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Snorlax Fizzy Bubbles Dynamaxmas Special

As the last of the trainers that had received the Snorlax King’s message had come to the Springtime Isle in search of their eggs, the Delibirds and Galarian Meowth were in good spirits. Their preparation had gone off without a hitch, and everyone was happily completing their searches. Everyone was so focused on their tasks at hand that it wasn’t until an earth-rending shake that rocked the whole island that people stopped what they were doing and looked to the horizon.

The sky had turned a dark magenta as the clouds covered the sky and a swell of wind blew across the island. “The ocean! The ocean! Something’s coming!” some of the locals shrieked. The trainers that were in close enough proximity or were brave enough to investigate witnessed giant waves crashing onto the shore, the ripples of such a magnitude following through into the aftershock. It was then that some noticed a landmass to the north. “Is that an island?” some wondered while other yelled, “Whatever it is, it’s getting closer!”

A gargantuan landmass that was overgrown with foliage and culminated in a single round peak jutted out of the waves. The island swayed back and forth, as if it were rocking on the waves as it loomed closer and closer to the Springtime Isle. “Ahhh, it’s going to hit us!” people panicked as the swirling winds seemed to blow towards the invader. The sky opened up above the island as the ground shook once more. The large peak of the invading landmass seemed to rise into the air as it reached the shore and curled forward, almost as if it were to roll over the Springtime Isle.

“What is that?! That’s not an island, it’s the Snorlax King!” A thunderous bellow echoed across the land as the invader began to inhale. Like a black hole, the vacuum force attempted to suck up all of the hidden eggs on the island. “I’ve heard of something like this before, I think they called it a ‘Gigantamax Pokemon.’ He must have summoned everyone here to do the dirty work of collecting all the eggs for him!”

As the Gigantamax Snorlax washed up on the Springtime Isle’s sandy shore, he leered down at all of the trainers with his glowing red eyes. Determined to eat his fill, it would be up to the trainers to hold him off and send him back to his slumber!

It is time for Fizzy Bubbles’ inaugural Dynamax Raid Battle! Please read the following rules carefully, because raid battles will play out very differently from your standard Fizzy Bubbles roleplay adventures.
Dynamax Raid Rules & Guidelines
  • Trainers may enroll in a raid with one Pokemon. Switching Pokemon mid-battle is prohibited.
  • During each round of combat, trainers are permitted to offer either one attack from their Pokemon’s movepool OR use one item from their inventory. Pokeballs will not work during combat.
  • In order to streamline the action and reduce the number of delays in this battle mode, trainers are not required to roleplay their responses each turn. However, they are still welcome to roleplay if they desire, and additionally collect $250 for posts of 250 words or greater and +1 Bond per 250-word post for only the Pokemon that is in combat.
  • Trainer’s Pokemon will enter combat with a set amount of health, and will begin combat with even more if they are lv.50 or greater, and additionally if they are lv.100. If a trainer’s Pokemon reaches 0 health during combat, they will be rendered unconscious for the duration of one turn. The trainer must sit out the following turn before their Pokemon is automatically revived at full health. If a specific number of Pokemon are rendered unconscious throughout the duration of the raid battle, then the battle is lost.
  • Opposed to the objective nature of standard FB updates, damage in Dynamax raid battles will be calculated using a specific formula that includes attack Base Power and type effectiveness. In large raid battles, attacks that have a wide range of effect will have their range reduced, and in battles with more than 8 trainers, raid bosses’ single-target attacks will hit 2 Pokemon instead. Raid boss attacks and targets are selected at random.
  • Dynamax raid bosses will have a predetermined health gauge, number of attacks it uses per turn, and number of shields that it will employ once it crosses certain health thresholds. These values are determined by both the number of challengers and the difficulty rating of the raid battle.
  • Raid bosses are immune to the effects of Sleep and Flinch, and additionally Status & Secondary Effects while shields are employed. Some moves (found here) such as Destiny Bond and Perish Song, as well as CM Guardian Terrain, will not work in raid battles. For now, moves such as Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil are prohibited as the damage formula is still being refined.
  • The use of Z-Move Crystals and Mega Evolution Stones are prohibited during Dynamax Raid battles.
  • If a trainer does not offer an action on a turn where their Pokemon has not fainted, then their turn is forfeit and they may draw the focus of the raid boss’s attacks. In order to ensure fairness to active trainers, if the same trainer misses more than one turn, then they will be removed from the raid with no reward, and the boss’s health will be deducted by the inactive trainer’s Pokemon’s remaining health.
Please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until December 26th, when the raid battle will begin.

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Using this opportunity to feed 7 Rare Candies to my Riolu, Natsu, and take him from lv.43 -> lv.50, formally evolving him into a Lucario!

Name: Natsu (male), Level: 50
Pokeball: Luxury Ball Obtained: Hatched
Nature: Mild Ability: Justified
Held Item:
Evolution: Final Evolution
Attacks: Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Metal Claw, Rock Smash, Helping Hand, Dark Pulse, Detect, Life Dew, Feint, Force Palm, Copycat, Aura Sphere, Reversal, Screech, Work Up, Nasty Plot, Final Gambit, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed, Counter, Power-Up Punch, Laser Focus, Bone Rush, Swords Dance, Me First, Metal Sound, Calm Mind, Quick Guard, Heal Pulse, Meteor Mash
TM/TR/HM: Earthquake, Focus Blast
Move Tutor(MT): Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Helping Hand, Laser Focus, Magnet Rise, Vacuum Wave, Drain Punch, Dual Chop, Focus Punch, Fury Cutter, Headbutt, Ice Punch, Iron Defense, Iron Tail, Low Kick, Mud Slap, Role Play, Sleep Talk, Snore, Swift, Thunder Punch, Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt
Egg Moves(EM): Detect, Meteor Mash, Vacuum Wave, Agility, Bite, Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch, Circle Throw, Cross Chop, Crunch, Follow Me, High Jump Kick, Howl, Iron Defense, Low Kick, Mind Reader, Sky Uppercut
Custom Moves(CM): Guardian Terrain
Bond: 50
Contest Stats: 20 Cool, Tough, Beauty, Cute, Smart
Bio: Coming soon
Origin: Hatched from an egg bred by Amph and Maskerade’s Keb.
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Danny was watching TV, only to hear the breaking news on TV about the Isle. He didn't tell Brianna because he knew she wouldn't want him flying in strong winds, or some stupidly big "Gigantamaxed" Snorlax which was some sort of mutate Mega Evolution.
He snatched a random Pokeball, and then jumped into the seat of his plane.
Soon he was flying over the Isle, then the winds were tossing the plane back and forth. Danny struggled for control, before flicking a lever, which made the engines become supercharged, allowing him to land rather roughly. Afterwards the engines conked out.
He gazed at the incoming Snorlax. There was a garden on its stomach, complete with a path one could trot along.
I'm gonna be here long, might as well help destroy this thing.
He threw the Pokeball he'd grabbed in the air, releasing a yellow Pokemon, ESP the Alakazam.

I'm entering ESP, my Alakazam! His info is below.

Spoiler: show
Species: Alakazam
Gender: Male
Type: Psychic
Level: 23
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Calm
Ability: Magic Guard
Evolution: None
Attacks: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, Disable, Barrier, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Skill Swap, Signal Beam, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Energy Ball, Psychic, Tri Attack, Snatch, Safeguard, Psychic Terrain, Drain Punch, Psybeam, Reflect

Happy raiding everyone!

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)

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Entering my starter Kingler!

Species: Kingler
Level: 56
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Obtained: Starter
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Moves: Mud Sport, Bubble, Vicegrip, Charm, Icy Wind, AncientPower, Leer, Harden, Bubblebeam, Crossfire, Agility, Amnesia, Endure, Slam, Superpower, Softboiled, Mud Shot, Metal Claw, Protect, Guillotine, Surf, Brine, Stomping Tantrum, Wide Guard, Crabhammer, X-Scissor, Mimic, Hammer Arm, Stomp, Flail, Razor Shell, Swords Dance
Evolves: Evolved from @ Lv. 28
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Ark stared at the living island in disbelief. In reality, it was the absolute largest Snorlax he had ever seen, like a strange evolution that should not be possible.

How can something so cool sound so dumb?...

Ultimately, what people called that strange transformation mattered very little. Fact was, the colossus was staring down ominously, filled with a famine so overpowering, he would not hesitate to devour everything in his path, eggs or otherwise. It sounded like something out of a really weird anime, but it was very much real.

"I... I gotta do something. I may be the youngest, least experienced Trainer on this island, but I can't just watch from the sidelines!"

His choice of partner was obvious, even if he felt somewhat embarrassed by what he brought to the table compared to those around him. A Lucario, an Alakazam and a Kingler were all considerably stronger Pokemon, much more suited to face such a gargantuan foe...

"Chimchar, let's get to it!"

In a bright flash of light, Ark's very first companion emerged from his Ball. The ape's eyes widened at the sight of the Gigantamax Snorlax, his heart racing as soon as he realized he was getting the chance to battle it! Chimchar looked around, and his eyes instantly fell on the dignified-looking Lucario standing nearby; the aura of power he emitted was nothing short of amazing, and it got the Fire monkey's blood boiling with the excitement of competition. He had been holding back all this time, but now, there was no reason to anymore.

"Chimchar, w-what's going on?"

The ape peered over his shoulder at his Trainer, grinning confidently. There was no way he would be looked down upon - not by the Snorlax, and certainly not by that Lucario. He wasn't going to repress his power anymore, and besides, he had an audience now - it was time to do that thing he'd been hoping for all this time!

Arms to the side of his body, fists clenched and back slightly arched, Chimchar concentrated intensely, causing embers to crackle from beneath his feet before erupting into a full-grown flame that engulfed him. Ark had seen it countless times on TV before, and immediately, he knew what Chimchar was doing, who he was imitating. But for what purpose?

Chimchar continued to foucs, growling as he did. In his mind he looked like the absolute coolest Pokemon on earth, and he wished his fur was turning gold, even if he knew it wasn't; would've made for a much better impression. Either way, he was glad he could let loose, and show everyone his new form! The flame around him rose upwards in a pillar, intense heat radiating all around, until the swirling blazes vanished, leaving behind a new, transformed ape!

"Chimchar! You just... how long have you been able to do that?!"

The was panting from the effort, but the overconfident grin on his face told Ark all he needed to know - Monferno was pumped up and ready for anything. And so was he!

"Okay then, Monferno! Let's help everyone the very best we can! Here we go!"


Entering with my starter, Monferno:

Name: Monferno
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Bond: 2
Ability: Iron Fist
Nature: Adamant
Birthday: July 24
Obtained: Starter
Level-up Moves: Mach Punch, Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Nasty Plot, Torment, Facade, Fire Spin, Slack Off, Close Combat, Acrobatics, Flamethrower
EM/MT Moves: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
TM/HM Moves: Dig
Bio: Fascinated with all manner of shonen heroes, Monferno longs to become just as powerful as the fictional warriors he admires, often shouting their signature lines in his head as he fights. According to the mysterious man Ark met on the first day of his journey, Monferno's potential is almost limitless. Obsessed with training and becoming stronger, the ape cares very little for the consequences of the fights he picks, which can brink Ark some unnecessary headaches...

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I'm a bit tight on time (especially keeping in mind the posts for the other event...) but at least I can stick to just ordering the moves!

Species & Type: Porygon (Normal)
Name: Glitch
Gender: Genderless
Level: 32
Ability: Download (Raises Attack or Special Attack depending on lowest defensive stat)
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Strong willed
Held Item: None
Bond: 24
Moves:Contest Stats: 20/20/20/20/20
Obtained: Starter
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Oh I am not prepared for this. But I don't care.

Scylla the Inkay
Level 20
Dark / Psychic
Attacks: Tackle (--), Peck (--), Constrict (--), Reflect (4), Wrap (6), Foul Play (8), Payback (9), Swagger (12), Pluck (12), Psywave (13), Topsy-Turvy (15), Psybeam(15), Hypnosis (18), Camouflage (Egg, Starter move)
Evolves into Malamar at Level 30
Naughty Nature
Suction Cups
0 Bond
Obtained via Mysterious Events (Starter Pokemon)
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The events of the Springtide Isle Galarian Invasion were coming to a close. Many Eggs were accounted for, most of the Trainers who had claimed them had left with their new partners in tow. At Sludge Wave Coast in particular, Keith Masters had made a full recovery from his cold, and not a moment too soon, as it became evident that his girlfriend had caught said cold.

Keith walked into the living room with a mug of hot soup. "Made it just the way you said to," he said. "Mostly, anyway- Phantump insisted on contributing a few of his leaves. He'd scanned himself with my Pokédex, found out that bit about their leaves able to be stewed to make a cure-all."

"You two are- ACHOO!- sweet," sneezed Willa, unable to conceal her smile as she laid down on Keith's couch.

Keith crouched down beside her as he handed her the soup. "How you feeling?" he asked.

"Terrible," Willa sniffled. "How did you get through this?"

Keith smiled. "Had a lot to do with you," he replied.

As the couple were busy having their moment, neither of them were aware of further things happening on Springtide Isle, but that's not to say everybody in the Poisonous Palace shared in said ignorance. Indeed, after seeing the breaking news report on the TV in the kitchen Keith had just vacated, a certain somebody froze in the process of scarfing down donuts. Once he'd regained his composure, he swallowed the rest of donuts in one gulp and bounded out of the kitchen. The time had come for action.


As the Gigantamax Snorlax drew nearer to Springtide, as he opened his mouth and made to suck in all the Eggs still remaining, a number of Trainers had started to take up resistance against the malevolent mountainous monarch. But the efforts of them alone, alas, might not be enough against such a big-bellied behemoth.

"Not so fast!"

This declaration, shouted in a booming, heroic voice, echoed all around, and those fortunate enough to glance in the right direction would see its source soaring their way across the Sea of Fizzytopia. Initially but a mere speck in the distance, it soon became clear that this was some sort of shapeless purple blob, squeezed into a vibrant red outfit, complete with a mask with holes that let his ruby-red eyes see clear as day. A billowing Superhero Cape flowed in the breeze behind him as he proceeded to Fly in, and as he drew closer, a blue insignia could be seen on the front of his outfit, emblazoned with a dark blue S. The bold blob landed defiantly before the Snorlax King, and though he spoke in some sort of Pokémon language, the unique mechanism sewn into his outfit translated his speech into human language, in a booming, heroic voice.

"Those Eggs are not your breakfast!" declared the newcomer. "I certainly hope you don't like them over easy, because I assure you, there'll be nothing easy about what's to come! If you think omelet you get away with this, you shell soon be proven horribly wrong, and that's no yolk! If you still insist on eating, then so be it... but be forewarned, I'll be serving up nothing less than hot, steaming justice!"

I am the belch that echoes in the night.
I am the indigestion of justice that makes you regret your dinner of evil.
I am the enemy of evildoers and all-you-can-eat buffets alike!
I am... Captain Stomach!

OOC: Entering this with Crabbe Captain Stomach, the Swalot superhero sensation! The bold blob with an undying hunger for justice! Allow me to acquaint you with his stats!

A.K.A. Captain Stomach

Species: Swalot (owns a superhero costume; )
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Type: Poison
Attacks: Pound, Strength, Tri Attack, Gunk Shot, Mimic, Ice Beam, Yawn, Sludge Bomb, Poison Gas, Rock Smash, Venoshock, Giga Drain, Sludge, Amnesia, Encore, Body Slam, Bullet Seed, Dynamic Punch, Wring Out, Hidden Power (Grass), Acid Spray, Toxic, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Venom Drench, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Counter, Destiny Bond, Power-Up Punch, Fire Punch, Water Pulse, Fly, Guardian Terrain, Thunder Punch, Bulk Up, Ice Punch, Retaliate.
Usable Z-Moves: Acid Downpour, Z-Poison Gas, Z-Toxic.
Next attack learned: Gastro Acid (lv. 42)
Evolution: >Lv. 26>
Nature: Bold
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Bond: 44
Cute stat: 70
Beauty stat: 70
Tough stat: 70
Smart stat: 70
Cool stat: 70
Obtained: Cable Club
Held item: Superhero Cape
Initially a Gulpin with a one-track mind, Crabbe used to think of nothing but food, but after tragically losing his love interest- Narcissa the Frillish- he came to be a much more thoughtful individual, sympathetic to those who have loved and lost. He still possesses a ravenous appetite, however, and is the exact opposite of a picky eater. He once ate half an abandoned city in an eating contest against an Aron. However, ever since learning that Narcissa was in fact murdered, he vowed to prevent tragedies such as this ever again, evolved into Swalot, and donned a red outfit. Now, by day, he is Crabbe, a mild-mannered Swalot, but by night he fights crime as the amazing Captain Stomach, a superhero persona who has been making the news all over the Fizzytopia region. For the sake of his Trainer's safety, Crabbe is adamant about keeping his secret identity, well, a secret. Of course, Keith eventually found out, as did a select few of his other Pokémon, but for the most part, Captain Stomach's secret identity remains secret.
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Well it’d be only fitting to fight snorlax with Snorlax.
Species: Snorlax ()
Gender: Male
Level: 38
Type: Normal
Attacks: Last Resort, Recycle, Lick, Metronome, Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Defense Curl, Amnesia, Chip Away, Screech, Body Slam, Yawn, Headbutt, Belly Drum, Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Giga Impact, Rollout, Block, Stockpile, Swallow, Fling, Bounce, Drain Punch, Gunk Shot, Heal Bell, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Softboiled, Superpower, Swords Dance, Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Pay Day, Return, Rock Tomb, Shadow Ball, Snatch
Next attack learned: Harden (lv. 41)
Evolution: >w/ Bond 30 >
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Thick Fat
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Obtained: Trade with Maskerade
Birthday: November 24th
Spoiler: show
Insert bio here
PASBL stats
FB stats
Wild Future Stuff

Interested in the PASBL (Pokemon Anime Style Battle League)? Read our Getting Started thread! Got a question? Go to our Q/A thread.

Spoiler: show
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I swear I'm not copying Gary... but I'll be entering my Lucario, Alastor.
☆ A Spirit of Blood Feuds and Vengeance ☆

Lucario | Male | Serious Nature
Level 29 | Fighting/Steel | Traded
Holding: Nothing | Pokéball: Luxury Ball
Bond 34 | Contest Stats: [00/00/00/00/00]

- (30 Bond during the day) - >

Justified [This Pokémon's attack is raised by one stage when hit by a Dark-type move]

Alastor has been present in Olivia's life since she was a child. Alastor was adopted into the Royal Guard when he was a Riolu, trained to protect the Princess with his life by the Head of the Royal Guard. He took his duty seriously, and upon evolution he found himself more than capable to protect the budding flower that the Princess was becoming. When Olivia was seventeen her father, the King, announced to the court that his daughter was to be wed to a Prince from another region --- allowing for connections, business and otherwise, between their two Kingdoms. Olivia was revolted by the prospect, she had no intention of marrying someone she had never met, nor did she have intention of just being some sort of property to be sold off. Alastor watched the court in silence, knowing he couldn't react to the display. The King proclaimed that she would be wed after her eighteenth birthday. Unwilling to be wed, Olivia made an escape a month before her eighteenth birthday. During her escape, Alastor jumped out. Assuming he was there to stop her, she pleaded to him to let her go. Rather than stop her, he nodded, escorting her through the castle and ensuring their escape atop Palioxis.

Alastor is a stoic Pokemon. He adores Olivia and would do anything to protect her. Despite her leaving Royalty and hiding her identity, Alastor still treats her as though she's a Princess. Going out of his way to escort her to locations and bowing after she asks things of him. She finds it a little embarrassing, but she's happy to have such a loyal companion along with her. Now, as Wanderer, Alastor is her most trusted Pokemon.

Spoiler: show
Natural Moves
Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Foresight, Me First, Swords Dance, Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, Life Dew, Work Up, Rock Smash, Nasty Plot, Screech, Force Palm, Helping Hand, Copycat, Final Gambit, Reversal, Quick Attack, Detect, Feint, Metal Claw, Counter, Laser Focus, Power-Up Punch, Calm Mind, Metal Sound, Quick Guard, Heal Pulse
Egg / Move Tutor Moves
Drain Punch, Heal Bell, Meteor Mash, Blaze Kick, Cross Chop
TM / HM Moves
Psychic, Stone Edge, Poison Jab

message me on discord @Asteiri#0573 if you need me
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Feeding 5 Rare Candies to my Chesnaught to boost him to level 50.

Gender: Male
Level: 50
Ball: Luxury Ball
Size: Height-1.92m (1.2x)/ Weight-108kg (1.2x)
Personality: Stoic, Unyielding, Reliable
Ability: Bulletproof
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Curse, Drain Punch, Iron Head, Rollout, Bite, Leech Seed, Pin Missile, Dual Chop, Zen Headbutt, Stone Edge, Giga Drain, Take Down, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Feint, Hammer Arm, Spiky Shield, Needle Arm, Belly Drum, Mud Shot, Bulk Up, Helping Hand, Dragon Claw
Bio: Chesnaught was a chance encounter when Xander was volunteering at a National Park. The Chesnaught was acting as a leader for some of the local Grass Pokemon, some of which Xander helped when they became sick due to pollution. With capturing Pokemon banned within the National Park, Xander was forced to say goodbye to the Chesnaught. The Chesnaught had become attached to the trainer however and followed the trainer out of the National Park, intent on serving him.

Let’s get it!

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Gible and I are ready to get our butts handed to us! But Gible also has a new trick up his sleeve. I'm using my TM Flamethrower and teaching it to him!

Species: Gible
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Dragon/Ground
Obtained: Starter
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Rough Skin
Moves: Sand Attack, Iron Tail, Tackle, Flamethrower

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Also taking this chance to boost my Starter to lv. 50 with six candies I'm ready to rumble

Name: Wolfe ( Male ) ( Recolored )

Pokeball:Valentines Ball( custom colored )
Obtained: Starter
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flash Fire
Held Item: Alternates between Devil Horns (Boosts Fire type moves) And His heart shaped amulet. His mate Cassie has the match ( Unless Cassie is with him he is almost always holding these devil horns)

Currently holding the Devil horns

Evolution: Fully Evolved ( > () > )

Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping Hand, Flame Wheel, Reversal, Fire Fang, Take Down, Flame Burst, Agility, Retaliate, Flamethrower ,Crunch, Outrage, Play Rough, Flare Blitz ,Double Edge , Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed.

TM/HM:Return, Attract, Swift, Headbutt Surf, Dragon Rage
Thunderbolt Will-o-wisp

Move Tutor(MT): Mimic, Dragon Pulse
Egg Moves(EM):Heat Wave, Morning Sun,Iron tail,Outrage Double Kick Howl
Shadow Moves(CM):

Custom Moves(CM): Firestream, Celebrate

Unnatural moves(UM): Camoflauge

Advanced Moves(AM): Volt tackle

Bond: 50

Contest Stats: 30 Cute, 30 Beauty, 10 in all others

Bio: Since Drake and Wolfie are so close to each other, Wolfie and Drake can speak to each other through A mind link. Wolfie is very wise beyond his years, though is a very big softy but puts on a facade around new pokemon, or unfamiliar pokemon. He can speak to others and doesnt often bark at all

Fizzy Bubbles;

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There was a rare moment of peace for Louise for the first time in what felt like forever. Her trainer's ever-growing roster also meant that there was also an ever-growing number of troublesome situations at home. And since there were a few of such meddlesome beasts in the crowd for whom she was more of a trainer than the human was, that meant that there was always something that demanded the mawile's attention in some way. And that wasn't even touching on the moments where one of Amicae's team decided to pick a fight with one of her charges...

Well, none of that mattered at the moment. Since Chroma had decided to let some of the newer members help with the egg hunt, Louise was free to do whatever she pleased. The area seemed nice enough that Prolego was at no risk of getting himself injured, and the sand felt soft and not at all inhabited by a vengeful spirit for once. Surely nobody would mind if she dozed off for a bit, right?

Unfortuantely, it seemed the world itself had other plans. Barely half an hour into her siesta, Louise was jolted awake by rumbling of the earth and the boom of thuder piercing the now-red skies. '...Red...?' The mawile had some experience with unnaturally off-colored skylines before, but this sickening hue was at least only threatened to bring about pain- this may have dug up memories of the searing orchid raindrops a certain megalomaniacal ledian had conjured, but it certainly lacked the same bite.

What this storm did have was strong winds. Barely a moment after being rudely awakened, a fearsome gale had started pulling her off the ground and toward an island that was definitely not there a few minutes ago. While Louise was experienced enough to reclaim her center of gravity and keep her self from being thrown clear off the ground, it didn't take very long for her to realize that the wind was trying collect something far lighter than herself- the various eggs that had been scattered all across the island! Eggs that, if memory served, were already close to hatching!

And that island? Turns out it was some sort of gargantuan snorlax, likely having Mega Evolved or something. Not that the details about the titan really mattered- the thing was committing a dreadful sin in broad daylight and stealing her free time to boot! 'Alright, that's quite enough out of you! You've got no right to snuff out so many lives, fiend!'

~ ~ ~

OOC: Well, since everyone and there mother seems to be pumping their Starters up to Lv. 50 now, maybe I should join the crowd a touch? Feeding Louise the mawile 7 Rare Condies, and signing her up for the Raid!

*Louise was elevated from Lv. 43 to Lv. 50!*

Name: Louise
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Special: Wears a white hoodie with a copper nametag attached
Level: 50
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Sassy (Likes Bitter, Dislikes Sweet)
Obtained: Starter
Held Item: None
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 37
Moves Known:
--By Level: Play Rough (Lv. -), Iron Head (Lv. -), Taunt (Lv. -), Growl (Lv. -), Fairy Wind (Lv. -), Astonish (Lv. -), Fake Tears (Lv. 5), Bite (Lv. 10), Sweet Scent (Lv. 13), Vice Grip (Lv. 17), Faint Attack (Lv. 21), Baton Pass (Lv. 25), Crunch (Lv. 29), Iron Defense (Lv. 33), Sucker Punch (Lv. 37), Stockpile (Lv. 41), Swallow (Lv. 41), Spit Up (Lv. 41)
--By 'Birth': Ancient Power, Metal Burst, Misty Terrain, Seismic Toss, Pain Split, Punishment, Swords Dance
--By Tutor: Thunder Punch, Magnet Rise, Laser Focus
--By TM: Sludge Bomb, Power-Up Punch, Incinerate, Ally Switch, Ice Punch, False Swipe, Sandstorm
Bio: Having been a bit of an outcast in the cave she was born in due to her more intellectual interests compared to her fellows, she was ultimately forced to ditch the place and wander around the forest a bit, where she encountered a young Chroma in training. For reasons neither of them remember anymore, the two stuck fast and have been partners ever since. Of course, it isn’t exactly all fun in games in the relationship- Louise is pretty sarcastic and has a tendency to do things behind her trainer’s back. This includes successfully learning how to read and write, though their current home status has rendered her paperless. It does help with her interest in archaeology, which tends to overlap with Chroma’s constant search for more types of mystic power. Maybe that’s why she decided to stay around…
Fun fact that I didn't realize until writing this post: mawile are, on average, a measly 25 lbs. I figured that they would've been a bit heavier thanks to their Steel Typing, but I guess they're more Fairy in that regard. Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"

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As he watched Calder and David playing around back at the Pokemon Center, Hyrem looked to Happy and Kenna only to see them looking out the window with lots of worry, and he soon saw why: not only was there a large storm looming over the ocean, it was colored red, not the normal grey or white...Oh, and there was also that quake that got everyone's attention, and Hyrem and his Pokemon went out to see what was going on, only to see a giant island floating towards them.

"What the heck?? What kind of island is that!?" It wasn't until the island got closer that everyone started seeing some odd features that looked very familiar. It soon became apparent that what was about to crash into them was a Snorlax about ten to twenty times its normal size, and there looked to be bushes, grass, even a whole tree on its belly! "That's not an island! And that's no Snorlax I've ever seen!" He heard something about Gigantamax Pokemon which jogged his memory about the reports from the Galar region, where trainers were apparently meeting giant-sized Pokemon as well as artificially making their own Pokemon giant-sized for a short amount of time during battles inside special arenas that could facilitate such growth, although some select Pokemon were altered in appearance and power in addition to their monstrous growth. So this Snorlax King looked to have tapped into such a tremendous power?

"Calder, go with your pops and find a safe place to hide!" Kenna said to her son before stepping in front of Hyrem.
"Kenna...you want to battle that big guy?" Hyrem asked. Kenna nodded in return; she knew everyone would be in danger if the Gigantamax Snorlax wasn't stopped.
"C'mon, son!" Happy beckoned to the Ponyta. "You too, David!"
"Um, okay!" said the kids before David got on Calder's back, allowing Calder to take the Scorbunny with him and follow Happy back inside the Pokemon Center.

As the colossal Snorlax began inhaling, it was clear the Gigantamax Pokemon was here to eat anything and everything here! "Okay Kenna, get ready to synch up and battle!" Hyrem said to his Rapidash before her mane and tail burst with stronger flames, she was ready to put her life on the line for this one!


My Pokemon for this one will be my standard Rapidash, Kenna!

Name: Kenna
Species: Rapidash
Level: 50
Current Location: Hatchery
Ability: Flash Fire (If hit by a Fire-type attack, user's Fire-type moves are boosted by 50%; Will-o-Wisp activates the ability but still burns if not a Fire-type)
Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def, likes Sweet, hates Sour)
Held Item: Unicorn Horn (Can use Horn Attack while holding the item)
Accessory: Fireproof Saddle
Bond: 30
Contest Stats: Beauty 70/Cool 70/Cute 70/Smart 70/Tough 70
Current Movepool: Quick Attack, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Flame Wheel, Stomp, Flame Charge, Fire Spin, Take Down, Inferno, Agility, Fire Blast, Fury Attack, Poison Jab, Megahorn, Bounce, Flare Blitz, (Captivate), (Charm), (Double Kick), (Hypnosis), (Low Kick), (Morning Sun), {Strength}, {Incinerate}, {Sunny Day}, {Will-O-Wisp}, {Attract}, {Facade}, {Flamethrower}, Gummi Bomb (Custom), [Drill Run], {Smart Strike}
Egg Moves to Learn: Thrash, Double-Edge, Horn Drill, Ally Switch, High Horsepower

Avatar made by din-of-hyrule
Battlecut made by the crazy Daisy! *happy snek sounds*
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Lil' Bluey 「茜色、お願い。これ以上」

Jess was just finishing up her errands in the marketplace when she heard a commotion start to stir around her, as people pointed up at the atmosphere and shouted in alarm. She followed their signals to see the sky swirling in a stark haze, gathering storm clouds deepened to a disturbingly dark magenta. The foreboding forecast's unnatural color sickened her stomach, reminding of a similar sign she witnessed once before - as indeed the omen was accompanied by a reminiscent rumble, erupting with such force it upset the ground beneath her. She stumbled, barely able to keep her balance by grabbing onto a nearby stall for support. As the tremor passed, she breathed slowly in relief and steadied herself, but felt her heart still beating rapidly against her ribs with rising dread. Something was terribly wrong. Just like that time…

Whilst other bewildered tourists were still gaining their bearings, the natives were already on high alert, noticing something amiss in the distance, as they screamed and gestured to the horizon. Something was approaching across the ocean - far too large to be some kind of ship. As the waves bore the giant mass closer, Jess squinted at its silhouette and thought she could make out the shape of not a hull, but a humongous hill covered in... trees?

She could hardly believe it, but as the body drew near its floriated features became apparent, clearly resembling a colossal floating island. Like a dream, it drifted lazily towards the shore - as if a lost homing missile leisurely seeking its target, still headed straight for collision. The populace began to panic, for even at such sluggish encroaching speed the sheer size of it threatened to steamroll and sink their small islet.

Yet, instead of crashing and capsizing, the titanic terror stopped short of the coast and suddenly began to surge upwards; towering over tiny palm trees as the wind picked up, blowing strong enough to bend even the trunks in the immense invader’s direction as it inhaled. For as it elevated to full height and loomed overhead, it became evident the enormous enemy was none other than the Snorlax King himself, somehow expanded to gargantuan proportions. Now his hungry mouth was a gaping wide black hole, greedily striving to suck all the eggs into its vast, endless vortex – if not swallow the entire land whole.

Jess grit her teeth as she cursed the crafty crown-bearer for tricking them all, still stubbornly set in his gluttonous ways. Worse, she should have seen it coming – or so she believed as she silently berated herself. …There was no time for self-admonishment though, as she needed to ensure the safety of her friends first. She held tightly onto a crying Patty in her arms, struggling to soothe the scared candlestick as she glimpsed about anxiously for the others – and spotted to her horror Pan had escaped his father’s grip and was determinedly making his way to the beach to confront the cruel monarch. Blueberry shrieked in distress and immediately tried to chase after him, scooping him up in her hearts. …However, her form being so buoyant meant she herself had little control to fight the currents, and found herself soon swept away by the gale. Acting swiftly, a desperate Waffle attempted the only thing he could think of to save his wife and son from being consumed: firing a glob of CHOCOLATE MAGIC to weigh them down. The tactic was a success – albeit a somewhat messy one – as he reached out for his flailing family, stretching static mitts as far as he could to grasp the balloon’s now sticky string and reel in, finally managing to drag her and the baby back to shelter behind the shop stand.

Jess quickly checked to make sure everyone was okay, before resolutely recalling them all inside their Balls. This situation was definitely too dangerous for the four of them – or most of her team for that matter. She bit her lip as she hastily debated what to do, recognizing their foe was unlike anything they’d ever faced before, and not one to be taken lightly. She had observed the “Dynamax” phenomenon occur during her trip to Galar (and just how strong it could make a singular Pokémon), but thought it was something restricted to the “power spots” of the region. The fact there was a beefed up beast running rampant here now meant it must have somehow gained access to the same source of energy…

Regardless of the reason, she needed to help put a spot to it. Mentally running through her roster, there was only member whom she trusted could handle such a formidable adversary at this stage…

“Go, Rocky!”

In a flash, the normally mild-mannered Rhydon appeared with a mighty roar, flexing his muscles in preparation for a fight. It had been a long time since he had battled seriously (a semi-retired status he was perfectly content with), but the urgency in his trainer’s tone alone told him his services were required, and so he would fill the role of warrior with all his will once more in order to defend the weak. One look at the opponent confirmed his hunch as he hunkered down and spread his heft as much as possible in order to protect any precious to-be hatchlings within range; standing firm ground to act as a sturdy shield whilst gusts billowed around them, bellowing back a war call of his own.

As the scene unfolded before her, that familiarity tugged at her mind again as memories reeled: Of sand and sorrow, a steel serpent’s malevolent metal grin – glinting in the desert sun, stained with bright red blood…

She shook her head. This was no time to be caught up in the pain of the past. She had grown tougher over the years, and though she was still frightened and unsure of herself, she refused to hesitate any longer when others needed her assistance. She met Rocky’s eye, who merely nodded in staunch understanding. The girl smiled softly, placing all her faith in her comrade’s abilities.

“Looks like the big guy didn’t learn his lesson last time… So what do you say we teach it to him again, shall we?”

OoC - Entering Rocky the Lv. 100 Rhydon.

Rocky Lv. 100
Birthdate: August 4
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Rock Head
Poké Ball: Rock Ball
Hold Item: Rock Incense
Bond: 39
Beauty Points: 70
Cool Points: 70
Cute Points: 100
Smart Points: 100
Tough Points: 100

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Hammer Arm
Tail Whip
Smack Down
Fury Attack
Horn Attack
Scary Face
Chip Away
Rock Blast
Drill Run
Take Down
Stone Edge
Mega Horn
Horn Drill

MT/Advanced Moves:
Mega Punch
Swords Dance
Mega Kick
Body Slam
Seismic Toss
Rock Slide
Icy Wind
Sleep Talk
Fire Punch
Fury Cutter
Ice Punch


Aqua Tail
Earth Power

Stealth Rock
Dragon Pulse
Iron Tail
Shock Wave
Stomping Tantrum

Egg Moves:
Crush Claw
Dragon Rush
Fire Fang

Guard Split
Ice Fang
Metal Burst
Skull Bash
Thunder Fang
Rock Polish

TMs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Water Gun
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam

Pay Day

Double Team
Fire Blast
Zap Cannon

Hidden Power
Sunny Day


Focus Punch
Rain Dance
Brick Break

Rock Tomb
Mud Shot
Secret Power

Focus Blast
Shadow Claw
Giga Impact

Natural Gift

Poison Jab
Dragon Tail
Power-Up Punch

Smart Strike
Brutal Swing
Stomping Tantrum
Breaking Swipe
Hydro Pump
Iron Defense
Heavy Slam
Heat Crash
High Horsepower
Body Press

Dragon Rage
Dragon Claw
Bulk Up
Drain Punch
Flash Cannon
Hone Claws
Smack Down
Flame Charge
Low Sweep
Work Up
Frost Breath
Wild Charge


Rock Smash
Rock Climb

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Melissa had barely gotten home when the notifications and headlines started coming in. 'Giant Snorlax Attacks Springtide Isle!' read one. 'Snorlax King Strikes Again,' read another. 'Calling All Trainers!' came the mass message.

Melissa groaned. "He just had to show up after we left."

"Quil quil cyn da quil cyndaquil," Wildfire summarized, reading the mass message from his perch on her shoulder.

"Really?" Melissa thought for a moment. "I guess that makes sense, since the whole Dynamax thing is from Galar and I think that's how they do things there." She glanced down at the Pokéball in her hand and sighed. "Still, I was hoping to grab a few minutes with Mirage before we introduced her to Blitz and Storm, but I guess I'll grab someone to do it instead."

She tossed the Pokéball ahead of her and Mirage materialized in a flash of red, shifting uncomfortably from side to side. "Sorry. I meant to introduce you around, but something literally just came up and I'm going to lend a hand. In the meantime..." Melissa glanced around for a, hopefully, nonthreatening presence and spotted Tempest peering over at them. She grinned and motioned for the Ralts to come over.

"This is Tempest," she said when the Ralts was close enough. "Tempest, Mirage. Mirage just hatched on Springtide Isle, but it looks like the Snorlax King is trying to take over the island again, so we're going to lend a hand," Melissa explained. "Could you introduce her around while we're off doing that? Stella should be able to help if you're not sure what to do."

Tempest shot Mirage a considering glance before turning back to Melissa and nodding.

"Awesome! Could you also let everyone know where we've gone? I'm probably gonna head out about now, since we've gotta go all the way back."

Tempest nodded again and reached out to send them a wish for good luck.

Melissa huffed a laugh. "Thanks. We're probably gonna need it."


"That's, that's a really big Snorlax," Melissa said, staring up at the Gigantamax Snorlax King.

"Cyn cyndaquil."

She ignored her starter. "Is that a tree on its stomach? What the heck?"


Held Item: 1x Charcoal
Birthday: August 9
Nickname: Wildfire
Gender: Male
Level: 68
Origin: Starter
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Nature: -
Bond: 50 (choose moves)
Contest Stats: 70/70/70/70/70
Evolution Line: -Lv. 14-> -Lv. 36->
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen[4], Ember[10], Quick Attack[13], Flame Wheel[19], Defense Curl[22], Flame Charge[28], Swift[28], Lava Plume[31], Flamethrower[37], Rollout[40], Inferno[46], Double-Edge[46], Eruption[49], Burn Up[58]
HM Moves: -
TM Moves: Wild Charge, Dig, Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Toxic, Facade, Incinerate, Double Team, Return, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Solar Beam, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Rock Tomb, Detect, Iron Tail, Incinerate
Egg Moves: Flame Burst, Crush Claw, Reversal, Extrasensory, Foresight, Naturepower, Flame Burst, Double Kick, Flare Blitz
Move Tutor Moves: Fire Pledge, Heat Wave, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Endure, Body Slam, Mimic, Double-Edge
Additional Moves: Captivate, Pursuit, Metronome, Firestream, Scald
Other: -
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Until recently, Alice had barely been around in the public of Fizzytopia. She had taken a break from her adventuring, hiding away in the Cloud Garden, mostly retired to the enormous home that was her base and going out only when required. The summoning of the Meowth and the eggs had been her first trek out since Halloween, and it had been a little trip free of stress that had earned them an adorable Wooloo for the roster. Of course, like most positive things in her life, things had to go wrong somewhere.

Things had gone wrong this time in the form of a red storm in the sky and a colossal, hulking chonk of a Gigantamax Snorlax. What in the everloving frickle frackle was going on here? They weren't in Galar, were they, so what gave?

“Amauuu!” The little icy dinosaur cried, his fright only exacerbated by the sheer horror that radiated from the idol in waves. Alice felt sick to her stomach, and it was a wonder she hadn't passed out or just straight up hurled from the pressure. Sure, they had faced ghosts, death and all sorts more, but-- this Snortlax was literally going to vore them if they weren't careful. As the wind threatened to pull her Pokemon off its feet, Alice gasped and hurried to put Theodore back into his ball. Seeing other trainers near and far readying themselves for action seemed to help her nerves a bit. Of course, what else were they to do than to fight it?

“Jasper, I think this one calls for you, my dude!” She called, releasing the ghost in a flurry of vibrant pink hearts. The Sableye landed on the grass, unaffected by the wind of the Snorlax's deep inhales, eerie grin pulled ear for ear as it fidgeted restlessly and took in the opponent with shining gemstone eyes.
“Sable, Sable.” Jasper agreed, turning his nightmareish expression on Alice. It didn't bother her. If anything, his glee was reassuring. Yes, of course they could handle this.
“Alright, here we go. Let's join the fray, then!”

And with that, the duo hurried off to join the rest of the trainers, for another fun filled Fizzytopian season. What were the odds, eh?


Entering the raid with Jasper the Sableye!

Nickname: Jasper
Gender: Male
Level: 10
Love Ball
Type: Ghost/Dark
Obtained: The Egg House
Ability: Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy. The Pokémon ignores evasion boosts of the opponent
Bond: 50
Contest stats: All 20
Moves: Leer, Scratch, Foresight, Night Shade, Astonish, Zen Headbutt Recover, Moonlight, Feint, Sucker punch, Mean Look, Metal Burst, Imprison, Dazzling Gleam, Blizzard, Shockwave, Dark Pulse, Rock Tomb, Nature Power, Dragon Pulse, Sandstorm, Infestation, Mud Slap, Rage, Defence Curl, False Swipe, Mega Drain, Pay Day, Power-Up Punch, Rock Smash, Seismic Toss, Water Gun, Whirlpool, Charge Beam, Cut, Flame Charge, Grass Knot, Payback, Smack Down, Snore, Struggle Bug, Can't Catch Me, Present
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Don't have the time to RP atm unfortunately.


Species: Togetic
Calendar Date: April 6th
Name: Custard
Type: Fairy
Level: 22
Ability: Super Luck
Nature: Rash
Gender: Male

Pokeball: Normal
Hold Item: Bunny Suit (Increases Speed and power of healing moves)

Level-Up: Magical Leaf, Growl, Pound, Charm, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Fairy Wind, Life Dew, Ancient Power, Encore, Follow Me,
Egg Moves: Nasty Plot, Lucky Chant, Extrasensory
TMs: Dazzling Gleam
Move Tutor: N/A
Other: AM Draco Meteor

Bond: 50 [MAX]
Personality: A happy-go-lucky Pokemon who cares deeply for its trainer, but still childish.

He usually has Fairium-, but since that's not allowed I'm temporarily equipping the bunny suit for this.

And there may come a day
Where you forget the faces, and voices
Of those you've met along the way

Hawke | Leo

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He had said to Caritas that he was passing up on an invite to the Springtide Isle due to the thought of running into another reincarnated friend, he wasn't exactly telling the whole truth.

Rather, he had heard through the Grepavine that something unusual was wrong. The fact the Spire's radar systems were going more haywire than usual meant that things were getting dicey, and so it was that he had hopped onto the back of Mjolnir and sped off in the direction of the isle, with one pokemon in tow specifically.

Since her sudden yet expected evolution, Attila's ego had hit fever pitch, and quite frankly Alex was getting tired of it, and on hearing the news on the way there of something big approaching, he felt that the best way to keep an ego in check was to give said ego a reality check.

And so it was that upon reaching the shore and recalling the Swampert that Alex realised the exact scale of their predicament. To say the Snorlax before him and other trainers was huge would be an understatement the size of the moon. Covered in foliage and with deep dark clouds circling its head, the colossal Snorlax easily dwarfed even the biggest of Wailord, and the gluttony of the pokemon as it attempted to hoover up all the eggs he could was even more evident.

Many around him had showed up to defend the isle and stand their ground. Numerous fighting types, several sturdy powerhouses such as Rhydon and Kingler, trainers and their trusted starters, even some pokemon who were all but certainly outmatched in terms of experience, thrown in at the deep end without flotation devices but with a sense of justice and the need to at least do something, even if that meant buying time for the tougher pokemon. To say each and every single trainer here wasn't here to stand their ground valiantly warmed Alex's heart. There was even the legendary Captain Stomach, the mysterious masked superhero of unknown identity who took a bite out of crime and any nearby pantry, and yet even this heroic figure would need a pillar of support.

So it was that Alex handled the Rock Ball, and steeled himself. It hadn't taken very long at all for her to become accustomed to her form before that glow had taken her on once more on the way back from the parks, and through her appearance, Alex was more than ready to let the self-proclaimed queen out to try and prove herself worthy of her title, and with a flick of his wrist, he stared down the Snorlax, with what little he knew of the Gigantamax phenomenom in his mind. The energy in the area would stifle any other external energy sources, so Z-moves and mega evolution's out the question...so it'll be the hard way.

"Attila! You wanted yourself a worthy opponent, and I believe I have found you one!" he barked as the released pokemon's shape began to coalesce...



Alex will be entering with Attila, whose stats are below.

Species: Tyranitar.
Gender: Female.
Level: 55.
Obtained: Hatchery.
Pokeball: Rock Ball.
Type: Rock/Ground.
Ability: Unnerve.
Nature: Unknown.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None.
Bond: 36.
Evolutionary Track: Larvitar > Pupitar (level 30) > Tyranitar (level 55).


Level: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Screech, Chip Away, Rock Slide, Scary Face, Thrash, Crunch, Dark Pulse, Payback, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Tackle, Rock Throw, Stomping Tantrum, Hyper Beam, Iron Defense, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang.
Egg: Iron Head, Stealth Rock.
Machine: Firestream.
Tutor: Superpower.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Entering Boss the Level 23 Pancham. RP Will hopefully come later when I'm not worried about getting into the event on time, lol. Merry Christmas!

Species: Pancham
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting
Level: 23
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Naughty (+Atk -Sp.Def)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Held Item: Liechi Berry
Evolution: Pangoro (Level 32 w/Dark Type in Party)
Obtained as a Starter in Driftveil City. (Level 5)
Natural Moves: Tackle (1), Leer (1), Arm Thrust (4), Taunt (, Work Up (10), Karate Chop (12), Circle Throw (12), Comet Punch (15), Low Sweep (16), Slash (20), Vital Throw (27), Body Slam (33), Crunch (33), Parting Shot (40), Entrainment (42), Sky Uppercut (4
TM/HM Moves: Power-Up Punch, Zen Headbutt
Egg/Tutor Moves: Payback, Power Trip
Jason's Trainer Card
Jason's Wishlist

Current Adventures:
[CG] CrazyCreeperKid
[CG] Enigma
[CG] Ironthunder
[CG] Raves
[CG] TheKnightsFury
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The Gigantamax Snorlax King
Health Gauge: 100%
Shields Up: 0
Status: N/A

Raid Challengers:
  • biggggg5 (Snorlax): 300 HP
  • CrazyCreeperKid (Alakazam): 300 HP
  • Emi (Inkay): 300 HP
  • Gemini Spark (Rapidash): 400 HP
  • King Ghidorah (Kingler): 400 HP
  • lilboocorsola (Rhydon): 500 HP
  • Lil’twick (Togetic): 300 HP
  • Maskerade (Monferno): 400 HP
  • Median Dia (Mawile): 400 HP
  • Meetan (Sableye): 300 HP
  • Missingno. Master (Swalot): 300 HP
  • myahoo (Cyndaquil): 400 HP
  • Naru (Lucario): 300 HP
  • OkikuMew (Porygon): 300 HP
  • Prof.Enigma (Arcanine): 300 HP
  • Raves (Tyranitar): 400 HP
  • Sandaa (Lucario): 400 HP
  • ShadowDRGN (Pancham): 300 HP
  • sixdragons (Gible): 300 HP
  • TheKnightsFury (Chesnaught): 400 HP

The Snorlax King emits a thunderous bellow that echoes across the island. He’s noticed all of the challengers who have stood up to defy him, and he is ready to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. With his power fixed at the present location of the power spot, this battlefield will be the stage that determines the future of Springtime Isle!
  • Trainers may only list 1 order per round.
  • When issuing an attack, please state the attack's unbuffed Base Power (BP).
  • Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $250 may be collected for responses of 250 words or greater, and Bond will accumulate only for the trainer’s active Pokemon in battle.
  • You have until Saturday, December 28th to place your order.
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Starting this bad boy off by having my Lucario, Natsu, use Magnet Rise - (0) BP
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I'll go ahead and continue this, ESP, my Alakazam, will be using Drain Punch - (75) BP

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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My Chesnaught will also be using Drain Punch (75 BP)

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