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Steelix NeoKnight Gym

NeoKnight Gym

In a secluded section of Fizzytopia, a castle sits in the middle of a forest. However the castle lacks the expected weathering of an ancient relic, no, this castle was constructed recently. The dark stone has a metallic sheen to it, containing large amounts of magnetic ore. The interior of the castle is even more surprising, as it is filled with cutting edge technology. Glistening suits of modern armour hang from racks, while various weapons are concealed within display cases. The training rooms equipped with the latest battle simulators and variable battlefields, allowing those that train here to push themselves to their limits. The castle’s courtyard is dominated by a shrine, obviously built to conceal something as access is denied without the permission of the Gym Leader.

After chasing different dreams for decades, Jared had finally settled in Fizzytopia with the goal of establishing his own Gym. While his son Xander was off adventuring, Jared was finally able to fully dedicate himself to his dream. After a local Pokemon professor discovered a strange source of power in a nearby forest, Jared decided to build his gym around the source, intent on protecting it while giving the professor the opportunity to study what he had determined to be a Power Spot. With the gym constructed, Jared began to gather and train the NeoKnights, who would help to protect the Power Spot and others like it.

Gym Details:
  • Primary Type: Steel
  • Secondary Type: Rock
  • Gym Leader: Jared [TheKnightsFury]
  • Deputy Leader: NA
  • Gym Pokemon:
Steelix (Male) Lv. 4
Aegislash (Male) Lv. 41
Aggron (Male) Lv. 45
Metagross (Genderless/Shadow) Lv. 47
Tyranitar (Male) Lv. 56
Dusk Lycanroc (Male) Lv. 35

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Raid History:
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They'd been carrying out tests on the Power Spot for days. Professor Pine had been working tirelessly, trying to gather as much information as they could about the mysterious power source. Their latest test involved send a powerful current through the power spot, hoping to trigger some sort of reaction. Aggron stood as a shield between them and the power spot, just in case the reaction was...... explosive.

"Alright Professor, flip the switch", Jared gave the order and the Professor flipped the switch. A current surged through the power spot, at first having no reaction. Suddenly a brilliant light burst from the power spot, shooting up through the clouds above. Driven by curiosity, Aggron reached out to touch the light before Jared could stop him. Aggron disappeared in an instant, he'd been drawn into the power spot! The beam of light remained, but the clouds began to swirl, changing from a bright white to a dark red. "I'm going in Professor, you send out a call to the NeoKnights, I think we are in need of assistance." Jared stepped forward, reaching out he touched beam and was suddenly warped....

It was dark. If not for the ominous red glow, he'd be as blind as a bat. The source of the glow was hard to miss, it was Aggron. Only his Pokemon now towered above him, taller than the highest point of the castle. Looking around, Jared realised that they had to be in some sort of large underground chamber beneath the castle. They'd heard rumours from others about Max Raids, it seemed they had one of their own to deal with. Speaking into his communicator, the Gym Leader proceed to convey the information to the Professor.

"Professor, it appears we have a [RAID BOSS] on our hands, [Aggron] isn't responding to any of my commands. Judging by his size, I'd categorise it as a [Category 4 Raid Boss, we're going to need a team of 8 trainers.] Send out the message, we need them here ASAP, we can't let Aggron continue to gather power."

Please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until January 21st or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin.

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First come, first serve? If so, Ark enters with Monferno!

Name: Monferno
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Bond: 2
Ability: Iron Fist
Nature: Adamant
Birthday: July 24
Obtained: Starter
Level-up Moves: Mach Punch, Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Nasty Plot, Torment, Facade, Fire Spin, Slack Off, Close Combat, Acrobatics, Flamethrower
EM/MT Moves: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
TM/HM Moves: Dig
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With a league of gyms in the works, Fizzytopia's new year was certainly proving to be exciting. So far, Alice only had plans to visit one: a modern castle built by the father of an acquaintance whom she'd fought alongside a few times, Xander. It was off the beaten track, so the lazy idol couldn't see herself training there often, but her troublemaking mind was already wondering how much of an annoyance she could be if she just brought Too Many Magnets and let them stick to all the walls...

She'd been at home when the messages began coming in, her Starly AJ all aflutter as he came to alert the woman of what was going on. Alice was hardly in any state to be saving the world: blonde hair unbrushed, in pyjamas with no socks, failing to nap through the mayhem of a base of Pokemon playing war. But she went to check it out anyway, listening to the frantic summoning that had been left on the machine. An Aggron, too? Alice had to run a quick search to remind herself of the typical stats, and there was only one Pokemon she could think of who might perfectly suit this raid...

“Nani~” Her voice rang through the home, footsteps flighty as she rushed to her room to get changed, throwing on whatever was closest and practical while she waited for her Machoke to arrive. Soon the fighting type was at the threshold, as normal looking as most of her species except for the laurel of flowers hanging round her neck. “That new gym leader, the steel one, one of those research staff shot us a message. Apparently his Aggron has dynamaxed at the power spot and gone rogue. Do you want to come with me?”
“Mach...?” Nani questioned, looking startled at the suggestion. “Machoke...”
“I know you're not very comfortable with the idea of battling, but as match ups go, you're perfect and you're stronger than you think you are. Besides, it's not like you've never battled at all.” Alice pointed out, pulling a brush through her hair and fixing balm over her lips. Damn the winter. “Otherwise, I can take Jasper, but I'm not sure how good he'll be on this one. I really think we can do this, and it's not like we'll be on our own.” She continued, checking her bag had all that was needed inside before putting it over her jacket, “Come on, Nani. I think we've got this, you just need to have some faith in yourself.”

The Machoke looked uncertain, but it wasn't long before Axel had them warped in to the area, returned to his Love Ball with sincere thanks while Alice and her chosen partner rushed through the treeline and into the castle grounds. She was a lot more tired than her companion, whose muscles took a lot more to tire than panicked flailing of limbs, and by the time they had come upon the red beam, Alice was almost thankful to be swallowed to her doom rather than needing to ascend or descend any stairways or find the courage to jump into some abyss.

“Oh, Arceus on a bloody bike.” Alice spat, peering up at the enormous Aggron, surrounded by swirling red clouds and whatever that cursed storm was scientifically called. Nani balked at her, caught between her trainer's usual stropping and how tiny she felt opposite the beast before them. “This is an actual nightmare. You ready, Nani?”


Well, as ready as she was ever going to be...


((As tempting as it is to bring Jasper back into the ring, we're going to go with Nani the Machoke! Let's go, girl!))

Spoiler: show
Nickname: Nani
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Obtained: The Adoption Centre
Love Ball
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Guts -
Bond: 4
Contest Stats: 10
Moves: Low Kick, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Knock Off, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Foresight, Low Sweep, Seismic Toss, Revenge, Vital Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Dual Chop, Submission, Bulk Up, Cross Chop, Scary Face, Dynamic Punch, Work Up, Mud Slap, Rock Smash, Power-Up Punch, Vacuum Wave, Fissure
Bio: A former assistant at the Adoption Centre, owned by its previous manager Tate, Nani is a hard worker and knowledgeable about people and Pokemon alike. She had a dramatic send off full of love and now helps take care of Alice, her fellow Pokemon and their home. While she is a capable and intelligent combatant, Nani prefers appealing herself through contests or simply keeping busy in less violent ways. She often carries Alice around like Blaze does, which is a lot less awkward that she's increased in size as a Machoke.

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Signing up for the Aggron raid with Pinky, my Slowpoke!

Spoiler: show
Species: Slowpoke
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Psychic
Level: 12
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Regenerator
Evolution: (Level 37)
Natural Moves: Curse, Yawn, Tackle, Growl, Zen Headbutt, Aqua Tail, Water Gun, Hail, Razor Snow
Obtained: Level 5, on the beach of Vermilion
Bio: Pinky is a simple, yet tough Pokemon. All he does in his spare time is to stare into space, his mind cracking, probably solving the world's greatest mysteries - but he can never remember. His intelligence and alertness is much greater than your average Slowpoke, so is his skillset. He swallowed an Everstone and his gastronomical system is slowly breaking it down. One day, he'll puke up the remnants of the Everstone and be able to evolve.

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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Coming in hot with Kingler.

Species: Kingler
Level: 56
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Obtained: Starter
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Moves: Mud Sport, Bubble, Vicegrip, Charm, Icy Wind, AncientPower, Leer, Harden, Bubblebeam, Crossfire, Agility, Amnesia, Endure, Slam, Superpower, Softboiled, Mud Shot, Metal Claw, Protect, Guillotine, Surf, Brine, Stomping Tantrum, Wide Guard, Crabhammer, X-Scissor, Mimic, Hammer Arm, Stomp, Flail, Razor Shell, Swords Dance
Evolves: Evolved from @ Lv. 28
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(I'll probably do some RP later, just got to figure out how to work the interaction a bit first)

Let's get a little bit dirty~
Er, I mean, I'm enterring this Raid with Cassandra the sandygast as my partner.

Name: Cassandra
Species: Sandygast
Gender: Female
Level: 24
Ability: Water Compaction
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Caught in Bedlam Ridge
Held item: None
Bond: 2
Clarity: 30
Moves Known:
--By Level Up:
Harden (Lv. -), Absorb (Lv. -), Astonish (Lv. 3), Sand Attack (Lv. 9), Sand Tomb (lv. 14), Mega Drain (Lv. 1, Bulldoze (Lv. 23)
--By 'Birth': Curse, Destiny Bond
--By Tutor: None
--By TM: Infestation, Swagger
Bio: A rarity in today's time, this little devil was born from the grudge of human who's plans and get-rich-quick schemes were foiled by some kid from Heaven-knows-where (i.e., Amicae), rather than the hatred of the dying or simple breeding practices. Due to the nature of her birth, she doesn't get along with her trainer all that well at this point in time...

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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Entering my Lucario in the Aggron raid. Lucario in fact used to belong to TheKnightsFury!
: Ah, I see! An old friend! Well, this battle is going to get as friendly as it can get! *Wink wink*


Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting/Steel
Level: 10
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Justified (HA)
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Detect, Laser Focus, Metal Claw, Mind Reader, Helping Hand, Magnet Rise, Meteor Mash, Blaze Kick, Psychic, Feint, Life Dew, Nasty Plot, Work Up, Rock Smash, Force Palm, Copycat, Final Gambit, Reversal
Evolution: Fully evolved
Contest Stats: None yet!
Birthday: July 30
Method of Obtainment: Trade
Bio: Like Buizel, Lucario is a caring and supportive Pokémon. He can utilize aura, but he and Jake are still learning the art. Lucario is a versatile, speedy mixed attacker that can battle from a distance just as well as close-range.

Pokéball symbol & Mimikyu sprite courtesy of Missingno. Master
Fizzy Bubbles Member post (on BMGf) Wishlist on BMGf Wishlist on UPN

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