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Jellicent Feeling kinda Blu

December’s raids were proving popular amongst the keen battlers of Fizzytopia and Zak knew he would need to act fast when it came to signing up to his second bout of the month. He had initially planned on entering against a Gigantamax Rillaboom, wanting to push himself and his team mates against a tougher foe but the sign ups for that raid has broken all records and the man stood no chance of getting in on the action.

With his mind back at the drawing board, Zak scrolled through the notifications he had received over the last few days about the upcoming battles in the region. Alongside the enormous ape, one of the messages he had received from the Fizzy Power Co. made mention of a Dynamax Monferno which the man thought would make a good alternative to the gorilla. Now he just needed to decide on who to enter.

As the man cast his mind across his growing team, he considered which of his Pokémon would be the best equipped to handle the fire monkey. Naturally, his mind went to his Water type Pokémon first with Doug the Slowing and Lily the Swanna already quite adept at battle. There was another he had not utilised anywhere near as much as he could, though: his Frillish, Blu.

Wanting to seek the approval of the young jellyfish before entering the pair into any upcoming battles, the man released Blu from his Pokéball. In a flash, the slender blue Frillish materialised in the air before his trainer and waved a tentacle to greet his trainer.

“Long time no see, Blu. I was just wondering how you felt about teaming up for a raid battle? It’ll be lots of fun and you’ll get to show off your skills.” As the man spoke, he tried to get a gauge for what the Frillish was thinking but he had quite the vacant stare on him at the best of times. After a few seconds of quite contemplation, the tentacle used to wave previously was brought up to his head in a salute of agreement. That was settled, Blu would be his partner and with that, the man signed the pair of them up to face Monferno...

Blu the Frillish

Spoiler: show
~ +
Species: Frillish
Classification: Floating Pokémon
Type: Water / Ghost
Gender: Male
Level: 24
Obtained: Received in a trade on 5th November 2014
Ability: Cursed Body
Bond: 6

Contest stats -
0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0

Level-up Moves: Absorb - Water Gun - Poison Sting - Bubble - Water Sport - Night Shade - Water Pulse - Bubble Beam - Rain Dance - Recover - Hex - Brine - Ominous Wind (Lv27) - Shadow Ball (Lv32) - Whirlpool (Lv36) - Hydro Pump (Lv41) - Destiny Bond (Lv44) - Water Spout (Lv48 ) - Wring Out (Lv55)
TM/TR Moves: Surf - Psychic
Egg Moves: Acid Armor - Confuse Ray - Mist
Move Tutor Moves: Dark Pulse - Giga Drain - Icy Wind

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Fresh from his Buizel Day party, Benny is here to (attempt to) meme on this monkey.


Species: Buizel | Gender: Male | Obtained: Adopted
Type: Water | Ability: Swift Swim | Nature: Quirky
Evolution Line: Buizel -(Lv. 26)-> Floatzel

Level: 4 | Bond: 10 | Pokeball: Pokeball | Held Item:
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Beautiful: 10, Tough: 10, Smart: 10, Cool: 10
Boutique Modifications: None

Spoiler: show
Level-Up: Growl (-), Sonic Boom (-), Water Sport (-), Quick Attack (3)
Egg Moves: Aqua Ring
TM/TR Moves: Surf, Scald, Hydro Pump
Move Tutor:
Other Moves:

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Entering Wolfe for this raid

Name: Wolfe ( Male ) ( Recolored )
Pokeball:Custom Colored ()
Obtained: Starter
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flash Fire
Held Item: His heart-shaped amulet. His mate Cassie has the match
Bond: 50
Contest Stats: 40 Cute, 40 Beauty, 20 in all others
Attacks: Agility, Bite, Burn up, Crunch, Double Edge, Ember, Extreme Speed, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Heatwave, Helping Hand, Howl, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Outrage, Play Rough, Retaliate, Reversal, Roar, Take Down, Thunder Fang
TM/HM:Return, Attract, Swift, Headbutt Surf, Dragon Rage
Thunderbolt Will-o-wisp, Pyschic Fangs
Move Tutor(MT): Mimic, Dragon Pulse
Egg Moves(EM): Morning Sun,Iron tail, Double Kick Howl Close Combat
Custom Moves(CM): Firestream, Celebrate
Unnatural moves(UM): Camoflauge
Advanced Moves(AM): Volt tackle
Evolution: Fully Evolved < <

Fizzy Bubbles;

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