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Arcanine Pup & Roller

Name: Rick Roller
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Class: Ice Major / Steel Minor / Fairy Weakness - Navigator
Appearance: Rick Roller stands at a respectable height of 5'10. His white skin has a slight tan to it from exposure to the sun, and there is a hint of dirt to his green eyed face. His brown hair hair is kept rather clean to the front and sides, but is tied to the back in a ponytail hanging up from his head. Across his slightly angular face is a well kept scruff, and a barely noticeable scar runs down his chin to half way down his neck. He has a slightly muscular frame, and that hint of dirt also extends to his body as well. He wears a grey shirt and a green khaki vest, well fitted brown pants, and plain brown shoes. On his wrist he wears an ornate wristband he found in a dive to the Unovian Abyssal Ruins, several indentations running along the band. Overall, he would not look out of place as a ranger of sorts, though he does not pursue such a profession as of current.
Personality: Rick is a rather sociable fellow, though he's not particularly funny. Though he doesn't alway show it, he has a strong sense of morality. He enjoys exploring the unknown, as well as reading books.
Background: Native to Anville Town of Unova, Rick grew up around woods and trains. While he didn't develop a particular interest in the locomotives of his town, he found deep pleasure in exploring the vast woods surrounding. Deep within the woods, he found an old structure from the ancient Unovian kingdom, and he visited this ruin as often as he could. This left in him a deep appreciation for the past, as well as a fascination for exploring. After exploring all he could of his own region, he made his way to the Kanjohto region, eager for discovery after the wake of the collapse.

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Species: Growlithe
Type: Fire
Level: 5
Ability: Intimidate
Gender: Male
Nature: Quirky
Mood: 50
Bio: TBD
Moves: Bite / Roar / Double Kick
Egg Moves: Double Kick
TM/HM Moves: None

Spoiler: show
6 Poke Balls
3 Potions
1 Revive
2 of each Basic Berry (Oran, Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear)
1 Escape Rope
2 pieces of Mail
1 Fishing Pole
1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear with the Phone card loaded

Reminder List
Spoiler: show
Pick up:
Luck Incense
5 Star Shards
6 Rare Candies
2 Egg Candies
2 Enigmatic Candies
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