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[Level 1 Male Houndour]
Cerberus had a hard life, fending for himself constantly until our paths crossed. He has a jagged scar over his left eye, and he carries a grudge against all other Pokemon. Based on what I've been able to understand from him, he was once owned by a different trainer, and that trainer treated him like absolute garbage. This experience hardened him against all life, and even now he barely trusts me enough to obey my orders.

[Hidden Power]

[Special Training: Bloodthirsty]
When Cerberus smells a kill, he goes on the all-out attack. This being the case, if his opponent's health is at or below 50%, his own attack and special attacks cause 10% more damage. Unfortunately, his attacking leaves him a bit more careless, which causes opponent's attacks (both special and physical) to cause 10% more damage as well.
Jeri: Approved.


[Level 1 Male Gible]
I stumbled upon Antaeus one day while exploring Stark Mountain. The little dragon, for some reason, was obsessed with trying to fly, and continuously hurled himself off of cliffs in an attempt to become airborne. He was, of course, completely unsuccessful, but he did manage to create some impressive damage in the ground where he landed. After capturing him, we decided to use his love for flying to his advantage, teaching him different methods with which to fall onto opponents. His favorite, we learned recently, is a straight body slam, although he also enjoys employing Iron Tail to spear his opponents.

[Hidden Power]

[Special Training: Leaps of Faith]
Any physical attack that Antaeus uses while coming down on his opponent from above inflicts 1.25x the normal damage. Antaeus receives recoil damage proportional to the strength of the attack, and there is a 15% chance that he will be disoriented after the attack. That chance increases to 30% if the attack involves his head.
Jeri: Approved.


[Level 1 Male Elekid]
I met Zeus up in the mountains, training with a group of Beartic. For some reason, they had accepted him as one of their own. He is incredibly comfortable in colder arenas. While in the mountains, I met a hermit who told me Zeus' story.

Another trainer had been searching the mountains looking for Pokemon when an egg he was carrying began to hatch. Unable to care for the freshly hatched Elekid, and in a terrible rush, the trainer had left the baby behind the hermit's hut. Alone and forgotten, the Elekid began to climb the mountain, looking for some sort of safety from the elements. He managed to find a cave after hours of searching, and made his way inside. His rest, however, was to be short-lived. It seemed that the cave was home to a particularly ornery Haxorus that apparently dwelled deep within the mountain. The beast quickly chased the baby Elekid out into the harsh elements once more, where he tumbled down the mountainside, coming to a stop just before a second cave. Bruised and battered, the baby Elekind crawled inside and and fell to the ground, unconscious.

When he awoke, the Elekid found himself surrounded by a group of Beartic. He jumped to his feet, ready to fight, but the Beartic looked concerned rather than angry. He told them his story of the Haxorus, and they took pity on him. They decided that, since he had nobody else, they would train him. And train him they did. For 6 months they worked together, teaching the young electric type some ice type moves while shying away from moves that could prove dangerous should the baby ever turn on the larger group. After 6 months, the Elekid had learned all he could from the Beartic, but he was still not content. He told the Beartic that, in order to prove himself capable, he had to best the Haxorus. Despite their warnings, the Elekid set out once more up the mountain, returning to that fateful cave.

Before he even took a step inside, the Elekid heard a deafening howl from within the cavern. He took a moment to work up his nerve, and then scurried into the cave. Once there, he once again met his opponent. A fierce battle ensued, with Elekid fighting valiantly, combining his natural moves with those that he had been taught by the Beartic. After a long, long confrontation, the Haxorus finally went down, and the Elekid let out an echoing victory screech before hurrying down the mountainside to tell his companions his story.

[Hidden Power]

[Special Training: Kheimon's Blessing]
Zeus has gained an Ice Familiarity and can now use Ice Beam, Ice Shard and Powder Snow. Due to his training, he never learned any fire type moves. He also never learned Focus Punch, Cross Chop, Dynamicpunch, Rolling Kick, Brick Break or Rock Smash due to the Beartic he trained with being afraid of those moves in particular.
Jeri: Approved.

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Ted Grant - Level 1 Male Machop
Orphaned during the great Pokémon depression, Ted Grant grew up fast on the dirty undergrowth and streets of Castelia City, fending for himself since before he could remember. Finding himself, one night, on the verge of collapsing from hunger, Ted Grant saw a stranger being mugged down a dark alley. Always one to stand up for justice, and hoping to take a slice of reward money for his troubles, Ted sucker punched the mugger and saved the civilian. That civilian, it turned out, was renowned heavyweight champion of the world “Socker” Smith who as an act of good faith took Ted into his home and began training him in the art of fighting. Before long, Ted Grant quickly became a world-class heavyweight boxer in his own right, though he stayed out of professional fighting. Unbeknownst to him, Smith's managers were planning the biggest payday of their careers using underhanded tactics. Loading a boxing glove full of poison Smith's managers, Flint and Skinner, accidentally killed their prize fighter by using the wrong dosage, originally intending to slow Smith rather than outright kill him. After Ted Grant was arrested, Flint and Skinner put a hit on the Machop, but he survived and was forced to go on the run. Donning a costume to hide his fugitive state, Ted Grant joined my team when he came across me and the other superhero Pokémon, who promised him redemption and justice.
Signature Technique: Wildcat
Being an expertly trained boxer, Ted Grant gets all the punch moves it does not already have (Comet Punch, Mach Punch, Sucker Punch, Drain Punch, Shadow Punch and Dizzy Punch (and Power Up Punch at the introduction of Gen VI)) however Ted can only use two punches, different or not, per battle at the 1.5x energy cost for regular damage.
Jeri: Approved.

Fin Fang Foom – Level 1 Male Axew
First coming from a an alien world, Fin Fang Foom originally came to earth on the same asteroid burst as Deoxys back in in the early native times; back when Pokémon ruled the planet and humans were just evolving into a species that we know now. Upon arrival, Foom's dragon squad were ambushed by Pokémon hunters to eat, killing many of the members before finally being defeated. The rest, not ready to start their conquest transformed into human forms and blended into the natural world, biding their time to break out of their shells and take over the world. Fin Fang Foom, however, was hidden on route 45 in dragons den and sent to a mystical sleep using a mixture of herbs from this planet to keep him as a back up in case the rest were found out and killed. Resting until the 21st century, despite a few occasions, Fin Fang Foom finally rose when he was let loose out of his tomb, rampaging New York until the Fantastic Four subdued him and sent him back to the tomb. During one of my adventures, I managed to find the dragon's tomb where he was de-powered and shrunk. At this time, super-villain Mandarin was also at the lair; attempting to boil Fin Fang Foom in poison in order to take control of alien tech power rings Fin Fang Foom had in its possession. I managed to save it before it was too late, battling Mandarin in an epic 6 on 6 battle before finally defeating him. As an acknowledgment for its life, Fin Fang Foom gave itself to serve me for the time being, until its debt is paid.
Signature Technique: Axonn-Karr (Poison)
While I managed to save Fin Fang Foom from the poison incursion, I didn't manage to save it entirely. Being of mystic descent Fin Fang Foom was able to recover from the acid, but because it came down with the DNA Pokémon, some of its abilities were transfused during its time spent in the acid pools. Fin Fang Foom is now able to use Cross Poison and Venoshock and has the poison energy to use both of them once or either of them twice.
Jeri: Approved.

Dr. Henry Pym - Level 1 Male Drowzee
Inspired by the theoretical writings of a Professor Gregson Gilbert and his synthetic Dragon Man, a DNA-transfusion of man and Dragon-type, Henry Pym began experimenting with artificial intelligence in order to “better Pokemon-kind”. Creating several steel mechanisms after brain-washing several steel types into giving up some of their protective armour, Pym devotion to the project meant it transfer some of its own brain cells into the machines in hopes of creating a psychic/steel Pokémon to lead the pocket monsters into a new golden age. When the machines didn't work Henry fell into a deep depression and slowly began to become insane over his mechanical failures. With the loss of some of his brain cells, Henry began to believe the machines did work, his subconscious driving his psychic powers to move the metal around. With an increasing level of mental instability while still maintaining an advanced intellect, Henry began attempting to assimilate all types of Pokémon at once into his machine, having convinced himself toward an irrational hatred for humans. Starting with bug-types, Henry attempted to combine bug brains into his machine, but as it was not something he could control with psychic powers, it failed once again. Growing more and more frustrated and getting less and less sleep, Henry snapped and attempted to transfer some of the bug responsive into his own head. He succeeded, and attempted to destroy several cities in his area to test his new “powers”, calling on Pokémon around the area to join him. The operation did leave some side effects and in his weakened state, I managed to capture Henry. His mental state means he still believes that he is a free Pokémon, accepting my orders as if they were his own thoughts and seeing his opposing Pokémon as a human who stands in his way.
Special Technique – Ultron
Because of his bug-infusion, Henry has developed a sort of hive mind which he shares with all Pokémon. Because of this, he can target one or more allied Pokémon to form a hive mind; thus allowing each one to be aware of each other's situation. This mean they cannot be surprised unless they all are, and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are.
Jeri: Approved.

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Genderless Scyther // Level 1

During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Few of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the discarded husk of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, was poisoned and hacked to death by ninja during the night, after the Pokemon treated himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of cutting swords as if they were blades of grass, and halting even the most furious attacks of a skilled warrior.

Centuries later, scientists and engineers recovered the exoskeleton of Scyther, and vowed to rebuild him with modern technology. Such swordsmanship was a skill lost to time, and since the ability to deftly handle a blade is as much muscle memory as it is knowledge, by reconstructing Scyther they could unleash his skills on the world once more.

Signature Training
Heart of Steel - Type Change (Steel)

Returned to life as a cyborg, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel, and most of his internal organs reconstructed artificially. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. His vision had to be completely reconstructed, so Scyther only sees in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to judge discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this, he was programmed with the attack Lock-On, which allows him to successfully fight invisible threats. Finally, because of the delicate nature of his cybernetics, powerful electric attacks (Thunderbolt+) are capable of short-circuiting him, causing an instant KO. He has a surge protector to prevent weaker electric attacks from triggering this, but the chance of a shut-down increases with the power of the electric attack.

Mercutio: What happens upon evolution? Also that thunderbolt thing makes this sig basically unusable. Rejected.
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Rudolph the Level 1 Male Cubchoo
Signature Attack: Chilblains (Ice)
The user sends out a cold, humid wind that may crack the opponent's skin and deal decent damage. When up close or concentrated on one spot, the affected area of the skin will be sore and split for the remainder of the battle causing physical attacks that target this area to generally deal more damage. (Maximum of 3 uses per battle)

Mercutio: Approved.

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Fizzy Bubbles Team:
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With this thread up to date I am temporarily closing it - all will be explained.
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