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Rollins winning was exciting, and he'll probably hold the title for a while. Miz will probably take it back around Summerslam to tie Jericho's record for IC title reigns, and then go on to get the record for most days total as IC champion. Either than or they'll time it so that Miz breaks the days total record by winning at Wrestlemania 35.

I think Asuka vs Charlotte was really good, and I'm okay with Charlotte breaking the streak. My only gripe is that I would have like that to happen on their second encounter, not their first, just for the sake of good story telling. Hopefully, Asuka will "learn" from this match, and take the title off Charlotte sometime in the future, and they can have a really good feud based on the fact that they're the best women on the roster. Didn't love the finish since I think Asuka should have resisted for a little longer, but tapping to the figure 8 was probably the best way to end.

US title match was disappointing. I understand why they did it since Jinder has nuclear heat now, but it also means 1) Rusev didn't win which is just sad. Should've gone with the feel good win here imo and 2) it means we have to see Orton vs Jinder again...

Smackdown tag championship match made sense, but it made me sad since giving the Usos their moment would have been good since they're on the run of their careers.

idk what your beef is SoS, but Rousey and Angle vs Triple H and Steph was better than it had any right to be. If anything, fuck Steph for putting up a little too much resistance to Rousey when she was going for the armbar. Rousey did better than anyone expected, and I'm honestly excited to see what happens when she has her first proper one on one encounter with an actual wrestler.

Daniel Bryan coming back was hype, it's still hype, and it's always gonna be hype. Owens and Sami storyline should be fun going forward.

Nia winning was great. Solid match. Not much else lol. Same for Strowman and Nicholas vs the Bar. On once hand, it hurts the Bar, but on the other hand, it's Braun fucking Strowman, so it really doesn't hurt them that much just because of how huge he's been booked for a year now.

Honestly, the main event was great until it slowed down. For the first few minutes, the fast paced slug fest was awesome, and exactly what it should have been. And then it slowed down to Lesnar hitting an F5, Roman kicking out, and Lesnar looking bewildered. Rinse and repeat about 5 times. This was just shitty. It should have been one F5, kickout, Lesnar gets pissed, he busts Reigns open, puts him through the table, rolls him back into the ring, Roman does hit comeback attempt like in the actually finish and then the finish happens, with Lesnar turning the Spear attempt into a final F5. Having Reigns kickout of that many F5s just hurt the match's pace, made everyone hate him even more, and now anyone who falls to a single F5 looks so much weaker compared to Roman, which is just going to hurt Lesnar going forward. Didn't see the finish coming though. WWE did a good job in keeping under wraps that they were planning to resign Lesnar, and fooling everyone into thinking he was immediately going to UFC after dropping to Reigns. It was a good swerve imo, but what was a solid match could've easily been a fantastic match.

Undertaker vs Cena was what it needed to be. Let the Undertaker have his final Wrestlemania moment by getting his big moves in and picking up the W. This was way better than any actual match between the two could've been given Undertaker's age. Props to Cena for being willing to build the match and eat the pin.
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> fuck Ronda Rousey

fuq u buddy

Ronda is life.

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I'm largely indifferent to Ronda, to be honest. Her presence doesn't offend me.

Jinder's presence offends me. And no, that's not the right kind of heat.
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Ronda Rousey is a disgusting human being; I genuinely don't give a shit about her talents. She's a gross transphobe and a fuckin sandy hook truther, of all things.

On a brighter note, Paige is now Smackdown GM! And Styles/Bryan is happening!
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