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Curtain call for Ringling Bros circus

Well this sucks.

I considered bringing this topic into debate, but it's Misc all the way. So before you all give your hot takes I want to sort of set the table for discussion.

I've seen the Greatest Show on Earth, but I don't remember anything about it. It was a forgettable part of my childhood. Seeing something go on for so long, something with historical significance, then die on a modern hill is never pleasant.

But amidst Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey's demise, there's a lot of controversy here. Starting from the AP article itself:

1. The author holds immense condescension for modern audiences

It isn't just the low-hanging fruit of a Pokemon Go swipe, the entire tone of the article is laying blame with modern audiences, first for sabotaging the circus by chasing away the elephant acts, then dumping it when the acts were gone. This is part of a greater trend I've noticed where writers are more than willing to passive-aggressively - if not outright aggressively - criticize what they perceive as an entitled, lazy and stupid generation of adults.

Off the cuff sort of justified imo but it colours my impression of the article none-the-less!

2. The Feld family are good folks

They didn't have to remove the elephant shows just because of the protests, but they did anyway even knowing that it was the biggest attraction for audiences. They still stand buy that decision, so it's admirable even if it was bad business sense.

3. Fuck PETA

4. Most Americans don't care about animal welfare

I wouldn't go out to see the circus if there were no elephants, just like I wouldn't go to SeaWorld if there were no Shamu shows. Ultimately, as a human who eats animals who are basically tortured before they're butchered, and who lives a first class life in an insular state away from human atrocities like sex trafficking, slavery and ethnic genocide, I and most other Americans have little concern for elephant dignity or the Feld family. I won't donate my money to them in thanks for removing the elephant shows.

5. This is a tragedy because the circus was "real".

In a world were CGI is taking over movies and Photoshop has overcome Photographs, there is a lot to be admired about real-life stunts and feats of dexterity and imagination. To the circus's credit, I would have been willing to see them now, moreso than as a child, because I'm more attracted to "real" performance and not fake movie/TV/internet garbage. So, losing "The Greatest Show on Earth" is a loss for future generations even if the current one can't appreciate it.
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