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Missingno. Master
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Originally Posted by Zorchic View Post
Dropping off this pre-incubated Enigma Egg for hatching, thank you!
As you enter the Hatchery, you are met with a decidedly alarming sight. A gigantic creature of muscle and hair, standing close to ten feet in height, is not only standing right there in the waiting room, but notices you immediately and even makes his way over to you! However, it quickly becomes apparent that this Grimmsnarl means you no harm. The gentle, polite mannerisms, the utter lack of mischief or malice in the facial expression, and surely you in particular also picked up on that genuinely good-intentioned aura, yes? In any case, the Grimmsnarl bows to you in greeting, making its body hair stick straight up into the air in the process, as though attempting to reassure you that this bow is not in fact the makings of a False Surrender. You wonder if maybe this is something he's had to consider- Grimmsnarl's evolution line, after all, was known to have something of a... reputation.

In any case, however, this one clearly means you no harm, and so as he gestures for you to follow him, you do so. The Grimmsnarl leads you into the back room, and over to his Trainer, who smiles as she recognizes you. "Good to see you, Jake," Maribel Masters greets you. "Just in time, too- look!" she adds, gesturing to your Egg. Indeed, the Egg, which has been emitting a faint glow this whole time, was now glowing brightly and getting brighter by the second. The time was nigh! And indeed, just as the Egg gets so bright that you can't look directly at it... it's over, just like that. Looking back over at it, you no longer see an Egg; instead, you see a fiery little creature. Maribel is clearly no stranger to the species, going over to help the Hatchery staff in looking over the newborn, assessing its health, and it's Maribel who reports back to you. "Completely healthy," she says with a smile. "He won't be able to evolve, but my dad has one of those and he doesn't let that stop him. Go on, go and meet him," she encourages you.

Zorchic: Salandit♂ hatched from the Egg!
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Originally Posted by Ironthunder View Post
Turning in Egg Slot 2 for a Modern Flying Egg.
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Using my final Breeding Slot for the year: dropping off my Male Cufant to breed with Missingno. Master's Shiny Metagross! I keep the Beldum egg that this lovely game allows to exist xD

Name: Gandra
Species: Cufant
Gender: Male
Level: 27
Obtained: Hatchery
Held item: -
Nature: Calm
Ability: Heavy Metal
Moves: Bulldoze, Growl, Iron Defense, Rock Smash, Rollout, Stomp, Tackle
Bond: 10
Contest Stats: 0
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Missingno. Master
An actual game I made!
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Dropping off my Shiny Metagross to breed with KingSalmon's male Cufant, and confirming that KingSalmon keeps the Egg from this pairing. Phenac's stats are as follows;

Species: Metagross (Shiny; )
Gender: N/A
Level: 57
Type: Steel/Psychic
Attacks: Hammer Arm, Take Down, Metal Claw, Confusion, Magnet Rise, Pursuit, Scary Face, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye, Zen Headbutt, Agility, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Iron Defense, Body Slam, Flash Cannon, Bulldoze, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Thunder Punch, Rock Slide, Stomping Tantrum, Power-Up Punch, Tackle, Meteor Beam, Double Team, Gummi Bomb (Fire), Vacuum Wave, Telekinesis, Dynamic Punch, Steel Beam, Hyper Beam.
Usable Z-Moves: N/A.
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Clear Body
Bond: 18
Cute stat: 40
Beauty stat: 40
Tough stat: 40
Smart stat: 40
Cool stat: 40
Obtained: Mega Valley (Global Trade Station)
Phenac was one of many Pokémon drawn in by the faint traces of Mega Evolution energy still given off by Mega Valley. In the absence of any Metagrossite, it became angry and started to vent its frustration on a wild Charizard, until Keith Masters and Gavin Golurkson intervened, culminating in Gavin catching the Metagross. Phenac keeps to itself, quietly analyzing its current situation with its powerful brains before determining how to act. Its mechanical demeanor does not endear it to its teammates, but some of them try and befriend the Metagross regardless. Curiously, Phenac developed a tendency to hang out with Dudley, leaving nobody truly sure as to how such a friendship could have been forged. As far as Gavin goes, Phenac considers it a simple matter- Gavin's strategies were what led to its downfall in battle and subsequent capture; ergo, Gavin is worth listening to. Whether this amounts to genuine respect on the Metagross's part is as yet unknown, but Gavin likes to think it does, and will think so unless given reason to suspect otherwise.
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Gemini Spark
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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
You enter the Hatchery, and right away you notice something looking very much out of place. A fish out of water. And quite literally so- you see a Seaking flopping on the floor, though helpless as he looks, he adamantly refuses help from all who offer it to him. Moreover, upon seeing you, he bounds right over, refusing to let his more aquatic stature hinder him on land. "Sea, king, sea," he greets you, before flopping in the direction of the back room. Well, with all the trouble this guy's going to, at this point, why wouldn't you follow him?

Once in the back room, Seaking leads you over to a frankly alarming-looking man. Tall, physically built, dressed like a pirate, right down to the eyepatch covering what for most people would be a perfectly functional right eye. His grin, however, is a genuine, reassuring one. "Yarr," he greets you. "Ahoy, lad. Hope Seaking here didn't worry ye none," he adds, patting the Goldfish Pokémon. "He be fine bein' out o' water fer a little bit, I promise ye he'll get a good long refreshin' swim before much more longer. Bein' honest, t'weren't me first choice to assist me in volunteerin' here today- more intendin' to help me Cloyster come outta his shell, bad pun fully intended, har harr," he chortles. "But me Seaking be stubborn as a Mudbray," he added. "Once he sets his sights on somethin', ain't no deterrin' 'im. Ain't that right, Seaking?"

"Seeeeaking!" Seaking nods emphatically.

"Yarr, but ne'er mind that- looks like yer Egg be about to hatch!" Tom states, turning his attention to your Egg, and indeed, he seems to be right! The faint glow that had been emanating from your Egg all this time is steadily intensifying, and by now you can hardly even look directly at the Egg. And then, quite suddenly, it is done. The Egg is no more- in its place stands a young yet feisty creature. Indeed, though the Hatchery staff members converge upon it to assess its health, this seems almost unnecessary- it's clear this newborn is in good health, and indeed they inform you as such before stepping aside, letting you get to know your newest Pokémon for the first time.

Gemini Spark: Scraggy♀ hatched from the Egg!
  • It also knows the Egg move Thunder Punch! Truly a shocking development!
You know, it's actually interesting that this come up because this was the first Pokemon I have ever hatched out of an egg in Fizzytopia, but unlike that first Scraggy I have a feeling I might like this one! Here you go into this Mummy Ball... Lemon!
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Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
You, meanwhile, are approached not by the Dracozolt, but by the less bizarre-looking of the two. Of course, considering that this one is a Rhyhorn, perhaps that isn't the greatest comfort. Still, the Rhyhorn doesn't look aggressive, and is clearly moving carefully, so as to not cause any accidental property damage. Or... person damage, for that matter. She gives a soft growl of greeting before gesturing with her horn in the direction of the back room. Well, hard to get much clearer than that, right?

In the back room, Rhyhorn makes her way over to a little girl wearing a cowboy hat that has a Key Stone set into it. She smiles and pets the Rhyhorn before beckoning you over. "Just in time, too, look at your Egg," Maribel Masters says to you. Indeed, the Egg they're standing near is aglow with a soft pulsing light, and already you can see the glow starting to intensify. Knowing the drill well by now, you look away before the Egg's glow gets too intense to safely view, and then look back just as the glow fades. Rhyhorn gives a soft, awed gasp at the sight of the newborn, who seems to shy away at the approach of Hatchery staff. Seeing the issue immediately, Rhyhorn lies down to try and minimize the sheer size difference (which, being honest, does very little to mitigate it), and speaks to the newborn, who seems reassured by Rhyhorn's soft, surprisingly gentle growls, and nods, allowing the members of the Hatchery staff, plus Maribel, to (very slowly and carefully) examine it to assess its health. And they don't need to take long, either, to determine that the newborn is perfectly healthy. Nodding their satisfaction, they back away, and allow you to attempt to get to know your new Pokémon for the first time.

myahoo: Wimpod♀ hatched from the Egg!
  • It also knows the Egg move Metal Claw! I'd say this move is up to scratch!
  • It also knows the Egg move Spikes! Watch where you step!
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
You enter the Hatchery, and almost immediately you're greeted by a large stone structure of a Pokémon, complete with massive nose and impressive iron filing mustache. The Probopass's Mini-Noses circle you as the Pokémon itself calls out eagerly, before flying off in the diriection of the back room. The implication is clear as a Yanma's wing, made all the clearer by the Mini-Noses gently nudging you from behind- the Probopass wants you to follow him, and, well, all things considered, can you really refuse at this point? And even if you could, why would you?

So you head to the back room. The Mini-Noses aren't as pushy as they appear at first, thankfully, dutifully following you, but not physically nudging you unless you begin to hesitate. And soon, the Mini-Noses rejoin their Probopass body, the Probopass itself hovering beside one Willa Masters. "I hope my Probopass wasn't too pushy," she says to you in greeting. "He was very enthusiastic about helping out, and, well when he gets enthusiastic..." She trails off, but you get the gist of it.

Shortly after, however, the Egg's already underway glowing begins to intensify. Within moments, the glow is so bright that you can no longer safely look directly at the Egg. And then, it fades, revealing a newborn that elicits an excited reaction from Probopass, who enthusiastically joins the Hatchery staff in assessing the newborn's health. Once said health is assessed, you are left free to meet your new Pokémon.

myahoo: Nosepass♂ hatched from the Egg!
  • It also knows the Egg move Double-Edge! High risk, high reward!
  • It also knows the Egg move Head Smash! Now that's using your head!

Picking up my Lv. 1 female Wimpod and my Lv. 1 male Nosepass in Pokéballs.

Trading one of my breeding slots for another Modern Bug egg.
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