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The tyrant is slain!

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Need refs for: vs. Copy (new match)

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Originally Posted by Tyranidos View Post
Pikachu is like me when I play tennis. If I play someone that sucks, I start to suck and lose. But if I play someone good, I play somewhat decently and still lose.
Originally Posted by Shadowshocker View Post
"One cross referee; one wayward pinch of banned narcotic substance, one RNG... AND KABLOOIE!"
Originally Posted by Holy Emperor View Post
And the round starts off with both Pokemon pulling out a Monopoly Board and.. it seems to work! Relicanth starts things off by picking the Tophat. Vulpix seems to be upset, as he coveted that piece. Luckily for him he does just that! Vulpix uses Covet and gets to play with the Tophat piece. Relicanth looks quite upset by these turn of events, and decides to use the Car instead!

The round continues with Relicanth landing on Central Avenue! He decides to purchase the property.. it's super effective! Vulpix instead decides to use Imprison! Suddenly Relicanth finds himself in jail! What an exciting twist! The round ends with Relicanth unable to do anything else at the moment.

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Whaddya mean "Tigger," phoopes? Don't you mean Christopher Robin?
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Yeah, I do. I just said that since I couldn't get the winning screen, and that I had 40 home runs, so there was the possibility that it could've been Tigger. However, the streak of 12 shows that it's Christopher Robbin, and I am now free to live my life, hee hee.

I actually ended the round on seven straight home runs, came down to the final pitch.
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Accidentally stumbled across this on Spotify today. I think it's a fitting "Final Boss" song for the Dark Lord. Also, congratulations, Phoopes. You have retrieved your soul and freed the woods from the darkness and it's agent of chaos.

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Apparently this is a game that's being speedrun now (or at least it was by this one dude a few days ago).


The record is about four and a half hours... honestly it seems like something that if I worked at I could beat. Maybe that's just four and a half years making me forget how frustrated I was, but I may try and attempt it sometime.

Also this was great revisiting one of my favorite threads ever
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