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Chiko Chiko Chi
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Originally Posted by HeroicRein View Post
My New Years resolutions:

-Reach TL3 - Reached TL4, even. What are the odds?

-Become way less bashful when around girls - Laughs hysterically at how much this did not change whatsoever

-Beat my tenpin bowling personal best of 241 241 still stands as my PB, got close with a 232 though.

-Get hours up on my learners - Decided not to because school

-Be more active in VGC - Did not participate in 2016 because that was a horrid format

-Get a job - Noper

-Don't be slack with VCE - Tried my best not to be, ended up with decent results

-Get a little bit of a social life - Another good joke, this did not change whatsoever
I'd say 'not bad' but the more important things weren't really met.

Now that I have a forced gap-year, my resolutions could include

- Get. A. Job. Already.
- Keep a tenpin bowling average of 160 or higher
- TL5, maybe?
- Do decently at the VGC Melbourne IC
- Look for a gril, which of course involves being less bashful
- Get even the smallest bit of a social life
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Activating Rampage
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Crossing out the ones I've done:

Get into Uni
Go out more

Become TL5

Become Fairy GL

Clean up my gaming backlog

Get more sleep

Improve my composing skill

Plus, I got a job!

For 2017:
- Keep up A's and B's, or improve to straight A's

- Keep my job

- Apply to Uni, and get into one in September

- Make more music, try out different genres

- Save for a laptop and new phone

- Maintain fitness and continue walking an hour a day, maintain exercise regime

- Get better at volleyball, increase running speed

- Get TL6

- Be less shy
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Frigid Memer
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I'm going to do the exact same thing I did this year, but also complain about Trump.
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-successfully join the Marines
-make about $30,000 in the stock market
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Careful on the "goods"
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Learn Python
Learn C++
Be generally less lazy/memey
Be more productive
Be more motivated
The last three are literally all the same
Hopefully get acceptes during ED into college of choice
o O O
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Originally Posted by Apollo77 View Post
K let's see how I did with these

As for this year, gonna try and make things more specific so I can stick to them.

-Work out more and put on more muscle (Aiming for 170 lbs) This absolutely did not happen, I've been very stagnant in terms of my weight and I'm blaming my metabolism. I'm gonna have to put off any sort of bulking up related goals until it slows down.
-Write at least 2 songs While I haven't made any finished products, I have actually written 2-3 songs that I'm hoping to record into actual tracks soon!
-Enjoy the rest of my senior year and keep in touch with my high school friends after I graduate Things got a hell of a lot better as we neared graduation, so I'm gonna call this a win. I've also kept in contact with several of my high school friends and hope to see a few over break.
-Start college off right (Get involved and be social) HELL YEAH COLLEGE seriously I'm having a blast because a cappella is amazing and I have a social life
-Practice driving enough for my parents to let me drive on my own Mission accomplished! Was able to drive back and forth to work by myself all summer
-Maybe get a boyfriend/girlfriend Didn't expect this to happen anyway haha, but hey at least I'm sure of what I'm looking for now.
And how about this years'?

-Record 3-4 songs into finished tracks
-Continue to be social in college and join another student organization
-Spend a bit more time practicing piano (which is kinda hard at school without a piano readily available)
-Get a job on campus OR pick up more hours this summer so I don't run out of money lol

And finally, the big challenge:
-Come out to either my family or my friends

Happy New Year y'all, let's make 2017 a good one.
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Kuno's Wife
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Originally Posted by Lindz View Post
I think my resolutions just gonna be save save save super save moneys. Now that things are pretty stable I should be able ta go from sub-$1000 to ????. Will prolly avoid buying manga/anime/music like last year, not cause I'll be unable to but cause it'll greatly help!
I think I did past me proud. Still I think I'll do a resolution repeat an keep up the saving... with some allowing ta get not-gaming entertainment stuffs here & there!
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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Be better. Do better.
I will continue to work towards these goals.
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Goals for 2017

Pass the fucking school year.
Become better at drawing and digital art.
Get the fucking secret santa done before the end of January.
Get my license.
Do something with my fucking life.

I expect one of these to happen. Maybe.
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Be less of a fuck up

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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Torkoal Stu
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I looked through this thread to see that back in 2013 and then in 2014 my resolution was to pass my driving test, which I finally achieved in 2016! Hooray xd;

Good luck in 2017 everyone! : D
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I'm sorry, Talon :(
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My unofficial resolution of "actually give a shit about basically anything" didn't go over so well for 2016. So I guess I'll make it an actual resolution written down here for 2017.

I look forward to reporting that I've failed miserably a year from now.
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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Beautiful Savage
Oh, hello
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Lol I failed miserably on most fronts, but I have become much better at meeting people and making friends! Thing is, even though I talk to a lot of people in school now, I don't really go out much aside from when I have to. So...

1) Go out more and spend more time with friends
2) Actually try and lose some wait before college in the fall
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Well I accomplished one thing if you can consider "having nothing change" be an accomplishment.

-Make a plan to get to Japan - I have one though it was not what I thought it was a year ago!
-Find a job that I find fulfilling or that will lead to a fulfilling job - Well I guess grad school counts.
-Translate more - Yeah no lol.
-Make some actual friends nearby - Ummmm yeah haven't done that.
-Make time for my current friends - Sure!
-Use my (little) free time more wisely - Sure!
-Relationships I guess??? - Nope!

And now ironically one of my resolutions is to give myself more meaningful Internet time lol.
Surprisingly somewhat successful.

-Exercise more (maybe actually take that Tai Chi class I've been thinking about)
-Quit my job/change jobs/get into grad school
-Actually follow through with going to Japan
-Relationship or something close to it I suppose
-Meet more people?


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Originally Posted by Charminions View Post
Did pretty well in 2015 as far as resolutions go. Mental health and other problems, however, have been a whole different issue. I fell in love with Psychology this year and decided I'll pursue a career out of that. Also got a part-time job that funded my first tattoo and I've already got plans for a second one. My fitness level has been relatively the same, which isn't bad at all, but I could always improve upon what I already worked for.

For 2016:
- Improve my GPA even more
- Get more tattoos
- Get a car
- Improve physical health/get more fit
- Improve mental health
- Get a fucking girlfriend
- Swing around with women like a monkey at a jungle gym
Almost forgot to do this! Managed a 3.9 GPA this past semester. Didn't get any new tattoos in 2016 but I have an appointment to get the first quarter of my eventual sleeve done later this month. Still don't have a car. Had a cyst in my leg removed last summer and so I was finally able to push myself harder at the gym again and I've made some noticeable improvements in that regard. My mental health has been a roller coaster in the past year but with the help of a therapist and my own knowledge of psychology I've started to see improvements in that in recent months. I've been in a relationship for over a month now and that's been pretty great. Very solid year for me.

For 2017:
- Improve GPA/prepare for grad school
- Get more tattoos
- Get a car
- Get more physically fit
- Improve mental health
- Save as much money as possible
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Thank you Daisy!
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Originally Posted by Lucario188 View Post
1. Be fully able to ride my unicycle
2. Learn to french braid my own hair
3. Be able to do a wall run into a climb up
4. Learn the turtle freeze
5. Don't use the internet when I still have work to do
Hmm, I didn't fully accomplish any of those, though I did make progress. I had a good year regardless. Definitely the toughest academic-wise, though that's surely going to get worse. I'm the busiest I've ever been but I'm managing. 2016 had a lot of great things happen; making and building friendships, meeting the most amazing guy, becoming quidditch captain, traveling (UPN Con was a highlight), honestly too much stuff to list. I consider myself lucky and blessed.

I'll try to be more realistic for 2017 I guess:
1. Learn to french braid my own hair. No excuses this time.
2. Do parkour training at least once a week. (This is probably a stretch, but I also really want to do it, so.)
3. Recognize when I'm being distracted and use that time more wisely.

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Mysterious Knight
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Originally Posted by DarkLucarioADV View Post
Not too surprising tbh. My resolutions for next year are now:

- Become more level headed
- Stop procrastinating on things
- Get happier/become less negative
- Look nicer
- Try not to be obsessed with how people see me
- Build up my body so I won't be confused with branches
- Become more social
- Not fail school
- Clear out my gaming backlog
- Get TL4
- Get the Water Gym
- Field a fully sigged squad
- Live till next year

Anyone want to make bets with me as for how long I'll actually pay attention to this?
Crossed out things I actually did. Didn't do too badly all things considered. As for this years resolutions:

- Try harder to not procrastinate.
- Build up my body so I won't be confused with branches.
- Clear out my gaming backlog/finish the games I really want to finish.
- Go out more and be social.
- Pass the school year.
- Start driving for real.
- Be more motivated.
- Get better at writing.
- Get a real computer somehow.
- Live till next year.
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Biding my time
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-Survive nursing school
-Figure out where I should get a job and then get said job
-Lose weight
-Be an adult OTL

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If your recent photo in the picture thread is any indication, you don't need to loose the weight, just maintain as it is.
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Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P
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