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Cleveland Indians ban Chief Wahoo

Story here. Reactions from the baseball sites I browse have been positive, but I don't really feel quite on board.

Chief Wahoo is 100% a racist caricature, a Cigar Store Indian from an era of chronic stereotyping and close-minded generalization. However, having worked on a reservation for the IHS, I don't think of this as the biggest threat to Native Americans or even something to focus on. The biggest threat for natives is apathy.

Tribal lands are located in harsh environments, tribes are impoverished and rampant with drugs/crime. The people in California, beating the war drum for Wahoo to be wiped from existence, are subliminally also urging for their own awareness of Native American plights to be pushed out of sight, and out of mind.

And so, I feel pretty mixed. Wahoo was bad, but I don't think he had to go. Because infamy is better than obscurity, especially this modern climate where we'll return to an ethnic group's enduring hardship after this commercial break. At least Wahoo got people to talk about Native Americans. Where else do people talk about them?
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I disagree, definitely am happy to see the logo go, and the name probably should follow suit as well. And while it's true that people probably don't discuss Native American rights/issues enough this is far from the only issue. Think of the pipeline that was being built through the Dakotas. Hopefully this change will put some more pressure on Washington's football team.
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man i don't think you lose anything significant by ditching the logo

good optics move for the chiefs

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Ironically it's intolerance that made them get rid of the racial icon. It's cool, they're sanitized now.
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