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Old 05-24-2017, 04:52 PM   #2176
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Well now! I've always wanted to do this!

Mado the Small Pumpkaboo (F, Level 1)
Sabi the Ekans (F, Level 1)
Uro the Croconaw (F, Level 2)
Hiroshi the Porygon (Level 1)
Garry the Gligar (M, Level 2)
Ib the Ralts (F, Level 1)
Mary the Snivy (F, Level 1)
Bendy the Tyrunt (M, Level 1)
Seabreeze the Burgmite (F, Level 1)
Vox the Aron (M, Level 1)
Oliver the Abra (M, Level 1)
Pearl the Bagon (M, Level 1)
Trucy the Skorupi (F, Level 1)
Diamond the Elekid (M, Level 1)
Apollo the Murkrow (M, Level )

Last edited by Keluvax; 05-24-2017 at 05:06 PM. Reason: forgot to give mado a size
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Brave Saix
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Elam the Male Deerling (Level 1)
Arturia the Female Scyther (Level 1)
Spur the Male Wimpod (Level 1)

Picking up:
Caitlyn Snow the Staryu (Level 1)
Luna the Female Teddiursa (Level 1)
Tick the Male Togepi (Level 1)
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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
totally legit for no apparent reason adding:
Rokkrbani the Girafarig (lvl 1 male)

then moving that uplevel from:
Katr the Wigglytuff (lvl 7 uplevel female)
Rokkrbani the Girafarig (lvl 2 uplevel male)

again, nothing funny going on here.....

1 empty slot left
Moving Uplevel from Rokkrbani the Girafarig lvl 2 male uplevel > lvl 1

to Myrkr the Drapion lvl 6 female > lvl 7 uplevel

With my free slot I am adding
Gryttr the Roggenrola (lvl 1 Male)

I have a TP slot for crossing 350TP so I am adding
Bjorn the Teddiursa (lvl 1 Male)
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A match bears levels

Selena: Sandslash Lv 4 => Lv 5
Hero: Heatmor Lv 1 => Lv 3
Marvell: Espeon Lv 2 => Lv 4
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Old 07-15-2017, 03:01 PM   #2180
Tommy used to work...
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TL 5 Achieved:

Level 5:
Tyrion Lannister: Male Drapion [Uplevel] -> Level 5 (Uplevel Removed)
Beric Dondarrion: Male Electivire [Uplevel] -> Level 5 (Uplevel Removed)
Savage: Male Venusaur [Uplevel] -> Level 5 (Uplevel removed)

Level 4:
Varys: Male Galvantula -> Level 5
Cersei Lannister: Female Venomoth -> Level 5
Vader: Male Bisharp -> Level 5
Brian Johnson: Male Honchkrow -> Level 5
Myle Kennedy: Male Sableye -> Level 5
Aegon Targaryen: Male Dragonair -> Level 5
Sparky: Male Shiny Manectric -> Level 5
Myrcella Baratheon: Female Clefairy -> Level 5
Gregor Clegane "The Mountain That Rides": Male Hariyama -> Level 5
Tassadar: Male Medicham -> Level 5
Fuhrer: Male Riolu -> Level 5 Lucario
Rudolf Schenker: Male Camerupt -> Level 5
Sansa: Female Ninetales -> Level 5
Ronnie James Dio: Male Torkoal -> Level 5
Loki: Male Haunter -> Level 5
Ilyn Payne: Male Cacturne -> Level 5
Howland Reed: Male Decidueye -> Level 5
Bootstrap Bill Turner: Dhelmise -> Level 5
Blood Raven: Male Large Gourgeist -> Level 5
Doran Martell: Male Lombre -> Level 6 Ludicolo [Uplevel 1/4]
Olena Tyrell: Female Roserade -> Level 5
Slash: Male Sceptile -> Level 5
Oberyn Martell "The Red Viper": Male Red Serperior -> Level 5
Izzy Stradlin: Male Torterra -> Level 5
Amon: Male Victreebel -> Level 5
Colossus: Genderless Golurk -> Level 5
Rosie: Female Chansey -> Level 5 Blissey
Klaus Meine: Male Pidgeot -> Level 5
Dr. X: Genderless Porygon2 -> Level 5 Porygon-Z
Jimmy Page: Male Zangoose -> Level 5
Anaconda: Female Giant Arbok -> Level 5
Ramsay Bolton: Male Alolan Grimer -> Level 5 Alolan Muk
Qyburn: Male Grimer -> Level 5
The Waif: Female Skuntank -> Level 5
Jaime Lannister: Male Toxicroak -> Level 5
Tywin Lannister: Male Nidorino -> Level 6 Nidoking [Uplevel 2/4]
The Nights King: Male Seviper -> Level 5
Jaqen H'ghar: Male Weezing -> Level 5
Uli Jon Roth: Male Hypno -> Level 5
Stannis Baratheon: Male Armaldo -> Level 5
Duff McKagen: Male Cradily -> Level 5
Catelyn Stark: Female Mawile -> Level 5
Alarak: Genderless Dark Metang -> Level 6 Metagross [Uplevel 3/4]
Aeron Greyjoy: Male Cloyster -> Level 5
Axl Rose: Male Empoleon -> Level 5
Amy Lee: Female Milotic -> Level 5
Steve Clark: Male Poliwrath -> Level 5
The Blackfish: Genderless Black Staryu -> Level 5 Starmie
Bon Scott: Male Swampert -> Level 5
Euron Greyjoy "Crow's Eye": Male Tentacruel -> Level 5
Victarion Greyjoy: Male Toxapex -> Level 5
Water Bowser: Male Wartortle -> Level 5 Blastoise

Level 3:
Mellisandre: Female Salazzle -> Level 4
Jorah Mormont: Male Alolan Graveler -> Level 4 Alolan Golem
Ser Robert Strong: Male Rhyhorn -> Level 4 Rhydon

Level 1:
Ritchie Blackmore: Male Pineco -> Level 2
Angus Young: Male Snubbul -> Level 2
Clee: Male Magby -> Level 2
Dizzy Reed: Male Tympole -> Level 2

Since im no longer a GT


Shireen Baratheon: Female Cubone
Eddard Stark: Level 2 Male Ralts [Uplevel 4/4]
Khal Drogo: Level 1 Type: Null
Thoros Of Myr: Level 1 Male Abra
Strong Belwas: Level 1 Male Slakoth
Arthur Dayne: Level 1 Male Larvitar
Robert Barratheon: Level 1 Male Tauros
Yara Greyjoy: Level 1 Female Chinchou

Originally Posted by Miror
EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
It's a starfish.

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.

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ADCs in 2017 LUL
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>Grass Gym open

All my pokemon

all Grass types that I have slots for, in national dex order
Spoiler: show

PASBL Record
Trainer Level: 5
Referee Grade: B
Wins (DQ): 51 (5) Losses (DQ): 27 (6) Draws: 3
KOs: 135 TP: 294 SP (Earned): 0 (0)

Anime Style Battling | Fizzy Bubbles | Wild Future
Thanks to Pengyzu for the UserBar!
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Shiro Eevee
Dark Zorua
Thunder Blitzle
Psycho Espurr female
Fart Gastly
Houndour Blaze
Inkay Squidodly
Pissed off Mankey
Shogi Meinfoo

All male
All level one
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Old 03-18-2018, 10:37 PM   #2183
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I'm a freshie, so I'll post my squad here. Note that none have signature moves.
1: Mitey the Magnemite (L1 [genderless])
2: Chana the Charmander (L1 Female)
3: Scruff the Scraggy (L1 Male)
4: Mentalis the Ralts (L1 Female)
5: Puff the Igglybuff (L1 Female)
6: Orion the Omanyte (L1 Male)
7: Serper the Ekans (L1 Female)
8: Tammy the Tangela (L2 Female, Uplevel)
9: Visios the Combee (L1 female)
10: Grinslow the Gible (L1 male)
That's actually it
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Old 06-07-2018, 07:08 AM   #2184
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Hello; new guy here. Well; for all intents and purposes. I think I played for a brief time on Serebii's site quite a long time ago, but Serebii's ASB seems dead with almost nothing posted since late 2017.

Anyway; if I'm correct I have 20 AP to spend on a squad so...

1: Conductor - Kricketune [Lv 1 Male] [1 AP]
2: Majesty - Vespiquen [Lv 1 Female] [1 AP]
3: Overgrowth - Carnivine [Lv 1 Male] [1 AP]
4: Bombardi - Clauncher [Lv 1 Female] [1 AP]
5: Squiggle - Poliwhirl [Lv 2; Male; Uplevel] [2 AP]
6: Amp - Electrike [Lv 1; Male] [1AP]
7: Wu - Mienfoo [Lv 1; Male] [1 AP]
8: Rumble - Rhyhorn [Lv 1; Female] [3 AP]
9: Ragul - Mightyena [Lv 1; Male] [2 AP]
10: Convec - Cyndaquil [Lv 1; Male] [1 AP]
11: Relic - Baltoy [Lv 1; Genderless] [1 AP]
12: Prince - Nidoran [M] [Lv 1; Male] [1 AP]
13: Nimbus - Swablu [Lv 1; Female] [1 AP]
14: Nabab - Tropius [Lv 2; Female; Uplevel] [3 AP]

I believe this puts me at 20 AP
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