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Originally Posted by Amras.MG View Post
Update from (almost) a month later: you do indeed gain muscle faster as you get stronger, so the longer you are consistent the better the results. This may be obvious for most, but for a person who has never worked out this is pretty awesome info.

Weight is holding steady around 165, muscle definition is far better than it was last month. I find I am able to absorb the random "cheat day" (Halloween etc) better than I would've ever thought possible, from the point of view of a morbidly obese man. Also, lifting three days a week now (and going to yoga maybe once every 2-3 weeks).
Actually it's the opposite. Your body is 100% ready to get to the point of physical fitness. What you are experiencing is your body adapting to the training and starting on what they call "noob gains." The first year is the best and quickest, and you will see some significant results!

After a little while you will plateau, but that's why it's called "Habits" and "Training" instead of "Grinding" and "A Chore." If you can't bring yourself to enjoy lifting, either find a friend who will help you to enjoy it with their company or find some other activity to help you get fit, like swimming or soccer.

You need resistance training of some kind if you want to have significant muscle mass, but if you do it in the context of getting better at your sport of choice, it probably won't be so hard to get yourself to do it. Ex. I trained legs pretty hard when I played basketball because I wanted to jump higher.

With morbid obesity, you need to be very careful to avoid loose skin. There's conflicting info out there - some people don't even think it exists* - but basically your options boil down to "Lose the weight at a moderated pace" or "Get surgery." First is a little easier. Just pace yourself as you move from deficit to deficit and don't be afraid to eat at maintenance for a little while (ex., if you're eating at a 3000 kcal level for your deficit, don't be afraid to let your weight stabilize and just sit at whatever weight that is for a couple weeks before taking the next step down. Not only will it help your skin to be less elastic, you'll get used to the new caloric total and it will be more comfortable to remove a little more from your diet.

*I personally think that it's a combo of both. People like ObeseToBeast clearly have tons of loose, stretchy skin, especially on his chest and arms, but if you look at his tummy and thighs you can see that some of it is filled with fat that is just sort of hanging off of him. He would need surgery to correct this - you can see he has some pretty good mass on his chest but that it's just not enough to keep the skin taut there.

Note: Muscle building requires protein synthesis. If you lift regularly, make sure you get enough protein. Meat, eggs, dairy, and a variety of nuts, legumes, and grains will give you the protein you need.

(basically humans "assemble" proteins from fragments found in nuts and wheat and stuff. Possibly convergent evolution, partly just omnivores in action. To get maximum benefit, eat multiple different kinds of nuts and grains. Do not just eat activated almonds and consider yourself healthy.)
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I watched the Full Metal Jacket Marine Corps training sequence, which I hadn't seen before.

I'm pretty confident I could breeze through that. The pull-up scene in particular was cringe-worthy for me. The form was awful, and the recruits were struggling with 1-2 reps. I do sets of 8 now whenever I hit the bar and I do it fairly often.

Note that officers get it tougher than the enlisted, but still. I was expecting a LOT worse from how badly Hartman was screaming at the recruits.
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