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Rollout, Rollover, and Camerupt

1. Click here.
2. Load the Showdown video by clicking the Reddit thread title. Or, you know, simply click here.
3. Read the explanation the math whiz provides at the end of the Showdown video. (End of Turn 11.)
4. Scroll down on the Reddit thread and read what is currently the top-voted comment, a lengthy explanation by the OP of everything else that's going on here and wasn't explained in the Showdown video.

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = enjoy, and wow.
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This is the kind of Blacephalon signature mov-ing glitch exploitation that I live for. That guy is such an expert bug hunter he might as well take over the Gossamer Gym from Archaic.
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Is this the Rollout/Disguise bug? Because yeah, Shuckle just got dethroned hard for highest damage output, and by Pikachu no less.

EDIT: So turns out the first thread I found on this didn't know about the rollover issue but...goddamn. We overflowed a 32 bit system. That's insane.
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Now time to overflow on the Switch!
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