen Pokedex "It has long been said that each of the nine tails embody an enchanted power" Emerald Pokedex
Paula is a firm proof that these entries into these two separate regional Pokedex's are not incorrect. While she may only still be a vulpix, she shows many signs mentioned by the dex's above that match a Ninetails. She has harnessed both the power of each one of her six tails and the ability to lay curses at will.

Special Technique: Kitsune Curse (Fire)
Using a Major amount of energy Paula channels a powerful curse through one of her tails at random, each tail giving off a unique curse. (Ref will roll a six sided dice to decide which one of the curses gets used) Being of the dark arts nature Paula will not risk using this move more than once per battler.
Curse of Sealing: One of the opponents energy type, selected at random, will be sealed away four the next three rounds. This typing cannot match the Pokemon's (Ex. a water type pokemon can't have it's water type energy sealed, but it's ice type energy can be sealed.)
Curse of Exhaustion: The opposing Pokemon feels exhausted, lowering the attack power of their primary type attacks for the next two turns. Similar to what happens to a grass type that uses Leaf Storm.
Curse of Hazards: This curse can only be activated if there are entry hazards (Spikes, Toxic Spikes, SR) on the field. If any of these are on the field this curse switches which side they are on and who's Pokemon they effect upon entry.
Curse of Average: Cancels out all active stat boosts and prevents all active Pokemon from using boosting moves for the next three rounds.
Curse of Probability: The opposing Pokemon becomes 1.5x more likely to receive a secondary effect from an attack for the next three rounds.
Curse of Tiredness: Causes the opponent to feel like they used one additional solid energy usage move this round, no energy is actually lost the Pokemon just feels like they did.

Mercutio: Random is fine, but these options are too good to be accepted as one sig. Rejected.

Oswin: Numel level 1 Male
Special Defense: Magma Pot
Due to having magma stored within his body Oswin's body temperature is insanely hot. So much so that Pokemon that come in physical contact with him have a 20% chance of receiving a burn.

Mercutio: Approved.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

Gaming Pic
Spoiler: show

Wild Future

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Genderless Scyther // Level 1
During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Hardly any of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the disappearance of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, had been spirited away in the dead of night after treating himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of slicing men to pieces before they'd realized they had died, and deflecting bullet curtains of the fiercest gatling guns.

While working as a vagabond bodyguard to various landowners, Scyther was deemed a threat by those very landowners marked for death. Unable to kill him in personal combat due to his hardened carapace, the various ninja clans sought to dispose of the seemingly invincible Pokemon the way they would a crab: by boiling him within his own shell. They kidnapped Scyther after spiking his drink, then cast him into the caldera of an active volcano, never to be seen again.

Scyther's indomitable warrior spirit would not let him perish, and as his body was destroyed his spirit maintained his form through sheer force of will. There he remained for centuries, struggling to cling to the memory of what he was and resisting the omnipresent heat and pain of the violent inferno. Eventually, the molten metals of discarded weapons cast into the volcano formed around Scyther's aura, giving him a new body to fuel the rage and pride that sustained him for hundreds of years, like an iron glove to fit a clenched fist. As he emerged from the volcano, eager to tear apart the descendents of the enemies who once feared his strength and skill, Scyther came to be recognized as the ultimate ideal of a warrior, a true union of swordsman and sword.

Signature Training: Type Change (Steel)
With a body reforged by metal over several centuries within the belly of an active volcano, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. Because he has so no organic matter left, Scyther cannot evolve. His vision impacted by staring at immense heat for so long, Scyther can now only see in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to referee discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this weakness, he has the ability and Fire-type energy to call on a quadruple-length Sunny Day, which heats up the arena and all Pokemon within it, making them visible. However, under the effects of this (or any) Sunny Day, his gains a quadruple weakness to Fire-based moves, as Fire-type moves can return his steel shell to the molten slag he forged himself from.

Mercutio: If you'd done what we asked you could have had it approved months ago. Stop submitting things that are two sigs in one. Rejected.
今 信じあえる
あきらめない 心かさね

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Lv.2 Murkrow (Al Capone)

Bio: Following upon his old experiments in deadly chemicals, Al has begun experiments on corrosive metals, having regained his sadistic streak. Now, instead of nasty smells and explosions, screams of agony from pained victims filled our household... Even today, I regret not intervening, but the threat of being one of those victims myself was too much to ignore... Tattered remains of individuals stained our very minds, and the home I once held dear was rendered a horror...

The basement now drenched with blood, Al finished his endeavors. The bodies in there were nearly unrecognizable, their figures disfigured by writhing metal chains. The quiet screams could still be heard from their torn mouths... the haunting sharpness is... unforgettable.

Sig Move: Corrosive Chains (Steel)

Using Heavy Steel energy, Murkrow brings out chains made of energy from the ground, below the target. These chains automatically latch themselves onto the pokemon, wrapping around the pokemon's body. In the first round this used, the effects appear minor- a slight restriction to movement, a forgettable burning sensation, and some damage. However, with each passing turn, the effects become more potent- the burning goes from painless, to painful, and finally to excrutiating pain, while the restriction grows more severe, stopping just short of making it extremely difficult to move at all. As for the damage, at first, light steel damage is pumped into the foe (taking into consideration types), growing by a minor every turn, capping at significant damage. Ripping these chains off are a feet capable by only the strongest of pokemon, but they can be weakened by powerful fire moves. Murkrow cannot use Shadow Ball and Toxic.
Spoiler: show

Mercutio: Make it easier to remove. Rejected.

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Lv. 2 Male Ledian
A never-give-up Pokemon. It was raised in a tough city, where he often had to fend for himself. Due to this, he has a good experience of battling, fighting both wild and trainer Pokemon. He is also determined in any situation, even at disadvantaged time. Despite his strength in battling, he is humble and cares for his teammates. His strength has brought him some attractions from the opposite genders, though he is usually oblivious.

I found him in the streets of Veilstone City during my Sinnoh journey, where he was beating up some miserable Team Galactic grunts. Impressed, I battled him and caught him. WOOT!

Signature Training: Fighter
The rough skirmishes of Veilstone City wasn't the only thing that Touma got from there. Due to a lot of physical combats, Touma is now considered familiar to fighting type, as a water type would be to ice moves. At the expense of gaining two fighting moves: Aura Sphere and Flying Press, he loses Swagger, Attract, Captivate, Thief, Fling, Protect, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam and Baton Pass. All attacks that do not damage the foe directly will cost 25% more energy (such as Swords Dance, though moves like Bide don't count).

Hidden Power: Ground

Mercutio: Clarify that last sentence, Bide does damage the foe directly (I know what you mean but rewrite it). Rejected.


Lv. 2 Male Flaaffy
Volty is a jolly little Mareep. He was raised in Floccsey Ranch in Unova with all the other Mareep and led a fun and untamed life. However, he wandered into the lairs of illegal Pokemon Hunters and was shipped to Sinnoh by accident. When the Mareep (still ecstatic, happy and positive) was discovered by the hunters, they sent out a Sandshrew to fight him, expecting an easy fight. Unfortunately, Volty had a special move which caused the ultimate demise of Sandshrew, humiliated by the defeat of electric moves. When he left, the hunters were arrested and they were left wondering what was the move they saw.

Signature Attack: Puff-Up-Charge! [XX]
Volty puffs up his fur slightly and side-tackles into the opponent. This attack does decent damage for heavy amount of energy. When Volty slams his opponent, the puffed-up fur will cling onto the opponent. This fur is special as it allows electricity moves to hurt the opponent, no matter what type of resistance/immunity they may have. It ignores the typing that gives it immunity/resistance to electric move, while no effects are made to types that are hit by electricity move super effectively. For example, a Lileep will take neutral damage from electric type moves due to the grass resistance getting removed, while a Quagsire will take 200% damage instead due to ground's immunity getting removed and water's weakness to electricity remains unchanged. The effects of this move lasts for three rounds where it falls off automatically. Due to the effect of his fur, all electric moves used by the opponent while the fur is still on will have the effect of a Charge, except without expanding higher amount of energy. The foe is also less prone to mental-changing move while the fur is clung on. The only way to remove is exposure to extreme heat, which means physical fire type moves or Pokemon close to fire or sunny conditions will remove the fur. Due to Volty not wishing to overuse his fur, he loses the use of Cotton Spore and Cotton Guard.

Hidden Power: Water

Mercutio: Rethink what happens to Quagsire, this is a bit powerful. Can the fur be removed early? Rejected.


Lv. 2 Female Swablu
Hime was raised in the fourth lake of Sinnoh, by a secret tribe of Altaria that have not been seen for hundreds of years. She was constantly shielded by her parents and the elders, and thus lacked many basic knowledge. She knew of no anger, being raised in a completely happy community. However, her desires for world travel was increased as she saw peeks of humans that went into Turnback Cave. Finally, despite her parents' protest, she left on a journey, to become the best of them all! ☆

She is spoiled and wants to be treated as a princess. She wants attention too. However, her journey with me had made her realise some important aspects of life, and she has developed a heart of sympathy. She has a great voice and even knows an ancient move passed down from generation to generation, thanks to her lineage with the special Altaria.

Signature Move: ☆Nature's Call☆ [XX]
Hime opens her mouth as she lets loose a deep, mythical and ancient voice that slams into the opponent. When it hits, it does considerable damage for a considerable energy cost. There are three variants of this move:

Lush - Deals grass-type damage.
Molten - Deals fire-type damage.
Oceanic - Deals water-type damage.

This move must be ordered in a way such as "☆Nature's Call-Lush☆" or "☆Nature's Call-Molten☆" (the star can be dropped while ordering though). ☆Nature's Call☆ is usable up to three times per match, and it's energy usage will increase each usage (considerable - significant - high). Each type of ☆Nature's Call☆ is usable twice. Since this move requires a purified heart, Hime cannot Rage, Facade, Outrage, Frustration and Swagger permanently. This move uses type energy of their respective types.

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Male Gulpin
Round is a happy-go-lucky, glutton Gulpin. He loves to eat and have a good fight. He's literal DA reason which food stocks ran out so fast to whichever Pokemon Centre decided to host us. Tired with putting up with the constant ravaging of food supplies, a Nurse Joy in Veilstone taught him Swallow, Spit Up and Stockpile so he won't always have to eat.

He came from Veilstone City and led a solitary life of stealing food. He was caught multiple times and got away. One time, he pulled his biggest stunt, ripping apart the city's food supplier truck parked at night and stealing the food. It was a lot for him to carry and he had to hid it. When he woke up to the sound of rummaging, he realises that some native ghost types were stealing his food! Deciding to retaliate, he fires off a few attacks, only to have them go through their bodies harmlessly. Surprised, he was put to sleep with hypnosis, and woke up in the morning to have all the food stolen. After that, he has developed a disdain of ghost types, especially in ethereal forms, and decided to master the skills of defeating them in combt.

Signature Training: BWOB (Dark)
Whenever Round uses Stockpile, the amount of energy stored into the gut will be dark typed and thus will replenish Round's dark type energy when Swallow is used. Round no longer enjoys the defensive boost from Stockpile. Due to this, Round's Spit Up is also Dark type. The storing of energy into the gut will use XX energy instead of Dark. As such, Swallow no longer recovers health and energy, instead replenishes Round's dark offtype energy. There is a cap of 1.5HB as to how much dark offtype energy Round may have in total at any point of time. Round also learns Snarl. In exchange, Round forgot the use of Gunk Shot, Sludge, Poison Gas, Dream Eater, Gastro Acid and Pain Split, as well as Giga Impact and hyper Beam upon evolution.

Hidden Power: Ghost

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Female Drifloon
Ichi means one, and is a fitting name for her, who has been drifting alone for years in the world with a heart full of despair.

She had a good life originally. She was the second daughter of a Drifblim family and her brother was the leader of the clan of Drifblim. She enjoyed a great childhood, playing around and making friends. However, politics and suspicion soon embroiled the clan, and her brother was forced to execute her parents due to a misunderstanding and her parents being framed. Heart filled with sadness, she confronted the person that framed her parents. Easily defeated and killed for her rebellion, a dark, strange aura surrounded her body, causing her to rise from the grave. Talking strangely, she wrecked the Drifblim that framed her parents, the strongest one in the clan, easily. The people who saw this were terrified, but none of them were able to escape her wrath.

When she regained her consciousness, she realised she had killed her brother and wiped out the whole clan. She realised she was alone and cried, before losing consciousness once more. She woke up having lost her memories and only having shards of it, and drifts in this world, speaking strangely. When people avoided her, she would lose consciousness, and rain pain and horror upon them, then wake up, forgetting what had happened. It wasn't long before she was renowned by a nickname: Ichi, the that travels alone through the lands, bringing despair and horror in her wakes.

One night, Hime met Drifloon while flying around. Having never seen a Drifloon before, she went up and talked to her, only to realise she had been sobbing. Hime, having never seen a Drifloon and curious, went up and talked to her. It wasn't long before Ichi told Hime about the shards of her lost old life. Hime pieced two and two together and her sympathy got Hime talking. Ichi was touched by Hime's kindness as this was the first time since her memory loss. She agreed to join the squad and on the adventure.

Despite being well received, a few Pokemon on the journey were uncomfortable with her, especially her old ability to revive. This caused her much sadness, since she wanted to be friends with everyone. Hime saw this, and took an initiative to request help from the squad and I. After a trip back to the fourth lake and much hardship, Hime learnt a holy song just for her friend Ichi. Touched by her genuine kindness, the shards of Ichi's old life and darkness faded away, replaced by a sense of justice and mental and physical fortitude.

Signature Training: The Name of Justice (Fighting)
Ichi is now considered familiar with the fighting type, and has gained the moves Brick Break and Bide. Due to her oath of justice, she loses all her dark offtype movepool in exchange, as well as Hex, Explosion, Destiny Bond, Pain Split. She also loses Giga Impact and Hyper Beam upon evolution. She now takes neutral damage from fighting moves.

Hidden Power: Fighting

Mercutio: This makes no sense :p Approved.


Lv. 2 Female Quilava
Crimson is the epitome of a strong female. Contrary to other Cyndaquil who tend to shy away, she's rough, big, proud, strong and just generally... manly? Prior to her capture, she lived a solitary life, moving from places to places. She was actually a tamed Pokemon, living in Elm's Lab, before a rookie trainer refused to accept her because of her gender, causing her to spew rage and leave Elm's Lab.

It was pretty hard for me to convince her to follow us, but she seemed rather interested in our training. After joining the squad, she shows her soft side towards the 'baby' of the group, Frosty and at the same time, chides the males for slacking off. Her flame is extremely powerful and is extremely hot, and she often threatens to use it against others if they misbehave. This is a result of her harsh self-discipline and training in her solitary life, constantly learning from Slugma and Magcargo that she occasionally meets.

Signature Training: Hyper Flames (FI)
When Crimson is ordered to use a fire move, a Hyper Flames version can be ordered in the order of Hyper Flames [move] (like Hyper Flames Flamethrower). Hyper Flames version of a move deals super effective damage to water and rock types, but only hits Fighting, Fairy and Poison types for half of its effectiveness and Grass for neutral damage, as well as an increased energy use by 20%. This stacks with other multipliers, which means an Omanyte will take a staggering 300% damage while a Breloom will only take not-very-effective hits. The following moves that can be given a Hyper Flames version are Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, with the glow of their fire being given a slightly golden taint (purely favour text). As a result of such powerful hotness, Crimson loses access to Double Edge, Submission, Rest and Return. It is more prone to anger and has a 5% of disobeying any defensive manoeuvres when in battle against a male Pokemon.

Mercutio: Approved.

Lv 1 Male Tynamo
Striker was the best Elektross amongst the ranks of aerial defence forces in Veilstone City. With many attempts to break into the city by the bad guys, Striker has effectively developed ways to battle against both grounded and flying invaders. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of villains to dislike him. Many attempts to control him was broken off by his great sense of royalty, and controlling Striker was an unspoken race amongst all those that aimed to sit on the throne of this world. Team Galactic was a pioneer of this machine, the Team Galactic XXX, was a cannon developed by a solitary mad scientist amongst the ranks.

That faithful night, the XXX Cannon was shot, Striker was caught by surprise as changes started to occur rapidly. Weakening by the second, he lets loose a powerful Thunder, killing the offender and the solitary scientist who shared nothing with others about the development. His sacrifice gave him enough time to alert the police, and Team Galactic quickly retreated. However, when they found him again, he was a little Tynamo. Weak and nothing like his past glory.

Signature Attack: Sky Striker [FL]
Striker lets loose a quick burst of flying energy, striking the opponent for a good amount of damage at an considerable energy cost. If the opponent is grounded, the attack will do heavy damage for the same amount of energy cost. Striker has developed the type energy to use this attack twice per match. His flight ability and ceiling has been increased to that of a small bird of prey (Starly) upon reaching the Eelektrik evolution, while becoming a medium-sized bird of prey when reaching Eelektross stage (Staravia). Because of his newfound abilities, he loses U-Turn and Wild Charge upon evolution.

Mercutio: A new attack and an increased flying ability is fine for Tynamo but Eelektross really is excellent, so no two sigs in one. Also try giving up moves that aren't spectacularly redundent. Rejected.

Lv. 2 Male Chinchou
Latty is my closest pal, and has been with me since young. It was my house Pokemon and a gift from a relative, where it came in the form of an egg. As both of us grew together, we were so closely knitted that we were unseperatable.

When I was eight, there had been a terrible storm and it flooded a holiday cabin by the seaside. I was washed away by the waves and almost faced with death... until Latty saved me. He knocked me away onto a safe place with a Hydro Pump, but he was caught himself in the waves, being washed away and disappeared from my life.

Until one day, I saw it in Sinnoh, living with a group of Pokemon. We were delighted to see each other again, and I realised he had learnt a few moves living in the wild!
Special Training - Forest's Calling
Latty has acquired the ability to use Petal Blizzard. He has developed the type energy to use it twice per match.

(So I literally just took my old sig and went Petal Blizzard > Magical Leaf, lol)
Hidden Power: Flying

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Male Elekid (uplevel)
Raikiri was raised as one with the nature. From young, he has been raised in forest with other Elelctabuzz, even moreso than other of his kind, having been trained there extensively. Occasionally, he would play with the grass types living in the forest. Being one great friend to a particular Sawsbuck, it has allowed him to extend some of his powers than that of a normal Elekid.

Signature Training: One with the Forest
Raikiri has learnt Energy Ball and Calm Mind, and has developed the type energy to use the former twice per match (Calm Mind counts towards the number of psychic moves as offtype). However, the second usage will cost an additional typeless light energy. Additionally, he has forgotten Wild Charge and Curse, and Hyper Beam upon evolution due to not wanting to cause so much destruction.
Hidden Power: -none yet-

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv 1 Male Helioptile
Disc hated being normal. He was always an attention-seeking little Helioptile, but being a normal type often cursed him with 'being normal', 'average', 'unimpressive', 'does not stand out of the crowd' - or so he said. Despite my constant protests about that normals are pretty great, he chose to go his own way and spent long months seeking the purification of being normal.

He went to see everything in life, tall mountains, wide oceans and like... those stuff. He went to try everything, meditating, meditating and meditating some more. He went to try ever flavours of life - sour, bitter, sweet to even tastes so disgusting. One day, he found himself finally not being a normal, and he cheered, thinking that his hard work has really paid off.

Or maybe some of the weird chemicals he tasted back at the lab we visited left behind into his mouth to do some weird transformations. Nobody knows.

Signature Training: Proud to be Abnormal [Electric]
Disc has lost his normal typing, now becoming a pure Electric type. Due to this, he loses U-Turn, Grass Knot and Sandstorm. In return, he gets Leaf Blade and Aqua Tail, both using his tail, developing the type energy of using each one twice per match. He loses the benefits of weather in sandstorm on his SC.

Mercutio: Don't get me wrong, Helioptile has no business being Normal typed, but a vastly improved type requires much more bio and drawback than this. That's quite aside from the fact that you seem to think that losing the Normal type and gaining access to two fairly good attacks is going pass. It really isn't. Rejected.

Level 1 Male Makuhita
For those suffering from weight problems and embarrassment regarding such things, Sumo-kun is completely opposite. He loves using his weight as his main selling point in battle, not scared to exert physical force through his heaviness over his opponents. He dislikes it when opponents escapes when he could easily crush them with his weight. As such, he developed a technique of his own, to satisfy both wanting to keep his opponent close - and to crush them all!

Signature Attack: THE ULTIMATE DRAG! [XX]
Sumo-kun charges a solid amount of fighting energy into his fist, before jerking it forward to release a chain that will hook onto the opponent. With a forceful jerk, Sumo-kun will pull the opponent towards him, and deliver a quick punch. For Pokemon lighter than Sumo-kun, no extra energy is needed to pull the opponent towards him. For Pokemon around Sumo-kun's weight (+/- 10kg), an additional minor amount is needed. For Pokemon that are heavier than Sumo-kun (50% Max), an additional light amount is required. The damage dealt by the punch is inversely proportional to the weight of the foe. The lighter the Pokemon, the faster they will move by Sumo-kun's jerk, which means the punch will do more damage. The damage for the punch can range from moderate (50% heavier than Sumo-kun - little speed gained from the drag) to significant, ref's discretion. Foe that are heavier by 50% cannot be dragged. For this technique, Sumo-kun has gave up Superpower and Fling.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show

This one's an old sig that I'm resubmitting now that I re-added Scizor:

Shinobi Level 4 Male *Black* Scizor
As a Scyther, Shinobi was a top tier ninja. He completed assassinations and other missions without falter. Although when he evolved, that all changed. The added bulk that a Scizor attains from evolution made Shinobi slower and less agile than his glory days as a Scyther. Through extensive training, Shinobi learned how to overcome this.
Special Training - True Ninja
Shinobi's speed, agility, and flight capabilities are now equal to that of a Scyther's, however, his defenses are now as weak as a Scyther's defenses. Along with this, Shinobi can now use the attack: Fly.

Mercutio: Approved.

Garnacia Level 4 Male Donphan
Special Attack - Super Rolly (Various)
Garnacia infuses his trunk with a good amount of energy of a specified type he has access to while rolling forth as he would in a normal Rollout attack before colliding with his target. The collision deals a good amount of damage of the type he utilized along with the amount of Rollout damage he would deal in that instance, and thus the energy usage would equate to a good amount of type energy along with the energy used for Rollout. Garnacia can only use Super Rolly with damage dealing types he has access to. He can use Super Rolly up to 4 times per battle, and only up to two times with one type.

Mercutio: Approved.

Laura Level 4 Female Mawile
Laura is a very, very shy Mawile. She often keeps to herself, lost in her own thought about who knows what. Laura tends to play with her little collection of glass toys in a corner while the other squad members are out enjoying themselves and interacting. Despite her shyness, she deeply cares for all her comrades despite not showing it. Her feelings are easily hurt, almost glass-like in terms of fragileness, so we take extra care to make sure she doesn't burst out crying. No one really knows what she's like when she's more at ease and we're not quite sure when that will happen since she lacks a lot of confidence in herself.
Special Training - Glass Woman (Steel)
Laura deals 10% extra damage with all her steel-type attacks in return to taking 10% more damage from all steel-type attacks as well as neutral damage to all rock and fairy attacks. She's also a bit more susceptible to fear-inducing moves. She gains access to Mirror Shot and Meteor Mash, only able to use the latter twice per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Treat the following as a Delphox sig with that associated movepool since I'll be leveling her soon:

Christina Level 1 Female Fennekin
Special Training - Aquakinesis (Water)
Christina finds much more fascination in the aquatic elements than ones of fire, thus becoming familiar with the water-type. She loses out on her ability as a pyrokinetic (the ability to move her fire-type attacks around) to acquire the ability to control water-attacks in that way with the same stipulations. She also loses access to Solarbeam, Grass Knot, Toxic, Power-Up Punch, and Switcheroo, in return for learning Scald and Water Pulse. All of her water-type attacks cost an additional light amount of neutral energy to use when Sunny Day or sunny weather is in play in order to cancel out the negative effects that such weather has on her water-type attacks.

Mercutio: Regrettably, Delphox is awful. Approved.

Tywin Level 1 Male Tyrunt
Special Training - Get back down here! (Rock)
Tywin learned Smack Down, but has forgotten Horn Drill and Thrash.

Mercutio: Smart. Approved.

Bobo-bot Level 3 Genderless Metang
Special Attack - Bobo Vision
Bobo-bot expends a considerable amount of energy to shoot out a red beam from its eyes, filling the arena with light which fades immediately. For the next 4-6 rounds, Bobo-bot will be under the effects of what is basically a one-way Foresight, able to see through Double Team, Invisibility, and all other effects that Foresight would be able to see through. Bobo-bot may only use this signature move up to two times per battle.

Mercutio: Psychic types can already basically do this. Approved.

Hawkeye Level 4 Female Pidgeot
Special Training - Down and Dirty
Hawkeye has eaten so much mud in her life-time that she can now utilize this mud in battle. She has learned Mud Shot, but has forgotten Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, and Brave Bird.

Mercutio: Approved.

Boltman Level 5 Male Electivire
Special Attack - Hero's Cape (Electric)
Boltman surges a significant amount of electrical energy throughout the arena, some of which stays behind and forms an electrical cape around Boltman. This cape surges back benefits into the user, giving Boltman a 10% boost in both of his defensive stats. Standard boost stipulations apply, however, and the cape eventually fades away when the boosts run out. Every time a friendly Pokemon is sent out, some more electrical energy surges onto the Pokemon, creating another cape and providing the same boost. This cape is not destructible by any means as attacks would simply faze through it without harming anyone- it's merely a fashion statement to show the true hero in all of us. This is treated as an entry hazard that effects allied Pokemon. Boltman has forgotten Hyper Beam and Giga Impact in the process of learning this. This move can only be used once per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

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Spoiler: show
Credits to blaze for giving me a cool idea due to our battle.

Damion: Level 4 Male Drapion
"A man's strength is measured by those he protects, not those he defeats."
A dedicated veteran of many a battle, Damion is the big-hearted leader of the famed warrior's guild. Very few can match him in solo combat, and testing his strength is a point of pride for him.
But who was he before all this?
A young fighter, dedicated to justice. Dedicated, yet naive. Despite his ideals, he didn't even know what he fought for. He didn't truly know what justice was. But, as he grew, his mind changed. No longer was he quite so concerned about some abstract ideal. He fought for his friends, and he counted on them to set him straight when he wandered off the path.
...Maybe he found his 'justice', afterall.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Attack: To The Fight (Fight)
An attack specialized for quickly closing distance, Damion fuels his legs with energy to perform a truly spectacular jump. Arcing high enough to avoid most ground-based moves, Damion descends on his target and smashes them from above with a dual-armed smash, dealing significant fighting damage for significant energy. This attack has enough strength to effectively leap across the majority of arenas. At close range, Damion is free to focus on height rather than distance, which can boost the power of the attack due to the added momentum, ref's discretion.

Mercutio: Most arenas? I don't see that happening. Give us a distance. Rejected.

Allie: Lv1 Female Flabebe (Light Green Flower)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
Every once in a while I pick a swath of my team and send them on an expedition as a teamwork-building exercise. Once, I thought it was a good idea to have Jet lead one of these. And have Clocks go along. Since they both need the practice. And the teambuilding. Yang to counter Jet's impulsiveness and Lily to counter Clocks's passiveness and they were set to go!
...They came back with an extra member.
Allie, of course, comes from a family of flower-keepers. Her parents are something like florists, and her grandmother is something like a mad scientist with plants. Her brother sold his soul for power over fire or something inane like that. Which at first I was a little incredulous of but I guess I can see where he's coming from when you consider that they basically live in a giant greenhouse-like biodome and the sun is technically a giant ball of fire so I guess it occurred to him as something really powerful??
But anyways. Allie's a kind soul, pleased to help with anything. Although she's surprisingly upfront and daring. She noticeably gets a lot of her mannerisms from her parents, and her bliss when talking about plants is something to behold. On the other hand, it's obvious her grandmother's genes didn't vanish- The first reaction of most people when they see her 'darlings' is to dash for the nearest exit. To be fair, she could probably avoid that reaction if she didn't make her creations so bloody huge. She's very fond of Yang, and if the two are in close proximity she's likely to be dragging him around or clinging onto him. Which has eternally doomed Yang to the title of 'Team member most likely to have a harem'. She gets along with most everyone, and is a valuable asset to the team.
...Though every once in a while Lily starts giggling and mumbles something about tentacles when she's around and that's. Kinda disturbing.

Signature Move: Flora Genesis (Various)
Allie gathers massive energy into rings of verdant energy, which quickly solidify into many seed-like spheres of energy. These explode outwards and downwards, swifty digging into the earth and taking root. Each round, the 'seeds' gain energy from the ground equivalent to that of Ingrain. When they store up enough energy, they perform an attack suiting to the arena (with identical rules to Nature Power) on a random foe, then retreat back underground and continue stockpiling. Energy is never carried over from one 'cycle' to the next, even if the attack they call uses less energy than the total amount the seeds have stored. Being energy and not actual plants, the seeds can survive in most any environment but, well, for a surface like, say, concrete, they're not going to penetrate too far, and their rate of energy absorption will be... Utterly abysmal. The amount of energy required to perform the attack is equivalent to how much energy it would take a pokemon to perform the attack under the influence of Nature Power.

Mercutio: I'm not sure about this. Clarify how often this can happen while I consult with Jeri. Rejected.
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.

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