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A New Challenger Appears!

So with the latest Legend Challenge finally ending, it's time to shake things up a notch. Following debate amongst the LOs, the following Legendary Pokémon are now available to battle in a Legend Challenge, and thus be captured should they be defeated:





However, these Pokémon come with the following caveats:

Darkrai will not be allowed to use its event moves of Roar of Time and Spatial Rend.
Victini will not be allowed to use its event moves of Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike and Glaciate.
If Meloetta is captured, its owner can decide which Forme it starts in by posting in the Hidden Power thread. During battle, it can use Relic Song to change its Forme, but may only do so once per battle. If unstated, Meloetta is assumed to start in Aria Forme.

In addition, any captured Legendaries that are able to change Formes (Shaymin, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus and Keldeo) will be subject to the same requirements as Meloetta, always starting in their default Formes (Land, Incarnate, Ordinary) and able to be changed in the Hidden Power thread.

A Mega Revolution!

Also after some thought, we have decided to relax the stipulations that restrict Mega Pokémon. From now on, Pokémon can Mega Evolve even if they are on the same team as an uplevel without either Pokémon disobeying. However, if a Pokémon that is already an uplevel Mega Evolves, it will still be subject to disobedience due to the intense power surge it will experience. Only one Mega Evolution can occur per trainer per battle.

Legendary Pokémon that Mega Evolve will not experience any further power boost, and will not trigger the disobedience clause.
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Un-Site-ly No More!

That's right, I've taken the time to spruce up the site after waiting way too long to do so. A number of attacks were updated, which are all listed in the Move Errata thread, the Legendary page was updated with new rules concerning legends, and a new page was created for Mega Pokémon rules (thanks to Sneezey for building it for us).

Keep an eye out on the site for more exciting changes!
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Please Read!

We have finally performed a much-needed update to the site, consolidating a number of definitions, rulings, trends and unwritten rules into a single page on the site. What was formerly Extra Rules for Attacks has been converted into the General Rules for Attacks page, which now has a number of helpful definitions and rules that explain the basic mechanics and terminology of Moves, SCs and Statuses. You'll find everything recently included in the new thread accompanying the new SCs, as well as a few new definitions accompanying the bulk rewrites performed a few weeks back. Also, for the first time in League history, we finally have formal definitions for the mechanics of Statuses and Boosts/Drops, so I recommend reading this new page thoroughly to get a sense of the new rules.

These new rules will go in effect immediately for all battles started after this post.
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Double Up!

We at the ASB are always looking to promote fun and different playstyles to keep things fresh for our trainers. One of the long underused methods of doing so is Double Battles. So, we've decided to start an initiative to encourage Doubles play in the ASB. To get us started, here are some new guidelines for Double battles that seek to balance the format a little.

Double Battles have the same rules as Single battles, but with each side using two Pokémon at once instead of one. In Double Battles, some moves work slightly differently, and some moves are only effective in Double Battles. When ordering, battlers must specify the target of their moves; if not specified, they will target the nearest foe. Pokémon may also target their allies with attacks and moves if desired. Moves that effect a wide area, such as Earthquake or Surf, can be targeted to hit Pokémon for full damage and cause reduced (approx. 50% the full damage) damage to all others, allies and enemies, or used spread for 75% damage to all foes. In Hidden Order rounds only, trainers may order their Pokémon to target the Pokémon on which moves are most effective. Reffing a Double Battle will grant the ref an extra 1 SP for every 2 Pokémon used, though it is not affected by multipliers.

Also notice that there is now a slight SP bonus for reffing Doubles, since they require a little extra effort to ref. We're going to be slowly rewriting some moves to make them work a little better in Doubles, so keep an eye out.

EDIT: The SP Portion goes into effect for all matches, but the new mechanics only apply to new matches!

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A clarification.

Uplevel and Evolutions - In the ASB, all trainers can have two uplevel Pokémon that are one level higher than their trainer level, and are allowed to bring one of these Pokémon to battle without negative consequences. A trainer may bring both to a battle at once, but there will be a chance of disobedience from either if they are used in battle. For each level that a Pokémon has over another, it will gain a permanant 10% boost to attack and defense, capping at 20%. Evolutionary stage also will give a slight advantage, giving an additional 5% boost towards attack and defense for each additional stage above the user (e.g. a Charizard will have a 10% advantage over a Roggenrola). This does not apply if one of the Pokémon is non-evolving. Mega Evolutions give the same advantages as uplevels, but having a Mega-evolved Uplevel will also risk disobedience the same way having two uplevels will. All level and evolution advantages cap at 20%.
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This Is Not an Economy Post!

But there was one thing I wanted to implement separately that would probably be better off announced alone as it is. Introducing the ASB Coaching Programme!

Based on some user suggestions, we've decided to implement a new system to help newer refs and battlers and keep the old guard engaged at the same time. Essentially, this will be a way for refs and battlers to seek more detailed feedback and input on their reffing/battling in order to target ways they can improve their ASBing. Vets that contribute their time and give their input will receive a little bit of SP for their troubles.

For now, we'll be demoing it on UPN until Serebii unborks. You can find it here!

Keep an eye on this spot for the big Economy revamp coming up soon.
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Regarding SPPfs recent troubles and rollback:

If at all possible, please update matches to the point that they were when SPPf went down. Don't worry about posting all the reffings again unless you happen to have them saved, a summary of where you were will suffice. If you can't agree on where you were, the match will continue from the latest surviving post. Anyone who might've missed the reffing bonus due to the outage need not worry - restart the timer on keeping your bonus from this post.

Please repost any Battle Results, sigless squad submissions and SP/TP transactions lost to the rollback, otherwise they will not be counted.
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?
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The economy rework is finally here! Below is a rundown of all the changes, and there are quite a few of them so make sure you read it all in detail. Thanks to Sneasel for his help compiling and editing all these changes and thanks to the community for their input.

  • Service Point Trade Caps

    ---Trade caps on SP have been removed entirely, and as such so has the Trader's Badge.

  • Trainer Point Conversion

    ---Conversion rate for TP to SP is now 4 TP => 1 SP in order to allow better ease of record keeping.
    ---TP to SP conversion cap has been removed.

  • Price Scaling

    ---Scaling on repeated purchases has been removed from squad slots, temporary battle slots, badges, and legend matches. As a result, some things have changed price to compensate (see below).

  • Price Changes and Item Removal

    ---Trader's Badge has been removed for reasons stated above
    ---Leader's Badge has been removed due to being too similar to the Pokebowl Badge
    ---Raiser's Badge has been reduced to 25 SP from original price of 30 SP
    ---Defender's Token has been reduced to 5 SP from original price of 10 SP
    ---Packs of squad slots have been raised to 15 SP for one, 30 SP for three, and 50 SP for six, from original prices of 10 SP for one, 25 SP for three, and 45 SP for six in order to compensate for lack of price scaling
    ---Legend Challenges have been raised to 60 SP from previous price of 50 SP to compensate for lack of price scaling

  • More Rewarding Leveling

    ---For every 50 TP threshold a trainer reaches they are granted a bonus squad slot
    ---Trainers receive an additional free Mega Stone upon reaching TL3 and again at TL6
    ---These items follow the same rules as bonus squad slots from reaching new Trainer Levels, if you drop below the threshold the item is not lost but you will not gain a new bonus upon reaching it again.

  • Fast Reffing Bonus

    ---If a ref posts in Trainer Absenses with a specified date range in which they will be away, the fast reffing bonus for all of their matches is considered on pause during the specified dates.
    ---A ref may spend 1 SP to excuse missing the bonus time on a single round of a match, and that round will be treated as if it was reffed within 48 hours.

  • Exhibition Matches

    ---Every trainer is able to use one of their battle slots to conduct an Exhibition Match, which includes but is not limited to Triple Battles, Tag Battles, Reed-iculous Battles, and Rental Battles. We will be using this opportunity to formalize rulesets for these formats.
    ---A more strict list of what matches will be allowed for Exhibition Matches will be made after the trial period, but for now LOs reserve the right to shut a match down if the rules for it are too far out of bounds.
    ---Exhibition Matches now earn KOs, TP, and SP as normal. In matches which you are not allowed to use your regular squad, no levels will be gained by using Pokémon of the same evolutionary line.
    ---Trainers may purchase Temporary Exhibition Slot Upgrades for 10 SP, which turn one of your existing battle slots into an Exhibition Match Slot for the period of one battle. Rules for usage and refunds are follow those of Temporary Additional Battle Slots.
    ---During the testing period, all trainers will temporarily be given a fifth battle slot to use for Exhibition Matches.

  • Additional Changes

    ---First purchase of a pack of squad slots is now 50% off
    ---Failing to defeat and capture a Legend in a Legend Challenge now refunds 50% of the SP used to purchase the match
    ---Holiday Type Tokens will be rotated into future sales
    ---Bonus SP for reffing a Doubles Match is now .5 per Pokémon per side. Bonus is additive with other bonuses, so a 6v6 Doubles Gym Match reffed with each round within 48 hours nets 16.5 SP (6 * (2 + .25 + .5)).
    ---Cap on number of Type Enhancing Tokens and Condition Enhancing Tokens has been removed. Trainers may own one of each individual token as with any other tokens.

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New Referee Grades

No, seriously, it's actually happening. The Ref Grades have been revamped so as to actually give them some relevancy beyond bragging points. As suggested, the letter grade and the +/- rating have been separated, with the former focusing on quality and the latter on speed. Furthermore, each has different benefits and restrictions attached to them, to provide some motivation. A breakdown of the new system is as follows:

A grade referee: Almost infallible in matters of what happens during a round. May ref any match, including a Grand Melee. May ref up to 15 matches in total.

B grade referee: Correct on most all matters of what happens during a round. May ref any match excepting a Grand Melee. May ref up to 12 matches in total.

C grade referee: A thorough understanding of the rules and able to state what happens with clarity. May ref any match excepting a Grand Melee or realistic battles. May ref up to 10 matches in total.

D grade referee: Solid understanding of the rules but needs experience before joining the ranks of the great. Can ref standard matches, and Gym matches with permission, but cannot ref 'exhibition' matches, battles already in progress or realistic battles. May ref up to 10 matches in total.

Ungraded: May ref standard, slapstick matches only, with permission from both battlers, except for battles already in progress, may ref up to 10 matches in total.

+: Can purchase legend matches and six-packs of squad slots for 5 SP less, Ref Cap increased by three battles.

±: Can purchase six-packs of squad slots for 5 SP less.

-: No discount, Ref Cap decreased by three battles.

Of course, given that this does not mesh well with our current system at all, we're leaving our grades as is, for now. Over the next month, there will be a bout of Referee Evaluations, where people can tell the LOs what they think of their refs. Once all this is said and done, we'll announce a list of every active ref and what grade they are under the new system, and we can all get on with our lives. Sound good? Good. Enjoy!
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Black Friday Double Annoucement Blowout!

I have a two-for-one annoucement today!

Lately I've noticed that there's been some issues with how battlers discuss rounds with their refs. While I definitely don't want to discourage communication between refs and battlers (ASB's format is inherently foggy and clarification or explanation of rounds is often needed), there's been a lot of hostility and perhaps even mistrust between refs and battlers. Frankly, this behavior is not acceptable so in hopes of curbing that, we're gonna give you a two resources that would help facilitate more civil discussions.

Firstly, under the spoiler, a small description of ref's discretion:
Spoiler: show
Ref's Discretion. Two words thrown around in ASB that have never been properly defined. Since ref's discretion and its use is still poorly understood, we're gonna make an attempt today to clear up some of the confusion.

Ref's discretion is the basic idea that a ref is the one who ultimately decides the outcome of the way a round plays out. This basically means that anything not dictated by a clear rule is essentially up to the ref. Ref's discretion covers a wide range of situations, including but definitely not limited to:
  • If an attack hits, and how much damage it does/energy it uses.
  • The speed of attacks
  • How attacks interact
  • Initiative
  • Positioning
  • Exhaustion
  • How statuses/move effects manifest
  • Enthusiasm
  • SC effects
  • etc.

That said, ref's discretion is not a carte blanche to do whatever the ref wants and ignore rules or descriptions. A ref should definitely follow the guidelines that the written rules and descriptions outline (e.g. percentage boost/drops, stat mechanics, breather rounds, etc.) and try to stick to what the descripts and rules outline. What it is, though, is creative license to interpret a round how they see fit and alter the letter of the descriptions or rules (within reason) to fit the spirit of the move or the situation that the round might dictate. For instance, even though the rule dictates that a one-mover should be taken roughly once in 3 rounds, if a Pokémon has been using a number of low-power attacks or had a few fail, the ref might decide to let them fight at full without a break. If the description says Slash uses claws, they might have a Pokémon with small claws or a more Slashing-appropriate appendage use something else.

Reffing in the ASB is much more of an art than it is a science. It requires juggling a large number of elements and factors that may influence things differently, especially with refs who might have a different perspective on the situation than the battlers. Things will often not go how you expect, and refs should not ref based on a rigid expectation or based on the battler's desired outcome.

The important thing that ref's discretion plays into, though, is individual round orders. When it comes down to it, a ref's interpretation of a round is going to be how the round should play out. Ultimately, refs have the power to dictate how they think the round should play out, even if you don't picture it that way. As long as they can explain their reasoning for why the round played out why it did and they did not obviously violate any rules in their reffing, the round will stand.

Secondly, I'd like to establish some guidelines for questioning a reffing/modify the existing procedure we already have for questions.

If you have an issue with an element of the round, do the following:
1) Ask a question about the thing you take issue with. Do NOT state how you think it should go (that is a good way of making sure it does NOT go that way).
2) The ref will explain their reasoning. If it is logically consistent, ref's discretion will hold and the round will continue.
3) If you find a clear rule issue or failure to interpret a description, reply as such.
4) If there is still an issue, take it to the Q&A thread to resolve it. If not resolved there, ask in S&I OR PM an LO for assistance.

A quick list of DOs and DON'TS
DO: Ask questions on reffings you're unsure of.
DO: Ask for clarification on points.
DO: Ask in appropriate threads if you're unsure.
DON'T: Give your version of the round
DON'T: Push or be rude to your refs.
DON'T: Delay the battle unnecessarily.

Thanks for your attention and happy battling!
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To clarify, with the mass-regrade having taken place, the new reffing system is considered to be live, along with the benefits and caps associated with it. Enjoy!
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Also I appear to have spaced massively and while I mentioned Keldeo in my Legend post several months ago I didn't actually say that it was available for capture.

Now it is, if you're into that sort of thing.
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You bugged me about 'em so I did 'em! Here are the new (complete!) legend SCs - all your favorites included!

Spoiler: show
Mewtwo (Psychic): As a genetically-engineered Pokémon, Mewtwo is extremely powerful. In spite of its rather frail-looking body, it is equally powerful physically and specially. Mewtwo is a potent telepath, with full awareness of the thoughts of all Pokémon and trainers, giving it a slight edge when reacting to attacks. Additionally, it can use Psychic with extreme prowess to manipulate foes and objects with a full range of motion, even able to make slight changes in direction or movement with very little effort or concentration. Mewtwo is capable of flight-like levitation, able to move with great speed and agility in the air. In its Mega formes, Mewtwo does not necessarily grow more powerful overall, but becomes extremely specialized. In its X incarnation, Mewtwo becomes an extremely adept fighter, becoming Psychic/Fighting type. Its physical moves become extremely quick and gain a 10% boost overall, and its physical movements become deft and quick, making them difficult to predict or trace. While its flight capabilities are lessened in this forme, its ground-based movement is extremely fast and agile. Its appendages may also extend to about twice their length to hit foes at a distance. In its Y incarnation, Mewtwo's Psychic and special powers become even more impressive. All Psychic status moves activate nearly instantaneously and last a round longer. Additionally, all special moves are more accurate and are 10% more powerful. In this state, Mewtwo levitates constantly, and though it can ground itself, it prefers to float. Its speed and deftness in the air rival that of a Pidgeot.

Mew (Psychic): As the supposed ancestor of all living Pokémon, Mew is extremely adept in all aspects of battle. Since its cells are essentially specialized stem cells, they allow it to adapt to nearly any situation. It is considered to be familiar with all types and all moves, able to use them as if it were the type of that move (though its energy pools are still limited). The pluripotency of its cells that allow it to use Transform allows it to create temporary physical energy constrcuts that help it perform moves for which it lacks the anatomy. Additionally, despite being genderless, it can use any gender-based moves on any gendered Pokémon as if it were the target's preferred gender, but is immune to any moves of this type. Mew is an extremely agile and deft levitator, allowing it to levitate and move through the air as if it were flying. Using a move, Mew may create a bubble of telekinetic energy around itself using significant Psychic energy, which can either repel attacks like Safeguard or turn Mew invisible for half a round's time, though Mew cannot attack while in this bubble.

Entei (Fire): Entei is a rather adept runner on the ground, able to outrun most Pokémon. An Entei's Roar attack is more effective than normal. When an Entei is first sent out or appears, the weather (if applicable) is considered to automatically change to a Sunny Day for the usual amount of time (5 rounds).

Suicune (Water): The legendary of water, Suicune is an excellent swimmer and can stay underwater indefinitely. It is also relatively fast on land, able to outrun most Pokémon. Any water it comes into contact with is instantly purified of all impurities, poisons, toxins, etc. If in rain, Suicune will heal for light damage each round it is in effect. A Suicune's Roar is more effective than normal.

Raikou (Electric): Raikou are extremely fast runners, able to outrun practically any Pokémon on the ground. A Raikou's Roar attack is more effective than normal. Rain summoned by Raikou is generally very violent and will turn immediately to a thunderstorm. Lightning bolts will rain down for each turn that it is raining, with a 10% chance of striking the foe for good damage.

Lugia (Psychic/Flying): Lugia is the guardian of the seas. Despite not being a Water-type, Lugia is able to swim and dive with great grace and moderate speed, as well as being able to stay underwater for an infinite period. Lugia's flight abilities are also relatively strong, and though it is not particularly fast, it is rather deft and agile in the air. Its powerful wings give any wind-based moves generated with the wings a 20% boost in power. Its rather imposing stature will cause most Pokémon to feel somewhat uncomfortable in its presence.

Ho-oh (Fire/Flying): Ho-oh is the guardian of the skies. As such, it is a strong flier and while not exceptionally fast, it is quite graceful and can reach high altitudes without issue. Its internal flame burns white hot, causing its fire attacks to glow a bright, rosy red, increasing their damage by 20%. Its rather imposing stature will cause most Pokémon to feel somewhat uncomfortable in its presence.

Celebi (Grass/Psychic): Celebi is the only Pokémon known to be able to travel throughout the flow of time. Once per match, Celebi can literally "freeze time" around itself. While time is frozen, nothing moves or changes, with the exception of Celebi, who may move and attack. Celebi may also take allies into this frozen time pocket, though this is more stressful on Celebi and requires more energy. To observers outside the time pocket, Celebi and any in it seem to move faster than the speed of light, literally appearing and disappearing as they go. This allows it to perform moves almost instantaneously. The pocket will last for one round and cannot be entered unwillfully. This counts as one move, and requires significant energy to use.

Latias (Dragon/Psychic): Latias' body is shaped for optimal aerodynamics, allowing Latias to reach high speeds and perform agile maneuvers with great ease. Latias' body is covered in a fine down of refractive feather-like scales which allow her to reflect light to appear invisible. This ability is similar to the invisibility usable by Ghosts, but is difficult to maintain for an extended period of time, and can only be used for two rounds per battle. In her Mega Forme, she becomes better equipped for high altitude flight. Using her wing-like arms, she can easily control her speed and reach high speeds as well as come to a near stop in an extremely short amount of time.

Latios (Dragon/Psychic): Latios' body is shaped for optimal aerodynamics, allowing Latias to reach high speeds and perform agile maneuvers with great ease. Latios' body is covered in a fine down of refractive feather-like scales which allow him to reflect light to appear invisible. This ability is similar to the invisibility usable by Ghosts, but is difficult to maintain for an extended period of time, and can only be used for two rounds per battle. In his Mega Forme, he becomes better equipped for high altitude flight. Using his wing-like arms, he can easily control his speed and reach high speeds as well as come to a near stop in an extremely short amount of time.

Kyogre (Water): Kyogre is the embodiment of the ferocity of the sea and the rain. In Kyogre's presence, it will always rain, and though this rain can be dispelled, it will take two Sunny Days to dispel it and another to instate sun, whereas Kyogre can reinstate rain directly from harsh sunlight. Hail and other weather will fail to work entirely. Kyogre's massive size makes it a less-than-graceful but powerful swimmer. Its Surf and Whirlpool attacks are approximately 10 times the size of average. In its Primal Reversion, Kyogre becomes an ancient beast, master of the seas and storms. Upon its Reversion, it summons a massive deluge that cannot be dispelled. In this violent rainstorm, all Fire attacks will be rendered useless. All other effects of rain will be in effect as well. This heavy rain can only be dispelled by Primal Groudon's or Mega Rayquaza's presence in the arena, which will neutralize any weather effects.

Groudon (Ground): Groudon is the embodiment of the power of the land and the sun. In Groudon's presence, the sunlight will always be harsh, and though this sun can be dispelled, it will take two Rain Dances to dispel and another to instate rain, whereas Groudon can reinstate harsh sun directly from rain. Hail and other weather effects will fail to work entirely. Groudon's massive size make it relatively slow on land, but powerful physically. Its Earthquake and other ground-manipulation techniques will work on all terrains and have double the range of the average Pokémon. In its Primal Reversion, Groudon becomes an ancient beast, the master of land and the sun. It gains a Fire-type as a consequence. Upon its Reversion, it summons drought-inducing sunlight. In this intense sun, all Water attacks will be rendered useless. All other effects of harsh sun will be in effect as well. This extreme sunlight can only be dispelled by Primal Kyogre's or Mega Rayquaza's presence in the arena, which will neutralize any weather effects.

Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying): Raquaza is the guardian of the skies and the custodian of Groudon and Kyogre. Raquaza's presence in the arena instantly clears the area of any weather effects, leaving it neutral and clear. Any attempt to use weather moves or summon weather will fail. Only Primal Reversions may break its seal on weather effects. Rayquaza is an extremely fast and agile flier. It can fly at altitudes other Pokémon cannot even imagine to reach without any issue and at top speed. In its Mega Forme, Rayquaza becomes one of the most powerful Pokémon in existence. Rayquaza requires no Mega Token to undergo its Mega Evolution. In its Mega Forme, all weather will be neutralized, including heavy rain and extreme sunlight, as long as it is on the field. Its presence on the field causes the arena to be enveloped in a powerful jet stream laced with Flying energy, halving the damage done by super effective attacks on all Flying Pokémon (but only for moves that would be super-effective against Flying Pokémon).

Jirachi (Psychic/Steel): Jirachi is the embodiment of wishes. As such, luck tends to be in its favor. The secondary effects of moves performed by Jirachi have a chance of happening are 10% more likely to occur, and those of moves performed by foes are half as likely. Jirachi's Wish restores significant energy and suffers from diminishing returns much less so than a normal Wish.

Deoxys (Psychic): Deoxys is an alien being created from the energy from a powerful blast of energy. Deoxys can change between four different Formes, each with their own unique abilities. All four Formes share the ability to levitate with flight-like ability, though the speed and agility varies depeing on Forme. The Normal Forme is the most balanced of the four, having decent speed in the air and having relatively balanced attack and defense. It is able to transform its arms into two tentacles for each arm, allowing it to use them to ensnare foes or manipulate them with them. The Attack Forme is focused entirely on offense at the expense of defense. All its attacks do 20% more damage, but all attacks it takes in this Forme do 20% more damage as well. Attack Forme is the second fastest, only somewhat slower than Speed. Although it lacks hands or arms, it can use its whip-like tentacles to execute attacks that require them. The Defense Forme is focused on defense at the expense of offense. All attacks do 20% less damage to Defense Forme Deoxys, but all its attacks do 20% less damage as well. Defense Forme is also slower in the air, flying about at the speed of a Magnezone. Its block-like appendages can be used for arm and hand-based physical attacks. Its defensive techniques require 10% less energy. The Speed Forme is rather middling in both defense and offense, but is blindingly fast, moving faster than any other Pokémon, to the point where it appears to teleport with each movement. Like the other formes, its whip-like appendages can be used for physical attacks. Deoxys may switch Formes once per round, using a move.

Uxie (Psychic): Uxie naturally levitates nimbly and quickly, able to maneuver in the air with ease. As the spirit of knowledge, Uxie will have a permanent boost of Cosmic Power, raising defense and special defense. However like other boosting moves, attempts to further boost defense will be reduced.

Mesprit (Psychic): Mesprit naturally levitates nimbly and quickly, able to maneuver in the air with ease. As the spirit of emotion, it is not affected by any mind altering attacks, and will remain calm in any situation. When using its own versions of these attacks, they are more effective than normal.

Azelf (Psychic): Azelf naturally levitates nimbly and quickly, able to maneuverable in the air with ease. Due to being the spirit of willpower, will stay around for one round after it should have been KOed.

Dialga (Steel/Dragon): Dialga is the embodiment of time. As such, it has control over the flow of time. Once per match, Dialga can literally "freeze time" around itself. While time is frozen, nothing moves or changes, with the exception of Dialga, who may move and attack. Dialga may also take allies into this frozen time pocket, though this is more stressful on Dialga and requires more energy. To observers outside the time pocket, Dialga and any in it seem to move faster than the speed of light, literally appearing and disappearing as they go. This allows it to perform moves almost instantaneously. The pocket will last for one round and cannot be entered unwillfully. This counts as one move, and requires significant energy to use. It may also slow time around it using a move and significant energy, allowing it more time to react to moves, or speed time up around it, allowing it to move faster. Dialga has some powers of flight, and while not particularly nimble, it is relatively fast. They also are able to shift between dimensions for a short time using a move, allowing them to go effectively invisible for about a round.

Palkia (Water/Dragon): Palkia is the embodiment of space. As such, it can manipulate space at its will. This allows it to effectively teleport around by "creasing" space. It may also distort space using a move and significant energy to redirect moves, blocking them or sending them in another direction. Palkia has some powers of flight, and while not particularly nimble, it is relatively fast. They also are able to shift between dimensions for a short time using a move, allowing them to go effectively invisible for about a round.

Heatran (Fire/Steel): Heatran is the embodiment of the earth's core. Very comfortable in magma, and can stay in it indefinitely. Its magma-based moves are slightly more powerful. It can walk on walls and ceilings.

Regigigas (Normal): Regigigas is the guardian of the Legendary Golems, summoned only by their presence. As a massive golem, it holds immense strength, but its time locked away has caused its strength to go dormant. At the beginning of battle, Regigigas's physical attacks will be 20% less powerful and its speed will be lowered. After 3 rounds, however, its power will be unleashed, giving it 20% more power than normal and allowing it to move with significant speed for its size.

Giratina (Ghost/Dragon): Giratina is the embodiment of antimatter and parallel universes. It has two Formes, the Altered Forme, which is its preferred state when in our universe, and the Origin Forme, its state in the Distortion World. In the Altered Forme, it assumes a more dragon-like form, with large claw-like wings and six legs. While typically grounded in this state, it can also fly with reasonable speed and deftness. In Origin Forme, it assumes a snake-like state, more or less entirely airborne. Its flight abilities are fairly adept, allowing it to move somewhat faster and with more agility in the air. They are able to shift between dimensions for a short time using a move, allowing them to go effectively invisible for about a round. Giratina has access to both ethereal and solid forms, though its preferred state depends on its forme. In the Altered Forme, it will prefer solid, and in the Origin Forme, it will prefer ethereal.

Cresselia (Psychic): Cresselia is the embodiment of the full moon. They levitate naturally, and are rather fast and agile. Cresselia fight more enthusiastically at night. They are also extremely resistant to sleep, and will rarely do so against their will. Moonlight and Moonblast will be 20% more potent and can be used without using Fairy energy. Cresselia may also use Solar Beam using moonlight.

Darkrai (Dark): Darkrai is the embodiment of nightmares. As such, any Pokémon asleep in the presence of Darkrai will suffer from Nightmare automatically. Darkrai naturally floats about a foot off the ground, but can reach about 8 feet without much effort and can levitate higher by expending light energy each round. It levitates with relative speed and agility. Although normally hidden, Darkrai does have legs which it can extend at will.

Manaphy (Water): Manaphy is the spirit of the sea. It can restore health from clean water or rain once per battle using a move, restoring up to 1/4th of its maximum health. Heart Swap, as its signature move, uses far less energy.

Shaymin (Grass): Shaymin is connected directly to all plants and flowers. It is able to cause flowers to spontaneously grow in any environment. The air around Shaymin is extremely pure and, using a move, it can almost instantly remove pollutants from the air. It can curl up in a ball to hide in almost any green area, making it difficult to detect. Shaymin can manipulate any plant life in the arena a la Grass Knot to ensnare foes or bloc attacks. Shaymin's alternate forme, the Sky Forme, may be changed through Squad Submissions. In Sky Forme, Shaymin becomes a deer-like creature, adopting a Grass/Flying type. Although not particularly fast, it makes up for it with levitation-like flight, quite agile in the air and not requiring any sort of powered flight to stay aloft. In this Forme, it retains its purification abilities, though its bright colors make it hard to hide.

Arceus (Normal): Arceus is rumored to be the creator of the entire Pokémon world, and therefore is an extremely powerful being. Arceus's body once encompassed all 18 types, but these essences have since been flung around the world in the form of 17 plates. Arceus may be equipped with these plates to change its type from Normal to whatever type the plate represents, filling its Attachable slot. With a plate attached, Arceus will assume all weaknesses, resistances, familiarities and associated type SC qualities. Arceus is capable of levitation-like flight, allowing it to fly fast and nimbly through the air. It is also fairly adept on the ground if ground travel is needed.

Victini (Psychic/Fire): Victini is the embodiment of the spirit of victory. As success flows through it, it will rarely encounter failure. Moves that would otherwise fail will succeed for Victini, and cases where Victini has a chance of failure will work in Victini's favor. Additionally, Victini's moves are more accurate than normal.

Cobalion (Steel/Fighting): The leader of the Swords of Justice, Cobalion is a powerful and imposing fighter. Its steely demeanor makes it impossible to scare or intimidate, and it can leave smaller or more timid Pokémon feeling uncomfortable in its presence. Its skin, despite being soft to the touch, is strangely hard, granting it a slight resistance against physical moves. Its Sacred Sword technique is 20% more powerful than average.

Terrakion (Rock/Fighting): The strongest and sturdiest of the Swords of Justice, Terrakion is a powerful force of legends. While somewhat vulnerable to rage-inducing moves, it gets double the boost from them. Its charging moves are 20% more effective than normal, and it is able to break through protective barriers. Its Sacred Sword technique is 20% more powerful than average.

Virizion (Grass/Fighting): The most elegant and graceful member of the Swords of Justice, Virizion is an agile and swift fighter. Virizion's movements allow it to be somewhat more evasive then normal when attacking. Its horns can extend much like Gallade's arms to be used in slashing or cutting attacks. Said attacks get a 20% boost, which includes Sacred Sword.

Tornadus (Flying): Tornadus is the embodiment of the power of wind, harnessing the air to battle. It is able to float as if it were flying, maneuvering through the air with reasonable speed and agility. Its wind attacks are 20% stronger than normal. Its Tailwind lasts 3 rounds longer than normal. In its Therian Forme, it takes the form of a bird-of-prey, with broad wings and powerful flight. Its wind-based abilities are equally potent in this forme, and it is able to ride against its own Tailwind and other winds without loss of speed. Its flight in this forme rivals that of Pidgeot.

Thundurus (Electric/Flying): Tornadus is the embodiment of the power of storms, harnessing the power of thunder to battle. It is able to float as if it were flying, maneuvering through the air with reasonable speed and agility. It can summon rain instantly; all rain in its presence is torrential and will turn into a thunderstorm, with a 10% chance of striking the foe for good damage. In its Therian Forme, it takes the form of a vicious, dragon-like beast. In this forme, it can fly slightly faster and more agilely. Its rainstorm summoning abilities are the same in this form. In a thunderstorm, it will recover light energy every round the storm is active.

Reshiram (Dragon/Fire): The white half of the mythical Unova Dragon, Reshiram embodies kinetic energy and heat. Reshiram may activate its turbine, increasing the power and speed of its Fire attacks by 20% while decreasing their charge time. Activating its turbine will give it a slight weakness to Water. Reshiram can fly through the air fairly fast and relatively nimbly for its size.

Zekrom (Dragon/Electric): The black half of the mythical Unova Dragon, Zekrom embodies electrical energy and power. Zekrom may activate its turbine, increasing the speed and power of its Electric attacks by 20% while decreasing their charge time. In this state, electric attacks will use slightly more energy. Zekrom can fly through the air fairly fast and relatively nimbly for its size.

Landorus (Ground/Flying): Landorus is the embodiment of fertility and the guardian of the Forces of Nature. Any soil in its presence will be considered to be under the effects of Rototiller. Using a move, it can fill the arena with energy a la Grassy Terrain, though Nature Power will become Earthquake, Weather Ball will be Ground-typed, and Ground moves will be slightly stronger. It is able to float as if it were flying, maneuvering through the air with reasonable speed and agility. In its Therian Forme, it becomes a fierce beast. Its forme is rather intimidating, easily startling more timid Pokémon. Its flight ability is roughly equivalent to its Incarnate Forme.

Kyurem (Ice/Dragon): Kyurem is the greyed husk of the legendary Unova Dragon, representing the lack of energy and the cold. Kyurem's body is surrounded by frigid air. Pokémon who are not used to the cold will become uncomfortable within 5 feet of Kyurem. This aura also slightly reduces the power of Fire attacks. Its wind-based Ice attacks will come out nearly instantly and its chilling effects will be more potent. Using DNA splicers, Kyurem can fuse with either Reshiram, to become White Kyurem, or Zekrom, to become Black Kyurem. In its White forme, it can use Fusion Flare as if it were STAB, and in its Black forme, it can use Fusion Bolt as if it were STAB. Additionally, Ice Burn in White Forme and Freeze Shock in Black Forme will be slightly more potent, and Freeze Shock can be used without using Electric type energy. In both Formes, Kyurem gains some flight ability equivalent to that of Zekrom and Reshiram.

Keldeo (Water/Fighting): The youngest of the Swords of Justice, Keldeo is a swift and adept battler, using it small size to its advantage. Keldeo is a fast and nimble Pokémon, able to move across the ground with significant speed and agility in spite of its horse-like physique. It can issue water from its hooves that allows it to move more quickly across the ground, and even allows it to run across the surface of water. Its legs are rather strong, giving it a 20% boost to all kicking attacks. In its Resolute Forme, it grows slightly more agile and somewhat more powerful. Its slashing attacks are 20% more effective, though it loses the boost to kicking attacks. It is able to travel rather fast, making it difficult to follow, but it is not as agile as its Ordinary Forme.

Meloetta (Normal/Psychic): Meloetta is the embodiment of music and dance. It comes in two formes, its Aria Forme, which specializes primarily in special attacks, and its Piroette Forme, which specializes in physical attacks. In the Aria Forme, its default forme, it is a talented singer, able to readily manipulate its voice. It can float low across the ground, though not terribly quickly or agilely. All its sound-based attacks in this forme are 20% more effective. In the Pirouette Forum, it becomes a graceful dancer, attacking with swift and elegant movements. Its dance-related attacks and physical Fighting moves are 20% more effective. Meloetta can start in either forme, determined in Sigless Submissions. Once per round, it may use Relic Song to change between the formes.

Genesect (Bug/Steel): Genesect is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by Team Plasma. Despite having no clear forme of propulsion, Genesect is an extremely fast flyer, able to transform into its High-Speed Flight Form to move extremely fast through the air. It can only fly while in this form and though it generally moves extremely fast, it can control its speed reasonably well. It also can produce a sticky string harkened to String Shot from its claws that it can use much in the same fashion. The cannon on its back can have various Drives installed, which modifies the type of its signature move, Techno Blast. Without a Drive installed, Techno Blast is Normal-typed, with the Burn Drive, it becomes Fire-typed, with the Douse Drive, it becomes Water-typed, with the Shock Drive, it becomes Electric-type, and with the Chill Drive, it becomes Ice-type.

Xerneas (Fairy): Xerneas is the embodiment of life. It has a deep connection with the environment and will always benefit positively from any environment it is in. Its Misty Terrain is twice as effective and lasts twice as long. It is capable of using moves summoned by Nature Power unlimitedly. Xerneas has two "modes", the Neutral Mode, generally for when it is not in battle, and the Active Mode, which it takes on when fighting. Using a move, Xerneas may go into Neutral Mode, causing the color to fade from its horns. This is roughly equivalent to using Rest, though Xerneas will be conscious and may still act defensively while in Neutral Mode. All its Fairy-attacks are 20% more powerful.

Yveltal (Dark/Flying): Yveltal is the embodiment of death. Yveltal is a strong flier, though not terribly fast. Once a battle, Yveltal may absorb the life energy from the arena, causing all plant life in the arena to die. This will restore significant health and energy. All its Dark-type attacks are 20% more powerful.

Zygarde (Dragon/Ground): Zygarde is the guardian of the environment of Kalos, the embodiment of order. Zygarde neutralizes the boost Xerneas and Yveltal get to Fairy and Dark attacks, respectively, when present on the field, instead decreasing their power by 20%. Zygarde, despite being rather snake-like, moves with decent speed across the ground. It can use the light-producing scales on its body to illuminate areas.

Diancie (Rock/Fairy): A mutation of Carbink, Diancie shares many features with Carbink. Diancie have bodies made of an extremely hard, diamond-like material, taking only 80% damage from physical attacks. However, while they can levitate, they are not particularly fast or agile, though they are slightly more agile than Carbink. They also get a slight boost to light based attacks when fired from their head. They are inorganic. They are able to construct diamond structures by fusing carbon in the air, creating protective structures that will defend against most attacks but cannot be easily manipulated. In its Mega Forme, Diancie becomes a shimmering image, transforming into the Royal Pink Princess. Diancie is extremely resplendent, boosting her light-based moves by 10%. All her Rock moves will be formed from diamond, making them slightly harder and allowing them to penetrate screens and other moves more easily, as well as doing slightly more damage. She can create a "sword" of diamond that it can use for physical moves.

Go and challenge the legends!

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With the Pokébowl for XY finally brought to a close, we're moving on to bigger and better things. Firstly, as I'm sure you're all aware, Sneasel has begun the Up-and-Comer Tournament. If you're an aspiring GL looking for some opportunity to buff your application, put your name in the running today!

In addition to that, we're having a little informal tournament for a handful of members ineligible for that tournament, the Tri-Jewel Invitational! This tournament will celebrate the Hoenn Region and its beautiful environments. And of course, it will also coincide with...


That's right! We're gonna say screw Veekun for the moment and do a few things to make the transition before Veekun gets it up to date. here is a list of new moves (thanks a ton to Miror for compiling it for us). The Mart has been updated, so feel free to pick up/purchase new Mega Tokens.

Spoiler: show
Sceptile (Grass): Thanks to the small hooks on their feet, Sceptile are able to scale most vertical surfaces. Sceptile cannot be intimidated easily, and are therefore more resistant to fear-inducing attacks. Their slashing attacks are 1.2x more powerful. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health. In its Mega Forme, it becomes Grass/Dragon type and adopts a number of new traits. Firstly, it may use its tail as a missile of sorts, firing it at foes in order to use physical Grass moves at a distance, or to augment moves such as Razor Leaf, Leaf Storm or Leaf Tornado. Firing moves this way increases their power by x1.2. Mega Sceptile must wait one round to regenerate its tail before it can perform moves this way again. Mega Sceptile's anatomy also becomes somewhat conductive to electricity, drawing in Electric attacks.

Swampert (Water/Ground): Being a wet and slimy Pokémon, attacks involving grabs or holds are difficult to execute and prevents them from being affected by Electric attacks when wet. They may also use their fins to detect things happening in the arena, allowing a better idea of where foes are even when disguised. Their mud based attacks are more effective than normal. As starter Pokémon, their Water-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health. In its Mega Forme, Swampert has turned into a very powerful, muscular brawler. Its increased upper body strength allows fro more powerful grapples and punches, increasing the power of melee moves by x1.2. They have also become extremely powerful swimmers, able to outspeed and outmaneuver the average bipedal swimmer in the water.

Slowbro (Water/Psychic): Slowbro have a slow reaction time and will experience a short delay when affected by pain or interrupting moves. They will generally take longer than usual to implement their orders and moves around quite slowly. However, this does not make them unintelligent. They have a high resistance to moves which affect its mental state such as Supersonic or Attract. A Slowbro and its Shellder share a symbiotic relationship: the Shellder acts as a second pair of eyes for the Slowbro. A Slowbro has a higher defense than a Slowking, but a lower attack. In its Mega Forme, Slowbro becomes completely enveloped by its Shellder, which acts as armor, decreasing damage from physical attacks by 25%. In this forme, Slowbro moves primarily by bouncing, able to balance itself well on its tail. Its mobility is reasonably adept despite its unconventional form of movement.

Sableye (Dark/Ghost): While Sableye are usually solid, they can go invisible for a short amount of time, though the glint of their eyes remains visible to a keen eye. Sabelye can also go ethereal for a few seconds to lessen damage from physical attacks. They cannot levitate at all but are excellent climbers, possessing dexterous limbs and a strong grip. Due to Ghost not providing immunity, they are considered weak to the Fighting type. Due to their keen eyesight, Sableye's accuracy cannot be lowered. Unlike most Ghost-types, they can be poisoned. In its Mega Form, Sableye dons a giant red ruby, using it to block attacks. The gem is rather large and heavy, and can be used to defend against attacks. Using a move, it use it to absorb energy from an attack, but due to its connection to the gem, it still takes 50% damage. It also has reflective properties, reflecting light from light-based attacks.

Sharpedo (Water/Dark): Any Pokémon that strikes Sharpedo with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from Sharpedo's rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Sharpedo are excellent swimmers and will be faster and more agile than most Pokémon in the water. As a shark, Sharpedo's biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.2x more damage than usual. They fight more enthusiastically when submerged and in a sizeable body of water. In its Mega Forme, Sharpedo becomes streamlined and even more aggressive than before, able to reach high speeds in the water. Its jaws are extremely strong, making it extremely difficult to shake them when they've bitten down. Their razor-like teeth will inflict continuous damage as long as they're clamped down, at the rate of good damage per round for good energy.

Camerupt (Fire/Ground): Camerupt tend to be only slightly-less apathetic than their Numel bretheren, although their higher intelligence gives them a better ability to follow orders. However, they become extremely angry when struck in the face. A Camerupt struck in the face by an opponent will focus almost exclusively on that target to the exclusion of all other concerns unless something else starts to become a bigger problem or gets in the way of Camerupts's revenge. Until its target has fallen Camerupt will be extremely emotional and responsive but more vulnerable to confusion. Camerupt will also be winded for a few moments after its berserker rage has ended, with longer periods of rage meaning more downtime. A trainer may write a note in their bio stating that their Camerupt has been trained not to enter in to the enraged state in this way. In its Mega Forme, Camerupt becomes an active volcano, constantly issuing lava. Its lava-based attacks are x1.2 stronger. Because of the intense heat radiated by Mega Camperupt, Water based attacks deal only half damage as they evaporate before they can affect it. They do not take extra Water damage for having an 'exposed flame'.

Altaria (Dragon/Flying): Altaria's song-based attacks are slightly more effective than normal. On a cloudy day, Altaria can be sightly difficult to see in the air. They are strong fliers and surprisingly fast. In its Mega Forme, Altaria becomes a beautiful fairy, now Dragon/Fairy type. Despite losing its Flying type, they are still strong fliers, but may now also float in addition to their flight capabilities, able to both levitate and fly. The large fluffy clouds surrounding its body give it a slight boost to its defenses. Using a move, it can coat its body in Fairy energy making any physical attacks listed as XX Fairy-typed for the duration of the battle.

Salamence (Dragon/Flying): Though large and slow on land, Salamence are very fast in the air and prefer to fly rather than walk using their large wings. They are very intimidating Pokémon and their fear based attacks are more effective. Salamence can see in the dark. In its Mega Forme, Salamence becomes an extremely powerful flier, able to reach extremely high speeds. Its body is highly streamlined, allowing it to reach high speeds with little effort. Its wings have a blade-like property, making its wing moves x1.2 more effective. Using a move, it may coat its body in Flying energy, making any physical attacks listed as XX Flying-typed for the duration of the battle.

Metagross (Steel/Psychic): Large and bulky, Metagross now prefer to walk than to levitate. They can levitate but are slower than their pevious forms, with a lower flight ceiling. They are inorganic. Metagross are extremely intelligent and are more difficult to confuse or trick than normal. In its Mega Forme, Metagross's body doubles in its size and weight yet again, incorporating 4 new arms. In this forme, it constantly levitates, though it is able to ground itself if desired. It can levitate with a good deal of speed, roughly at the same speed as Metang. Its claw or arm based attacks are x1.2 more effective.

Lopunny (Normal): Lopunny are able to jump much higher than the typical Pokémon. They can use their ears in attacks, allowing them to extend their range for physical attacks. Their Charm, Attract, and similar attacks are more effective than normal. In its Mega Forme, Lopunny becomes an extremely deft and nimble fighter, becoming Normal/Fighting type. Its jumping abilities become slightly greater, and its punching and kicking moves become x1.2 more effective. It also becomes quite faster, able to more easily evade attacks and perform acrobatic moves.

Gallade (Psychic/Fighting): Gallade are able to extend their arms and elbows. Their arms are also very sharp, and cutting attacks do slightly more damage. Their empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. They also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy. In its Mega Form, Gallade becomes a dashing knight, sworn to defend its trainer. Its slashing moves become x1.2 more powerful. Due to its heightened concentration, it is far less vulnerable to mind-altering moves and cannot be flinched.

Audino (Normal): Audino have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. They are skilled healers and their healing moves are slightly more effective than normal. They are also skilled at hiding and will be able to conceal themselves more easily than normal. In its Mega Forme, Audino becomes a graceful Fairy, becoming Normal/Fairy type. Its healing moves use 25% less energy. Its presence in the arena is calming, lessening the effectiveness of rage-based moves. It can also use its stethescope-like feeler to put a foe to sleep quickly, using a move; due to its calming aura, this sleep is faster than normal and can be used even on normally irritable or restless foes.

Garchomp (Dragon/Ground): Garchomp are capable of limited flight, though this is essentially high speed gliding. They can fly moderate distances and at a good height but are not very maneuverable in the air. They are also very quick when digging near the surface of the ground and will deal slightly more damage with Dig. They can see in the dark. Any Pokémon that strikes Garchomp with a physical attack will suffer 25% recoil damage from their rough skin, unless their bodies are particularly hard. Their biting attacks are more effective, dealing 1.2x more damage than usual. They are able to disguise themselves well in sandstorms and sandy arenas. In its Mega Forme, Garchomp becomes an even more fearsome predator, sacrificing some speed for sheer offense. Its slashing moves are 20% more effective, and its other physical attacks are roughly 10% more effective.

Beedrill (Bug/Poison): Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. In its Mega Forme, Beedrill becomes a fierce and extremely fast attacker. Its needle and spear-based attacks are 20% more effective. It is also an extremely fast flier.

Pidgeot (Normal/Flying): Pidgeot are some of the fastest common flying Pokémon and have amazing speed and agility in the air, out flying most Pokémon. Any wind attack used by a Pidgeot is 1.2x more powerful. They also uses less energy when carrying other Pokémon and can lift 1.5x the weight that most bird Pokémon can. In its Mega Forme, its wings grow even more powerful, able to conjure wind attacks in nearly an instant. Its wind attacks are extremely fast to produce, requiring barely a second to produce something even as powerful as a Hurricane. This power also allows it to reach high speeds in very little time. It also has extremely keen aim, making its moves very difficult to dodge.

Steelix (Steel/Ground): Steelix are large Pokémon and are able to burrow through hard materials such as concrete with their Dig attack easily. They are also more resistant to extreme pressures and heat, though they take the usual damage from Fire moves. They can see in the dark. They have higher physical defence compared to other Steel-types. They are also familiar with the Rock type. In its Mega Forme, Steelix's body crystallizes, becoming even harder than steel. This gives Mega Steelix a 20% resistance to all physical moves. Due to its enormous, powerful jaw, it also gets a 10% boost to all biting moves. The crystals that encircle its body can be used for Rock attacks, reducing their energy slightly and making moves like Rock Tomb slightly sturdier. They travel with it, are completely controlled by Steelix, and will close in to prevent residual damage.

Glalie (Ice): Glalie levitate by default. Their appearance makes them intimidating and their fear based attacks are more effective than normal. They can see in the dark. Due to their massive jaw, biting attacks are 1.2x more powerful than normal. They are adept at hiding in blizzards and can see through them easily. If there is ice or snow in the arena, Glalie may eat the ice or snow using a move, restoring good health and energy once a battle. If the snow is tainted or poisoned, it will harm them instead. Their icy bodies are extremely cold. Any Pokémon coming in contact with them will be chilled similarly to Icy Wind. In its Mega Forme, it surges with icy energies, which actively sap the heat from the air. When using biting moves, it will chill the foe, chilling them as if they were hit with Glaciate. Using a move, they may chill their bodies significantly, causing any physical attacks listed as XX or NO to become Ice-typed for the remainder of the battle.

And to wrap this up, I also want to formally announce the Championship Match! We will be starting our match to determine our first new champion in over a decade between Concept and Kindrindra. Keep an eye out over the next few days for this exciting event!
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Alright to alieviate leveling woes, we're going to allow trainers to forgo any KOs scored and get an additional level on every 'mon for each KO sacrificed. Additionally, if the Pokémon at or under its level and is used in battle, it will gain an extra level.

Have fun leveling!
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For some time now, the issue of Historic Badges becoming accessible to members who never had the opportunity to obtain them while they were still active has been batted around within the League. We once had a Scholar's Badge, a one time purchase which could mimic the existing Historic Badges, but even then you could only own one, and this was eventually scrapped anyway. However, today is a good day! From now on, you will be able to purchase Historic Badges.

That's right folks.

With such a change though, there would always have to be some restrictions. As follows;
  • Historic Badges will cost 50 SP per Badge. This fee will see a waiver of 15 SP if you are a Gym Leader who previously owned that Badge and has since moved on.
  • You may only purchase a Historic Badge for every standard Gym Badge you have obtained. If you have one existing Gym Badge, you may purchase only one Historic Badge. Historic Badges obviously do not count towards your tally.

As with all things, we have also had to reconsider certain badges which were once considered acceptable, but are now either useless or too powerful within the League structure. As such, the People's Ovation, Spin, Mozz, Dual Wing, Indurate and Frosty Badges have all been wiped from the records, and may no longer be used or bought within the League. Those who have an existing version of these Badges may refund them for no SP cost whatsoever and obtain a free Historic Badge of their choice!

With all that said, the badges now available for purchase are as follows. Please note that the descriptions for both the Placoid and Skull and Cross Badges have been updated to be more user friendly within the current meta, since some terms have changed since then.

Spoiler: show
Primary Badge
Global Badge
The Primary Badge is given to those trainers tenacious enough to best Kairne in the Triad Gym. The gems embedded in the badge symbolise the triple threat of Grass, Fire, and Water; and show the owner's mastery over the basic types.
Badge Effect: Type Mastery
When used, each time the owner of this badge sends out a Pokémon for the first time in the battle, he/she can choose 1 damage-dealing move of that Pokémon's type(s). That Pokémon may use that move until the end of the battle, although usage of it will take a light amount more energy than normal. If a Pokémon is returned to their PokéBall and sent out later in the same battle, a new move is not chosen, instead they retain the previously chosen move. Additional move restrictions apply (NO Legend moves, or exclusive moves, such as Sketch, Conversion/Conversion2, Transform, etc. Physically impossible moves also may not be chosen, such as a Voltorb with ThunderPunch, but if the Pokémon can reasonably use it with a small bit of improvisation, such as Magnemite with Steel Wing, that is permissible).

Shining Badge
Attachable Badge
The Shining Badge is awarded to trainers who successfully best Mercutio, Gym Leader of the Golden Valley Gym. A precious jewel, set in dragon scales, the badge represents the strength and toughness that must be overcome to live to tell the tale of taking it. Those who win in such an epic setting will be granted a defensive shield that can be attached to a pokémon of their choice.
Badge Effect: "Tenfold shields"
When struck by damaging super effective moves, the bearer of this badge will take only 50% of the damage they would normally take after all other calculations have been made. This effect will be triggered for the first two such moves which strike the bearer. Subsequently, this badge will have no effect. This badge must be attached via Squad Submissions.

Smoke Badge
Attachable Badge
The Smoke Badge is proof of a trainer's victory over Sneasel12 in The Last Stop Ghost Gym, the main metal casing of which is shaped as a wafting puff of smoke. The ever swirling smoke behind the thick glass of the badge represents the ability to change one's strategy at a moment's notice, a quality one must possess if one wishes to be a top tier trainer.
Badge Effect: Shifting Smoke
The Pokemon this badge is attached to is enveloped in a smokey aura that, when touched by an opponent, causes them to become horrified. This horror prevents the opponent from using any attack or technique gained through their signature for the rest of the match. Additionally, if the opponent normally has a justifiable reason to be afraid of the wearer, the opponent will also have any mental stat changes removed and their mental state made neutral. The effects of fear and intimidation moves are not affected by the horror created by this smoke.

Breakwater Badge
Global Badge
Depicting a rocky breakwater with a mighty wave looming behind it, this badge is given out to those who defeat Concept in his water gym.
Badge Effect: High Tide
Once per battle in switch = KO, the wielder may switch a pokemon as if it were switch = OK (obviously unlike BP, VS and UT, this doesn't pass any stat changes). This is treated exactly as it would be in switch=OK, with the opponent getting a re-order and such. In switch = OK, the wielder may (once per battle) pass on stat changes using a conventional switch as if using one of the switching moves. This is still treated as a regular switch would be (with the opponent getting a re-order). In either case it costs good energy (which, like the energy used for baton pass, cannot be recovered in the pokeball) and even if the switch is somehow prevented, the badge effect cannot be used again that match.

Attachable Badge
During a hard night's revelry, sometimes a bit of a kick is needed to get things moving and give the drinkers a bit of an edge. This badge mimics the power of the fabled Jäger Bomb and gives pokémon a kick up the pants in their efforts to do battle. The Jägerbadge resembles a stylised Snorlax's head, alternately colour after the gym's strongest pokémon and filled with the sweet sweet liquor of the night.
Badge effect:
Once per battle, the pokémon wearing this badge may make use of an energy free move. This move does not cost any energy, typeless or otherwise, though the user must have the energy required to make the move work normally in order to use it. Thus, a Clefable could order a free Focus Punch and then use another Focus Punch, but not a Focus Punch and then a free Focus Punch. This effect does not count as using one move less from a "one mover-two mover-three mover" perspective.

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

Placoid Badge
Attachable Badge
Trainers who outpace the Fish Gym Leader, DaveTheFishGuy, in battle will be awarded this blue-grey item to symbolise their acheivement. The Placoid Badge is a trio of similar structures, three overlapping triangular shapes, somewhat like Shark teeth. These represent the scales that sharks have over their body, providing them with a smooth path through the water, as well as a physical deterrant.
Badge Effect: Sharkskin
This Badge may be attached to a Pokemon through the Hidden Power Submissions thread. This Pokémon will then be considered to benefit from the Sharpedo Species Characteristic - whenever the wearer is struck with a physical blow, the attacker will receive 1/4 of the damage dealt as recoil due to striking the wearer's Rough Skin.

The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
A small badge in the shape of a Marowak Skull and two Bones, the Skull and Cross badge is the token given to victorious trainers at Lonely Cubone’s Terra Firma Gym, and is sometimes known as the symbol of the Jolly Wakker.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal
The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a Mild amount of health, restoring up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

Struggle Badge
Global Badge
This is the badge of the Combeenation Gym and the symbol of having beaten its Gym Leader, Stu. The Struggle Badge has a spider in a web to represent triumphing over Bug Typed Pokémon in their own natural habitat but also to represent one of the areas within the Gym itself. The name is derived from the fact people often consider it a struggle to fight with an entire team of Bug Pokémon. Its effect provides the trainer with a boost in battles to represent that most Bug Typed Pokémon are often considered weak.
Badge Effect: Soldier On
If the holders Pokémon raise their stats during the battle, the increase becomes slightly more powerful.

Tree Star Badge
Attachable Badge
The badge of the Lazarus Gym, the Tree Star Badge is, as the name suggests, a leaf shaped in the form of a star. The badge glows with an eerie power which serves to level the playing field for those who may have a few less million years of evolution on their side.
Badge Effect: Fossil Fortitude
The attached Pokemon is treated as though it is one level higher than it actually is--the Pokemon will remain at its actual level, but the badge bestows it with extra power. The actual benefit is up to the ref's scale (extra health/energy, increased attack/defense power) but there must be some benefit given. This badge is attached to one Pokemon in signature submissions but can be changed to a different Pokemon at will. This effect does not trigger the disobedience clause should another uplevel be used in the same battle, as it does not actually raise the level of the Pokemon.

Pyramid Badge
Attachable Badge
Those trainers that are able to conquer their personal demons and defeat DaveTheFishGuy in Silent Hill will be awarded with a Badge associated with the haunted town's most fearful guardian. Though the raw power of Pyramid Head is unable to be contained, the effect his appearance has on both humans and monsters alike has been infused into this tiny replica of his signature helm, sending all interlopers running.
Badge Effect: Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Glom Of Nit
Infused with the supernatural abilities to stalk and track a specific target, the Pokémon this Badge is attached to is made more tenacious in battle. This gives them more stamina, making them more resistant to the effects of sleep and tiredness, allowing such benefits as taking longer to succumb to attacks like Hypnosis and Sleep Powder and not getting as winded or using more energy after multiple successive attacks, but does not grant the bearer any extra energy. This Badge must be attached via Squad Submissions.

Monolith Badge
Attachable Badge
The Monolith Badge is awarded to those who best the very stones beneath their feet and the leader of the Rock Gym, Haymez. The badge is composed of diamond, cut in such a way as to catch light and appear to glow. This round cut mineral imbues the wearer with tremendous resistance, enabling them to face their biggest weakness without fear.
Badge Effect: Rock Solid
When attached to a Pokemon this badge hardens their resistance, enabling them to face their greatest weaknesses with solid determination. Any double weaknesses naturally held by the bearer will be reduced to single weaknesses while this badge is attached. This does not affect weaknesses unnaturally obtained through sigs or other effects, only those given by the bearer's natural typing.

Natal Badge
Global Badge
A simple badge shaped like an egg with a variety of pastel colored dots, bulging slightly. The metal it's made out of has a strange quality, pliable yet durable, sleek yet soft to the touch - if you didn't know any better, you would think that it was made from wool and filled with cotton. This odd badge has equally odd powers, radiating an energy that brings out the youthful energy of Pokemon.
Badge Effect: Youthful Exuberance
When this badge is brought into battle, all of the holder's Pokemon tire slower than usual, allowing them to pass a little longer without a rest. This does not mean that they never need one, however, but the time between rests can be longer (a round at maximum) and use of low-energy moves will be equivalent to inaction or a resting move.

Abnormality Badge
Attachable Badge
This strange badge is given to the victors of the Plushie Palooza Gym as proof of their victory over the abnormal ways of this Normal Gym. This badge is a strange mishmash of all types of Normal Pokemon, shaped like the head of a Kecleon with Wigglytuff ears, Clefable wings and a swirl for an eye, colored Yellow Green with streaks of Pink and Plum. Despite its odd shape it grants a rather... normal ability.
Badge Effect: Normalize
Three times per battle, the Pokémon to which this badge is attached may use negate the type energy of one move, making it effectively typeless and not using any type energy for the move.

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As you are all aware, one of our major projects as of late has been to address changes to the current Level Acquisitions. After much debate, and plenty of community input, we are finally ready to reveal to you how everything will be shaken up! In the spoiler below is the list of changes. Pokemon will be headed under their newest Acquisition Level, with their previous level in brackets following. If a Pokemon is not listed below, they have not shifted in Trainer Level at all.

Spoiler: show
Level 6
Gengar [5]
Lapras [4]

Level 5
Absol [4]
Clefable [4]
Gallade [4]
Gardevoir [4]
Hydreigon [6]
Mismagius [4]
Octillery [4]
Rhyperior [6]
Wigglytuff [4]

Level 4
Aerodactyl [3]
Garchomp [5]
Gliscor [3]
Golurk [5]
Haxorus [5]
Kangaskhan [3]
Kingdra [6]
Persian [3]
Sableye [3]
Tauros [3]

Level 3
Aegislash [5]
Aurorus [4]
Beartic [4]
Bisharp [4]
Bouffalant [2]
Bronzong [4]
Chandelure [4]
Clawitzer [4]
Clefairy [2]
Dragalge [4]
Excadrill [4]
Ferrothorn [4]
Froslass [4]
Glalie [4]
Gourgeist [4]
Heatmor [2]
Heliolisk [4]
Houndoom [4]
Illumise [2]
Jellicent [4]
Jigglypuff [2]
Liepard [2]
Luxray [4]
Manetric [4]
Mawile [2]
Meganium [4]
Meowstic [4]
Noivern [4]
Serperior [4]
Shiftry [4]
Tyrantrum [4]
Volbeat [2]
Wailord [4]
Weezing [4]

Level 2
Amoonguss [3]
Beheeyem [3]
Boldore [3]
Cherrim [3]
Dodrio [3]
Doublade [3]
Duosion [3]
Electrode [3]
Espeon [3]
Flareon [3]
Fraxure [3]
Glaceon [3]
Jolteon [3]
Lampent [3]
Leafeon [3]
Lilligant [3]
Musharna [3]
Palpitoad [3]
Parasect [3]
Pyroar [3]
Remoraid [1]
Rotom [3]
Sawsbuck [3]
Seadra [3]
Sunflora [3]
Swanna [3]
Swellow [3]
Swoobat [3]
Sylveon [3]
Umbreon [3]
Vaporeon [3]
Vespiquen [3]
Whimsicott [3]
Zebstrika [3]

Level 1
Bronzor [2]
Carbink [2]
Carnivine [2]
Dedenne [2]
Delibird [2]
Emolga [2]
Klefki [2]
Mothim [2]
Phione [2]
Shuckle [2]
Sneasel [2]
Vivillion [2]
Wormadam [2]

Of course, we are aware that these changes are rather extensive and as such, we will be offering a grace period of 3 weeks for our members to make the necessary changes reflecting these new changes. Of course, we are also aware that leveling can be quite a pain - if you are forced to drop a Pokemon due to it no longer being obtainable at your Trainer Level, the replacement may be added to your team at the same level as the Pokemon that you dropped was at.

Lastly, we are aware that these changes may not be to the tastes of everyone. With this in mind, we will leave the discussion thread open, and are willing to take on board any further suggestions. However, we want to point out that these changes were enacted after a fair amount of deliberation, so we would prefer that any suggested changes were well argued as opposed to simple, one line suggestions.
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New level acquisitions are live on the site - now featuring sortable tables, thanks to Sneasel!

私のことを消して本気で愛さないで 恋なんてただのゲーム 楽しめばそれでいい
閉ざした心を飾る 派手なドレスも靴も 孤独の友達


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How Taxing!

For too long, LOs have been overworked and underpaid. Being an ASB League Official is a thankless job that provides little benefit to the official for all the countless hours they put in for the League. This, I think, is an injustice, and I hope to remedy that by introducing a new system that will directly benefit LOs and help stimulate the ASB economy, SP Taxes.

We've discussed them semi-seriously a few times before but I think with the current reffing slump that the ASB needs a little kick in the pants to get itself working at full speed again and stimulate continued development in the future. As such, effective at the end of April, we will be opposing taxes on the following league operations:

Spoiler: show
  • S&I Queries or Suggestions (1 SP per post)
  • Battle Rulings (2 SP per post)
  • Squad Submissions (.25 SP per sig)
  • Hidden Power Approvals (.1 SP per post)
  • Ref Tests for Returning Members (5 SP)
  • Proposed Move Changes (2 SP per proposal)
  • Proposed SC Changes (2 SP per proposal)
  • Sig Court Complaints (10 SP per complaint)
  • Thread Movement/Title Edits (.25 SP per edit/move)

All taxes will be claimed directly by LOs when the task is carried out and will be automatically deducted from your Squads post. LOs, of course, are exempt from this tax. I believe these changes will benefit the entirety of the league and will help encourage our LOs to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Happy April!
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Okay let's fix this real quick.

New Cancellation Rule!

If a match goes over 5 rounds, you may cancel for the following 2 reasons with consent from both battlers (and the ref, if still active) and an LO's approval (for now):
1) the match has not been reffed and a replacement cannot be found (both battlers must request)
2) the battle is generally inactive and the ref wishes to drop it (the ref must request and both battlers must consent)

In the case of the cancellation, the ref will be rewarded SP equivalent to any KOs scored by one side, with appropriate bonuses. If no KOs were scored, they will get the standard .5 SP.
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Thanks to Sneezey, we've had the site updated again with all the new ORAS Megas, revised attack descriptions, and a few formatting changes. I hae also taken the liberty of merging the Glossary and Attack Rules pages into a single Glossary & Definitions page, so if you can't find a general attack rule, just scroll down!

Additionally, I rearranged the sidebar so it's organized by topic, so Joining the League has everything you need right under it, and Attack Descripts, SCs, and other relevant rules are all together. I think it will make for much simpler browsing!

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Calling all coordinators.

Anime Style Contests are back! Get ready to fluff up the cuteness of your Pokemon as you brave the challenges of our slightly-revamped Contests! Be sure to look over the changes to the contest rules here, and then sign up here for your chance at a Cute Contest Ribbon! Sign ups will remain open until Tuesday.

Good luck!
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We've had some trouble over the past year or so with the conduct of members in pretty much every area involving the ASB. It's gotten to the point where we have had many members complain on more than one occasion, and as such, we feel compelled to introduce new policies to deal with these issues more effectively.

1) If there is something that comes to your attention, be it a rule violation, abuse or bullying, on or off the forums, please report it. If it's a forum post, please use the built-in report feature. If it happens in Skype Chat or via PMs or elsewhere, please bring it directly to the LOs via PM with a copy of the offending post or text. So many of the issues raised are let slide because we are not made aware of them. Please do not hesitate to bring anything to us that you see as potentially rule-breaking or abusive.

2) Any infractions, warnings or bans that are issued on Serebii (from ASB-related posts) will be reflected on UPN. If you receive a ban on Serebii (or the equivalent value of one) for ASB-related posts, you will ALSO be banned on UPN for an equal length of time. If there is misconduct on Serebii, you will be directly infracted for it. If there is misconduct on UPN, you will be infracted for it on Serebii as well. If there is misconduct in ASB Skype chats or otherwise off the forums, you will also be infracted on Serebii.

3) Heated debate is something that is going to happen from time to time in the ASB. If there is an issue in a thread that is not being resolved, please report it. If it is not resolved after LO intervention, we will begin infracting.

4) Disrespect of other members (especially refs and LOs) will not be tolerated. You will be warned first, but we will not hesitate to infract people who continue to act disrespectfully. While we encourage you to ask questions of your refs if you're unsure, unfairly pressuring them to change rounds or constantly defying their decisions will result in action by LOs. This applies equally to LO rulings, which should be treated as final. If you wish to contest an LO rulings, please do so privately or in appropriate threads. Battle threads are NOT the place for debates over rules, descriptions or policies.

5) Bullying and abusive language will not be tolerated, either on the forums or in chats/private. If you witness or are victim to this kind of treatment, please report it immediately, along with a link or copy of what it is if doing so via PM. Infractions will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis after claims have been investigated.

6) Although Skype chat and other ASB-related off-site rooms are not officially sanctioned by the League, we still reserve the right to infract people for misconduct within them. Please report misconduct to an LO via PMs and we will handle it with warnings or infractions for repeat offenders.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that the community actively engages in vigilance and self-regulation. We are a tighter knit group than many on other forums which often makes this kind of regulation difficult. The best way for you as a member to contribute to a better community is to lead by example and try your best to be a model member. LOs will always have an open door policy, and if something troubles you, even if you are not involved directly in it, do not hesitate to bring it to us.

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For a while now, people have been asking us about fixing the TP requirements, stating that they were too steep and that we should lower them. People have been asking us about implementing Trainer Levels beyond 6 and expanding the spread of our acquisition levels. Finally, though I know it will upset some, we have managed to get round to this. I present to you, the masses of ASB, the new leveling system.

Spoiler: show
Trainer Level 1: Have a Squad Summary
Trainer Level 2: 10 KOs, 30 TP
Trainer Level 3: 30 KOs, 75 TP
Trainer Level 4: 50 KOs, 120 TP, 15 SP earned
Trainer Level 5: 90 KOs, 200 TP, 20 SP earned
Trainer Level 6: 140 KOs, 300 TP, 1 badge (Gym earned), 1 Gym match refereed and 30 SP earned
Trainer Level 7: 200 KOs, 420 TP, 2 badges (Gym earned), 2 Gym matches refereed and 40 SP earned

TL1: Nothing
TL2: Mega Stone, 3 extra slots
TL3: 3 extra slots
TL4: Mega Stone, 3 extra slots
TL5: Uplevel slot, 3 extra slots
TL6: Mega Stone, 3 extra slots
TL7: Historic Badge, 5 extra slots

While you will not move down a level due to these changes, you will not automatically level either. SP earnings are not retroactive, so you have to gain them before moving up a level, even if you have met all other requirements.

However, that's not all. We did some thinking. As we thought on it, we realised something. We could restructure how Legend Challenges worked. So we hashed something out.

Spoiler: show
TL4: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Heatran, Manaphy, Shaymin, Cresselia, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus, Keldeo, Diancie (40 SP)
TL5: Latias, Latios, Jirachi, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Darkrai, Victini, Meloetta, Kyurem (50 SP)
TL6: Ho-Oh, Lugia, Regigigas, Reshiram, Zekrom, Genesect, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde (60 SP)
TL7: Mew, Mewtwo, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus (70 SP)

Trainer Level 6 and above Legendaries can not be used in Gym or tournament matches no matter what. They may only be used in Contests and in battles between two trainers who fully agree to the use of these Pokemon.

This means exactly what you might think it means. Between us, we have separated the Legends into differing Trainer Levels. At TL4, you can challenge any of the Legends listed as such, for the price given. TL5 gets you access to more, TL6 and so on. We know what this could mean, which is why we listed the restrictions alongside them. Anybody who is currently waiting on the Legend Challenge Queue can PM me with the post in which they purchased their challenge, and they may either pay extra SP in order to upgrade it (provided they have the necessary Trainer Level), or ask for a refund if they paid over the price for what they intend to battle. Importantly, you may only have one Trainer Level 6 and one Trainer Level 7 Legendary.

Naturally, with an expansion to 7 Trainer Levels, we had to do another look over the acquisition levels. I won't bore you getting into too much detail, so here is the now revised acquisition levels for all of the Pokemon within ASB.

Spoiler: show
Trainer Level 7


Trainer Level 6

Mr. Mime

Trainer Level 5


Trainer Level 4


Trainer Level 3


Trainer Level 2


Trainer Level 1

Mime Jr.
Nidoran (F)
Nidoran (M)

For reference, here is a Google Docs spreadsheet which lists all of the changes. We understand that this has left a lot of you having to change your squads. With this in mind, we are enacting a one month amnesty on changing your squads to fall in line with the new changes, as well as to exchange your Mega Stones. In addition, any Pokemon you are forced to drop may be replaced by a Pokemon at the same level as the dropped Pokemon.

It is also important to note that anything you have already gained with regards to Trainer Level rewards, you will keep. If you are currently a TL1, you will retain the free Mega Stone you got at TL1, but it is equally important to note that you will not receive another free Mega Stone at TL2.

In addition, you no longer receive the Badge discount simply for having a badge. Badges only supply you with a discount if you have more badges than you need for your current Trainer Level. For example, if you are Trainer Level 6, possess one purchased and one Gym badge, you will not receive the discount. In addition, the Novice Badge no longer exists, and anyone in possession of it may trade it in for a full SP refund.

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You might have noticed - we have a new Gold 'n' Bold in our midst. We've brought on Miror as a new member of our LO team. We might be transitioning him into some LO work sometime in the near future, but for the moment, he's going to help us with the day-to-day moderator duties.

Let's all give him a warm welcome (or face my wrath).
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