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Mime Jr. Affinity Avenue ~ where bonds are born

~ Affinity Avenue ~
Located within the heart of the timeless borough of Alderboro in the sprawling metropolis zone of New Fizz City, Affinity Avenue is the perfect place for you and your Pokémon to make meaningful connections, spark up lifelong relationships or find compatible mates to join your Pokémon in a vacation at The Hatchery

With an intimate and well-kept park as well as numerous independent hang-out spots, Affinity Avenue is the ideal spot for your Pokémon to spend some one-to-one time getting to know another. Adorning every railing along of the park are padlocks of every shape and size; symbols of strength and unity with markings made with love. Weather-worn benches appear at intervals along the quaint street as well, each made complete with the romantic etchings of pairings who had taken the time to rest there together in the past.

Affinity Avenue Rules
- This thread is for finding partnerships for your Pokémon, be that for breeding or RPing purposes. Picture it similar to a Memakyu or wishlist, only you can log Pokémon that you are seeking or may be seeking to pair your Pokémon up with. This way, members can see what others may have in mind and I'm hoping it will encourage even more interconnectivity within the community as well.

- All of the usual Hatchery rules apply to any breeding that is co-ordinated in this thread and members cannot make any breeding arrangements for or on behalf of others.

- Though this is not explicitly a shipping thread, that sort of thing is not unwelcome and you can use this space to log those sorts of interactions too if you so care to - Affinity Avenue is ultimately what you wish to make of it!

Please note: Requests do not need to be made exclusively within this thread, I just thought it would be a good idea to open a spot where people can keep track of their requests, any breeding or match up plans as well as eligible Pokémon - merry matchmaking, one and all!

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Pearl's Perap
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Pichu Handy Resources

Handy resources

* Egg Groups

Member logs & requests
* Connor
* Emp
* Ironthunder
* Lil'twick
* lilboocorsola
* Maskerade
* Median Dia
* Missingno. Master
* myahoo
* Naru
* Pearl's Perap
* Prof.Enigma
* sixdragons_in_atrenchcoat
* Slash
* Zorchic

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Pearl's Perap
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Seeking for 2021
Available for breeding
Female -
Male -
Below Lv20 or unable to breed
Spoiler: show
Below Lv20 (happy to feed 'em up if I have candies!)
Female -
Male -

Unable to breed
Two breeds completed
Female -
Genderless Pokémon

Breeding log
Spoiler: show
1 - TheKnightsFury - =
2 - King Ghidorah - =
3 - grassyglide -
4 -
Raves - =
Connor - =
1 - King Ghidorah - =
2 - Enigma Egg =
3 - Sandaa - =
4 - TheKnightsFury - =
King Ghidorah - =

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Missingno. Master
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Missingno. Master's Magnificient Masterful Matchmaking Memo

What will follow is a list of all my Pokémon and what the deal is with each of them. However, I'll be color-coding it for your convenience as well. Red means that for one reason or another, it ain't happening. Yellow denotes a Pokémon that would be OK with breeding, but is only currently held back by being too low in level. And Green denotes a Pokémon that's good to go. Blue indicates special circumstances, usually reserved for Pokémon where I'd personally prefer an established relationship beforehand, almost certainly with some RP involved.

  • Gemini & Mustard the Normal Form Weezing ♂ Gemini and Mustard are ready to go.
  • James the Vileplume ♂ James is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Lily the Venomoth.
  • Nagini the Arbok ♀ Nagini isn't currently in a relationship, but don't take this for granted- I've had something in mind for her down the road, and I'm hoping to actually get it moving sometime before 2022.
  • Hebenon the Qwilfish ♂ Hebenon will not breed with anyone other than GS's Lanturn, Delilah. Any attempts to convince him otherwise will be made at your own risk.
  • Hedwig the Crobat ♀ Hedwig's good to go.
  • Lily the Venomoth ♀ Lily is in a long-term monogamous relationship with James the Vileplume.
  • Sirius the Mightyena ♂ Sirius will not breed with anyone other than GS's Weavile, Leila.
  • Malfoy the Toxicroak ♂ Malfoy is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Bellatrix the Skuntank.
  • Goyle the Victreebel ♂ Goyle was in a relationship with a Shiftry GS owned. Said Shiftry is now deceased, making Goyle single, but I would prefer any relationship with him be RP'd into existence- I'd like to RP him getting over his loss.
  • Marvolo the Seviper ♂ Marvolo will viciously disembowel anyone who so much as suggests that he should, much less would, cheat on GS's Seviper, Amethyst.
  • Pomona the Ivysaur ♀ Pomona will not breed with anyone other than GS's Druddigon, Sarkhan. If you attempt to convince her otherwise, she won't hurt you, but she will definitely have some stern words for you about respecting her wishes. Do not mistake this as an invitation to persist- nobody has yet to push Pomona to her breaking point, and I implore you to not try to be the first.
  • Peeves the Dusknoir ♂ Peeves is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Liliana the Dusknoir.
  • Salazar the Scolipede ♂ Salazar has been in a relationship with Celebii151's Venipede. However, the member in question hasn't been active in FB for many years, so while I would be willing to allow Salazar to breed, I would want to RP him getting over his previous relationship first.
  • Crabbe the Swalot ♂ Crabbe is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Nuzzle the Mimikyu.
  • Scorpius the Drapion ♂ Scorpius is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Hermione the Weedle.
  • Myrtle the Banette ♀ Myrtle isn't currently in a relationship. I do have an idea for her down the line, but I'm not 100% sure if I'll actually make it happen, so in the meantime, she's available.
  • Strychnine the Normal Form Muk ♀ Strychnine is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Ricin the Alolan Muk.
  • Meowth (Normal Form) ♂ Meowth is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Meowstic.
  • Bellatrix the Skuntank ♀ Bellatrix is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Malfoy the Toxicroak.
  • Aragog the Ariados ♂ Aragog is currently single. Go for it.
  • Severus the Dustox ♂ Severus is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Fatale the Shiny Beautifly.
  • Six the Amoonguss ♂ Six is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Amanita the Parasect.
  • Pisces the Blue-Striped Basculin ♀ Pisces is currently single. I do have a love interest in mind for her, however, so if you want a biting baby Basculin to call your own, act now.
  • Helena the Banette ♀ Helena is in a long-term monogamous relationship with GS's Banette, Michael.
  • Rubeus the Normal Form Stunfisk ♂ Rubeus is in a long-term monogamous relationship with ES's Corphish, Bubbles.
  • Millicent the Timburr ♀ Millicent is currently single, though only because her boyfriend, an Abra ES used to own, passed away. Like with Goyle, I would prefer her to RP getting over her loss and falling in love again before any actual breeding takes place.
  • Cyanide the Umbreon ♀ Cyanide is in a long-term monogamous relationship with ES's Ambipom, Pom. She's given me a message to pass on to anyone who would so much as think of asking her to cheat on Pom, a message I will not repeat because some of y'all might be eating while reading this.
  • Ginny the Pawniard ♀ Ginny is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Stewie the Ledian.
  • Chuck the Gengar ♂ Chuck is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Escalion's Kirlia, Rose. While Escalion has not been active in FB for some time, I'm holding out hope on this one.
  • Helga the Hariyama ♀ Helga's good to go.
  • Melittin the Beedrill ♂ Melittin's good to go.
  • Chance the Blastoise ♀ Chance is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Feraligatr.
  • Fang the Carnivine ♂ Fang is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Aria the Roserade.
  • Shelley the Torkoal ♀ Shelley is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Vinny the Camerupt. Before you attempt to convince Shelley to overlook that detail, I feel obligated to warn you that Vinny can make things look like accidents.
  • Ruby the Houndoom ♀ Ruby's currently single and good to go.
  • Stewie the Ledian ♂ Stewie is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Ginny the Pawniard.
  • Norbert the Haxorus ♂ Norbert's single. Go for it.
  • Aquarius the Tentacruel ♀ Aquarius is single and good to go.
  • Godric the Nidoking ♂ Godric is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Rowena the Nidoqueen.
  • Vinny the Camerupt ♂ Vinny is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Shelley the Torkoal. Please do not attempt to persuade him to cheat on her. You will not live. This is not an exaggeration. He can make it look like an accident.
  • Dennis the Venusaur ♂ Dennis is single, go for it.
  • Chromium the Smeargle ♀ Chromium is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Cotton the Slurpuff.
  • Violet the Dunsparce ♀ Violet is single.
  • Ariana the Garbodor ♀ Ariana is single.
  • Aria the Roserade ♀ Aria is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Fang the Carnivine.
  • Bart the Scrafty ♂ Bart is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Mienfoo.
  • Rowena the Nidoqueen ♀ Rowena is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Godric the Nidoking.
  • Neville the Dragalge ♂ Neville will not breed with anyone other than Gary's Shiny Pyukumuku, Pickle.
  • Jack the Ditto Jack is not a whore. His words, not mine. RPing a meaningful, monogamous relationship is mandatory.
  • Kyle the Heatmor ♂ Kyle is currently single, but I intend for that to change before the year is done, so if any of your Pokémon have their eye on him, better act fast.
  • Lenny the Weavile ♂ Lenny is currently single, but isn't high enough in level to breed yet.
  • Fatale the Shiny Beautifly ♀ Fatale is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Severus the Dustox, and will react in a most violent manner to the mere suggestion that she should cheat on him. Can you say "exsanguination"?
  • Cotton the Slurpuff ♂ Cotton is in a long-term monogamous relationship with CHromium the Smeargle.
  • Albus the Kakuna ♂ Albus is single and sufficiently leveled, but between him being a shy, quiet bookworm, and his parents wanting him to someday find just the right girl, I would like to RP any potential relationship he might have before any breeding can take place.
  • Tinnitus the Seismitoad ♂ Tinnitus is single and good to go.
  • Aster the Shiny Toxapex ♀ Aster will not breed with anyone other than Gary's Normal Form Corsola, Perseus.
  • Anion the Minun ♀ Anion is currently single, though there is the potential for something to happen between her and another Pokémon she tends to interact with in RP. Ultimately, if nothing comes of that, she will be available, but I will still insist on a relationship being RP'd out. She's a Minun of high standards.
  • Elliott the Barbaracle ♂ Elliott is single. A strange word to apply to the Collective Pokémon, but you know what I mean.
  • Liliana the Dusknoir ♀ Liliana is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Peeves the Dusknoir.
  • Eon the Shiny Eevee ♀ Eon is single, but I'd personally like a relationship RP'd out for her, mainly because of how protective her mother is of her.
  • Selia the Musharna ♀ Selia is single, but underleveled.
  • Noxie the Mightyena ♀ Noxie is single, but I'd prefer something RP'd out for her.
  • Zygill the Wishiwashi ♂ Zygill is single and good to go.
  • Brighton the Lanturn ♂ Brighton is single and good to go.
  • Aletri the Druddigon ♂ Aletri is single and good to go.
  • Winter the Cryogonal Winter is single and good to go.
  • Willow the Shiftry ♀ Willow is single and good to go.
  • Chip the Duskull ♂ Chip is single but underleveled.
  • Manchin the Chesnaught ♂ Manchin is single. Go for it.
  • Smiley the Wobbuffet ♂ Smiley is single. Go for it.
  • Artemis the Roselia ♀ Artemis, first off, is underleveled. Even if she wasn't, she's in a long-term monogamous relationship with Decidueye. And even if neither of those things were the case, she is also a lesbian. Ain't a font size big enough for the "NO" you'd get.
  • Charlie the Charizard ♂ Charlie will not breed with anyone other than KG's Salazzle.
  • Amanita & Amanitin the Parasect ♀ Hoo, boy. This is a very weird situation. Usually, with Parasect, the mushroom takes complete control, and the bug host is basically a dead meat suit. With my Parasect, the bug host and the mushroom share control. Amanita, the mushroom, is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Six the Amoonguss, while Amanitin, the bug host, is single. Due to the sheer weirdness of this situation, I'd like to RP out any potential relationship involving Amanitin.
  • Miasma the Spritzee ♀ Miasma is single but underleveled.
  • Ricin the Alolan Muk ♂ Ricin is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Strychnine the Normal Form Muk.
  • Rob the Salandit ♂ Rob is single but underleveled.
  • Leo the Flareon ♂ Leo is single but underleveled.
  • Fred the Pincurchin ♂ Fred's good to go. Insert several bad puns here.
  • George the Pyukumuku ♀ George is also good to go. Insert several more bad puns here.
  • Roxie the Amped Form Toxtricity ♀ Roxie is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Perform the Normal Form Mr. Mime.
  • Autumn the Pumpkasaur ♀ Autumn is good to go.
  • Pepper & Spray the Galarian Weezing ♂ Pepper and Spray are good to go.
  • Mercury the Galarian Stunfisk ♀ Mercury is single but underleveled.
  • Cacophony the Toxel ♀ ...she's a BABY, you perverts! No! No! Not until she evolves, at the bare minimum!
  • Visha the "Zangoose" ♀ Visha is single and good to go, but due to the nature of what she is and the events of her past, she would prefer to not breed with a Ninetales if at all possible, and will outright refuse to breed with a Zangoose. Well, OK, she might not outright refuse, just... don't expect the Zangoose back alive.
  • Sunfire the Normal Form Ponyta ♀ Sunfire is single.
  • Lavender the Jigglypuff ♀ Lavender is single, but underleveled. And not for the faint of heart anyway.
  • Miror the Maractus ♂ Miror is single but underleveled.
  • Dudley & Kenny the Shiny Slowbro ♂ Dudley and Kenny are single and good to go.
  • Agate the Shiny Dustox ♀ Agate is single.
  • Wes the Ambipom ♂ Wes is currently single, but currently has a crush on a certain Shiny Dunsparce, and while he hasn't yet done anything about this, it's gonna happen soon enough.
  • Battlus the Shiny Abomasnow ♂ Battlus is single. Go for it.
  • Rui the Shiny Dunsparce ♀ Rui is currently single, and even if she weren't underleveled, she has a crush on a certain Ambipom, and while she's yet to act on it, it's something that'll happen.
  • Phenac the Shiny Metagross Phenac is single.
  • Duking the Shiny Swalot ♂ Duking is single. Go for it.
  • Gonzap the Shiny Thievul ♀ Gonzap is single, but underleveled.
  • Dakim the Shiny Sawk ♂ Dakim is single, but underleveled.
  • Luna the Swoobat ♀ Luna is single. Weird, but loving. Go for it.
  • Andromeda the Starmie Andromeda is single.
  • George the Malamar ♂ George is single.
  • Observe the Medicham ♂ Observe is single. Don't expect him to make the first move, though.
  • Vanish the Shedinja Vanish is single.
  • Help the Comfey ♀ Help is in a committed relationship (in this case with Reassure the Blue Flower Florges), and also a lesbian. Several very good reasons why you will not make any headway with her.
  • Sunny the Normal Form Ninetales ♀ Sunny is single and good to go.
  • Ava the Alolan Ninetales ♀ Ava is single and good to go.
  • Want the Murkrow ♀ Want is single, but underleveled.
  • Zoom the Furret ♀ Zoom is foulmouthed and rough around the edges, but single all the same. She won't just breed with anyone, though- she'll want a committed relationship, and I'll want that RP'd.
  • Laugh the Froslass ♀ Laugh is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Terri, and is also a lesbian.
  • Chase the Indigo Core Minior Chase is single, so if you got someone who can handle his hyperactive style, go for it.
  • Increase the Shiinotic ♀ Increase will not breed with anyone other than Emp's Breloom, Psilo.
  • Perform the Normal Form Mr. Mime ♂ Perform is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Roxie the Amped Form Toxtricity.
  • Nuzzle the Mimikyu ♀ Nuzzle is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Crabbe the Swalot.
  • Reassure the Blue Flower Florges ♀ Reassure's another one who's managed to get the trifecta- underleveled, already taken (in this case, by Help the Comfey), and homosexual.
  • Tell the Normal Form Darmanitan ♂ Tell is single. Go for it.
  • Make the Baltoy Make is single but underleveled.
  • Find the Cutiefly ♀ Find is single but underleveled.
  • Bear the Golurk Bear is single. Go for it.
  • Keep the Gothitelle ♀ Keep is single. Go for it.
  • Quicken the Unown Q Quicken is quite single but quite underleveled.
  • Yanmega ♂ Yanmega's single. Go for it.
  • Eelektross ♂ Eelektross is single and good to go.
  • Mawile ♀ Mawile is single.
  • Decidueye ♀ Decidueye is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Artemis the Roselia, and is also a lesbian. So, no.
  • Lapras ♀ Lapras is single.
  • Vivillon ♀ Vivillon is also single.
  • Dodrio ♀ Dodrio is single, too. Despite being three heads. You know what I mean.
  • Gogoat ♂ Gogoat is single.
  • Gyarados ♂ Gyarados is single.
  • Absol ♀ Absol is single but underleveled.
  • Kommo-o ♂ Kommo-o is single.
  • Flapple ♂ Flapple is single but underleveled.
  • Probopass ♂ Probopass is single but underleveled.
  • Pangoro ♂ Pangoro is single.
  • Hitmontop ♂ Hitmontop is single and good to go.
  • Vanillish ♂ Vanillish is single.
  • Cursola ♂ Cursola is single.
  • Mienfoo ♀ Mienfoo is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Bart.
  • Meowstic ♀ Meowstic in a long-term monogamous relationship with Meowth.
  • Toxicroak ♂ Toxicroak is single.
  • Gigawatt the Electrode Gigawatt is single. Go for it.
  • Hermione the Weedle ♀ Hermione is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Scorpius the Drapion.
  • Battery the Togedemaru ♂ Battery is single but underleveled.
  • Remy the Drowzee ♂ Remy is single but underleveled.
  • Homer the Alakazam ♂ Homer is single. Go for it.
  • Incognito the Klink Incognito is single and good to go.
  • Femur the Cubone ♀ Femur is single.
  • Salamence ♂ Salamence is single and good to go.
  • Hippowdon ♂ Hippowdon is single. Go for it.
  • Trevenant ♂ Trevenant is single and underleveled, and also still kind of a kid at heart, so I'd actually like to not rush leveling him up until he's gotten more character development, and even then, I'd like him to end up in a meaningful, committed relationship when all is said and done.
  • Pinsir ♂ Pinsir is single but underleveled. In addition, due to abandonment issues, he would greatly prefer a long-term monogamous relationship over a random one-time fling. Such a relationship, I would have to insist on it being RP'd.
  • Tentacruel ♀ Tentacruel is single, but has similar issues to Pinsir, and thus an RP'd long-term relationship is mandatory.
  • Bouffalant ♂ Bouffalant is single but underleveled.
  • Dracovish ...there are several reasons why this ain't happening.
  • Emboar ♂ Emboar is single.
  • Magmortar ♂ Magmortar is single and good to go.
  • Sweet the Illumise ♀ Sweet is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Bright the Volbeat.
  • DJ Skweekz the Dedenne ♂ DJ Skweekz is single but underleveled.
  • Pecha the Skwovet ♀ Pecha is single but underleveled.
  • Bright the Volbeat ♂ Bright is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Sweet the Illumise.
  • Steakknife the Gallade ♂ Steakknife is single and good to go.
  • Lily the Chatot ♀ Awwk! Lily wants more levels! Lily wants more levels!
  • Dhelmise Dhelmise is single but underleveled.
  • Feraligatr ♂ Feraligatr is in a long-term monogamous relationship with Chance the Blastoise.
  • Arrokuda ♂ Arrokuda is single but underleveled, and may well end up in a relationship before being at breeding level anyway. Maybe. Depends on how things go.
  • Dratini ♂ Dratini is single and good to go.

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Let it be on the record I’m happy to loan out any of my Pokemon for breeding purposes.

For myself, I mostly like my Pokemon to have offspring with species they share a lot of biological traits with, so with that in mind I’ve highlighted the following potential couplings below.

interested in a cephalopod mate


interested in a crustacean mate


/ / interested in a reptilian mate


interested in a reef mate

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Pokémon who can breed (Lv. 20+)

Pokémon who can't breed (Lv. <20)


Pokémon who have previously not minded being loaned out for breeding

Pokémon who mind very much being loaned out for breeding

Everyone else is unclear/undecided/won't tell me their stance, so it doesn't hurt to ask.


Pokémon in a declared relationship

Pokémon in the middle of developing a relationship

Everyone else is unclear/undecided/won't tell me their relationship status, so it doesn't hurt to ask.


Spoiler: show
Sol/Growlithe has two children by Mask's Zorua: the male Zorua/Kite is currently with me/Aiden, the male Growlithe is currently with Naru
Zephyr/Fletchling has one child by Ironthunder's Aerodactyl: the male Fletchling is currently with Ironthunder
Prince/Houndour has one child by Ironthunder's Alolan Vulpix: the male Alolan Vulpix/Dust is currently with me/Aiden
Cirrus/Swablu has one child by Zelphon's Dreepy: the male Swablu is currently with Zelphon
Wildfire/Cyndaquil has one child by Sneaze's Alolan Pikachu: the female Pichu is currently with me/Melissa

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Righty ho, let's officially make this a thing.

Stuff that can breed

-Vulthuryol the Aerodactyl [Flying]
-Robin the Fletchling [Flying]
-Calem the Caterpie [Bug]
-The Crimson Fandango the Larvesta [Bug]
-Tantei the Dedenne [Field/Fairy]
-Sven and Baldo the Doduo [Flying]

-Hope the Shuppet [Amorphous]
-Atylwyth the Alolan Vulpix [Field]
-Arranoc the Vulpix [Field]
-Caeda the Skarmory [Flying]

Stuff that can be levelled to breeding if necessary

Carl the Starly [Flying]
Darren the Emolga [Field]
Modryn the Shadow Bulbasaur [Grass/Monster]
Cadri the Drilbur [Field]
Argwylon the Ledyba [Bug]

Mae the Combee [Bug]
Kaitlyn the Petilil [Grass]
Anna the Cottonee [Grass/Fairy]
Bertha the Appletun [Grass/Dragon]
Jen the Psyduck [Water 1/Field]
Cavaroc the Bounsweet [Grass]
Lorn the Phanpy [Field]
Aristeia the Ponyta [Field]

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Been putting this off for a while, but I think it’s finally time...to ring in the new year with a post in this thread!

Pokémon I would like to breed for in the near future (breed requests):
Spoiler: show
  • Noibat [Flying/Dragon]
  • Eevee [Field]

My Pokémon that are available for breeding:
Spoiler: show
  • Buizel [Water 1/Field]
  • Staraptor [Flying]
  • Frillish [Amorphous]
  • Lucario [Field/Human-Like]
  • Seviper [Field/Dragon]
  • Charizard [Monster/Dragon]
  • Magikarp [Water 2/Dragon]
  • Treecko [Monster/Dragon]
  • Ribombee [Bug/Fairy]

  • Gengar [Amorphous]
  • Jukin the Loudred [Monster/Field]
  • Seismitoad [Water 1]
  • Luxray [Field]
  • Carnivine [Grass]
  • Drilbur [Field]
  • Dreepy [Amorphous/Dragon]

  • Ditto [Ditto]

My Pokémon that are under level 20 (can level them up with Rare Candies if possible):
Spoiler: show
  • Pawniard [Human-Like]
  • Sobble [Water 1/Field]

  • Froakie [Water 1]

  • Vindicta the Shadow Unown V [Undiscovered]**

My Pokémon that can't breed:
Spoiler: show

My Pokémon that are unavailable for breeding, or special cases:
Spoiler: show



*Genderless Pokémon that are not in either the Ditto or Undiscovered Egg Groups can only breed with Pokémon in the Ditto Egg Group, regardless of what Egg Group they may be in.
**Unown can breed with Ditto and other Unown.

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Pokemon Able and Willing:
Spoiler: show
Louise the mawile Female, [Field/Fairy] (Is unwilling to part with her children, though)
Butternut the Fizzytopian bulbasaur: Male, [Monster/Grass]
Elenchos the malamar Male, [Water 1/Water 2]
Miapladicus the starmie Genderless, [Water 3] (Not that the Egg Group really matters here)
Sneachd the Alolan nineteales Male, [Field]

Bell the araquanid Male, [Water 1/Bug]
Edrick the charjabug Male, [Bug]
Kodiac the clauncher Male, [Water 1/Water 3]
Amity the swoobat Female [Field/Flying]
Cassandra the palossand Female, [Amorphous]
Trystine the vespiquen Female [Bug]
Aurelia the honedge Female [Mineral]

Lairon Female [Monster]

Pokemon That Can Go, But Aren't Yet of Level:
Spoiler: show
Tobu the passimian Female [Field]
Yosai the spiritomb Female [Amorphous]
Prolego the absol Male [Field]
Kuratoro the sigilyph Female [Flying]

Gimlet the dunsparce Male [Field]
Clyde the gligar Male [Bug]
Treble the chatot Female [Flying]

Aerodactyl Male [Flying]
Larvitar Male [Monster]

These Folks Aren't Interested At The Moment:
Spoiler: show
Berue the tangrowth
Legere the alakazam
Mallchd Fighe the Galarian yamask

Nadie the swoobat
Glimmerwood the nuzleaf
Fontaine the metagross
Patel the Alolan marowak
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Here we go!

All filled up on my breed slots this year! Will add in what I'm looking for next year~

Here's how the teams are in terms of breeding:

Spoiler: show

Pokemon that can breed that are willing to help out:

Leo's Team:
Cott the Slurpuff (Male. Pansexual. Polyamorous. Is looking for multiple partners at the moment, and will breed with any potential partners. Wil be looking for something serious down the road, but is fine for now.)
Honey the Ribombee (Male. Bixseual. Don't have any plans for him for now.)
Farine the Floette (Female. Homosexual. Ditto Required)
Carrot the Carbink (Genderless "Masc". Homosexual. "He" would like a lifelong partner down the line, and is extremely shy. Role-play would be required at first.)
Rosemary the Hatterene (Female. Demi-Sapiosexual. Needs someone of the same wit and intellect as her, role-play required)

Ethan's Team:
Fafnir the Shiny Dragapult (Male. Heterosexual. Wants a powerful queen to rule the skies with him eventually. 1/2 Slots used)
Marshall the Pachirisu (Male. Homosexual. Can be convinced of Ditto Breeding)

Pokemon unable to breed at the moment due to being sub-20, but will if leveled

Leo's Team:
Glace the Comfey (Female. Heterosexual)
Waffle the Audino (Male. Demi-Bisexual. Will require relationship first.)
Pie the Snorlax (Male. Sex Good.)
Meringue the Shiny Alcremie (Female. Heterosexual.)
Souffle the Wigglytuff (Female. Experimenting. She'd probably need some RP to be fine with it)
Cream the Alolan Ninetales. (Female. Heterosexual.)
Prin the Galarian Ponyta. (Female. Demi-Heterosexual. She needs a good man who'll treat her right.)
Custer the Foongus (Male. Heterosexual) He needs someone who can bring him out of his shell and take care of him.

Ethan's Team:
Sandy the Dedenne (Female. Heterosexual. I have plans for her once I get a Male Morpeko, but for now she is fine helping out once of level.)
Alrik the Cryogonal (Genderless "Masc". Heterosexual. A proud warrior king who will need a beautiful, busty woman at "his" hand. Will deal with things for now. )
Ozy the Heracross (Male. Heterosexual.)
Nidhoggr the Silicobra (Male. Bisexual. Will only take a strong mate for his brood.)
Ronin the Oshawott (Male. Bisexual)
Echo the Shiny Ditto (Ditto)
Cameron the Fletchling (Male. Bisexual. Will want him to end up with a Male Pokemon down the line, but is still in his youth and living free.)

???'s Team:
Allegro the Tropius (Male. Heterosexual)
Tempo the Chimecho (Male. Heterosexual)
Chord the Stunky (Male. Bisexual).

Pokemon that are unwilling to breed or will never be able to.

Leo's Team:
Custard the Togetic (Male. Asexual.)
Brulee the Mimikyu (Male. Is currently interested in a Pokemon and will not breed because of it)
Sprinkles the Shiinotic (Male. Homosexual, does not like the idea of Ditto Breeding)
Thyme the Gardevoir (Male. Asexual.)
Dream the Alcremie. (Transgender FtM. Homosexual. Does not feel comfortable with the idea of breeding).
Ribbon the Shiny Sylveon. (Male. Homosexual. Hands off queens.)

Ethan's Team:
William the Litwick (Spirit Host is currently in a relationship and is unwilling to breed. Also finds the idea of breeding as a Pokemon extremely uncomfortable.)
Spencer the Dragonite (Homosexual, does not like the idea of Ditto Breeding)
Kita the Chimchar (Homosexual, does not like the idea of Ditto Breeding)
Milanor the Riolu (Baby Pokemon, wishes to never evolve)
Calum the Minun (Male. Homosexual. Is in a loving relationship with Percy the Plusle.)
Percy the Plusle (Male. Homosexual. Is in a loving relationship with Callum the Minun.)
Momiji the Cyndaquil. (Male. Questioning. Is still a child at heart and is figuring himself out.)
Kyle the Sableye (Male. Trashsexual.) Is too obsessed with his garbage horde to consider breeding.

???'s Team:
Staccato the Maractus (Male. Is mentally a child and does not understand breeding.)

Pokemon currently unable/want to breed that might/will be able to in the future
Leo's Team:
Crumpet the Granbull (Male. Heterosexual. Monogamous but is willing to donate to help. Would like a wife in the future. Breed slots for 2021 used up.)

Ethan's team:
Lucas the Raichu (Male. Bisexual. Will be willing to breed unless he finds a special someone. Breeding slots for 2021 used up).

And here are the team's in terms of relationships

Spoiler: show

Looking for a relationship

Leo's Team:
Thyme the Gardevoir (Male. Asexual.)- Looking for a kindhearted guy who'll cuddle and ground him. Will also be willing to deal with magical outbursts.
Cott the Slurpuff (Male. Pansexual. Polyamorous.)- Looking for a few mates who'll join him in escapades of food and pleasure. Don't think about it too much.
Carrot the Carbink. (Genderless "Masc". Homosexual)- Small farm boy Carbink looking for a big city boy to open his heart and show him the world, forever.
Honey the Ribombee. (Male. Bisexual)- Wanting a partner who enjoys gardening just as much as he does.
Sprinkles the Shiinotic (Male. Homosexual)- He's an awkward boy looking for someone who can keep him smiling and reassures him when needed.
Souffle the Wigglytuff (Female. Experimenting)- Wants a quick fling to figure herself out, might be willing to continue based on how she feels.
Waffle the Audino (Male. Demi-Bisexual)- He wants someone with who he can enjoy the silence with.
Pie the Snorlax. (Male. Yes.) Pie wants someone who can keep up with Pie. Take that as you will.
Crumpet the Granbull (Male. Heterosexual). He's looking for a long-term, serious relationship that'll end in marriage.
Ribbon the Shiny Sylveon (Male. Homosexual). He needs someone who can keep up with him and ground him when his head is a little too high in the clouds.
Cream the Alolan Ninetales. (Female. Heterosexual). Looking for something long-term.
Prin the Galarian Ponyta (Female. Heterosexual. She wants a man that can treat her right, and support her lavish lifestyle).

Ethan's Team.
Lucas the Raichu (Male. Bisexual.) A happy lad who needs someone who can march with his beat.
Spencer the Dragonite (Male. Homosexual) A nervous, shy boy who is extremely loving and affectionate. Likes to be the big spoon, so wants a shorter partner.
Marshall the Pachirisu (Male. Homosexual) Is posh and hip, needs someone who can follow the trends and be in the know.
Alrik the Cryogonal (Genderless "Masc". Heterosexual) He is looking for a big, busty, strong warriorress who can keep at his side in battle.
Ozy the Shadow Heracross (Male. Heterosexual). Needs a calming bug-type who is willing to deal with his over-the-top personality.
Nidhoggr the Silicobra (Male. Bisexual). Currently prioritizing a strong mate to grow his brood.
Fafnir the Shiny Dragapult (Male. Heterosexual.) Is looking for a fearsome queen of the skies who can keep up with him.
Cameron the Fletchling (Male. Bisexual). Wanting a few flings right now. Nothing serious and extremely short term.

???'s Team:
Allegro the Tropius (Male. Heterosexual). Is looking for a woman who will be great at helping him take care of his team and future children.
Tempo the Chimecho (Male. Heterosexual). Needs a big titty goth dommy mommy.
Chord the Stunky (Male. Bisexual) Primarily wants someone who'll accept him for who he is, and compliment him.

Pokemon currently not looking for relationships.
Leo's Team:
Custard the Togetic (Male. Asexual)- He is more than happy being at his trainer's side and wants no one to come between them.
Rosemary the Haterrene. (Female. Demisapiosexual) She is aromantic, and sees anything more than a proper mate for the purpose of creating progeny as a waste of her time.
Brulee the Mimikyu (Male. ???) Is currently in love with another Pokemon, and is pursuing that relationship prospect.
Meringue the Shiyn Alcremie (Female. Heterosexual). Is focusing on supporting her now brother with his transition instead.
Dream the Shiny Alcremie (Transgender FtM. Homosexual). Is focused on transitioning before he tries on finding a relationship.
Farine the Floette (Female. Homosexual). She's trying to get used to the world around her and getting her life together before finding someone.

Ethan's Team:
Kyle the Sableye (Male. Trashsexual). He is more than content with his garbage horde.
Milanor the Riolu (Male. Baby Pokemon. Bisexual). Is currently dealing with the fallout of an extremely bad "break-up".
Echo the Ditto (Ditto). Echo has no sense of self.
Momiji (Male. Unknown) He's currently enjoying his childhood too much to think about that kind of stuff.

???'s Team:
Stacatto the Maractus (Male. Baby). Is baby, will not be allowed a relationship by his trainer.

Pokemon that currently are either in a relationship, or is planned to be in one soon.

Leo's Team:
Glace the Comfey (Female. Heterosexual). Am planning on her and Custer the Foongus to get into a relationship soon, as they both fit each other's criteria.

Ethan's Team:
William the Litwick (Male.) It's complicated.
Kita the Monferno (Male. Homosexual) Will be hooking up with Ronin the Oshawott once Ronin evolves.
Sandy the Dedenne (Female. Heterosexual). Will have her be in a relationship once I get a Male Morpeko.
Calum the Minun (Male. Homosexual. Is in a loving relationship with Percy the Plusle.)
Percy the Plusle (Male. Homosexual. Is in a loving relationship with Callum the Minun.)
Ronin (Male. Bisexual). Will be hooking up with Kita the Monferno once he evolves into a Dewott.
Custer the Foongus (Male. Heterosexual). Am planning on him and Glace the Comfey to get into a relationship soon, as they both fit each other's criteria.

If I had to leave to disappear and leave this world behind, no matter-
All I'd need is your smile
And I wouldn't even mind

Credit goes to Daisy~

Hawke | Leo

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Lil' Bluey

This post will serve more as a personal log for my own team's relationships and preferences, as any pairing would require extensive development before breeding can even be considered.

Custard: More possessive of his trainer than he is interested in finding a mate. Maybe if he meets the right chick someday who can handle his... haughty "strong" personality and keep him in check.
Bobble: Pansexual, in a monogamous relationship with Alice the Ralts. (Can't breed anyway due to current baby status, which likely won't ever change.)
Rocky: Single, not currently seeking a relationship but may consider settling down with a mate who doesn't mind moving at a slow space.
Gumpy: More interested in food and solving mysteries than he is in dating. (Perhaps if he meets a cute officer/waitress/security guard with particularly bad luck...?)
Haruki: Already spoken for (though he doesn't know it yet).
Kief: Happily in a monogamous relationship with Kanna the Furret (finally).
Kanna: Happily in a monogamous relationship with Kief the Linoone (finally).
Atzu II: Loves chocolate more than the idea of dating. (Though maybe that's the way to win his heart...?)
Pippa: Is (forever) baby.
Alice: Asexual(?), in a monogamous relationship with Bobble the Wynaut.
Tessie: Is (still) baby in Jess's eyes, but could maybe use someone to help her come out of her shell...
Hermesiel: Taken a vow of celibacy/more interested in matchmaking others.
Hoshiko: Best friends with Link the Poochyena, but not beholden to him.
Kristen (Lilith): Lilith hates men, and her host is too introverted to want a partner anyway.
Minchi: The only one actively seeking a boyfriend at this time, now that her best friend Kanna has finally succeeded in getting one.
Iris: In a lesbian relationship with Lilac the Petilil.
Waffle: Happily married to his wife Blueberry the Drifloon.
Blueberry: Happily married to her husband Waffle the Rotom-H.
Taki: Has a huge crush on Link. Too shy and scared to consider anyone else at the moment for fear they'd be afraid of her ability to see ghosts.
Link: Is the object of everyone's affections, but either oblivious to it or else reluctant to choose so as not to hurt anyone's feelings.
Midna: Has a grudging/growing admiration for Link but won't admit it.
Coco Puff: Both heads would obviously need to approve a partner (or perhaps date individually somehow, considering their wildly different tastes? Idk it's complicated).
Patty: Might be curious about a boyfriend now that she's growing up a bit, though both her (overprotective) parents would have to approve.
Epona: Absolutely smitten with Link.
Pan: Currently caught in a(n unwanted) harem between two Mimikyu.
Lilac: In a lesbian relationship with Iris the Sewaddle.
Mary: Has a huge crush on Link. Like Taki, too withdrawn and anxious to consider anyone else for fear of being seen as a monster.
Leo: Any prospective partner would have to first acknowledge him as the regal king of lions that he is, before he'd consider making her his queen.
Yufi: Dating at this time would give her mama (Kanna) a heart attack, so that's off the table for now.
Kimball: Hasn't thought about it, but open to different flavor possibilities.
??? Sheik: Destiny is tied to Link's.
Lance: Bisexual(?), would require someone who also appreciates true beauty and elegance.
Zoom: Too young and timid to consider dating at this time.
Royal: ???
Makoto: Is in total tsundere with Link.
Miruku: Dreams of meeting a cute boy someday, but would need to keep her hero identity a secret from him.
Momo: More focused on her career as a waitress right now and fulfilling her dream of becoming an idol.
Mimi: Yandere obsessed with her big brother Pan the Liltwick.
 Matcha: Is tiny teacup.
Fi: Is devoted to her Master/does not understand the concept of romantic feelings.
Impa: Current duty is first to serve and protect Sheik.
Rose: In love with her "prince".
Mitsuki: Wholly devoted to her childhood crush.
Cloud: Potential suitor for Epona?

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Everything I own is available to breed.
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A few notes for this list: These statuses are subject to change, for many reasons. Also, for those of my Pokemon that are bisexual or pansexual, I haven't mentioned it here because it isn't exactly relevant to their availability.

Dracen's Pokemon's Statuses:
Gible(Male) - Unavailable: Gible's technically single, but he's a child at heart and I'd prefer to wait until he's more mature.
Sizzlipede(Male) - Possible: He's underleveled for it, but he'd probably be open to some kind of a relationship. He's a bit prickly though, so it may be difficult to win his heart.
Goomy(Male) - Available: Goomy is very available for breeding.
Trapinch(Female) - Unavailable: Also underleveled, and just like Gible she's not mature enough at this stage of her life.
Axew(Female) - Unavailable: Underleveled, but more importantly Asta is in a relationship with my Dreepy, Mimsy.
Honedge(Male) - Possible: Underleveled, sure, but also that's a sword. Are you sure you want your Pokemon to breed with a sword?
Dreepy(Female) - Unavailable: Mimsy is in a relationship with my Axew, Asta.
Druddigon(Male) - Unavailable: Druddigon is unavailable for ... reasons. Yeah, I haven't figured out what I want to do with him yet.
Rufflet(Male) - Unavailable: Trouble is definitely in the category of "not mature enough".
Krabby(Male) - Unavailable: The Great Tyrant has no time for romance! Destiny comes first and foremost!

Cy's Pokemon's Statuses:
Wurmple(Male) - Possible: He's underleveled, and currently going through something very strange due to the forceful teleportations experienced in the Halloween maze, but once that's cleared up, I'm sure he'll find relationships a great experiment. Don't mind his slightly cold approach to the situation, that's just him trying to be a scientist.
Espurr(Male) - Unavailable: I haven't pinned Espurr's personality down just yet, and he's underleveled, so let's just leave him alone for now.
Buizel(Male) - Possible: Buizel would be perfectly available, if he weren't severely underleveled. I don't want to use up all my candies to get him to breeding level, so I'd have to be notified in advance so I can put him in the Daycare Center for a while.
Paras(Technically Male) - Unavailable: Paras only ever thinks about killing. Even if it wasn't underleveled, it would never be interested.
Paras(Female) - Unavailable: Same situation as Espurr. I don't have her personality entirely pinned down.
Dwebble(Male) - Possible: Same situation as Buizel. Let me know in advance.
Nincada(Female) - Unavailable: Nincada is underleveled, and also she is gay.
Durant(Female) - Unavailable: Durant is aroace and will use force to assert that if necessary.
Sewaddle(Female) - Possible: Same situation as Buizel again. I have a lot of low-level Pokemon.
Grubbin(Male) - Unavailable: I have plans for Grubbin, and I'm not sure how those will affect his breeding capability. So for now, we'll call it a no.
Joltik(Female) - Unavailable: Very similar situation to Grubbin. Just... not right now.
Burmy(Female) - Possible: See above about underleveledness.
Dracen, Dragon Trainer

Cy, Bug Trainer

FB Profile

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Generally speaking, I'm open to breed basically any of my Pokemon. Not really looking much at shipping them, though I'm not exactly against it, either. I do have the Old Spice Incense, and I want to get the region incenses when I can. I do need to sort out my profile a bit better, I need to set aside a day I can do that.

Breedable Pokemon

Watchog (M) - Field
Banette (F) - Amorphous
Popplio (F) - Water 1, Field
Sunflora (F) - Grass
Mightyena (F) - Field
Mightyena (M) - Field
Druddigon (F) - Monster, Dragon
Altaria (F) - Flying, Dragon
Tranquill (F) - Flying
Samurott (M) - Field
Emboar (M) - Field
Wormadam (F) - Bug
Escavalier (F) - Bug
Ariados (M) - Bug
Snorunt (F) - Mineral, Fairy
Bagon (M) - Dragon
Hydreigon (M) - Dragon
Bellossom (F) - Grass
Meditite (F) - Human-like
Linoone-H (F) - Field
Duraludon (M) - Mineral, Dragon
Toxtricity (M) - Human-like
Pidgeot (M) - Flying
Hitmontop (M) - Human-like
Nincada (M) - Bug
Golem-A (F) - Mineral

Looking to breed for

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Pokemon that are in Commited Relationships (off limits)
Vinny ♀ is heterosexual and mated with Kyp the Manectric, she has two children and an adoptive son.
Kyp ♂ is bisexual but mated with Vinny the Leafeon, he has a son with her and has taken her previous children under his wing.
Ahri ♀ is demisexual (heterosexual after forming a bond) and dating Nate the Grookey, stuff is gradually getting more serious between the two.
Nate ♂ is heterosexual and dating Ahri, things are gradually getting more serious between the pair
Luca ♂ is homosexual and mated to Milo the Grovyle, he has an adoptive son.
Milo ♂ is bisexual but mated to Luca the Dartrix, he has an adoptive son.
Sam ♂ is heterosexual and in a committed relationship with Iris the Vileplume.
Iris ♀ is heterosexual and in a committed relationship with Sam the Venusaur
Laika ♀ is heterosexual and in a committed relationship with James the Combusken
James ♂ is heterosexual and in a committed relationship with Laika the Pikachu.
Grace ♀ is heterosexual and is working towards a relationship with Chester
Chester ♂ is heterosexual and is working towards a relationship with Grace

Pokemon that have special cases
Sophie ♀ is heterosexual and is currently untaken but I have plans for her and Luther
Luther ♂ is heterosexual and is currently untaken but I have plans for him and Sophie
Vanderlyle ♂ is heterosexual and is able to be loaned for breeding, he won't be happy about it though. I eventually want a relationship for him but he's super bitter about Vinny and Kyp at the moment.
Mira ♀ is pansexual and is currently too low to breed but is available and can be leveled. She does have a complex where she thinks she's a Leafeon though, so good luck with that one.
Arkell ♂ is ??? and will shill out breeds... but, he is a child at heart and still thinks of himself as young. I want an eventual mate for him in a similar circumstance, but I don't mind just doing breeds with him atm.

Pokemon that can and will breed
Morgana ♂ is heterosexual and has/will stud for breeds 100%. I would like a relationship for him eventually, but it is not required for breeding.
Caeneus ♂ is heterosexual and has/will stud for breeds 100%. I would like a relationship for him eventually, but it is not required for breeding.
Metis ♀ is homosexual but she doesn't mind donating. Looking for a relationship but it is not required for breeding.
Secace ♂ is homosexual but doesn't mind donating. Looking for an eventual relationship but not required for breeding
Dramamine "Ami" ♀ is heterosexual and able to breed. I want her to find a father for Oliver eventually, but I don't require it if you'd like to breed with her.
Alastor ♂ is pansexual and can breed, not in a rush to find him love but would like to eventually.
Alke ♀ is pansexual and able to breed. I want her to find a strong mate that would partake in spars/be a rival to her. But for now she is able to breed with no strings attached.
Leucothea "Leuco" ♀ is homosexual but willing to donate. I'm unsure of what I want as a mate for her in the future, but for now (and likely always, as she is non-monogamous) she is breedable.
Orithyia ♀ is pansexual and able to breed. I want her to have a timid mate in the future, and would love to be able to roleplay a blossoming relationship... but I don't mind loaning her for breeds atm.
Typhon ♂ is heterosexual and able to breed. I'm unsure of any relationship wants for him
Eileen ♀ is homosexual but she doesn't mind donating. Not looking for any kind of relationship however.
Bia ♀ is ??? and is breedable, I'm unsure of what I want for her in a relationship. If something gets going she'll be happy.
Kydoimos ♂ is heterosexual and able to breed. I'm unsure of any relationship wants for him

Pokemon that need relationships to breed
Asteria ♀ is heterosexual and able to breed. I'd love a bat partner for her to breed with... however, she is the type to not part with her children --- as she suffers from abandonment issues.
Seirios ♂ is heterosexual and wants pups, however being a service animal he 100% requires a relationship. He does not mind parting with his children if he has to.
Arlo ♂ is bisexual and is looking for love, he would have great trouble parting with his children (but would be willing), anyone he has children with/gets into a relationship with must be active and ready to roleplay lots of visits.
Daniel ♂ is bisexual and wants a reptilian/amphibian partner.
Oliver ♂ is homosexual and would like any male he is compatible with. May eventually want a donor for children if he finds a mate.

Pokemon that are too low level (colour indicates where they'd fall when they become of level)
Ania ♀ is heterosexual and breedable, has a lot of mommy and daddy issues. Would need something long term/someone willing to roleplay a slow-burn/long con relationship.
Ezra ♂ is homosexual and would like to have children in the future. His mom is extremely overprotective and he is naive and rash because of it, would love to roleplay him rushing into something/getting hurt and regretting it.
Adam ♂ is ??? and is actually a child, I don't know what I want for him.
Flea ♂ is pansexual and down for whatever
Sanjake ♂ is pansexual and down for whatever
Marigold ♂ is heterosexual and wants a long-term relationship to provide him with a proper mother for Grace, as she needs a feminine touch in her life.
Kurt ♂ is heterosexual and down for whatever
Elise ♀ is homosexual and has a crush on Eileen. Would be willing to donate when she comes of age
Huron ♂ is ??? and is a child so it's a no go. He'll also never be evolving.
Pollux (Pollo) ♀ is pansexual and non-monogamous, her and Castor are willing to share.
Castor ♂ is pansexual and non-monogamous, him and Pollo are willing to share.
Aisu ♂ is bisexual and wants something long term, want him to have children in the future but he would not be willing to part with them.
Moros ♂ is ??? and I don't know what I want for him, I just know he'd be picky about mates.
Reno ♂ is Heteroexual and would likely look for a dark type mate.
Otis ♂ is Asexual and has no intention of breeding. I would like for him to find love though.
Hikaru ♀ mother to all, I don't think Hikaru would really want her own children ever. She's very content in her current role.
Serana ♀ I think that Serana may begin to develop a thing with Metis eventually, but I'm undecided. I'm open to planning with her.

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My current Pokémon and their stances on breeding;
Spoiler: show

Pokémon Able to breed:
Luna the Lunatone ( Genderless )
Fenrir the Houndour ( Male )
Lelo the Mightyena ( Female )
Sobek the Totodile ( Male )
Voltsy the Elektross ( Male )
Kurama the Vulpix ( Male )
Qilin the Rapidash ( Male, Kantonian )
Rhea the GYamask ( Female )
Spiritus the Litwick ( Male )
Akuma the Gengar ( Male )
Hugo the Shiny Golett ( Male )
Cerebral the Alakazam ( Female )
Geara the Torterra ( Male )
Everst the ASandslash ( Male )
Droliaw the Wailmer ( Male )
Eric the Bewear ( Male )
Ferdinand the Bouffalant ( Male )
Queenie the Vespiquen

Pokémon Unable to breed ( due to level ):
Arthur the Litten ( Male )
Evangeline the Alomomola ( Female )
Smaug the Axew ( Male )
Miku the Pacharisu ( Female )
Astra the Gible ( Male )
Excalibur the Honedge ( Male )
Tengu the Seedot ( Male )
Penumbra the Zorua ( Male )
Murmur the Spiritomb ( Male )
Maunder the Drifloon ( Female )
Kitten the Skitty ( Female )
Radiance the Feebas ( Female )
Tetia the Stantler ( Female )
Elenora the Druddigon ( Female )
Delia the Delibird ( Female )
Ronald the Wimpod ( Male )
Archamedias the Minccino ( Male )
Deku the Togedemaru ( Male )
Ondine the Mareanie ( Male )
Mrs.Whopper the Wobbufett ( Female )

Pokémon Unwilling to breed:
Wolfe the Arcanine: In committed Relationship with Cassie the Herdier.
Cassie the Herdier: In committed Relationship with Wolfe the Arcanine.
Oisin the Sawsbuck: In committed Gay Relationship with Cerno the Whimsicott
Cerno the Whimsicott: In a committed Gay Relationship with Oisin the Sawsbuck

Pokémon I'd want to breed for; ( This is a purely what I would want to breed for eventually list, and am in no rush to obtain but are both here and in my memakyu list )
Spoiler: show

Eevee ( any gender )
Chikorita ( any gender )
Cyndaquil ( any gender )
Ralts ( any gender )
Electrike ( any gender )
Absol ( Any gender )
Bagon ( any gender )
Shinx ( any gender )
Riolu ( any gender )
Oshawott ( any gender )
Cubchoo ( any gender )
Deino ( any gender )
Chespin ( any gender )
Litleo ( any gender )
Skiddo ( any gender )
Goomy ( any gender )
Noibat ( any gender )
Jangmo-o ( any gender )
Grookey ( any gender )
Nickit ( any gender )
GZigzagoon ( any gender )

FB Profile | Memakyu - Emakiss | Affinity Avenu

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Do you like Pokémon RPGs? Want to go on an epic adventure with Pokémon of your own, catching new Pokémon as you go, trading Pokémon and items with helpful and friendly members of a wonderful community? If you said yes to any of that, or even just thought about saying yes to any of that, then join the Fizzy Bubbles RPG! The longest-running online Pokémon RPG known to man or Mankey!

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Holster, Female Horsea
Leonardo, Male Chikorita
Dizzy, Female Ledyba
Izzy, Male Ledyba
Lancelot, Male Slowking
Cain, Male Gligar
Lumi, Female Snover
Sophie, Female Solosis
Celesia, Female Larvesta
Marco, Male Pangoro
Sophie, Female Toucannon
Catherine, Female Bounsweet
Mon Cherí, Male Slurpuff

Unavailable (Below Threshold)

Rafael, Male Bulbasaur
Branch, Female Oddish
Ivy, Male Bellsprout
Gula, Male Shadow Lickitung
Ramen, Male Tangrowth
Atlantis, Male Kabuto
Itsy, Male Spinarak
Bitsy, Female Caterpie
Twig, Female Sudowoodo
Shrike, Male Skarmory
Julia, Female Larvitar
Rodrigue, Male Treecko
Ozzy, Male Whismur
Rapa Nui, Female Nosepass
Lily, Female Lileep
Cameron, Male Shuppet
Blackwater, Male Duskull
Rhodes, Female Stunky
Joss, Male Chatot
Scabbard, Male Darumaka
Komnene, Male Yamask
Lonesome George, Male Tirtouga
Francis, Male Foongus
Athena, Female Pawniard
Harvey, Male Bouffalant
Voleta, Female Helioptile
Samson, Male Salandit
Leilani, Shiny Female Jangmo-o
Aster, Female Gossifleur
Jabberwocky, Male Impidimp
Bute, Male Pincurchin
Cleo, Female Ekans
Gust, Male Hoppip
Melvin, Male Misdreavus
Cornish, Male Mawile
Augustus, Male Gulpin
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I don't consider any of my breedings to be a part of my canon so feel free to ask about any of my pokemon!

Underleveled pokemon are technically available but would require candy xd

Of Level:
Naula, Female Eevee (0/2 slots)
Stella, Female Dragapult (1/2 slots)

Not Of Level:
Oswald, Male Eevee (1)
Allison: Female Hattena (1)
Carmilla, Female Misdreavus (8)
Luma, Female Morellull (1)
Mr.Sparce, Male Dunsparce (1)
Ronald, Male Cutiefly (1)
R E S C U E, Genderless Falinks (1)
Dizzaria, Female Spinda (1)
Pecha, Female Sentret (1)
Shubi, Female Stantler (10)
Grim, Male Duskull (1)
Female Houndour (1)
Female Woobat (10)
Male Machop (1)
Female Duraludon (1)
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